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How a trip to the gym inspired today’s embroidery lesson!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I was at the gym this week and decided to increase the weight on the Rotary Calf machine.

I added 5 pounds to what I thought was already pretty hefty.  I completed the exercise with ease.  Armed with a little more confidence I added another 5 pounds.

I braced myself for what would likely be impossible.  The machine will certainly be immovable.  My legs cannot move that much weight.  There’s no way!

And once again, I surprised myself with success.

I wore a big grin on my face as I used the weight machine.  I can now handle 265 pounds on the Rotary Calf Machine!

Incredulous with this accomplishment I photographed the machine— particularly the weight.  It’s not that no one would believe my accomplishment.  They would.  It’s me that sometimes needs convincing of what I’m capable of doing!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I pushed myself and realized I can do more than I thought and I have proof!

This confidence spilled out when I approached this week’s blog.  I decided to take one embroidery design and in 10 minutes see how many variations I could make using just one design.

This is the original design…

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Here’s what I came up with…

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

But this lesson isn’t about me— it’s about you!  When was the last time you sat and played with your embroidery software?  Maybe you don’t have the latest and greatest software and feel limited. Maybe you don’t have time.  Perhaps you aren’t inspired.  There are dozens of reasons not to try.  There are dozens of reasons to give up before trying.  But why not give it a try?  Spend a few minutes – even just 10 minutes using the embroidery machine and tools you already own.  Skip stitches at your embroidery machine if you don’t have software.  Experiment with thread colors.  Push yourself to see what you can do with your resources and skills.  You have what it takes to succeed.

Now give it a try!

Click here to download the design and see how many variations you can make.  There’s no right or wrong answer.  The prize is the time you invested in yourself to expand your embroidery skills.

Speaking of embroidery designs… stop by one of my favorite embroidery design resources – Embroidery Library!  Whatever embroidery design theme you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your taste!  The prices are very reasonable, their quality is spot on — and you can shop day or night for instant downloads!  And best of all… you have a chance to win a shopping spree!  Read on for more info!

Here’s your assignment this week:If you won a $25 gift card to purchase anything from the Embroidery Library website, which designs would you purchase?  Post your comments and FOUR, that’s right, FOUR random names will be drawn and each will win a $25 shopping spree to redeem at Embroidery Library!  Oh my goodness – so many beautiful and creative designs to choose from!Embroidery Library 
The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question… What Holiday goodies are you creating this season? Tell us what you’ve got stitching and one random comment will be selected to win a $25 shopping spree to the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.The random drawing winner is… Lynette“I am making fabric boxes for the ladies in my sewing group, a fabric book for my great grandchildren, hanging towels for the grandchildren.  Hopefully I will get some time to do some baking too.”



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    If I won a $25 gift card to my favorite online Library for designs: I would get lots of the quick stitch designs now available and make towels for my mom and sister for Christmas. It would be hard to choose which ones, love them all.

    • Nan

      I would pick a smorgasbord of thinks from the new designs for the week

  • JudiC

    I would purchase all the designs in my Embroidery Library Wish List.

    • Jan

      Decisions, decisions definitely something from my wish list

  • Terry Pitcock

    Anything Christmas. I love all of their designs. Own a lot of them, but can always use more. lol

  • Donna Fecteau

    I think I would purchase some of the borders and corners. The ballet slippers and some of the sport items, and some of the flowers, and of course at least one christmas design. I liked some of the alphabets too.

  • Sherrie

    I love all their designs. One design I would buy is Home is Where the Heart Is – Autumn . I am also attracted to their cardinal designs.

  • Pam Seigl

    I would get some designs to make some small gifts to use for a secret Santa project I’m doing for some of the girls I work with.

  • Brenda Peters

    I have tons of designs on the wishlist so that would take no time at all. I have an idea for making magnets of some them but haven’t quite got the plan down yet.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Brenda,
      Oooh! I hope you’re able to come up with the plan. I think they’d make great gifts!


  • Kathe pollard

    My wish list has designs I want to make for my family. It would be a wonderful thing to give them what they love.

  • Jean Lowenberger

    What a wonderful prize at this time of year. Embroidery Library is my favorite shopping site for embroidery designs. Their directions pages and Kenny’s Corner is the best help ever.

