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Alignment and Placement

So you think life with an embroiderer is full of pretty stitches?

Pretty Stitches

Pretty Stitches

My sweet husband came to me this morning and said, “Would you like to see evidence of life with you?” I wasn’t sure how to answer. Frankly, I was a little fearful of what that evidence would be. Would it be a Dove Dark Chocolate wrapper found on the coffee table? Would it be a wayward tea cup with a just a splash of cold tea in the bottom? Would it be one of my several pairs of shoes kicked off by the front door? Would it be a pile, ok, a tower, of magazines that he tripped over?

But brave girl that I am, I said, “Sure, let me see the evidence.” And here you have it: PeteTS

A target sticker stuck to the bottom of a clean sock. “Oh that’s not so bad!”  I laughed. Imagine how much worse it could have been. It could have been a needle, a straight pin or a rotary cutter blade. It could have been miles of thread tangled around a shoe (high heels are not for the sewing room!).

The beauty is he knew what it was and how important they are to landing perfect embroidery because he sees me use them all of the time. He even knows that I stick them on the side of my machine for safe keeping because they are reusable.

I use them for left chest placement.

Left Chest

They’re very handy for continuous embroidery. Continuous Embroidery

A single design on a napkin is always guided by a target sticker. Napkin

Towel placement is simplified with a target sticker. Towel

In fact, there isn’t an embroidery task that I do that doesn’t include a target sticker.  And now they come in yellow – so easy to spot!  Won’t they look terrific on black socks? Target Stickers

Here’s your assignment this week:

What’s your go-to tool for embroidery? Is there one thing that you use almost every time you embroider? Share your thought with us and you could win a pack of 250 yellow Target Stickers.

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Want to win an autographed copy of Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons and a bag of peanuts? Tell me how many stitches are sewn on an official MLB ball. And how are they applied. We’ll randomly select a winner from the correct answers.

And the winner is…”108 double stitches with the first and last hidden” – Kris J.




  • marie zinno

    haha, I have them all over my sewing room floor, around the house, bottom of my sneakers and in the car…Target stickers are the perfect tool for proper placement.I’m not sure how people embroider without them.

    • Linda Epting

      I use my Fiskars curved scissors all the time.

  • kbo

    Silly as it sounds but I use an empty heavy duty saran wrapper box to “line up” my threads for stitching.

    • Enis

      Nifty idea! I may have to try that.

  • Janet B

    I have blue nippers that I got when I worked in an embroidery factory; they stay sharp a long time but are also able to be sharpened. Indispensible!!!! (I once saw them in a catalog and the price was $17; naturally I take good care of the ones I have knowing they cost that much to replace!) I keep my spares in a small Lane cedar jewelry box I got for graduation in 1966.

  • Susan J

    My small vertical thread stand. It fits into the top of my Brother Quattro and holds two spools of embroidery thread. I have a larger one which holds more spools, but this one is so handy and does the job 90% of the time.

  • Teresa Bowman

    LOL, I am a “newbie” to the machine embroidery world getting my first machine this past December, and my most valuable tool right now is my seam ripper… I think I need to get some of these stickers, don’t you?

  • Sherrie Lilly

    My go to tool for embroidery is my machine, then thread nippers and finally my target stickers.

  • Roberta

    My Gingher double curved embroidery scissors and target stickers!

  • Sarah Kerr

    I can’t live without my Gingher embroidery scissors and my temporary adhesive spray. I do a lot of applique, so the temporary spray is a critical tool for me. 🙂

  • Nancy

    My embroidery scissors. Maybe my Embroidery Works so I can get “just what I want”.

  • Nancy

    My Embroidery Works so I get “just the design” I want. then my embroidery scissors.

  • Shirl

    I have a plastic toothbrush holder that I use to keep my small scissors, snips, crochet hook, pencil and other small tools handy without having to search for them.

  • holly s

    my most valued tool ( but that is definately not used everyday) would have to be my WAHL trimmers, there perfect for erasing most mess uped stitchesand can get the job done without ruining most items.

  • AmyB

    My go to tool for embroidery is my Frixion markers. They come in a variety of colors and can be erased with just burst of steam from my iron. Next would be my see through ruler. I don’t do a project without measuring and marking.

  • Diana Langston

    I can’t live without having real sharp scissors…I haven’t used the target stickers bacause I don’t have any! I guess if I don’t win I will have to buy some.

