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Applique Multi-Needle

Multi-Needle Monday: Month by Month Baby Onsies (Part 3 of 3)

The final step in our Month by Month onesie gift set is to attach the circle appliqué embroidery to each onesie. Although my instructions are for the multi-needle embroidery machine, it can be executed with a single needle embroidery machine as well. The multi-needle embroidery machine’s tubular ability makes hooping so much easier.

Step 1: Position the template (labeled Center Chest and correct month size) which is included in the Children’s Perfect Placement Kit, on each onesie and insert a target sticker in the hole.onsie11BL

Use the templates to mark the remaining eleven onesies with target stickers.

Step 2: Cut the fusible cut-away polymesh stabilizer into twelve 7″ squares.  Iron the stabilizer to the wrong side of each onesie. For proper stability, use a 4″ x 4″ standard hoop.  Turn the onesie right side out.onsiestabilizerBL

Step 3: Slide the outer hoop into the onsie and place the inner hoop on top of the onesie. Align the target sticker’s cross hair with the hoop’s center marks. Do not over stretch the fabric. Push the inner ring into the outer ring. Attach the hoop to the machine with the neckline facing the inside of the machine.onsie12BL Run your hand inside the hooped fabric to make sure excess fabric is not caught between the bobbin plate and hooped fabric. I do this step for every t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket and blanket that I embroider. Then remove the target sticker when perfectly centered.

Step 4: Select the circle appliqué design and choose the thread colors; add stops to the second and third colors for appliqué positioning and trimming.onsie13BL  To keep the appliques and garments in proper order (the higher numbers sizes go with the larger onesies); work in numerical order.

Stitch the first color and add the circle appliqué, I like to use clear tape to hold each circle in place until the tack down color attaches the fabric.The clear tape is easily removed after the embroidery is complete.onsie15BL

Remove the hoop from the machine and trim any excess fabric if it is needed. Reattach the hoop to the machine stitch the final satin outline. Remove the onesie from the embroidery hoop and press the fusible stabilizer to release the adhesive. Trim around the design leaving ½” of stabilizer around the perimeter.onsie16BL

Follow the same steps for stitching the rest of the onesies. Enjoy giving the new parents a gift they will treasure and will always remember who the special gift giver was! monthbymonthpinksBL

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