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Stabilizing Cotton Fabric

In October, reader Shirley Clark asked, “What’s the best stabilizer to use for stitching on pillowcases or cotton fabric? I know I’ve played with this a lot, and even used a spray on stabilizer to keep it from puckering. Stitching on knits are easy, but cottons are always challenging.”

Shirley, it depends (great answer, right?) on the design and size of the project. When I’m adding embroidery – think full, dense designs – I often give cotton a little extra lift. I fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the cotton.  When making pillows or quilt blocks, I interface the entire wrong side of the block or pillow front.  Then I add tear-away stabilizer for the actual embroidery.  The interfacing stabilizes the fabric and the tear-away stabilizes the stitches.

I’ve used Pellon’s ShirTailor fusible or tricot knit interfacing. The ShirTailor adds body to the cotton and makes it a bit stiff.  I find it’s great for pillow fronts and whole cloth wall quilts (fused edge to edge).  I started using it many years ago when I wrote my first quilt book, Contemporary Machine Embroidered Quilts. Since then, my style has evolved and I find I don’t really stitch heavy embroidery designs on quilt tops anymore but the technique still works.


Today, when I’m adding embroidery designs (fill stitches) to a quilt block, I fuse tricot knit interfacing to the wrong side of the block. This added layer of support won’t change the hand of the fabric but the embroidery definitely benefits from this addition.

Of course, another way to avoid puckers on cotton is to select a design that is appropriate for the lightweight cotton. Heavy dense stitches need a firmer substrate, one that can endure thousands of needle penetrations.  If you select airy and open designs for stitching on cotton, you’ll be happier with your embroidery.

Always stitch a test of the stabilizer, fabric, interfacing and design combination. Use fabric of the same weight and fiber for the text. Make notes right on the sample if you don’t think you’ll use it in another project. If it’s a candidate for future use, write in pencil on the back.  Down the road, you’ll know what changes were required.

Here’s your assignment this week:

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  • Sandi Cunningham

    I love all of her Celtic, oh heck I really love anything heirloom, so the whole site. One really beautiful one is the CELTIC ANGEL, though. I’d like to take my Mme Alexander doll (our angel) and make those wings and redo her skirt like this!

    • Hello Sandi

      That sounds a perfect idea. I would love to see the result. In creating mu Celtic Angel I have tried to think of lots of ideas and projects that the designs could be used for but I never though of using them to give your a new outfit or wings!

  • Linda Pratt

    This site is very unique and my favorite was the Celtic Christmas collection. Thank you for sharing !

  • Belinda Germain

    I love the Romantic crazy quilt patterns, they are very Victorian in style.


    Great info on stabilizing cotton for embroidery on quilts, although I am just an amateur quilter, this info would be helpful on other projects, thank you. I love poinsettias during this and every Christmas season, so I have to say the Poinsettias Promises collection woul be my favorite.

  • Lynda

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  • Wende Gennardo

    My favorite design set is almost all of them, but as I must pick one I will say the Romantic Crazy Quilt 7. I really do love all her heirloom sets also, but like I said the entire site is beautiful. Thanks for a new place tro look for great designs.

  • Martha

    Every time I thought I had found my favorite design I scrolled to the next one and loved it too! How can you expect us to pick a favorite?

  • Zoe

    Absolutely love crazy patch, so I picked block #4 of the Crazy Patch.. I want to thank you for the stabilizing cotton information, would not have thought to fuse tricot knit to it. Love the new to me site.

  • Beth R

    I like the Poinsettia Promises collection!

  • Donna G.

    Beautiful designs! I especially like the Smoky Mornings collections.

  • Janny

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  • Michelle H

    I really like the Celtic designs especially the Angle and Celtic Christmas

  • Maga

    Thank you very much for this (for me) very apt blog post. I have done loads of stitch-outs of a design I want on a summer skirt but have not really come up with the right stabilizer for it to be drapey but yet make the embroidery just right. I will have to try the tricot knit interfacing. Off to search for it now. Season’s Greetings to everybody at DIME

  • Jeanne

    Omg, just too many to mention. I’m so glad you linked us to their site. They have soooo many gorgeous designs. But I think since I’m still in Christmas mode, I like the Holly Bells 4. Beautiful!

  • Gail Beam

    I love the Romantic Quilt blocks, but all of her designs are beautiful! I belong to her yahoo group and she gives some absolutely gorgeous designs to her yahoo group members.

  • Diana Slater

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  • Laraine Lewis

    All of their designs are truly elegant and graceful but my favorite is the Bridal Lace Collection. I can definitely see myself making these to use on my Shabby Chic projects. Thank you for the link to this site, I know I will be ordering from them soon!

  • Karen

    All the designs are lovey. I really like the snow flakes to come soon.

  • Dianne

    Oh my! I did not know this web site existed. What lovely designs. I can’t wait to buy one. They look like quality work. Ok, but to my choice of design, Japanese Blossoms 1, BEAUTIFUL!

  • susan james

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  • Barbara Grant

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  • Judie

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  • Genene

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  • Shirley Clark

    I think I saw my name up there! Thanks for the information. I will share it with my friends.
    I’ve never seen that embroidery site either. I love a lot of those, but I am always smitten by paisley so I’ll have to say the Almond Silk Paisley collection.

    • eileenroche

      You did see your name, Shirley! Thank you for the question. I’m always on the lookout for blog subjects, so keep asking!

  • LindaW

    I discovered this wonderful designer several years ago. There are so many pretty designs on her site–it’s difficult to choose one favorite. I do especially like Le Babe Royale. The small eyelets can be cut out or filled with crystals–beautiful!

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  • Saundra Romanus

    Thank you for your input on embroidering on cotton! I have had problem with puckering on a fill design on cotton 2 or 3 times and I thought it was because I used interfacing. I will definitely try it your way next time! Thank you soooo much!

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  • Pamela McDonald

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