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Has this ever happened to you? (Part 1)

I purchased some cute aprons recently for a gift and decided to personalize them with some lettering. I focused on selecting a pretty color thread, finding the right font in software, making sure the words fit in a 5″ x 7″ hoop, adjusting the spacing of the letters. Everything looked fine to me until…..I stitched it!

The minute my assistant, Denise Holguin, walked in she noticed the typo.  I was dumbfounded!  I had stared at the phrase on the computer screen and at the machine but darn if the typo didn’t pass right by me. Thankfully, Denise caught it. So off I went to correct the design and stitch another apron.



Here’s your assignment this week:

How many times has this happened to you? Share your story below and one comment will be chosen to receive a $25 gift certificate to the DIME store.


The winner of last week’s assignment is:

What items in your home have you re-purposed for storing your embroidery supplies? Three comments will be chosen to receive a coupon code to worth $39.95 which can be redeemed for downloadable or mail-order monogram sets. The winners will receive their code by email, and can choose any products of their choice from 194 styles, inspired by designs from the renaissance to the present. Good luck!


The winners are… Sharon D., Dawn G., & Shirley C. Congratulations and thank you for all the helpful ideas!




  • Cindy Rio

    This has only happened when I’m in a hurry to finish a project…too often to remember.

    • Cindy Garner

      While running samples of words circling a “Bee” for a Bee Keepers Group. I arched the words over the bee and flipped a copy under the bee not realizing that when I flipped them they were backwards. Because they were upside down I didn’t notice until delivered. I was so embarrassed but at least it was just a sample! The lady liked the “idea” so I corrected for the real items embroidered.

    • Kay Harvey

      I have done it a lot so I print it and then triple check it the other I was tird and in the middl of the project I realized my mistake and correct it with out putting it in the trash

    • Devora Olson

      I was embroidering barbecue aprons for a wedding present I got the first apron “finished” and when I took it out of the hoop realized that I had embroidered “Richard” in a heavy red lettering and not only was it completely off center and going downhill but his name became “Richerd.” Horrors. The couple received a great bottle of wine and two of their wine glasses. Maybe “someday” I’ll take out the stitching when I have nothing to do….right.

    • Sue Sokol

      I was making a baby gift for my neighbors twins.
      One shirt said Avery the other Copper. I miss spelled Cooper to Copper. Every time I write his name I need to double check the spelling.

  • Arlene

    You could give the one with mistake to the one who uses the beaters…heheheh

  • Donna randall

    This has happen oh so many times. I have tried using the stitch eraser with no avail. I wind up using it as scrap material. I’m sure have have wasted hundreds of dollars.

  • Marilyn Borgerding

    Been there! Done that! Sometimes you can applique a patch over the mistakes…sometimes not!

  • Lian

    This has happened to me more times than I care to confess too!

  • Pam Perry

    oh yes! Last one was doing a gift of a mug rug for my niece. Took a photo of the mug rug and sent to my brother. He immediately texted me to let me know I had totally misspelled his granddaughter’s name! How embarrassing!

  • Terri Willner

    Oh yes, it has happened here. Sometimes if I catch it as it stitches I have been able to just rip out one letter and salvage it. Otherwise it becomes a piece to do test stitch outs on.

  • Diane

    While doing a onzies I was so excited that everything fit, I liked the color and design. Who nellie, the back of the onzies got caught and it stitch it to the back! Oh, well, good thing they come in packs!

  • Vikki Aytes

    I can see is it is just one item (I have done it too)but if you have it in the machine correct how could they mess it up on just one… unless it was the first one and they changed it.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Vikki,
      It was the first sample stitched! Fortunately, it was caught before the others were ruined. 🙂


  • Jo Ann

    A friend of mine ask me to stitch a poem her daughter wrote to her. I carefully aligned & numbered all the verses to the poem, which were several. The embroidery took me several hours because I had to rehoop several times. When I finished stitching, I took the poem to my friend not knowing I had totally missed one verse of the poem. When my friend called me explaining the situation, I felt so bad but told her I would re-do the embroidery for no charge.

  • Mary Wenzel

    It happen on a wedding gift. Lucky for me a friend caught it, and I had time to redo it.

  • Brenda Hennig

    This has happened often I am a spell check junkie. When My children were in college they were always laughing because I always left out words or misspelled something in my letters to them. No texting then.

  • Penny

    I did this on my own sister in law’s shirt. Her middle initial is S and I put a C.

  • Connie W

    My funniest mistake was when I first started machine embroidery and was all excited that I embroidered a slot machine design on a makeup bag for my sister-in-law, until I went to open it up and it was embroidered shut.

    • Helen Walsh

      that’s too funny. Love it.

  • Heidi

    My spelling used to be so much better before autocheck made me too confident to double check spelling.

    • Karla

      Sometimes spell check doesn’t spell words correctly. I was trying to spell actuarial for a “bookkeeper” friend and spell check misspelled it.Figured this out AFTER I did the item. Can’t always rely on technology. Sometimes if in doubt, use a dictionary.

  • Rochelle Marouski

    Oh yes, they have become my gardening shirt and my hair color shirt. Hated to just toss
    out so luckily they were my size so I use the mistakes!

  • Becky L

    I made a bag for the principal of the elementary school my daughter goes to. I was positive I spelled the school name correctly. It stinks to be corrected by an 8 year old. The letters are finally removed but I have yet to stitch them back on. The principal might get the bag before the child graduates 5th grade.