  • Keneth Kyzer

    With my $25.00 coupon, I would visit my wish list on Embroidery Library and choose some of the designs I have not purchased yet. Love the site and the designs. They always turn out so great. One day maybe I will have my wish list clear. LOL

  • Susanne Wiora

    If I had a $25 gift card from Embroidery Library, I’d go to my wish list and purchase from the 135 designs that are there right now! I’d probably get some quick stitch or embossed designs for the holidays. I love Embroidery Library!

  • Martha Kinsey

    I would purchase all the nursery and baby designs for my grands. I love all the designs .

  • Rita

    I would purchase Christmas designs, for sure. Ordered a turkey last PM.

  • Marianne myrick

    Definitely something from the fruit and wine collection – so many choices!

  • Belinda Germain

    I would buy items I have listed in Embroidery Library’s wishlist. Their designs sew out very nice and I have purchased many items from them.

  • Pauline

    So difficult to chose ! I have loads on my wish list as I love their designs. It would probably be some of their new outline designs for Xmas

  • Rosalyn

    I also love the designs from Embroidery library and am proud to say that they are local to the area where I live. I would probably purchase designs with holiday themes for creating gifts for family and friends.

  • judy wong

    I would buy designs relating to food or the kitchen. One of my daughters recently got her own house and the other is re-doing her kitchen…so I would surprise them both with new kitchen towels!

  • Maureen Mcgraw

    I would buy lots of their toile designs. I have some of them and they stitch out beautifully. I love them because they are so easy to do. I use them on towels, placemats, napkins and fleece scarves. I own more Emblibrary designs than any other designer.

  • Christina Mayne

    I would love some days of the week and redwork designs for some quick stitching.

  • Lorraine Allen

    i would purchase the designs on my wish list. I love Embroidery library.

  • Sherry Poole

    I would purchase any of their designs that I don’t already have…. I love them all

    • Mahalia

      Wow- what fab pressies! I adore the fabric, esillpacey the gnome pattern.My adorable owl is settling in well with all the rest of the ‘Poulton Posse’ and we’ve decided to call him Sid.Happy New Year! xoxo

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  • Kathy

    I would love to buy some of the designs I have on my wish list. Love embroidery library

  • Susan Novak

    I know I would buy some Holiday designs, but I think it would take me about a week to look through all their other great designs and decide which ones I’d like.

  • Susan

    I would begin with an alphabet suitable for monograms. I’m still an embroidery newbie, and I ADORE the Embroidery Library. I’ve been collecting designs for all the holidays and the quality of their designs is superb. I’ll be crossing my fingers that I get selected!

  • Karen

    I love Embroidery Library Designs and would have a hard time picking out which ones I want.

  • Melody

    I love the in-the-hoop designs, so that is probably what I would buy! So many of their in-the-hoop projects make great, personalized and useful gifts!

  • Carol Seavitt

    Anything vintage…though the butterflies look really nice.

  • Nancy Drake

    I’m thinking the light stitch designs look really good for this time of year! Love the look and I really like the quality of the designs.

  • Jennifer Vowles

    I would love to have anything for kids. My grandchildren love getting embroidered gifts and I love giving them to them.

  • Ivalyn

    I’d buy more applique designs to personalize cool kids clothing!

  • Linda

    I just found out today I will be a grandmother. I would be choosing baby and nursery designs. I never have looked at those because I never expected to be a Gma.

  • Nancy Johnson

    I would select Christmas designs for those last minute projects.

  • becky3580

    Embroidery Library is one of my favorite websites. I check it out every Tuesday night when the designs change for the week. The designers there continue to amaze me with their ability to come up with new, fun, exciting designs and so many of them.
    If I won a gift certificate I would probably go one of two ways, either a large design or a simple design. Getting a large design gives you the ability to use my software to break apart a design (just as you did in the design above). A simple design can be added to or just some times simple is good. I like their church in 4 seasons, the set of baking tools and I love the set of animals on the edge. They have a wonderful site!

  • Patty

    I love their black work.

  • Sandy D

    I have lots of grandchildren, so I’d love to get more designs for them.

  • Cathy

    Thanks so for the opportunity
    embroidery library is awesome
    I would get seasonal corner designs and some Angel designs

  • Bernadette

    There are so many designs to choose from at Embroidery Library! I would get several of the new Christmas designs, and there are lots of quilt square stitchings that I would love to use to put my love of quilting and embroidering together!

  • Lynnet H

    whew! That would be hard to choose, but I would start with my wish list or a few alphabets I’ve had my eye on. Thanks for the opportunity and for great tips and challenges!

