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A Hidden Treasure

My daughter Janelle’s paternal grandmother, Ron Roche (known as Mom Mom in our family), gave her a very special family heirloom at Janelle’s bridal shower. It was the wedding ring she wore on her wedding day. That ring was actually the ring of her mother – Janelle’s great grandmother. The family tradition has been that every Roche woman wears or carries the ring on her wedding day and then passes it to the next bride. What an honor for Janelle to carry this tradition on.

It has been worn by Mom Mom (who was married 71 years), her daughter Sue (currently enjoying 43 years of wedlock),  granddaughters Susie (celebrating 15 years), Katie (10 + years) and Monica (5+) years.

Of course, it was Janelle’s decision on whether she would wear it, tie to her flowers or pin it to her dress.  She didn’t make the final decision until we were in Hawaii for the wedding. I arrived in Hawaii armed with an emergency wedding dress kit – scissors, pins, needles, thread, bits of lace, ribbon, seam binding, hooks and eyes.  I wanted to be prepared for any dress emergency.

Just moments before the photographer arrived, Janelle decided to sew the ring to the dress. I looped the ring through a length of ribbon and hastily sewed it to the label.LabelBL

To have Mom Mom’s ring incorporated to the label brought tears to my eyes.  Mom Mom and I have guided Janelle through her life with love and tenderness.   I don’t think two women have ever loved a girl more than we have loved Janelle. To have the tender touch of our hands joined in this momentous day was almost more than I could handle! But I sniffed away the tears and just beamed at my beautiful little girl – now a grown woman.  My only wish was that Mom Mom could be with us in Hawaii.

That dream would be fulfilled in Ft. Worth, when Mom Mom made the trip from Philadelphia to Dallas for the Texas reception. Here she is – 93 years old – still as full of life and love as she was on the day she was married.momBL

Click here to see the software lesson on making the label.  In the meantime, tell us if you (or someone you love) carried a family heirloom on your wedding day.  A random winner will be selected to win a copy of my newest book, “Hoop It Up, The Stitching Sisters’ Guide to Hooping”.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Tell us if you (or someone you love) carried a family heirloom on your wedding day.  A random winner will be selected to win a $20 Designs in Machine Embroidery gift card!

The winner of the last assignment answered the following question:

As the fall equinox arrives today it also ends the season of summer. Its funny how the days grow shorter and the embroidery project list grows longer in in the fall. What exciting fall projects do you have in store?

The winner is:  

Debe: “My 2 elder grandsons want a large scarecrow & I want to make a new fall table runner & wall-hanging. I am starting on Christmas gifts, also.”

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  • Donna Fecteau

    I wore a pearl necklace that was my mom’s from her wedding. When my daughter got married, she wore it as well. It is safely tucked away for the next generation to wear if they choose to.

  • Belinda Germain

    We have no real traditions in our family but reading your story brought tears to my eyes as well. Perhaps it is about time our family starts a tradition!

  • Linda Stewart

    My granddaughter was our beautiful bride on 9-12-2015 and she carried her maternal great-great grandmother’s gold (bangle type) bracelet. She made the choice to attached the bracelet to her bouquet with a white satin ribbon rather than wear the bracelet. She carried pink stock and we slipped it up, over the stems and tied it at the base of the flowers. An added bonus was my almost 98 year old mother (the bride’s maternal great grandmother) was able to attend the wedding as well and saw her great granddaughter carry her mother’s bracelet. We are a blessed family and have five generations in the family wedding photo !!

    • Jessie Fyfe

      Oct.13, 2015
      Linda Stewart, I would love to see that wedding photo! I do genealogy and love photos of our ancestor’s. You are so blessed to have 5 Generations together in the same photo!

  • Frances Powell

    I wore a ruby and pearl necklace that my mom wore at her wedding. It was her mom’s. It is a very delicate necklace that I had always admired. What a truly wonderful memory to be able to wear that necklace.

  • Charlotte Silber

    Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Bless them both will long love for each other and many children.

  • maria elena blecha

    My grandmother had diamond ear rings when when she got married, that belong to her grandmother, then my mom wore those earrings, then my elder cousin when she got married. the earrings were brought to United States through the American embassy when US broke relations with Cuba, When I got married I wore those earrings eventhough my parents were still being detained in Cuba by the Cuban government, at least I had something from family to get married with.
    after seven years of separation my parents and I were reunited. Another generation has also gotten married with the earrings.

  • Karen LaMendola

    I have a blue pin that my grandmother and mother both had in their wedding day. I also used my moms veil but updated it.


    What a beautiful story-we don’t have a tradition-but what an endearing way to show the love for family!

  • Ruth Peterson

    So happy your label was embroidered with my suggestion and adding the ring to it was a great idea. When my own daughter got married just over a year ago, I wore my mom’s diamond necklace and earrings. I lost my mom a year earlier, so it was like having her with me.

    • eileenroche

      Thank you again Ruth!