  • Darlene Gerber

    It hasn’t happen yet but it will!! I guess we need spell check with in our embroidery software!!!

  • June Campbell

    My precious customer put up with it not once, but twice. She had even sent me the name on an e-mail so I wouldn’t do it the scond time. I truly love her for being so patient with me.

  • Diane W

    I did it on a baby blanket. I was sure I read my husbands writing correctly but after he gave it to his friend I was informed it was wrong. I think it was the date. They didn’t want me to do another one even though I offered.

  • Carol Seavitt

    We moved from Rochester New York where the team’s name is Knighthawks to Oro Valley, Arizona, where the high school teams’ names are the Nighthawks. I worked on programs for homecoming and even a ‘scarf’ for each soccer team member and coach. Needless to say we all got a good laugh out of this.

  • Sandi

    Yes!! Stitched it out, re did it and stitched it out and something else got messed up and re did it AGAIN!

  • Sylvia Kidwell

    We all Live in Fear of making mistakes, when doing embroidery. Double & triple check, no matter how hard we look at the screen, it is bound to happen! When we do not have the time or a replacement, to do over!

  • Cindy Broome

    I wasn’t the sewer – I was the one who saw the mistake and I cannot bring myself to tell the person that did it. It was on a large quilt made for some one. They were suppose to say ” Daddy’s Girl”. Instead they wrote: Daddies Girl – when I saw it, the project was completed and given to the birthday girl. How heartbreaking as it is a keepsake for a special lady. Spell checker is great – but you have to also know your grammar! The word was spelled correctly, just used improperly.

  • Sherrie Schoening

    Oh! How I can relate to all of the above! If I know its a one-of-a-kind piece that I can’t replace, I will enter it in the machine, then walk away and do something else for an hour or more. Usually when I come back to the project, I see the mistake.

  • Sherrie Schoening

    Oh! How I can relate to all of the above! If I know its a one-of-a-kind piece that I can’t replace, I will enter it in the machine, then walk away and do something else for an hour or more. Usually when I come back to the project, I see the mistake.

    • Helen Walsh

      that is a great idea. I do that with important letters too. Wait a day and reread and end up making tons of changes.

  • Cathy

    Yes, when I am in a hurry. I get to use the mistakes. Happens on towels, so my kitchen has “happy” accidents.

  • Phyllis Hiles

    I once embroidered Merry Cristmas on a towel.Left out the H in Christmas. That towel became a design testing towel.

  • Jean Kocik

    This has happened only once, thank goodness. Now, I double and triple check to make sure everything is correct before I stitch. That can be a costly and unhappy mistake especially if you cannot replace the item you are stitching on.

  • Kristal

    Yes! Why can our eyes not see the misspellings
    on our machines? Maybe we are concentrating too
    much on everything else! At least we are not alone! 🙂

    • Pat

      Our brains are so clever that they fill in any missing bits or rearrange the letters if we put them in out of order. When I edit a newsletter that I do I actually work backwards in an article looking for typos as tend not to notice mistakes if you always read the word or words in the same way.
      Wehn I edti a neswlteter taht I od I ataully wrok bwadracks!

  • Katherine

    Not in sewing but I sent a package off to my son and for got the 2nd H in his name Christop(H)er I got the worst mother of the year award that day~

  • Becky Winborne

    The thing I do the most. I get everything loaded, shirt hooped just right, right color thread, get ready to hit the button. double check, every thing looks right so I hit the button and it starts only sideways cause I didn’t flip it around right.

  • Gwen Breece

    When I started embroidering, someone asked me to embroidery a horse on the back of a vest she had. After I got the body done and was changing the thread for the tail, I realized the tail was near the collar, off by 90 degrees. Needless to say I learned to rip a large area and she got a barn to cover a small hole. Oops!

  • claudia hermansen (Create with Claudia)

    ALL THE TIME!! In this fast email world we type faster and faster! And we make errors. We REALLY need to have SOMEONE ELSE DO our editing! How many times have we read over and over a missive and find out we have made a mistake. Even our computer programs don’t pick it up because sometimes our mistakes make a real word even though it is not the correct word for the concept. We all need to SLOW DOWN and smell the roses–even the embroidered ones that we can make any color of the rainbow!

    • Helen Walsh

      here,here! You are so right.

  • Carolyn Wolf

    I did this on a wedding quilt block. Had the floral design all done and just needed to embroider place and the city and state where the ceremony took place. As my machine started on the second to last letter of the city, I saw I had completely forgotten to include the third to last letter, spelling Hastings as Hastigs. Fortunately, I had another blank quilt block, so had to start over.

  • Joan M

    I thought I would be embarrassed about all the mistakes that I have made, but now find that I am in good company. Thanks ladies for making me feel human.

  • Bernice Keller

    It happens everywhere. I just got back from the grocery store where the sign said Pies for Sale: apple, peach and cheery. Ha, ha. Cheery pies. Made me laugh but I wouldn’t have been if the mistake was an embroidery that I had done.

  • Illyse Sheaffer

    This is happened a couple of times. My biggest problem is ripping out the stitches w/o hurting or distorting the fabric – it’s more frustrating when this happens. I don’t know “the trick” but I have “make it work moments” which I personally call hugs n kisses. It made with love.

  • Shanon Davis

    Did that on Christmas gift for my niece, embossed towels. I had done the towels and was working on one of the hand towels, when my husband walked in and reminded me that she was married and that D was no longer her last name. Oh well, I got the new set of towels instead!