  • Bonnie Konkle

    I love to get designs from Embroidery Library. I like quick stitch designs, but I also use some that are very stitch intensive, depending on what I make. I would get children’s designs.

  • PRandolph

    I would have to choose between the Baker’s Delights, Cook’s Medley, Tabletop Treasurers, Classic Kitchenware design pack and the Toile Herbs pack … all for kitchen towels that I have been meaning to do forever!

  • Denise Rowland

    I would purchase as many quick stitch and Christmas designs I could. They are so lovely and would make some wonderful gifts.

  • Donna G.

    There are so many great designs at Embroidery Library it’s hard to choose. Each time I get the newsletters I find another favorite, but I especially like their redwork and “open air” designs. These are the ones I’d likely buy.

  • Karen McColl

    If I won the gift certificate I would focus on in the hoop projects or perhaps free standing lace designs. I am fascinated by both right now in my work.

  • Vici Fallin

    I love their designs and I think I would like to add the Nativity pageant embroideries.Last year I purchased their more formal Nativity and it turned out beautiful.

  • Gail Beam

    Embroidery Library is one of my favorite sites and I have a lot of their designs! If I win, I will probably buy more of their dog, sport, and applique designs.

  • Dortha Britton

    i love Embroidery Library designs and would purchase as many as possible. Probably Christmas designs.

  • Teresa

    I love single run designs – try to collect all – I use them for my quilts – love the variety of single run designs on Embroidery Library.
    Maybe I will have enough money for Sashiko set !
    Thank you for the great opportunity.

  • Terry senko

    tough decision with so much to choose from! My Wish List would be a good place to start, but I’d also like some chickadee and hummingbird designs for a friend who is an avid birder and I need something suitable for a tote bag to give the gal who organizes my book club for Christmas.

  • debbie welch

    I would purchase some kitchen to put them on towels and give as gifts

  • Cheri Dobratz

    I would purchase the Stitchin in the Kitchen designs and a few of the baseball items. The Stitchin in the Kitchen designs would make great, clever gifts. Everyone needs new kitchen towels. No reason that they can’t be cute. I would also use the baseball designs for a friend that is a baseball sports writer.

  • Pam Morrow

    Tough one, but I am an alphabet (font) addict, so would visit that page; love their realistic animal designs so that would get scrutiny too; and anything in the borders/corners/swirls/scrolls category would be on my hit list as well. Fairly certain I would have no trouble at all spending $25 at Embroidery Library.

  • bette

    Retro Christmas tree

  • Elaine

    I would buy applique designs. And angels. Love Angels.

  • Cassandra Floyd

    I would buy as many in-the-hoop projects as I could, I love doing them. I would have good quality gifts to give, their designs are awesome.

  • Celeste B

    I would get an alphabet to make a fun quilt for my grandson.

  • karen

    I love Emblibrary’s echo designs, I would definitely buy some of them

  • Marcia Stewart

    I have downloaded there monthly designs that are free and ordered some designs as well and have been putting them on comforters that my sister gave me from the motel she works at. They changed names of the motel, thus cannot use the comforters and had new ones for the new named motel. It not only warms up the comforters but then I donate them to the CHQ (Cheyenne Heritage Quilt Guild) Community Quilts. These go out to the local Salvation Army, the children and moms abuse center, and Needs for the homeless. We give these away every year. I also longarm quilt the pieced community quilts as they get completed as well as others sew the pieces together in pattern kits that the Community Quilt leader gets ready. Then several of us longarm quilters here in town load them on our longarms and quilt them. Gives us all the opportunity to practice our quilting skills and give back to the community quilts to keep them warm in our Wyoming winters.

  • Pam

    I would purchase designs in my wishlist. Love their designs and use them alot!

  • Kristi D.

    I would also get some of the wonderful designs in my wishlist. Love their site.

  • Beth Shelton

    love the blog. I don’t digitize so I buy designs, bit I like your reminder to make them my own by doing what you did. I love Embroidery Library. It is my first place to visit and never had a bad stitch out. Winning the gift certificate for me would allow me to buy those ‘extra’ embs that I have had my eye on. It would like having dessert! Win or not, I still visit and buy when I can. Thank you for your trusted site

  • Angela Erxleben

    I love Embroidery Library! My favorite site, If I won a $25 gift card I would purchase some of their embossed designs to put on towels for Christmas gifts!