  • Dee

    I use medical tape all the time. It is great for holding down items instead of using a spray – plus no build up on the needles, etc. I order it by the box (about 3 boxes at a time) so I am never out of it.

    It is terrific for holding zippers, batting, fabric, ribbon, etc when doing lots of ITH items.

    Couldn’t do without this tape!!

    • Joy Crosby

      I think this would be great, thanks for the tip. Joy

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I have never used the stickers but it would probably be a lot easier than using my straight pins. My hoops have centering ridges on the sides, top and bottom so I just line everything up and put a straight pin in the center. I started embroidering before I ever knew about the stickers. The pins kind of get in the way when the actual hooping takes place so I think it would be a lot easier.

  • Virginia

    My template that came with my hoop for placement. I also use Masking or scotch tape to hold fabric edges down when I do not hoop my fabric.

  • Vicki L

    My 6″x26″ clear plastic ruler is one tool I use every time I embroider. Also the wooden vertical rack that holds up to 30 spools of thread. I like having all of my threads laid out on the rack before I start my embroidery. =D

  • Lisa Knight

    My thread stand, curved embroidery scissors these I use consistently. I just started using target stickers and my laser really cool.

    • Donna

      My most important tool is my 6″ ruler and my purple marking pen. I mark my center and go from there. Thank goodness the pen marks wash out easily.

  • Karin

    Well, my most USED item would certainly by my Gingher embroidery scissors – their point is soooo sharp & I love their gentle curve….but probably my most VALUABLE tool, the one I’ve gotta have when I get in trouble is my long, serrated blade steak knife. Odd, I know, but NOTHING beats it when I get that inevitable bird’s nest under my design. I can slip that thin blade in there, saw the threads off & pull the hoop out of the arm, then I can work on freeing up the bobbin. Never fails me, and has saved too many designs to count! We have a permanently empty slot in the knife block, but that’s ok by me!

  • Brenda Howard

    I use a variety of things that others mentioned but I think my most used and can not do without item is LIGHT. I have to have good light to see hooping fabric straight, lining up that target sticker in the right place under the placement guide and seeing the difference in navy and black thread.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    I have two go to tools, curved scissors with an offset handle to fit under the embroidery foot and a tweezer to hold the thread firmly while cutting the jump stitches so there are no little ends sticking up.

  • Kathy Anderson

    My Pal2 lamp. No matter how careful I was to get the center of the design to meet with the center of the item to be adorned, I was always off a bit or a big bit. Since I got my Pal2 I’m finally getting the “most important” spots to meet.

  • Rita

    I’ve gotten some good ideas from this blog.I use a lot of the blue painters tape to hold things down.

  • Carol

    I always have my curved embroidery scissors by my side when using my embroidery machine. I also use masking tape for holding material etc in place when doing appliqué.

  • lawana whaley

    I have a crochet hook that i use to reach under the raised presser foot so position thread ends where I can grab them to clip while in the middle of designs

  • Dell

    Have to have my embroidery scissors and water soluble marker to embroider anything. Sounds like I could use these target stickers.

  • Susie Shirey

    My Havel double curve scissors. They are small, perfect for clipping threads close.

  • Sandy Smith

    Don’t know what I’d do without my temporary spray adhesive to help with hooping hard-to-hoop items!

  • Pamela Seigl

    Teaching my self to use new embrodery machine This looks like a good notion to start using

  • Donna Kuhlman

    My favorite go-to tool for embroidery is an NCIS Marathon on USA Network. Seriously, it would have to be my no-show mesh stabilizer. Beautiful stitches every time!!

  • Lauren M.

    As I was reading everyone’s answers, I kept nodding my head, yes, yes, yes – I use lots of these! But for nostalgic reasons, my thread holder is one made by my neighbor’s husband out of an old piece of 2×4, a wire hangar and a 7 inch nail! I have 2 new ones bought at a store, but I can’t get rid of the one Jack made! Fun reading everyone’s response.

  • Judy Wentz

    I always use a good pair of tweezers and my curved embroidery scissors.

  • Bonnie G.

    If I have to name only one tool, it’s my thread snips but I use my surgical tweezers just as much; they go together. I’ve never used target stickers but I will have to try them.