  • Pam Hish

    I was doing about 50 shirts for a girl and had done about 8 or 9 before I realized a word was misspelled. Of course it was a rush job, I ended up staying up all night to finish them because she had to have them the next day. And then she didn’t pick them up for a couple of days! I no longer do rush jobs.

  • Grandmat

    I did a nice blanket with butterfly’s for my sister-in -laws sister who lives out of state.When I got it done I did her name wrong!I hurried an made a appliqe with a butterfly to cover up the mistake.They thought I did it a special way just for her!I never told them any different.Just agreed that it looked good like that!

  • Teresa Holley

    Well we all have done it, so at least now I don’t feel I am the only one who has ever really goofed. Most of the time it is fixable but every now and then it just isn’t. Sometimes my goofs have been fixable by adding another element to the design and it turns out great. Before I started embroidering, I had designed a purse for my mom, her initials are BMA, well sometimes they put the middle initial in the middle so we did, making the A a little bigger and bolder than the B and M. After several months I asked my mom why she didn’t carry the purse, so she got it out and had it sitting by her and suddenly exclaimed, those are my initials! I said, mom you have had this purse for months, what did you think it said? She said I thought it was BAM like what Emeril the chef says, and she admitted that is why she hadn’t used it. Once she realized it was her initials, she carried it all the time. She had never had anything personalized before (grew up poor and never bought fancy things for herself) I was just so glad to get to give her a gift that she cherished. I think that is one of the greatest reasons to embroider, for the personal, loving touch it gives to a gift.

  • Madeline Lester

    My worst and MOST embarrassing moment was with
    My new husband. I was trying to impress him with my
    Embroidery skills so I wanted to put his name and my new
    last name on a roller luggage bag for him. Weeellll as it so
    happens his name is Turpen with an E. Yep you guessed it
    I spelled it with an I. I just wanted to DIE! He’s never let me
    live it down. ( in a very loving way ). But it was a VERY good
    learning experience needless to say! Lol

    • Cindy Broome

      I feel your pain – my question – how did you embroider on the luggage? I know the question is off topic – but I bought luggage for my daughter and would love to put his & her name on their pieces and also on the 2 grandchildren’s pieces. I just can’t figure out how to do it. Did you do an applique and then how did you get it to stick to the luggage. Any tips, tricks, or lessons would be so appreciated.

  • Carol Goertz

    OMG so glad to see that I am not the only one that does this type of thing when embroidering.

  • Wendy Scott

    I have done this also. We have created a design oportunity. I sewed the back of a shirt under the desin, had to cut a hole in the shirt to get it off the hoop. I put a large flower over the hole, instant style on the back of the shirt.

  • Brenda Sutton

    I forget to flip the design sometimes. The latest was a Mug Rug for a friend. Her initial was sideways instead of straight up. This time it was an OK mistake

  • annette Rady

    I wish I could count the times that I have had this happen over the last thirteen years…once in particular to a Christening blanket that I needed for the next day. Somehow these get fixed but the stress that transpires in the meantime is definitely not pretty.

  • Frances Powell

    My fear is misspelling names. I will check the spelling numerous times before I finally decide it is right. It doesn’t matter if the name is a simple one like Bob, I will still check it over and over again.

  • Brenda

    I won a spelling bee in 6th grade, so I am too arrogant to use the spell checker on my computer…

    I know how to spell! Unfortunately I am not so good at typing.

  • Carolyn

    Yes, I’ve done it twice! Now my husband “proofs” my type for me because I’m so sure it’s right I’ll reads right over the mistake!

  • Melissa

    I haven’t done much with letters yet. However now I am quite sure that when the time comes I will be so worried about misspelling something that I will jinx myself into doing it!

  • Lisha Falk

    Oh yes, I have done this. Spelled a name wrong on a personalized washcloth – now it is my sample when others want to see the design and personalization that I do for these washcloths.

    Since then I double and even triple check spelling of names.

  • BJMarley

    I misspelled a name on a name plate once. I used the German spelling of a French name because that is what I heard. Ever since, I have the person placing the order print the name for me.

  • Melanie Leigh

    My mom and I made a quilt for my great nephew (her great grandson) when he was born. I embroidered his name and date of birth. My mom, sister and I proofed it. Instead of Rabanal for his last name , I spelled it Rababanal and we gave it to the family. They told us about it. I embroidered a new name, cut out the wrong one and inserted the new and requilted the spot and only the immediate family knows where to look. What a story when he gets old enough to understand!!!!

  • Danie Duchesne

    One time that I remember particularly: I was making an advent calendar. On the back of it, I created a little pocket on which I wrote “Calendrier de l’Avant” (French). By the time I was done, I realise I misspelled Avent! I was able to remove the faulty letter and replace it, and believe it or not, I did it again!!! I ended up removing the stitching again and I finally did it right on the third trial. That’s what happen when you are rushing to complete a project and you end up working on it when you are tired!

  • Debby Gallagher

    I was making a series of aprons. Somehow instead of putting on Mama my brain decided to spell it Mom’s! Yikes! What wasI going to do?? After the tears jaf dried, I took a coordinating color and stitched Mama on it! I was so proud of myself except I told a friend and now he calls me Mom’s!

  • Pam king

    I was stitching a bible, a cross, and bible verse on a shirt for a dear friend. When I finished I proudly displayed a pic on facebook. To my surprise she quickly let me know Matthew has two t’s!! How embarrassing luckily I had ordered two shirts in her size and color!!