  • Linda lee

    I am a faithful purchaser from and have been for well over 10 years. I always have something on my whish list and in my basket. I so love how it keeps all my files on record and tells me if i already own the design!!! I llove the Embroidery Library and have always encouraged my embroidery guild to use them also. YEAH for Embroidery Library…

    • Linda lee

      I also have a few item in their showcase

  • Lynne Thomas

    I love Embroidery Library! Especially their weekly specials! If I won the gift certificate, I would find some seasonal redwork designs to stitch up a few extra Christmas gifts. Embroidered hand towels are wonderful hostess gifts!

  • Linnie Middleton

    How awesome a $25 gift certificate would be. There are lots I would like to have a few are: Clown Alphabet, Butterfly Borders and Corners, Damask Borders and Corners, Black Work (Quick Stitch), and Holidays Helpers Decking the Halls (Vintage). These are just a few of my wants.

  • Kim

    I have several Christmas designs and sweatshirt designs on my wishlist. Guess I will just have to decide which ones when I win. 🙂

    • Emily

      Th87a#&21t;s it, a gift certificate to the North House for both of us, something that we can learn and enjoy together. Thanks for the suggestion, bill, and for the link, BiR. I’m so excited. This will be fun.

  • Anna

    Oh my I spend gazillions of dollars at Embroidery Library, I just love their designs. My choice would be Christmas and dogs. Love them both!

  • BJ Marley

    I would finish purchasing the rest of Audubon designs.

  • Jean Guenther

    I would buy Christmas designs and Baby designs. It would be a hard choice as they have so many I love!

  • Valerie Gwara

    Well I NEED Baptism (C2329) for a baptismal towel.
    Otherwise – so many beautiful choices! But these are on my wish list….
    Kitty Crossing C2931
    Crafty Knitting Border J4923
    Christmas Cheer Fox K3522

  • Saundra Romanus

    Embroidery Library if my FAVORITE shop to buy designs and I have purchased most of my designs from there. I certainly have a lot of designs in my wish list that I would purchase!

  • Bonnie Gray

    That is my go-to embroidery design site! I would pick the quick stitch designs so I can make gifts quickly!!

  • Kathy

    Like most, I would purchase the ones on my wish list–& then more Christmas!

  • CarolKE

    I, too,love this site. I have some designs on my wish list. I also would choose some of the towel recipes.

  • Darlene Bares

    I have always liked the designs and the way they stitch out. In the hoop (because i’m addicted to ITH projects-LOL), Holidays, Christmas and Creatures of Air.

  • Norma Sterbenz

    If I win, I would choose cat designs. Embroidery Library has the most realistic, beautiful designs of Ragdoll and Birman cats. They look just like my fur babies. I would have even more sweatshirts, towels, etc. with cats on them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Ann Santistevan

    My “Embroidery Library” wish list is full of bicycles and border designs. The clothes line designs are already making a hit with family and friends but there are always new ones coming out.

  • Barbara Pointer

    I love Embroidery Library and always want more than I can afford. I would buy patterns for kids, flowers, and Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Ruth

    Embroidery Library has so many wonderful designs that I would find it hard to decide and so to make it easier on my 75Year old brain, I would opt for free standing lace especially the Christmas ones

  • Barbara

    I have taken a self-imposed break from embroidery to help out several suffering family members. Can’t wait to get back to the threads and clear my own mind. I find it so relaxing! Could use a few new designs.

  • Michelle Norrris

    I love embroidery library designs! With 6 grandchildren I am always looking for designs for them! But if I won I might just buy some designs just for me!!!!!

  • Pam

    I would purchase part of my Wish List!!! It is growing…I love EL designs!

  • Lynda

    I like making mug rugs. I would choose food and drink designs.

  • betty smith

    Emb library is the first place I look for designs. My wish list is where I would start . Love their Jacobean designs. Easy to find designs, Kenny”s corner good for problemsolving.

  • Carolyn

    I have over 150 designs in my Embroidery Library “Wish List”! The hardest part would be choosing!!! I love using my 5D-Extra software to edit and combine patterns.

  • Steph

    Embroidery Library is my absolute favorite online Embroidery destination! I need to make a couple new baby quilts so I would probably look in the kids or animal applique section. I already made a “peekers” quilt that turned out very cute.

  • Paula

    I have felt intimidated about my software. Playing with designs and not really knowing what steps to take, have caused a sort of block. But I’m inspired to give it a try!