  • Michelle Hall

    Sharp scissors and a good light are on my list. I’ve never tried the stickers and would love to do so

  • Susan Harvey

    My go to is, Sally Jensen, at AAA/Quality Sewing in Burien, WA. She is able to answser all my questions! Seam rippers are wonderful. I have never seen the stickers, but it sure would help with projects. I find my embroidery machine can still intimidaste me 🙁

  • Elizabeth Barnett

    silly girl – you should’ve grabbed the sock and embroidered something on it – NOT!!!!! {giggle}

  • Kathy

    My favorite tool in embroidery is my curved scissors to cut jump threads. I drool over machines that automatically cut the threads, but until then my scissors and I are always together.

  • Margaret Bryant

    I have had my Dreammaker for 1 month. Today with friends I stitched out a “girlie” mirror. I was sure happy I had the tool kit. I didn’t know to tape things down and my foot got caught under the fabric.
    The screwdriver that came with the machine came in handy. I even got the machine right back on track, the threader worked and the design finished out. whew….I love this machine it is soooo easy. I learned a lot from just reading everyone’s ideas. I will certainly check in on this blog. Margaret

  • Shanon Davis

    I can’t do without my Hugo’s Amazing Tape. It keeps my thread tails neat(and confuses the cat because she can’t unroll any thread now).

  • Carolyn H

    For embroidery I must have my double curved scissors & tweezers.

  • Terri

    I sew barefooted, so I often pick up pieces of sticky back stabilizer that missed the trash.

  • Margie K

    I am new to embroidery–although I am a life-long “sewist.” For now, my most important tools are bright light, sharp scissors and the old reliable seam ripper. I’m exited to begin growing my embroidery stash! Looks like I will have some yummy goodies to be on the lookout for! (I’m with Donna K: gotta have the TV going–even if I don’t watch it! Music just doesn’t do it for me!)

  • deon

    My bestess piece of help me, is double sided sticky tape

  • Paula Roney

    It’s hard to choose one tool, but I guess if I must, it would be my Madeira Temp Adhesive spray. I’m a huge fan or hoopless embroidery so I use my Maderia spray almost every time I make a project. It is fume free, doesn’t gum up my needle and holds my projects in place very well until I baste the outline.

  • Jill

    I use my 18″ x 2″ ruler. I use it constantly for marking my blanks.I also use it to mark my stabilizer when I hoop it.

  • Cathy Plomos

    I am still learning all the tips and tricks. I have learned about the blue painters tape tho. I use that

  • Maureen Angers

    My most used tool is the rubbermaid shelf puffy no stick shelf liner. I use it to tighten my hoop for perfect tightness and I also use an extra piece to give the screw an extra turn. I have it cut out in all different sizes.

  • Clem

    My go to item is my computer and my embroidery software. I always, always, always have to redo something to it. Either make it a bit bigger, a bit smaller, look at it in different colors…. I use my snowmen too, but more so my computer and software. 😉

  • Susan Burns

    Besides my small curved scissors I cannot live without my surgical tweezers to hold the threads as I cut them. I do a much cleaner, closer job since I started using them.

  • Marlena

    Binder clips to hold material out of the way when embroidering.

  • Rosemary O'Koren

    Since I got my new machine, I didn’t realize how valuable tracing my embroidery area and basting are. I don’t stitch out a design without them.

  • Mary

    In all of the handy tools that we always use for embroidery, the one I use quite often is the stylus. It’s a gem to help with pulling the thread through the needle. Gets in there and hooks right into the loop, as well as backing up when the need arises in “check your needle” :)among a few. I’ve never used a target sticker, but see a need to start.

  • Carolyn Delahoussaye

    My most valuable tool that I use every time I embroider is a single wooden chop stick. I use it to keep topping in place, etc. After years of sewing and embroidering, I managed to get my finger caught under the needle. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Veronica

    My go to would definitely be the Embroidery Tool kit. It includes my centering ruler, angle finder and most important, my target stickers.

  • Gail Beam

    I use Scotch magic tape and painters tape on almost every project.

  • Patty Sack

    I have to have my thread stand and my snip-its at all times!

  • Linda Seemann-Korte

    My go to tool is my cloth setter that goes with my Janome 350e! Love it! Paired with target stickers the two are a dynamite duo – perfect placement every time!

  • Leslie Grevenites

    My small curve scissors and tweezers, need to get some target stickers.