  • Shirley Simmons

    i was sewing names on a Christmas tree skirt for a friend when I was finished it my husband looked at ansaw that one of the names was misspelled. There was nothing I could do. Gave to my friend anyway W e had a good laugh about it. Sure did embarrassed.

  • Clara Garcia

    I just did a beautiful design that was over 100,000 stitches. It was slightly too big for the hoop I wanted to use so I made it smaller. I didn’t notice that the last 5000 or so stitches were misplaced. It was so obvious when I looked at the print out I had made for placement. Thank goodness it was a sample because I didn’t notice till the design was almost finished.

  • Crystalee Hoge

    A lady wanted me to embroidery two handmade stockings this Christmas. They turned out great! Except she didn’t spell Maddie or Maddy <- that way. The one stocking supposed to be Maddey! So, thankfully she entrusted me to correct the error. Had to rip out the entire name in order to space it correctly on the stocking. Lost out on any profit from that 'quick" project, but learned a valuable lesson. Take your time, don't assume and double check!

  • Linda Seemann-Korte

    Hi! I am not sure this has happened to me but we were recently in Mexico and noticed after we had purchased a hat with embroidery on it that there were two typos in the lettering. Our brains are trained to look at the first and last letters and fill in the rest!Since then, we have had many laughs over the mistake and how long it actually takes others to catch on!Such fun!

  • tammy wright

    Alweys Mizpell mi Embrodery. HeHe!

  • Casie Williams

    I’m getting very skilled at covering boo boos with applique designs. Good to know that I’m in great company!

  • Gail Beam

    I embroidered a design of a mastiff with his name underneath for my sister on a stadium pad and blanket, but instead of embroidering it on the outside, I had embroidered it on the inside.

  • Linda lee

    Oh yes! the eyes and brain see only what they want to see…kind of like our husbands only hear what they want to hear!

  • Tracy Jones

    This very nearly happened to me on several occasions. The first time- one of my kids came thru the room about the time I was going to hit the Start button and saw the screen, hollered “Typo Mom!” and so I was able to correct it. Since then- I either move the lettering to a word document and do spell check on it- or one of my kids will look at it as I am getting ready to send it to my machine. I hate wasting projects so this is what I do now. Just to be safe!

  • Mary Ann Genre

    Oh, yea! Thankfully it was just a bib…

  • Barb

    I’m new to ME so I haven’t had too much experience. I finished towels with my granddaughters’ names on them. Then I decided to try my first appliqué embroidery on a towel for my little grandson. Everything looked great until almost to the end and I realized when I brought the design into the machine, I FORGOT TO ROTATE the design! I sent it off anyway to my daughter not wanting to waste a good towel. I figure I’ll make lots of mistakes as I learn.

  • Pam Bricher

    Once I made some pillowcases out of the last of my fabric to match a quilt and misspelled the child’s name… Hard to find fabric. When I found it it became an very expensive mistake.

  • marianne myrick

    Glad to see that even the pros make mistakes. I have become pretty good at reverse embroidery.

  • kc

    Oh, sure, I’ve done that too! My worst goof was one I didn’t catch – a lady asked for a custom towel for her husband Rob….or so I thought. Made it and sent it off. Next thing I get an email telling me the towel’s real pretty and all, but her husband’s name is Rod. Ack! Good thing I work fast, and she had a few days to spare. The new towel made it to her just in time. If I had noticed it before I sent it out, I could have salvaged the towel just by cutting off the incorrect name & adding a fabric trim, but noooope, I never saw the goof. Told her she could let him use it as a car buff rag.

  • Claudia Wade

    I am a stickler for correct spelling… tip is to have someone else proofread your lettering. It is really hard to spot your own mistakes. So much easier to see the misspelled word if you didn’t create it yourself.

  • Kim Castner

    I made a pillow for my daughter as a gift for one of her sorority sisters. Drove 45 minutes to take it to her and her roommate looked at it and was carrying on how cute it was! I was SO proud how cute it turned out! My daughter took one look and said, “That’s really cute but it says PhiPi not PiPhi!” Whoops!!

  • Carolyn Hauber

    I made a quilt for my married daughter. When I embroidered the label for it I spelled her last name wrong. She never told me until about 5 years later. I wanted to make a new label but she didn’t want me to.

  • Carol K.

    I have not misspelled names or words but I have embroidered a design on a hand towel in the wrong direction! I cut out the design and appliqued it to another towel! I also have stitched out a design on a tee shirt that was puckered around the design although the design stitched out beautiful! I cut out around the design leaving about 1/2 inch around the design. I turned under the edges and stitched it unto a new shirt. I took the shirt with the cutout and ironed another fabric on the back over the cut out and stitched an applique over the front area. Presto two lovely shirts!
    Many times mistakes are just happy accidents depending on how you look at it!

  • Kay

    How wonderful to know that there are so many “humans” in our embroidery world. I too am a master of applique by necessity. But, I have found another wonderful way to correct some major goofs. I run two Brother machines daily, a six needle and a ten needle. My big secret is that if you have a misspelled word and can get it out without a huge hole and misaligning it, just double stabilizer and use that camera, with or without the snowman, and correct your mistake.
    A fellow embroiderer had 25 shirts with one bad letter. With a wonderful stitch eraser and the help of that ten needle’s camera, he salvaged every one of them.
    In my “spare” time, I sell multineedle machines and I have sold several by showing people how to correct their “goofs.” That camera can be a life and dollar saver!

