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I’m always so excited to head to the It’s Sew Easy studio to tape new embroidery projects.  It’s a whirlwind of activity and usually involves a snowstorm or two.  Taping occurs in northern Ohio in February and although the natives think nothing of 3, 6 or 10 inches of snow, the guests have completely different thoughts.  And no matter how many times you check the weather on your laptop, ipad or phone app, there’s bound to be snow on the ground when you land with more scheduled to arrive before your early morning wake-up call.

I learned so much about preparing for weather when I taped my first appearance on It’s Sew Easy in 2011. Maybe you remember how I moaned about that experience in a previous post:

The car rental agent informed me that the Cleveland area was getting 8” of snow that night. Really?  How could that be?  I checked the weather and packed a coat but no boots, no hat, no scarf.  I had on– oh absolutely a southern rookie mistake here – clogs!  Clogs?  For heaven’s sake, I could hear my mother now, “You might as well be barefoot!”

Smart girl that I am, I trudged to the nearest mall and bought boots.  Now I really felt prepared for the morning.  Ha! What I should have done was head to Home Depot and got a shovel. Have you ever stayed at a hotel with a rental car in a snowstorm?  And absolutely had to be somewhere at 7:30 in the morning? Pretty darn hard to dig your car out with a credit card and a measly rental car-supplied brush that resembles a chop stick.

It was no different when I taped episode 603. Although this time I came prepared! I stayed at my sister’s house!  Marie had the right car, tires and more outerwear than I would ever need.  She picked me up at the airport, stayed at the hotel and then dropped me at the airport after it was all said and done.  Not only did Marie hang with me – she also taped her first segments on It’s Sew Easy! She helped me deal with the weather and I helped her deal with the pressure of taping a television segment.  MZ

Even though we weren’t on air together, we got to tape on the same day. We helped each other tag, bag and organize all of our step-outs in perfect sequence.  We are a great support team – we always have each other’s back whether we’re taping a television segment, writing a book or teaching a seminar. I couldn’t do half of what I do without Marie!  MZ_ER

Join me at this week to view episode 603, FREE for 7 days. In my segment, you’ll learn how to work with templates and a dress pattern to make an embroidered tunic.  I’ve highlighted easy steps for a professional finish that complements your best feature – your smile!  You’ll learn how to cut out the pattern, create the embroidery layout, cut the fabric and how to hoop and embroider the fabric while it’s still flat.

Marie’s appearance occurs in another segment of season 6.  Stay tuned for her showing – I’ll post it here.




  • Shirley Clark

    Cool! I feel like I know someone on the show!

  • Gail Beam

    Love It’s Sew Easy and try to watch every episode that I can. I always learn something new with every episode.

  • becky3580

    I look forward to watching the episode and also the next issue of “It’s Sew Easy”.
    CUDOS to customer service at DIME and Jennifer. I called today and renewed my subscription to DIME for 3 years and was greeted by a very nice young lady. Thank you for a pleasant experience and I look forward to 3 more years of a very good, educational, informative and fun magazine.

  • linda lee

    I never miss its sew easy…i have my dvr set even if i am home so i can review and review and review..can’t wait to see you again on the show…our sewing group hopes you will come to niagara falls…if you do let us know ahead of time.

  • Carol Seavitt

    You two are such a great team. Can’t wait to see you both. DVR is already set.

  • Clem

    Why is it I can only see it about once a week or once every two weeks?? It is not a regular! It is taped in Ohio and I cannot find it in Ohio regularly? I love that show!

  • Carolyn

    I love that show, and every since I went to one of your seminars you two are my go-to girls!!

  • marie zinno

    Yes, funny it does not air in Ohio. There are many sewers and embroiderers in our state. I cannot even watch, and I taped two segments!