  • Bonnie Gray

    All of the above. There are so many tools that make embroidery easier. Target stickers are great, can’t say I use them very time, but often!

  • Beverly

    My curved scissors

  • Connie Anderson

    Wow…I think it would have to be my Pal2. I use it every time I hoop. I love that it clamps to my work/cutting table where I use it to not only for hooping but it is also great for squaring up my fabric with my rotary cutter and finding the center of applique background blocks. I used the original Pal before the Pal2 came out and now use it when I am going somewhere to sew. What a great addition to my embroidery tools that I use all the time!

  • Anne Rita

    I have a pair of curved nail scissors that work the best for me. I have bought curved scissors ment for applique, but I always go back to my old nail scissors.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kathy Schmidt

    Target stickers come in a very close second 2 my computer as without it for planning & setting up my designs as well as for deciding colors i would be lost…..ok more lost. But I have 2 admit that target stickers sure make things easier to align and ensure correct palcement!

  • joycej

    I can’ t do without my curved scissors and I really do find the target stickers very helpful.

  • Linda Chancellor

    One of my very favorite items tp have handy when embroidering is a small level to make sure my embroidery is straight.

  • Valerie Williams

    I am waiting for the delivery man to bring me my first embroidery machine today (it’s a Brother Innov-is 950D). As a newby to the craft I don’t have a favourite item yet but anything that helps will be welcome.

  • Joan D

    The tool I use every time I embroider is my Ginger curved scissors. Use them every time. Would love to win the target stickers.

  • Shirley

    My Pal lamp for centering in the hoop, wins, hands down!

  • Judy@GrandparentsPlus2

    My head is spinning with all those great ideas. I’ve had my Brother PE770 for about 13 days now and up to this point my ripper has been the most used tool. These stickers would be a wonderful tool. Thanks.

    • Kathy

      Hi, I am just curious, how do you like your Brother PE770. I purchased one back in Dec, and because I took sick I have not used it yet. Any pros or cons would greatly appreciated. I heard it is a great machine and that is why I got it. I have the PE500, it is the small pink one for under $300.00. It works great but it is noisy, and clanky, I am used to higher end machine. I have 2 Viking high end sewing/embroidery machine that I have not used in a while, but when I did they were great. I hope you like your machine, and I can not wait to start using my PE770. Thanks Kathy

  • Debbie S

    I got a pair of Hoop Sisters bent embroidery scissors for Christmas last year and I always use them to snip the threads when I am embroidering. It is so much easier to get a close cut than the small curved embroidery scissors.

  • jamee phillips

    I use a lot of temporary adhesive, my machine screwdriver, and a big trashcan!

  • Francine Mollica

    I use a beautiful pair of Gingher pewter embroidery scissors that I bought years ago – every time I sit down to embroidery. Just makes me happy.

  • Joanna Mackintosh

    My absolute go to tool? My glasses 🙁 It really bugs me that I have to wear them now to thread a needle and to see what I’m doing close-up – old age eh! Seriously, my small curved scissors – don’t know the make I’m afraid – but I do use them constantly.

  • Donna F

    I use my fiskar snips.

  • Sue Winnie

    Since going to one of you’re events my most valuable tool is my snap hoop. It makes like so much easier when hooping items. It’s a quicker process now!

  • Kay Thompson

    It would be a toss between temporary spray adhesive and painters tape. (YES I like my things to stay put!!)

  • Vici Fallin

    One of my favorite tools is a centering ruler in both inch and metric
    system. found it at office supply store. zero is in the middle and measures out. really helps to center and of course scissors many different pair. I think I might like to try those placement stickers. Learn more from your blog. Many thanks.

  • Barbara Jones

    My Kai embroidery scissors — I’m on my second pair. (The first ones “disappeared” into my artist son’s indispensable items toolbox. Placement stickers would be so much easier than the placement grid/marking pen system I use to save my limited supply of stickers for special projects!

  • Cathy

    My go to tools are my Magna Hoop, and snippy scissors. Can’t live without either of them. Thanks for your great blog.

  • Christine Gibbons

    My favourite tool is my pair of Gingher curved embroidery scissors. I love the Clover Ultra fine blue wash-away pen. I use it to mark my placements. Would love to have a box of Targets.

  • Fonda Baus

    Target stickers are a god send for prep. But I always make sure my little embroidery sissors are right within reach. I have learned so much form you Eileen. Keep up the great work.

