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Multi-Needle Monday: Add Embroidery to Almost Anything!

If you are a Designs in Machine Embroidery subscriber you might have seen my current project in volume 97. However, many readers who follow the DIME blogs might not subscribe to the magazine, and they should. For this reason I want to share this interesting technique I used for embroidered shoes. Actually the embroidery is done in the hoop and then added to a pair of purchased shoes.

I love to follow fashion blogs on Instagram and try to duplicate interesting embroidered garments and accessories. My 18 year old daughter has a great eye for trending styles and encouraged me to try my hand at the elegant floral embroidered shoes pictured. The price of the pictured shoes were $240 and definitely out of our range.rose embroideredBLThe online search for the perfect affordable shoes and embroidery design began. It was much easier to “google” a specific style of shoe rather than drive to shoe stores in my area. Once I located the shoes (which cost $49) it was time to pursue the perfect embroidery design. The search for the ideal design had to have these characteristics:

  1. Light to medium density
  2. Vertical orientation
  3. Natural looking roses
  4. Attached stems to flowers

The flower embroidery designs were located at Once selected, I tested and retested the design for density, size and color choice. Always stitch out the proposed embroidery design on fabric as similar to the end use as possible. In this case the final “fabric” is actually black tulle (netting). The embroidery design will be stitched on the black tulle in a 5×7 hoop. I suggest placing water soluble stabilizer in the bottom of the hoop along with the tulle for extra stability. Cut the tulle large enough to fit in the hoop as needed and make sure everything is taut, but not over stretched. Notice in the photo below how the tulle is not puckered?shoe3BLshoe4BL


After the embroidery is complete, carefully cut around the embroidery design. Leave ¼ inch of tulle around the embroidery design. Attach the embroidery designs on each shoe back as desired with heavy duty fabric glue such as: Fabric Fusion or Gutermann HT2. Follow all directions as suggested.

This technique can be used for a variety of uses such as: suit cases, hat brims, baskets and containers among a few. (Yes you can stitch on most hat brims but this can be an alternative if needed).

There are a few more step by step instructions in the article but I think you can get a good idea of the procedure. I like to share my challenges and how I find inspiration. Get creative with how to tackle a problem project by trial and error – test, re-stitch and test again.

The following photos were photographed by me of my daughter and her new and much loved embroidered chunky high heels.rose shoe2BLrose shoe3BL

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  • Clem

    What an awesome idea. Especially suitcases that all look alike on that carousel!

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  • Susan Spiers

    Love, love this idea-so nany designs-so many things to embroider!

  • Gail Beam

    This is an awesome idea!!

  • Joanne Banko

    Marie, those shoes are simply fabulous!!!It must be a joy for your daughter to wear something so special . . . and custom crafted by her ever so talented MOM no less.

  • Karen

    I love this idea and will perhaps try this on a golf bag for my son. Name and a golf design of some sort.

    • marie zinno

      You can use other fabrics if needed instead of tulle….good luck with your project.

  • Carolyn

    I wouldn’t do without the magazine!! I just made an “applique” on tulle to cover a hole on the back of a robe where the hanger loop pulled a hole. Tulle is cool!!

    • marie zinno

      That’s a great idea.Thanks for reading.

  • Marylee

    Beautiful! And such a clever way to embroidery on an impossible surface…

  • Marti Morgan

    Thank you, again, for another great bit of knowledge. Your a gem!

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  • Bruce

    Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.