  • Linda Mundell

    My middle daughter was married last Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015. I spent weeks making her wedding gown, which we designed together, with the help of a sister friend. I placed a piece of lace, from my own wedding gown, above her heart, on the inside of her gown. She asked that I place it there. It was very meaningful to both of us. A truly special day for us.

    • eileenroche

      Linda, that’s such a touching memento. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  • Bernice

    Although no tradition, five years after my younger sister was married I asked her if I could wear her gown that I designed and made for her for my wedding. I even wore her longline bra. I am a little taller so I wore little heals. I made a new head piece from the scraps I had saved. When two of our daughters were married I appliquéd a small piece of the lace from “our” gown into the design of their gown. No one but us knew where it was.

    • eileenroche

      Lovely, Bernice, just lovely.

  • Marylee

    Congrats to a beautiful Bride & Groom! So loved and fortunate to carry on Family traditions. My Mother picked out my wedding dress and sewed the veil and headpiece that I wore. My engagement and wedding ring set were a gift from my Husband’s paternal Grandmother. Maybe this will start a new tradition in our family…

  • Jean

    My daughter Nicole was married on August 23. She was very close to her grandmother, my mom. When mom died in 2001 at the age of 72 we were all broken hearted. My youngest always called her grandma her best friend. On her wedding day she requested to wear one of grandma’s special diamond ring. Things got crazy and I brought the ring with me, I realized on her walk to the alter I had forgot to give her the ring—-I reached out as she got to where I was sitting and slipped her the ring. She whispered my best friend is here with me. Love you Grammy.

    • eileenroche

      Oh that’s a tearful moment.

  • J K

    We carry a small antique 24 k wedding ring that belonged to a great aunt.
    It has a beautiful inscription, adds a touch of poetry!

  • Michelle H

    This summer my niece was married and wore a diamond necklace that had been passed down from her great grandmother to her grandmother to her mother. For the wedding I also wore a necklace that had belonged to my mother the brides grandmother

  • Nancy L Owens

    My sister carried our paternal Grandmother prayer book. It was marked with a piece of ribbon on my grandmother favorite prayer. She marked that prayer just before she passed away. My Dad asked that we should leave the ribbon as a tribute to this wonderful woman who taught my sister and I so much.

  • Carol Coleman

    Great tradition, love it!

  • karen

    my sister wore our late father’s wedding band on a chain for her wedding day and plans to use it again for her daughters.

  • Sheri Lesh

    I carried a linen hankie with beautiful crochet lace, that all 4 of my girls carried when they got married as well. It is tucked away safely waiting for the next generation.

  • Elizabeth

    My family did not have any traditions, I started one, the blue star Safire necklace I wore both my daughters wore on their wedding day and will pass to their daughters, what a great idea to sew into the dress if the bride chooses.

  • Linda

    I used the wedding cake topper from my parents cake as did my one daughter. Two of my girl’s used my catherdral length veil and the youngest had some of the lace from my gown appliqués onto to her gown.

  • Saundra Romanus

    When my daughter got married she wore the pearls I wore when I was married. I am hoping her daughter will as well!

  • Valerie

    I had the goblets that were given to my grandparents at their wedding as our toasting goblets.

  • Desiree

    I wore a beaded crown, which my mom wore for her wedding in 1935. My mom made a new veil to attach, as hers was holey (it had been 50 years after all!) The crown was in mint collection. I will give it to whichever of my daughter’s marries first.

  • Carol

    My mother received a St. Therese cameo necklace when she was engaged which she wore on her wedding day. When I was engaged she passed it to me and I too wore it on my wedding day. When my son was getting married I asked my daughter-in-law if she would like to wear it on her wedding day and she did. When my daughter got engaged I passed the necklace along to her and she also wore it on her wedding day. Hopefully this tradition will continue.

  • Meghan M.

    I’m getting married this month (oh goodness, the 25th is approaching too fast!) and will be wearing an heirloom from my future husband’s side. I will be wearing a brooch converted to a necklace that belonged to his great great grandmother. All the women in his family that got married have worn it, and I’m very flattered to be included in the tradition! Especially since we don’t have any traditions like that in my family. It really does feel like I’m gaining a new family.

  • Helen Murtagh

    My dad died before I was married. On my wedding day, I wore the first piece of jewellery that he purchased for my Mom. A small diamond and pearl pendant. In a small way, he was included in the happiness of that day 47 years ago.

  • Renee Reberry

    I wore my mothers veil and her garter belt, I also wore a Cameo Necklace that belonged to her mother, my grandmother, that her brother had given her. I have it plus the veil which I hope to pass to my daughter.

  • Pat Black

    I carried a white satin covered Bible, and my daughter had it incorporated into her bridal bouquet for her wedding

  • Jennifer P

    My mother carried a pearl encrusted prayer book in her wedding, which I then carried in my wedding and my oldest daughter carried it in her wedding. Not yet as many as five generations. but give me some time! My granddaughter is only 4 but her time will come to carry the pearl encrusted prayer book.

  • Lynn

    I wore at my wedding, our two sons’ weddings and a nephew’s my engagement necklace from my late husband.