  • Sharon

    So hard to pick a favorite! The one tool I use EVERY time I embroider is my special tweezers. But, like most of the respondents, I depend on many different tools to ensure designs stitch out beautifully.

  • Betsy

    I can’t live without my blue painter’s tape and tweezers. I also have a couple of dental tools to free the hoop from those inevitable bird’s nests.

  • Brenda Melahn

    My go to tool for embroidering is my spray adhesive, small sharp scissors that came with my machine, and a prayer.

  • Marsha Palmer

    I have learned so much with this blog, plus my friends who are always coming up with new ideas and projects!

  • Liz

    Still new to embroidery and loving every bit of it! So far i have to say the double curved scissors are a must-have for me. Just can’t do without them. The stickers look like a great idea!

  • Shirley Chaney

    I always refer to a file box I keep next to the machine for my tips on which needles, fabric and stabilizers to use when I do embroidery projects. It is very handy.

    • Karen Moskal

      Terrific idea. I am definitely going to add this to my sewing room.

  • Jayne

    Perfect placement and my curved scissors.

  • Patty Schrock

    My go to tool is a pair of reading glasses (cheaters) to really see thatose little stitches close up. I also almost always use my little 6 inches sewing slide ruler.

  • Agnes B. Bullock

    Painters tape and my Havel curved scisssors

  • Nancy Owens

    The one thing I use every time is a book or magazine from Eileen
    Can’t do a thing without her!

  • Molly

    Haha, I agree those little stickers are priceless. Was a little worried when my daughter found one stuck to my behind one day. Good thing I wasn’t out playing darts.


    Havel curved scissors, flat-nosed twizzers, target stickers and classical music in the background.

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I have to have my Rowenta Iron!!! I use it everytime to press and firm up my fabric for embroidery, and press again after. I’m the steam queen.lolol I couldn’t live without my stabilizers either.

  • Jacqueline Curtis

    The one thing I use almost every time is my cutting table, because I lay out my projects first so I get an idea of what I want to make and where I want to put the design.

  • Susan

    So many wonderful tools we have! I would have to make my top three – Spray Adhesive (I am a hoopless person), Hoop Templates with Snowman Stickers, and Sharp Little Scissors.

  • Lillian Moser

    I always have my see-through ruler(s) on my table ready to applique.

  • Pam J.

    My go to tools are small sharp embroidery scissors, tweezers, and in my case the most important tool, my magnifying eyeglasses!! I have not used target stickers yet, but hope to start soon when I get more free time to devote to my hobby!

  • Royce Zook

    One? I have to say I have three I am always having to use. First, “The Purple Thang” to help with that nudge or tuck. Second, the scalpel seam ripper to correct the wrongs. Third, the double eyed needle for hiding the serger tail of my wife’s serged seams. These tools are life (wife) savers! Yes, I’m embroidering but always need to help out.

  • Beth R

    My sewing glasses! I have a pair of bifocals with prescriptions set for me to see the needle area close-up and the embroidery field and machine screen slightly further back. Can’t work without them!

  • Joanne Banko

    Target stickers and templates are a powerful duo for perfect embroidery placement. Thank you for inventing those handy helpful stickers Eileen!!!

  • Kay

    I always use my curved applique scissors and a pair of tweezers when embroidering. Can’t get along without them.

  • Katherine Artines

    Love the sock sticker story–tell your sweetie that you did it to help him know which sock goes on his left foot! Although it’s relatively new in my studio, my favorite go-to tool for embroidery is my PAL 2. Can’t imagine hooping without it now. Those long laser lines guarantee straight hooping–then all that’s needed is a target sticker!

  • Anne

    I used to think I could eyeball the placement but using target stickers has changed my life – far fewer goofs! Now, if they could just make applique scissors in true lefties…

  • Susan Novak

    Other than my embroidery machine, one of my favorite tool(s) is scissors. I have several (quite a few, actually) because each one seems to be best at one thing or another.

  • Amy Smith

    No matter how long I’ve been at it, I find there is always something new and exciting to learn. Therefore, the most valuable tool I have found is the invaluable advice and tips from all my sister embroiderers.

  • Doreen

    My go to tool is my Master Works software on my laptop. I usually open every design in that first and print a template and change any colors that I want to in the software before I put the design in the machine. The target stickers would make exact lining up much easier.

