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Multi-needle Monay: Kindergarten Rocks

Through my embroidery business I have stitched hundreds of corporate logos, team items and unique baby accessories. I am always open to new ideas. Once in a while a customer will bring me a special request. This time the request was for a kindergarten t-shirt. The mother’s youngest of 4 children was starting kindergarten in a few weeks and she wanted a special send off outfit for her 5 year old. The text was created in my Perfect Embroidery Pro software using a simple Arial font (Kindergarten) along with the Seaside font (Rocks).

Step One: Pre-wash a purchased child’s t-shirt (youth size medium was used) and press before stitching. Position the t-shirt on flat surface and place the template labeled: center front youth small/ medium on the t-shirt (Children’s Perfect Placement Kit). Line up the black bold lines on template with the bottom of t-shirt neckline ribbing. Place a target sticker in the center hole of the template. The target sticker will designate the center of the embroidery design.schoolt1blogschoolt2blog

Step Two: I sized my embroidery design to fit in a 5×7 Monster Snap Hoop to make hooping easy and quick. Embroidering a child’s size t-shirt is so simple with a multi-needle embroidery machine. The bulk of the fabric hangs in front of the machine and out of the way of the embroidery attachment.

Step Three: Use fusible cut away poly mesh stabilizer on the wrong side of upper portion of t-shirt. Lay the magnetic frame of Monster Snap Hoop on a flat surface and cut the stabilizer larger than the frame. schoolt3blog Make sure to iron the stabilizer centered in the area to be t4blogschool t5blog Turn the t-shirt right side out and slide the magnetic, teal frame inside the t-shirt (magnets facing the top). Attach the metal frame on top with target centered within the metal t6blogschool t7BL

Step Four: Slide the frame onto the multi-needle machine with the neck area placed over the bobbin throat. Use your hands to feel underneath the t-shirt for any excess fabric. Line up the target sticker with the correct needle bar (this is a great time to use the live camera if available on your machine).school t8blog

Step Five: Remove the target sticker and add water soluble stabilizer (light weight type) to the top of the fabric. Use the automatic basting file to tack down the stabilizer.

Step Six: Embroider the t-shirt and remove after stitching is complete. Turn t-shirt wrong side out and clip the basting files carefully.

Step Seven: Re-iron the cut away stabilizer from the wrong side of t-shirt. The adhesive is deactivated and can be trimmed.

Step Eight: Turn t-shirt right side out and spritz with water to remove excess water soluble stabilizer from the text design.

Repeat same steps for embroidering the back of the t-shirt.kinder1blogkinder2blog

* The poly mesh fusible stabilizer is perfect for knits and minimizes the urge to over stretch your fabric when hooping.

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  • Judy Goshy

    I did 2 for my granddaughter. The shirt said “Cute shoes, big bow, Kindergarten, Lets do this”. T First day was on a dress from The Gap. It said “Kindergarten Cutie” with tiny hearts and an arrow.

  • Bruce

    This is so cute. Thanks for sharing.