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Serving Up Style


Today we are serving up a fun hemline project by Marie Zinno. Enjoy!

Designs suggested a hemline theme, which sounded like a fun project. My lifestyle is very casual; sewing, embroidering for my business, housework and driving my kids to after school functions. I generally do not dress up unless we have a special occasion. However, I’m lucky enough to play tennis 2-3 days a week, so I based my projects on a tennis theme. I embroidered two tennis skirts and a white long sleeve shirt with the Polka Dot RikRak designs from Zippy DesignZ. I focused on the shirt details (diagonal pockets) and coordinated the skirts to match with the shirt. The white shirt has only the multi colored polka dot designs; this is a great quick embroidery design that would work on many blanks.

The Polka Dot RikRak designs are a versatile collection to have in your library. They add a unique element to baby and home décor items. In fact, I am going to use them as trim on burp cloths and baby blankets.

Embroidery Products

Polka Dot RikRak #3 embroidery designs by Zippy DesignZ available at


  • Poly mesh cut-away stabilizer (white)
  • Polyester embroidery thread
  • Templates of design #3 (printed on tracing paper from embroidery editing software)
  • Target Stickers
  • Two purchased tennis skirts
  • One white purchased long sleeve shirt


Lime Green Tennis Skirt
Step 1.

Open the RikRak #3 design in embroidery software. Insert vellum paper into the printer and print two templates of the design.

Step 2. Embroider

Measure the skirt hemline and the exact length of RikRak #3; calculate how many repeats of the design are necessary to embroider the entire circumference of the skirt. Mark the center of each design with a target sticker. (Six repeats were required to stitch the entire circumference.)

Hoop two pieces of poly mesh cut-away stabilizer with the skirt fabric. If the skirt fabric is quite stretchy, do not pull the fabric. The hemline will have a warped look after the embroidery is complete. Two pieces of poly mesh work better than one heavier cut-away stabilizer in this application.

Embroider the skirt by stitching from one side seam to the other; carefully check all target sticker placements. Remove the extra stabilizer as neatly as possible from the wrong side of the skirt and trim all threads.


Blue Skirt
Step 1. Embroider

Use the same template from the lime green skirt and place it on a diagonal slant near the side seam. Repeat the placement for the opposite side mirror image. (Just flip the template over to get a mirror image of the design). Slide a target sticker under the template and align the crosshairs. Make sure the lower edge of the design is close to the bottom hem.

Place two pieces of poly mesh cut-away stabilizer in the 5″ x 7″ hoop, and embroider the design on each side section. Trim all threads and stabilizer from wrong side of skirt.


White Long Sleeve Shirt

I wanted to highlight the side pocket details of the shirt and coordinate it with the blue and lime green tennis skirts. However, I eliminated the actual RikRak portion of design #3 and embroidered just the polka dots.

Step 1. Embroider

Open Polka Dot RikRak #3 in editing software, delete color #1 and save the design as PolkaDots in the appropriate format.


Print two templates of the new design, PolkaDots. Use the templates to determine the exact placement of the design on the shirt detail.

Place the template of PolkaDots on the long sleeve shirt. (If the purchased shirt has different details as the sample, adjust the layout as you like.) Position a target sticker in the center of the design. Hoop the shirt with poly mesh cutaway and stitch the polka dot designs. To make color changes easier, use your color sort tool on your machine or with software. The polka dots can easily be embroidered in one color to simplify the task even further. Repeat embroidery on the opposite side of shirt.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Zip on over to ZippyDesignZ and let us know what your favorite RikRack pattern is. Six lucky winners will get a $25 gift certificate code to use at ZippyDesignZ!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Pick your favorite design from above, A, B or C. One lucky winner will win their very copy of Perfect Placement Software. Thank you and good luck!

And the winner is…“I like design “C” best because it has a more free-flowing aspect to it than the first two designs. It is somewhat art nouveau in feeling which is a favorite design style of mine.” – Rosalyn S.




  • Ellen Perry

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  • Jo

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  • Sharon

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  • Susan

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  • Benie Webre

    I have used the regular embroidery zippy ric rak but I know that I would get the most use out of the freestanding designs so it is my favorite.

  • LoveBigEmbroideryMachines

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  • Eunice

    I love Zippys’ freestanding Rik Rak! Who knew? I am so excited by this because I can never find the exact color or size rick rack I want for my projects. Now I won’t have to make do with whatever the store has in stock. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • Jane

    Oh I love the polka dot rikrak – I can see so many ways to use it. Thanks for the chance.

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  • Linda W.

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  • Lynn Edman

    I am so intrigued by all of the rikrak designs! I have never seen anything embroidered like it!! Very tough decision but I would have to say the polka dot rikrak might be my favorite.

  • Rosalyn

    This is a new web site for me and I am very excited about the ideas. I love the Polka Dot Rik Rak and the thought of the corners not curling.

  • Donna F

    What a great set of designs. I love the polka dot rik rak for its many uses. But I have also fallen in love with the baby set and the bibs and the blankies. I think I will have to make some up for my friends with babies and new grandchildren.

  • Jen

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    Also like the new chevrons!

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