  • Linda Burwick

    I felt really dumb when I discovered I had spelled my new grandniece’s name with two Ns instead of one. Fortunately, I had not given it to her yet. My niece couldn’t make up her mind how she would spell the name, and I had originally been told it had 2 Ns; no one corrected my misinformation. I was able to undo the last two letters of her name and reposition the embroidery and just add an A.

    Two weeks ago I had a different kind of embroidery/sewing mishap. I cut out 5 medium sized zippered bags. The embroidery went OK, but I kept forgetting to open the zippers before I stitched the sides and cut them off. I was able to reattach one zipper, rip out and sew in another, but the third I just scrapped and started all over. I SHOULD NEVER SEW UNTIL 3:00 IN THE MORNING!!

  • karen

    fortunately, I only did this once, after that I triple check everything before I go to the machine

  • Wanda H Leffingwell

    This happened to me when I was embroidering on Towels I try now to take extra time to double check but good Thing I had extra same color so I used the mistakes one to dry my Puppy after his bath!

  • Sandy Guba

    We have all done that. I put a dictionary next to my computer and check every word, even ones I know are correct.
    As for names I have clients provide the name and spelling and sign a release the name is spelled right.

  • Le floch, Anne

    Only once, and it was a major project for a special customer. I learned my lesson and now ask for someone to double check, I even ask my kids to read it out loud. If there’s something goofy, my daugther will catch it (she’s ‘MISS-I-Know-It-All-And-Why-Dont-YOu’, very convenient in this (and only this ) case!!!)

  • Patty Curry

    I just had this happen. I made tutu bags for my three granddaughters. I sent a photo out to one of the mama’s and she noticed that I had spelled Abby,(Abbie). I have always had a mental block on the spelling of that child’s name. Luckily, I could pick out the I and the e. The y was wide enough to covers
    Ost of the stitch marks and a good shot of steam took care of the rest.

  • gayle hill

    Yes it happens when I am in a hurry so now I always try to make sure I have plenty of time.

  • Martine

    It happened to me not so long ago, but it not by a fault of my own, which does not make it easier or less annoying. I was stitching a design for a client, a name on top of a lightly embossed shield on a hooded towel and I was just changing colours to stitch the name when she rang me to tell she had misspelt the name. Was I lucky! Nothing worse than unpicking stitches from towelling.

  • Nancy Pawelec

    I was making a pair of matching pajamas for my son and his girlfriend for Christmas. They are Green Bay Packers fans so Yellow shirt with geen lettering that said Green Bay Packers in a font that looked like holy cheese. Measured, printed it out with embroidery software, centered on shirt, put in hoop and machine… Was all set. I started it up and when I was done with embroidery, I took it out, unhoooped, and realized that I had forgotten to change the direction of the stitching on machine and I had GB Packers stitched out from the neck down to the bottom. I could have used it if it had been more on the side, but no, it was perfectly centered right down the middle.. paid a lot for that yellow shirt. Guess I’ll check better next time!!

  • Orvalee Roe

    I have not done this yet as I am new to this and haven’t tackled that yet, but, I am glad you posted this so I will add it to my checklist of what to do before starting to stitch. Kind of like measure twice cut once.

  • JoAnne Freeman

    My first children’s hooded towel read: Cute can be, instead of Cute as can be! not a misspelled word, completely left out a word. I still laugh when I am at my daughter’s house and see that hooded towel is still be used!

  • Bonnie Gray

    Oh yeah! I have someone check my spelling now before I sew. Sometimes you just can’t see the mistake yourself!

  • Joan Davidson

    Oh yes! Cannot believe the number of times I stare at the item and cannot see that something is spelled incorrectly! Another set of eyes quite often helps. A few times I have caught the mistake just as I am about to embroider. But mostly the stitching has been completed before I notice it.

  • Shandi crosby

    Being new to embroidery this hasn’t happened to me yet. However I am learning something everyday as I mess up a project. Yesterday it was embroidery on flannel fabric, the actual letter H looked great however the outer stitches were pulling the fabric. It looked weak. Lesson learned.

  • Pat R

    While making a T-shirt for my goddaughter, I had put outlines of all the states she had lived in along with the dates she lived there. There were 8 states listed. In the middle, I was putting her initials outlined in a decorated box. Her initials are PLL but by mistake, I put my middle initial “A”. Trying to quickly cover my mistake, I didn’t notice it until I had given it to her. While looking at all the states and initials, I quickly said that our 1st initials are the same, the middle initial is mine and the last letter is her last name so together, we’re PALs. She seemed to think that was pretty cool. Never told her the truth. lol

  • Corky

    I have done this a few to many times. Once on a tiny tiny thong for a bridle present, I spelled the grooms name wrong….opps…luckily I had time to do another one but I paid for the new thong so no $$$$ made on that order!!!!! My solution now is my husband, recently retired,(I have a home based business)is my spellchecker! My other ‘check’ is a print out emailed to the client for their approval. Works every time.

  • Lori

    Almost did it several times when my granddaughter was born, they spelled her name with an ie, i kept wanting to spell it with a y. Thankfully I caught it before I actually stitched it!

  • Ruth

    I was embroidering a set of towels for our godson as a graduation gift. Fortunately I started with the washcloth and embroidered his first name. When if finished I kept looking at it until I realized what was wrong. I had spelled Aaron with two r’s instead of two a’s. So I went back to the store and bought a new washcloth. I was so glad that I didn’t have to replace the whole set.