  • Jackie hoecker

    I wore my mother’s wedding dress, all satin and lace, as well as my great-grandmother’s gold hoop earrings. My younger sister wore the same earrings when she got married.

  • Diane Mettler

    I carried a lace hankerchief that my mother and grandmother carried when they were married.

  • Connie

    My stepdaughter married in August, her mother asked me to make her a bag from the gown she wore. I made a clutch with the material and used appliqués from the gown to trim it and embroidered the bride’s initial on it. On the lining of the bag I used printable fabric and printed a picture of the couple and embroidered their names and wedding date. The bride and the staff of the dress shop loved it.

  • Karen

    Our family has no traditions. I do bridal alterations and have sewed things into dresses for others.

  • Kelly Sas

    My wedding band I wore on our wedding day and everyday for the 38 years of our marriage was my great grandmother’s. Unfortunately she wasn’t alive even when I was born, but my grandma (it was her mothers wedding band) was there at the wedding. I love having that connection to my great grandmother all my life!

  • Kati

    What a beautiful tradition. We didn’t have any special family traditions for weddings. How wonderful to have your grandmother be there for the wedding!

  • Susan DeWitt

    A very good friend gave me her lovely white handkerchief at my wedding 9/8/1973, then I carefully saved the handkerchief for my daughter Amy’s wedding on 11/27/2004. I had always dreamed of handing down my own wedding gown with my husband’s name & mine along with our date daintily hand-embroidered in blue in the underside of the hem of my train — but my gown was lost in its tissued box during a move, so I opted for using the hankie. The night before Amy’s wedding, I embroidered our names & respective dates along the border of the hankie instead. I had it ready for my son and his fiancé, Jennifer in 2009, but they eloped and sent me pictures. I do hope my two granddaughters, Hope & Madison will carry on the tradition.

  • debe

    That is a beautiful & special tradition. We don’t have a wedding tradition, but as someone already alluded to, it is never too late to start one!

  • debe

    PS. Thank you so much for the gift certificate. Can’t wait to spend it!

  • Virginia

    My grandparents brought me back a gold bracelet with a cross from Italy when I was young. I wore it for my first communion and on my wedding day. My daughter also wore it for her first communion and wedding day.

  • Linda Severs

    My future father-in-law gave me a steel penny from war rationing time to wear in my shoe. I was thrilled! I’ve kept it for these past 29 years in my wedding ballet shoes. When my daughter got married last summer, we took the steel penny out and placed it in her shoe. Very special. 🙂

  • Jeanne Hoey

    I carried my mother’s prayerbook as part of my bouquet 46 years ago. She had recorded her wedding information in it and I have recorded ours. My daughter used it as part of her wedding, and her wedding is now recorded in that book. My hope is that my granddaughter will carry it at her wedding someday.

  • Sara Redner

    My mother passed away several years before my marriage so I am not aware of any traditions. Originally my something borrowed was the penny in my shoe (which I kept and repaid with a different penny later that day), but our rings weren’t ready in time so my mother-in-law loaned us her wedding ring for the ceremony.

  • Sue Reifschneider

    My husband was killed by a drunk driver in 1977. When my granddaughter got married last June 26,2014 she wire my engagement ring on het wedding day.

  • Sue Reifschneider

    My granddaughter also carried my gartar and my grandmothers hankerchief along with my engagement ring. Sorry I forgot to mention these in my 1st comment.

  • beth daniels

    I wore something old which was a gold cross that was passed down from my granmother. I wore on a chain.

  • Karin C

    Lots and lots of trinkets & mementos…all very treasure. Me? Not so much. I was estranged from both parents, and pretty much on my own. After a few months dating, got engaged on a Friday night, and married on the next Saturday afternoon. The only treasures were the friends and husband’s families that attended. 26 years later, never a regret!

  • Carrie Krumrie

    My daughters carried or wore their paternal great-grandmother’s gold locket.
    It was very special to us that the locket was passed to my daughter’s.

  • Flora Bills

    On my wedding day I wore a topaz necklace and earrings that a friend of my Grandmother’s (MUM MUM) sent her from Paris during World War I. The topaz stones were flower petals on a gold leafed stem.

    • Susan DeWitt

      Sounds lovely ….

  • August Rodriguez

    We did not use anything special on the day of a wedding, but I did remake the skirt of my daughter’s silk dress over into my granddaughter’s first holy communion dress. I even used the buttons and underskirt as well. I was able to make a small bolero jacket to go with the dress and I use the lace sleeves for trim and for the communion veil. Two girls have worn the dress and there was a remaining small piece to make a tie for their brother’s first holy communion as well.
    Since the silk was off -white or bridal white we had to get special permission for the slightly not exactly white. It was very lovely.

  • JoAnne Spigarelli

    The hanky I carried on my wedding day was also carried by both of my daughters and then we made it into a baby bonnet that all four grandchildren wore on their baptismal day. Hopefully the brides of these grandchildren will use it also.

  • Jessie Fyfe

    This is a beautiful tradition. There is nothing like this in my family.

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