  • Colleen

    Absolutely love the designs I find on their site. Too hard to decide, but the quick stitch collages are fun.

  • Mary J Chevalier

    The ITH designs would be my Choice.

  • valerie csmith

    I know it is just starting into winter-but I find that right now I need some Easter designs

  • R. Edwin

    If I was one of the winners of the $25, I would purchase the snowflakes, woodland creatures and Peacock feathers. I think all of these with stitch out wonderfully on sweaters for the different seasons.

  • Margie

    I would get large designs to learn design splitting.

  • Lou Ann bush

    I see lots of comments about buying from their wish lists. That’s what I would do as well. Once on their site I always have to look at more than just my wish list and it seems like as I buy items on my list I add more to my list from their huge library of designs. Can’t seem to stay ahead! Love Embroider Library:)

  • Rita

    I would select designs from the ethnic embroidery collections.

  • Martha Morgan

    I just purchased Christmas sayings that I hope to use on Christmas Flags and Pillows. I just got another email with some great designs for Christmas and wondered about doing a few towels and sweatshirts. I just love their designs, it is one of my go to sites.

  • Judy Mosier

    Before I tell you what I would get from EL… I want to tell you THANK YOU for this blog post… I have used embroidery software for several years and felt comfortable with what I had, but the software I was using always charges about $500 for updates every 2 years or so…. So, I decided this time around that I would use my $500 toward a different software that never charges for updates… so I am in the learning phases of the new software. I could not for the life of me get this design to break apart… so I finally posted on the FB groups for the software and someone made a suggestion that worked… and I learned how to do something new in the software! Thanks for the challenge. As far as what would I get from EL, I would probably get some Patriotic and Children’s designs.

    • Denise Holguin

      Your email made me smile! I’m so happy to hear you are learning your software. The way I like to look at things– each trip to the gym– or each moment spent learning embroidery software– or each time practicing anything– builds upon itself. It’s all about getting familiar with a task, gradually improving and becoming more confident!

      Keep up the great work, Judy!


  • Kathy Martin

    Valentine’s Day designs so I can start on bags for my grandkids. Love Embroidery Library.

  • Carolyn Havens

    Wow, I am always buying from Emb. Lib and would have a ball with a $25 gift certificate. I love the free standing lace as I make ornaments every year for the workers at the dinner we go to and family also. Then there are the easy quick stitch great for that need it fast gift towel. I love their designs on sewing and redwork as well.
    I could go on for ever the site is the best and they are so helpful if you have a problem.

  • susan dennis

    I love embroidery library designs; their prices and designs can’t be beat! I would give my gift to my daughter-in-law who is to pick up her first embroidery machine tomorrow; a “Babylock” and hoping she will love embroidering as much as I do with my machines

  • Vicki L in MN

    I would purchase the Whirling, Swirling Christmas Design Pack and = the Christmas Gift Tag Design Pack. Making in-the-hoop items is so much fun I can’t get enough!

  • Pat Bailey

    Love embroidery library and would get some more Christmas designs from my wish list. Need to check out Software for my Mac.

  • Louise

    What fun to win a gift certificate that I can go and shop for some wonderful new designs. What a treat that would be.

  • Kristal

    I love Embroidery Library! I have lots of designs in my wish list.
    I would purchase some dog designs for my daughter who loves Golden Retrievers.
    I have stitched several from them and they turn out great!

  • Karen

    I have a wish list there to pick from or it would be fun to wait and let my niece pick some when she is here at Christmas and we can stitch them.

  • Beth R

    I would get the Crafty Critters Hoopla design pack – love the critters shown in these designs!

  • Maureen Angers

    Embroidery Library is by far my most favorite site. I would hem and haw over which designs to get and spend hours looking and comparing and wasting time trying to decide what I should spend my $25 windfall on. Then I would go to FSL and in the hoop projects and finally bit the bullet and spend double!!!

  • Sheryl J

    They have so many great designs, it would be a hard choice. But their animal designs are beautiful.

  • Shirl R

    I have a l-o-n-g wishlist at Embroidery Library, so I would pick from that list as well as purchase some in-the-hoop designs for the bottle aprons – they are so cute and there is such a variety. I have a lot of felt from last year’s Xmas projects, and EL personnel have told me this can be used to make the aprons. The nice thing about the bottle aprons is that they can be used on a variety of types of bottled products and look so nice in a gift basket, along with a matching Xmas ornament tucked or hung in/on the basket.