  • Debbie Babcock

    My husband is a PTSD Veteran, he has a black lab service dog. I was making a vest out of one of his military shirt that he served in overseas. I was so proud it was done and I posted pictures on my facebook page. I received all kinds of good comments but the my friend said did you notice the mistake on the patch. I had type:
    Please Ask To
    To Pet Me
    I’m Working

    Yep I had two to’s darn…. back to the drawing board.

    • Karen W.

      I think I would just put a paw print over the “To” in the first line. Voila! No mistake!!

  • Sheila

    I did it on a Christmas Stocking for a co-worker. Spelled her granddaughter’s name wrong. GRRRR!

  • Christine

    This is what happened to me… I was monogramming a polo shirt with a motorcycle (1800 Goldwing) for my friend. size 3T Long Navy blue!!
    10,000 stitches later and 6,000 more to go…my polo jumped out of the hoop…HORROR hours and hours later thinking I could get it out..there were HOLES!!! Well I resized the design, covered the error and ironed on stabilizer to the back and no one knew the difference… a happy day

  • Margaret Myrick

    It has happened more than I want to admit. I was
    Doing a shirt fir a boy names Jaxon and spelled it like my
    Grandson Jaxson. Too bad it was the wrong size
    for my Jaxson.

  • Lynda Whittemore

    This has happened too many times to count. One time that sticks out in my mind was from when I was new to machine embroidery. I was going to stitch a little design on the lower front leg of my daughters’ shorts. The shorts were difficult to stitch on without catching the other side of the shorts in the stitching. I took a long time stitching it out. When it was done and I took it out of the hoop, I had stitched it on the back of the leg, not the front. My daughter never wore the shorts.

  • Sharon Davenport

    I did a thank you gift for my aunt who has been in the family over fifteen years with her name on it. I decided that I was going to do a set of towels and when I mention it to her she asked me could I please spell her name correctly this time it seems I have been spelling it wrong all this time and she has been great about it.

  • Kendra

    On a beautiful baby blanket, I got the spelling correct, the font looked great, but I forgot to change the bobbin from black to white. I still cringe when I think how awful that black looked on the back! The blanket is now hanging on the wall as a sample where no one can reach it and turn it over. Now, I always do a proof stitch out and have someone else check for mistakes.

  • Shirley Clark

    Yes, I have done crazy things like this. I monogrammed my granddaughter’s initials in the wrong order on a swimsuit top. I had to remake the whole top. Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but I knew it.

    I was so excited to see my name up there and get a notification! Yay! Thanks so much!

  • Pat

    This has happened more times than I can remember, but I do remember being commissioned to paint a very large sign to advertise historic walk in Burlington, and it was not until my friend came to pick it up that he realized I misspelled Burlington

  • Gena Allen

    I have done the same thing, but on someone else’s shirt that I couldn’t buy anymore! Luckily it was a light stitching and was able to take out and re-stitch.

  • Sharon

    I did a shirt for my neighbors new grandson. I spelled it correctly – STEVEN, just like my neighbor told me. Little did she or I know that her daughter planned on spelling it STEPHEN. We both learned a lesson that day.

  • Marilyn Weiss

    Sure have. Once when I did it, my husband happened to walk into the room and he spotted the error right away. Like you–a word that I had been staring at on the screen for at least an hour. So now, instead of asking him if I have any typos, I ask him what he thinks of the idea on the screen. Darn if he hasn’t caught a few more.

  • Patty Schrock

    My most embarrassing blooper was misspelling my oldest grandson’s name on his shirt. Luckily, I caught it before going too far in the design and was able to squeeze in the missing letter!!

  • Donna N.

    So far I’ve only put a wrong date on a quilt and that was because the person gave me the wrong date, but I was able to correct it.

  • Carla

    Just did a bag and beach towel for a customer whose daughter-in-law was Hayley and I embroidered Kayley; luckily I had done a patch for the bag so I just re-made it but had to turn the K into an H on the towel.

  • Lori Albrecht

    My youngest niece was getting married and she ask me to do a hankie with this beautiful poem on it for her father my brother and then but the date of her wonderful day on it as well. All went well until I sent her mother and her a pic of it as we don’t live in the same state. My sister in-law loved it but my niece said Aunt Lori it’s wonderful if I’ve been married for 10 years!!!! I had put the wrong year down. W

  • Lori Albrecht

    My youngest niece was getting married and she ask me to do a hankie with this beautiful poem on it for her father my brother and then but the date of her wonderful day on it as well. All went well until I sent her mother and her a pic of it as we don’t live in the same state. My sister in-law loved it but my niece said Aunt Lori it’s wonderful if I’ve been married for 10 years!!!! I had put the wrong year down.

  • Paula Smeltz

    I stitched a monogram on a leather purse upside down on the flap. After I fainted and got back up I played with it and got it to line up to hide the stitching. Will never do that again! Sure in my dreams!

  • Barbara McKenzie

    I was making a “Date” ribbon for a baby quilt for friends we were visiting across country, using the embroidery machine at my daughter’s home. I designed it in my software at my home, but ran it from the software in my netbook. I didn’t realize until I stitched it out (on the only fabric I had with me for it) that my netbook didn’t have the font that I had used for the original design, so it used a basic font. It was OK, but not as pretty as I had planned.

  • Shelly Christensen

    I have unfortunately done this one to many times, it always surprises me when I do tho LOL

  • Clem

    I always show my husband my project before I embroider it without telling him what it is suppose to say. When you make something you read what you want to say, not what is written. He corrects it and things go smoother. How did I learn to do this you ask?? Hahaha. Many mistakes! Even my own grandkids name. Still not totally full proof, but much better than it was!