  • Calla Ferguson

    The one thing I always use when I embroider is, unfortunately, my seamripper! It never fails. I don’t have these stickers, and evidently I need them!!

  • Susan Wilson

    After 28 surgeries the doctor gave me those tiny scissors he used to remove I use it as my embroidery scissors

  • Cassandra

    I must have I will not myediting software, there is no embroidery design that I own (a few thousand)that doesn’t go through my diting software. I have to change it in some way; then it’s my own. I also, need my thread snips; can’t stand long tails.

  • Pat Hurdle

    I would have to say that my sewing/embroidery machine is my favorite because I could not embroider or sew without it!!

  • Becky

    I couldn’t do without my small Horn scissors. They are always sharp and make great thread snips.

  • Vickie Casso

    My curved snips are with me all the time. I also have a beautiful glass jar that I put all my thread clippings in so I can make a thread art project soon. I dont have the stickers yet, but really need them after watching your posts!

  • Duchess

    Never used stickers b4 but I do use the green skinny frog tape..Just tear off apiece as needed.My tiny manicure scissors are always by my machine.

  • Barbara Riegsecker

    My most valuable tool is my maintenance technician. He has gotten me out of so many binds and always teaches me something new. As far as embroidering, I need my scissors and tweezers. Everything else ends up on a wish list that I am sure will never get exhausted. New items and sales keeps that list shuffled regularly. I am expanding my production and can use anything that is out there, I,m sure. Thanks Eileen for all the products and assistance that you provide!

  • Carol Howell

    My double curved sharp embroidery scissors are indispensable. I use them to catch errant threads, cut close edges , rip , and many other things. The sharp points and curves make them perfect for over the hoop .

  • Ada Hale

    As to favorite sewing equipment…I am like Old McDonald and his farm…I have sissors in every room, and tweezers, and needles, and thread…and best of all, a good husband, who puts up with the sewing in the kitchen, and almost every other room in the house…
    Two embroidery machings going…One in the sewing room and one in the kitchen…I am trying hard to finish two purses from the Stitching Sisters seminar…right after I finish the things I promised this friend or that one…Oh well, there is always TOMORROW…

  • Mary Parkere

    Hi Eileen,
    I just had to buy another Snip-Eze, my favorite tool, because my cats hid the other one! Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! HaHa! As my cats run off with a bobbin! They love to help!

  • Enis

    My angle tipped tweezers, curved tipped scissors and seam ripper are always at my machine — great for clipping those jump stitches and picking out boo boos! I would also add to this list the stylist that came with my embroidery machine, but my dog ate it — no joke, she really did!

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I wouldn’t want to be without my double curved, very pointy scissors. But I also have an accessory that I made. It is simply a cardboard box with one end cut down part way and the flaps removed. This is my spray box. It keeps the spray off of everthing else on the table and is now well decorated inside with little bits of thread stuck in all the layers of spray.

  • Joan Weber

    Skewer, chopstick or a pointed stylus are always handy to have around my embroidery machine. They protect my fingers from getting stabbed if I try to make an adjustment too close to the needle. They also help to keep appliques down. I even use them when sewing free-standing lace.

  • Maureen OReilly

    My go to item is my rainbow curved stip snips from Havel. Just love them above all others. I am going to have to try the stickers
    though; they could be a second place item.

  • Marsha Nelson

    The one thing I use every time is the thing-a-ma-bob (don’t know the name) to tighten my hoop. My thumbs don’t work very well so this is my have to have.

  • Jeanne Knudsen

    WOW, that’s a long list to read. 1st my wonderful item is my Viking, Designer Diamond, it is so so great and I get to use it everyday. Sew lucky. the second item is a laminated board with a clip that holds my embroidery hoop stable on this board while I get the design ready to sew. I would love to try the target stickers, they sound great.

  • embroidery machines

    It sounds something new which I was not aware of till yet. Thanks to your post, it is very informative. Keep posting!

  • Maxine Mac Neill

    Target Stickers. I can not say enough about the stickers. I do not like to use the disappearing ink pen or the spray away blue pen for marks to position where my applique has to go. When I am doing an applique and need to position my first placement the sticker is my hero because it does not leave a mark once removed. I get perfect placement everytime. Great for my embroidery designs as well.

  • Nancy De Pas

    My Pal 2 and sticky stabalizer are my go to supplies when embroidering.