  • Nancy Grove

    Music and nativity designs would be my first selections.

  • Lynda

    I love embroidery library and am always happy with the end result.

  • Judy H

    Would love to win so I could purchase some Christmas designs to decorate a few sweatshirts & T-towels as gifts. Love Embroidery Library and Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog for all the great ideas, tips and tricks.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Marilyn

    I would choose some from my wish list. I love their designs and have more of them than other design companies. They also have a lot of good information on their site. EL is the BEST

  • Carol K.

    As many of you have already stated Embroidery Library is also my favorite site to purchase my embroisdery designs. They are one wonderful group of people who will help you should you have any issues with your designs. I only ever had this happen once but they were very promp at snswering my email and checking the situation for me. I love all their helpful project ideas. They are just great and would love to win more of their designs.
    Lately I have been really likeing the light work designs. I would probably stock up on more of these!!!

  • Terri

    I would choose the train build-a-scene designs…I want to make my husband a train quilt with embroidered accents.

  • Gayle

    I would purchase their new Dreaming of a white Christmas designs as they are now only $1 each and then some of my wish list designs. O what a Christmas present that would be

  • Rosieq

    Hmmmmmm, and I was so proud with 65 pounds after being away from the equipment for several months. 😉

    • Denise Holguin

      You SHOULD be proud! It’s not easy returning to the gym after being away. I stay diligent for awhile then I miss a couple days… then the days turn into weeks… then months… then my clothes stop fitting. Oh my!

      Keep up the good work!


  • Rosieq

    Ha….forgot to tell you what I wanted if I’m really lucky. I just placed an order for some favorites, btw I love the sketches. But, right now, this season, it would have to be white Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Patty Fiske

    I would finally get the altered necklines. I get lots of tshirts and hate the necks. I would alter them and finally enjoy wearing them

  • Tari Jewett

    I also have a nice size wish list, but I think I might pick from the lace ornament covers.

    Love the designs from embroidery library, they stitch out beautifully!

  • Janet Kirby

    I would purchase some quick stitch designs to use as gifts for Christmas and I would purchase some tropical designs for myself to make me think of warm weather.

  • Edie Wittenmyer

    If I were to win such a wonderful prize such as this, I would purchase the USA, Eagle and Military designs to finish making the Christmas gifts (quilts, stockings and totes) for my army grandson and the patriotic members of my family.

  • Lynnae Clark

    I love all the des, I bought here,, im working on some place mats for all my children an grandchildren along with mug rugs for my family, I love the look on there faces with something homemade from the heart an exspecially for them. so personal an meaningful. thank you emb. lib. for helping me with my projects,

  • Lynnae Clark

    if I won a gift card it wouldn’t last more than two min, I have over 100idems in my wish list of more des. I adore to give me so many ideas of things to make an do. thank you for this wonderful chance..

  • LeAnne L

    I’d get everything in my wishlist. Seems like I keep adding to it every week when they come out with new designs.

  • Antionette

    I would love to get designs from Embroidery Library or Emblibrary as name of the website! A Cosy Christmans Wishes Design Pack and All is bright Design Pack would be be the ultimate gift for me!

  • Lois Daubney

    I love embroidery library! I would use the gift card to buy more quick stitch designs and Christmas designs. In the process of making stocking stuffers for friends and family.

  • Sharon Jack

    If I won $25.00 gift card I would buy designs for towels and ones with quilting/sewing designs. love these desgins.

  • m.king

    I would be like a kid in a candy shop. FSL? Holiday designs? Line Art? Oh, MY!

  • allen king

    Besides buying the designs on my wish list I would purchase more free-standing lace designs and get a head start on Christmas 2015 gifts.

  • debe

    OOOOOhhhh,right now I want the twirly snowflakes, but most of all the police car for my 4 yr old grandson who wants it for a tooth pillow. I’d made a fireman one for his older brother & he phoned me last week worried I wouldn’t get it done before his teeth come out. lol!

  • Elaine Caskey

    I would love to have kitchen related designs especially for kitchen towels. I like to give them as gifts to friends and family. I also would love to have designs for baby and small children’s things. I make gifts for church baby showers and have 4 Great Grandchildren. I’m always looking for new, cute, unique designs to use.