  • Paula Watson

    I made some really cute dish towels to sell at a holiday craft fair. I did not even notice the mistake, a potential customer did. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas” it read “Merry Cristmas”. Super embarrasing!! I cut off the mistake, which included adorable ball fringe I had added to the bottom edge of the towel. Then restitched the lettering, correctly this time. I added some cute holiday fabric to the bottom of the towel edge. And TA-DA!! a really cute holiday towel!

  • Dianne D

    Oh yes, this happened to me. I sent a sample photo of the monogram for a monogrammed baby gift and they OK’d the design. I then went to stitch it out and decided to make it a little smaller, so I retyped the name, made it smaller, stitched it out, took pictures of it, admired my work, and shipped it to the happy Mom. Sent photos to the Mom after it was shipped and right away she emailed me and said you spelled the name wrong. Talk about humiliation and I am a perfectionist. Don’t know how I missed it. Of course I sent her another one right away and she was very pleased and wrote me a beautiful review. Thank goodness.

  • Nancy Weber

    I have been embroidering since 1998 and you can bet I have done all this mistakes and more! It always seems to happen when you are in a hurry or as soon as you walk away from the machine. I am convinced they get upset with us and want our full attention. Hugs.

  • page

    Oops happened very recently. made my grandson beautiful baptism heirloom gown and on the slip embroidered name and date, but date was 214 instead of 2014.

  • Kathleen

    2 weeks after I received my first embroidery machine I was so proud of myself for not only making little ITH bags for my girls but for also putting each of my daughters names on them…….. until I showed my husband who pointed out that I had 3 L’s in my daughters name instead of 2.

    Not to be deterred, I glued a little flower over the extra L and gave it to her the next morning where she promptly picked the flower off and wanted to know why she had 3 L’s in her name (she was 4 and very aware that she only had 2)

    Now, 2 years later she still talks about ……..”remember when you forgot how to spell my name mum”

  • Darlene

    It has happened to me twice. The first time I didn’t know how to correct it, so I went out and bought another backpack just like it and embroidered the correct spelling on it. The second time I misspelled a baby’s name that was supposed to be spelled Myles, and you guessed it, I spelled it Miles. This time, I removed the stitches with one of those electric stitch removers and tweezers and a little steam, and spelled it correctly the second time. I now do a quick stitch on a scrap of fabric to be sure I have spelled it correctly. A hard lesson learned.

  • Irma Clements

    Sometime back I did a towel for a lady with the name Mathew on it,she checked I spelt it right and I embroidered it .When she picked it up she said it should have 2 T’S init. I spent days unpicking and re-did it all.If the towel had been a cheap one I would have replaced it

  • Jewell

    Yes, it has happened& so frustrating! The old saying….”haste makes waste”…. is so true!

  • Donna G.

    Oh yes, it’s happened to me….when I spelled my husband’s name wrong on a shirt for him!

  • Joan Friend

    It happened once. A baby blanket for a Christmas present. It turned out beautifully. I laid it on the guest bed and admired it every day until I was ready to wrap it. At that point I realized everything was perfect except the year – 20011 instead of 2001. My friends got it anyway and we all got a good laugh.

  • Linda Schafer

    I was embroidering a purchased linen shirt for my husband. I lined up the design, wording and frame on the back of the shirt sewed it out beautifully. Imagine my horror when I went to iron the design, it crinkled up. I had used texture magic instead of stabilizer. All was not lost, in stopping in time, the light texture just added another “design” element and he loves the shirt.

    • Helen Walsh

      Love this!!!!

  • Carol S.

    This past Christmas I was making gifts for my nephew’s two girls who are named Amy and Abigail. When we were packing up the gifts for mailing, I suddenly realized that I had made gifts for Amy and Amanda. Who is Amanda? where did that come from?! I quickly remade a gift for Abigail and by the time I finished, I realized that my parents had had a next door neighbor whose girls were named Aimee and Amanda (and my nephew used to play with them when he visited his grandparents). That whole gift was one big typo!

  • Karen W.

    It’s so funny, as it nearly happened earlier today!! I had someone who wanted a very detailed quilt label embroidered (specifically to document its long history). On the print-out, we noticed a typo in her name, then after she left, I spotted a word was omitted! This has happened more times than I can count, though I AM learning!! Nowadays it’s usually caught either on the printout, template or sample. My advice: It never hurts to have someone else proofread it – a spare pair of eyes can make all the difference. Lacking that, walk away & come back later & you’ll likely see the mistake!

  • Kathy

    Yes just last week I was embroidering a name on the back of the shirt and while looking at it I realized I spelled the name wrong. Thank goodness it was before the wrong letter stitched and I was able to stop it, edit and then try to get it aligned again. I could tell it was off, but kept my mouth shut and no one else noticed(it was off maybe a 32th of an inch!)

  • Karen

    I spelled a name wrong on a baby blanket was not able to pick it out, so I replaced the blanket. One time the person spelled the name wrong for a Christmas stocking, but I was able to pick it out and add the right letter.

  • Beckie

    One of my first projects was a plush blanket for my good friends daughter’s wedding. I was so concerned getting the right stabilizer top and bottom, the right date, size of font etc. through it all, I programmed the info into the machine multiple times. Of course, by the time I was finished I had looked at it 50 times. It was not until I was at the shower and relooked at it again that I noticed the year was 20004 instead of 2004! I was dumbfounded! Rather than toss it or hide it. I decided to go with it and gave it to her anyway. We all laughed about it! For them, it turned into a conversation piece. They still have it today and smile every time they use it!

  • Janny

    Yep, a friend wanted a “Monkey Blanket” for a friends new little one. She did not tell me for a long time the little guys name was Connor, I spelled it Conner, she said I spelled like she told me, but I’m not so sure.

  • C.J.

    Unfortunately this has happened to me too many times. Many couldn’t be saved. Once or twice I was able to pick out most of the stitches while the item was still in the hoop and re-stitch the correction over it. The few remaining stitches didn’t show and laid properly because the bulk had been removed. One other time it was the border of a quilt with puffy foam under the stitching. Ugh! I cut the border off and added a new piece. it wasn’t perfect but not too bad and saved the whole quilt.

  • Pat Fritze

    After spending several hrs. doing large lettering and having to hoop 7 times on a blanket, found I had misspelled a name. Took another 1 1/2 hrs to pick out 2 letters from fleece blanket that had been stitched in a fill stitch pattern. Had “ey” instead of “ay”. But I did it and customer didn’t know all the work I had done to make this a prefect gift. No money was made, but happy customer….

  • Deborah Snyder

    My last goof up was a t-shirt I was making for my husband. It had a large design that required 2 hoopings. I was so proud when I finished the design, but when I took it to the ironing board, I realized I had sewn the design upside down. So disappointing.

  • marie

    Mistakes? Me? You must be kidding! (Ha ha) My worst one occurred when I was stitching a chef’s jacket for my caterer gal pal. What gorgeous motifs! Perfect stitch control! Absolutely no shifting and wrinkles! …until I tried it on to admire my work…then I saw that she would never be able to button it “like a lady”: I had embroidered it like a man’s jacket with the button flap and motifs going right. Major bummer, needless to say. Yup, measure twice and cut once applies here. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this as long as I live.

  • Amanda Bryant

    I am dyslexic so I question everything. In this wonderful world of technology there are so many tools to help in your creative endeavors. I use spellcheck and the dictionary on my computer and often will type a questionable word into Google and if I make mistake it will come up with a “Did you mean…” . But one of my favorite checks is the tried and true method of getting a new set of eyes on a project before I stitch.

    I have found throughout my almost 70 years that when you get close to your work it can be easy to miss something so let someone else be your fresh set of eyes. They will often see any mistakes quickly.

    If all else fails I find ways to use my less than perfect projects. I might re- stitch a corrected word on a pretty patch and make it part of the design. If I am not happy with a color of fabric or thread I used, I might change it with a fabric marker. Finally, when all else fails I use any less than perfect stitching as it is or decorate a work shirt or apron to remind me, “ The creative process may not always be perfect but it is always a gift! “ Some of my best new ideas have come out of less than perfect projects.

    • Helen Walsh

      Curious what fabric marker you use?

      • Karen W.

        There are several types of markers that can be used & don’t require “heat setting”, but just make sure it’s safe for fabric & color-fast/permanent (I find fine-point Sharpies will work for minor touch-ups, if the color matches well). Individual & sets of colored “corrector pens” are available especially for “correcting” embroidery errors (mainly to hide bobbin threads that have pulled up). For myself, I try to ensure my tension is correct or use matching bobbin threads — when I can get them to match. This is best when the item can be seen from the backside).

  • Doreen

    I try to triple check and print out a template but it has happened a few times.

  • Jan Kaylin

    I was hosting our Christmas book club dinner at my house. I embroidered 11 red satin table napkins with a beautiful gold metallic thread angel and each member’s name below the word GIRFRIEND! I didn’t notice my mistake until the first girlfriend to arrive pointed it out. We all laughed because there was “no L” and we were celebrating Christmas “Noel”. Everyone took her napkin home to remember our friendship and our special Noel celebration.

  • Helen Walsh

    I was embroidering an apron for a friend wendy’s Kitchen. All done and realized that I had not capitalized her name with an upper case W. Now I double check everything several times before I stitch.

  • Pam

    For Christmas I was Monogramming dish drying mats for my siblings. As I did one and then thought about the next one, I realized I had everyone married to someone else. Oooops

    • Pat

      That will really confuse the Family Tree. LOL!

  • Debe

    Well the 1st 2 cloth books I made my grandsons I had to pick out booboos. Instead of my SIL’s last name I put ours, picked that out & put proper one in. The next book made SURE I got right last name but his name is Mark & instead of his actual middle name, I put the middle name of his Uncle Mark(my son). I made a patch for that one as I didn’t want to pick out the 2nd & last names!!!Sometimes thinking too hard we make mistakes.

  • Mary

    I spelled my last name wrong on the back of a quilt given as a gift. Since then, I triple checks spelling and sew once.

    • Mary

      Triple Checks! Guess it doesn’t always work

  • Sandra Sanders

    This has happened to me many times. My grandson’s baseball team is Yard Dawgs and I have put it as Dogs. I have forgotten to reverse the pattern, on my embroidery machine, to go the right way, having to use the shirt material for scrap many times. I have had the name slant. You would think I would learn to look. I get in a hurry and forget.

  • Hettie

    It is quite a relief to realize I am not the only one to re-do a project. Once I was embroidering chair covers for a client. The design was a family badge and the occasion an anniversary. After embroidering a couple of pieces, I invited the client to come and have a look at my beautiful embroideries. Guess what? The design was flipped. In other words, the inside of the emblem was flipped by 180 degrees and I didn’t notice it. Hopefully I will never again make the same mistake.

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