  • [email protected]

    Just check out my wish list on that site & you’ll see at least 50 I’d like to have

  • Julie Daugherty

    So many great design it’s always difficult to choose but this time of the year I would select Christmas designs.

  • Jan

    I would shop for something for my husband. It seems that I am always making something for everyone but him. And, hey, but for him I wouldn’t have all my nice “toys” to use to create gifts for others.

  • Reba Smedshammer

    With my $25.00 coupon to Embroidery Library, I would buy embroidery designs to use on the charity quilts I make for children in the local hospitals.

  • Nancy Weber

    I would love to purchase some of their postcard designs. I have wanted to try my hand at making post cards for a while and this would give me the push! Hugs. Nan W

  • Kathryn

    I have 10 very young grandchildren and buy so may of Em library designs for them. Excellant quality and the best on the market.

  • Diana S.

    I need a saltwater fish for a design for shirts for the guys that service my tank plus I don’t have any kitty designs or puppy designs. I just got a new machine that can do 9.5″ x 14″ designs so I need some large designs to try out.

  • Erin M

    I love Embroidery Library, like many others, and have many of their designs. My EL Wishlist is very long but the $25 certificate will be helpful in fulfilling my embroidery dreams. I make all my gifts for family and friends throughout the year, plus charity sewing. I enjoy adding machine embroidery to every project. Thank you, Eileen, for teaching us about EM techniques and creative ideas!

  • Nancy H

    realistic butterflies and some fonts, because face it, why reinvent the wheel?

  • Debbie M

    I love Embrodery Library! I purchase almost all of my designs from them. At this time I would buy designs for kids, especially trains as that is what my 2 year old grandson loves at this time and I want to make a quilt for him with a train theme!

  • Tammy Harrell

    If I won the gift certificate from Embroidery Library, I would like to get the School House and the Gingerbread House Designs…I have several of the lace village pieces but haven’t tried to make them yet..just another one of those UFO’s that I have accumulated over the years with the very best of intentions. Looks like I would need those Alligator Clamps as well! (Teehee)

  • Marianne Marshall

    If I won a gift certificate I would purchase as many “In the hoop” programs that I could. Love your site!

  • Pat

    If I won a gift certificate, I would like to try out the buttonhole designs and some crocus designs. Both of these have intrigued me for some time, but I haven’t had the inspiration (that the weight machine gave you) to do anything about it.
    I have 300 new embroidery colours (a gift to myself just before we knew we moved house) at home just waiting for me to open them up and try them out on something new.

  • Chris B

    If I won, I would try some design that required a new skill – like applique, or taking it apart and using elements (like your article).

  • Doris Alvarez

    If I won, a gift certificate, I would do what Eileen did and try to make as many designs as possible out of a Christmas design with lots of parts. Then I would quickly? embroider a plain white table cloth for Christmas dinner with the results.

  • Dorothy Reitsma

    I would try some in the hoop deigns as I want to learn how. Thanks for all your ideas.

  • Sara Redner

    I am making little notions bags for the ladies in my quilting circle so I would purchase more of the designs with quilting sayings so everyone’s bag would be different.

  • Heidi Halvorson

    If I were to win, I would look at things to be stitched in the hoop and some baby type images.

  • Terri

    My son is engaged to a wonderful woman. If I won, I would purchase designs to help with wedding decorating.

  • beth daniels

    I love embroidery library. I could find a whole range of designs that I want to get from them. They digitize lovely designs.

  • Jennifer Penner

    I would buy the items on my wish list, I already bought many designs for people I sew for during the holidays. But I would buy the rustic bird wreaths and make the wall hanging project for myself. I’ve already done one with the holiday design for one of my S-I-L. They sewed out beautifully.

  • Margaret E. Hartman

    If I won $25 from Embroidery Library, I would probably buy a variety of snowmen to complete my collection of snowmen for my quilt I want to make. I have been buying designs from them for several years and they are the best and very reasonable also.

  • Aurora

    Id download some cute designs – but then all of them are cute – for boys. I make Project Linus blankets and we are always short of boy blankets.

  • Kathy Schmidt

    Everything on my wishlist and probably more than the $25 would cover. I love EmbLibrary and it is my go to place for new designs.

  • Margaret Prieto

    If I won a $25 gift card, I would purchase some quilting designs. EmbLibrary sure has a large number of beautiful quilting designs to choose from. It would not be easy choosing only one set, but I think I would go with a feather set. I just love them.