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How to Stitch a Onesie with Hoop Guard

Don’t you hate it when you’re working on a large (or small project) and as soon as you turn your back on the machine, a portion of the fabric (that’s not in the hoop) falls into the sewing field? It never seems to fail that the more time and materials I have invested in a project, the more trouble happens down the road.  Last summer, I was quilting several large quilts – bed size quilts – on my embroidery machine.  I spent many hours, repositioning the quilt to quilt a new area and several times, the quilt roll would fall into the sewing field.  Luckily, I was nearby, so I was able to avoid disaster. But it got me thinking, couldn’t there be a device that creates a barrier between the roll and the sewing field?

After a trip to the hardware store and a bit of experimentation, I met with our engineer. Several prototypes later, Hoop Guard was born.  I’m so excited about this new product!  I’ve used it on quilts and bulky terrycloth towels but I recently discovered how handy it is for small items too.  Let me show you how it works for an onesie.

Fuse polymesh cut-away stabilizer to the wrong side of the front of the suit. Mark the location of the design and turn the snap suit inside out.

Since a baby’s snap suit is small, select a small Monster Snap Hoop (4” x 4”).  Separate the metal frame from the top magnetic frame. Bottom frame embroidery hoop

Place the onesie over the metal frame, with the suit’s front (design area) laying on the frame. Position the neck at the bottom (closest to you) of the frame. Onesie on hoop

Attach the Hoop Guard to the bottom of the magnetic frame (the part closest to you when attached to the machine). Hoop Guard snaps onto the bottom of the magnetic frame with the barrier on the outside of the frame. Hoop Guard onto frame

Insert the magnetic frame with the Hoop Guard into the suit from the leg opening.  Thread Hoop Guard through the neck.  Hoop Guard Onesie

Pull the bulk of the suit over the Hoop Guard, exposing the design area.  Easy onesie

Attach the hoop to the machine. Verify the top and bottom frames are aligned with your hands. Trace the design to verify the needle will only stitch on the design area.  HG6 HG7 hg8

Add water soluble stabilizer over the design area and stitch the design. HG9

Voila!  HG10

I love Hoop Guard – it’s so handy for many embroidery tasks.   If you’d like to learn more about it, you can watch a video here.


Here’s your assignment this week:

Tell us what project you would stitch first with a Hoop Guard. One lucky comment below will be chosen to receive their very own Hoop Guard!


The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Do you have a favorite accent that you like to add to a monogram? Maybe a pineapple, pine cone, seashell or something along those lines? One comment will be chosen to receive a gift certificate to the DIME store for $25!


The winner is… Lisha  “I like to use a tiny honeybee or fleur de lis for myself” – Congratulations Lisha!




  • Jennifer P

    I would make onsies for my nephew!

    • Judi tolliver

      I would embroider a pair of baby girl panties.

      • Judi tolliver

        I would embroider baby girl eyelet panties for my great grandaughter’s.

    • Bert

      I would use it for yokes on the guy’s shirts; how cool!!

  • Susan Weber

    I belong to a Red Hat Society group and a number of us have “special friends”, usually a Build a Bear, that we take to our luncheons and other outings that we do. Our group will celebrate their 10th anniversary next Feb. and we are getting t-shirts made for our chapter. I want to do the same embroidery on small shirts for our “special friends” and this would help so much in the embroidery process.

  • Misty

    A onesie for sure

  • Connie Pepin

    My first project would be little soccer jerseys for our Little Kickers!

  • Jackie Kemper

    Not only onesies biput other things. This looks awesome…

  • janice

    I do a lot of baby body suits and this would be wonderful to try. I don’t mind babysitting my machine but my fingers have come pretty close to the needle sometimes.

  • jenny Christiansen

    I would sew onsies for my two great nephews that are a few montha apart and look identical as their parents are married to siblings and go everywhere together I would put no we are not twins he’s my cousin
    I have a little angel I put on many of my projects

  • Diana Sherwood

    I would love to have this for my onesie

  • Donna Legat

    New great grand baby…needs onesies.

  • Carolyn

    What a wonderful idea! I would use the Hoop Guard on onesies, tee shirts & totes.

  • Pauline

    I would make a couple of little shirts and several onsies for our newest great granddaughter Melanie.

  • jo shedd

    Oh my, this is a hard decision. I can see needing this on a whole lot of projects. Can you use two, one on side and one on front? I guess I would pick a t-shirt, as I seem to always have trouble with them, but then the quilt I just finshed would sure have been easier with the guard.

  • Mary Connelly

    I would make small tee shirts, or onesies for my grandsons that will be turning one in a few months!

  • Carolyn Rollberg

    I would start with making a onesie…I have embroidered lots of these, but I think this would make it SEW much easier!

  • Ann Marie Dickamore

    I would love to use hoop guard for T-Shirts, purses, & any small item. I like to do craft item for a craft fair that the blind put on to make money & a craft fair that my church puts on.

  • Judy Klep

    I wish I had had one last week as I did a tiny onsie and had to hold it for the entire embroidery. I will need to get two I think! 🙂


  • Lisa Krupa

    Onsies, but I’m sure it would come in extremely useful for much more than onesies!

  • Amy Dean

    There are two baby girls due next month: one from a friend, and one from my niece. I would love to make them some cute onesies. When I saw that this guard was good for stitching them, I knew I had to find out about this!

  • Linda Kwolek

    I would love this for socks and onesies. Socks give me a headache to work with.

  • Marcie Larson

    Onesies for great grand child with added ruffles for the tutu look.

  • Sarah Kerr

    I do a ton of onesies! This would be so helpful!

  • Angela Bright

    I would try it out on a onesie first.

  • Janice Nowaskie

    Onsies would be ready for grandbaby #9 when he/she arrives in May!!!

  • Debra Fabre

    Genius!!!! Just had a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment!! Love it!

  • Joan jacoby

    I would stitch a onesie with a Disney picture for a little girl, like Tinkerbell. It would be do easy using the Hoop Guard!! Any girl would love it!!!

  • Colleen

    I have put off doing onesies for the very reason of space. For sure i would some onesies for my staff of baby gifts.

  • Lorie Brunner

    I want to try the onesies that say 1mo, 2mo, etc!! Have some cute ones to stitch out!!

  • Jane Scott

    I have triplet grand babies coming in May, so I have lots of onsies to embroider.

  • TJ Starkey

    I would use it for a child’s small tshirt as well.

  • Melody Hofmann

    Working on charity sewing of onesies for local hospital for low-income women that don’t have a lot of items for a newborn. I’ve had several friends helping and we all have single-needle machines and it would be great to have a hoop guard to make embroidering easier. Maybe we’ll be able to increase productivity with one!

  • Christine m

    Of course excellent for onesie but I could see using this for my husbands golf shirts. Especially because there is just so much fabric this little piece of genius would keep everything away.

  • judy

    make things for new great nephew

  • Lorraine Roberts

    omg i need one of these awesome~

  • Doris Forbes

    I would do oneies and bibs for my granddaughter and for gifts !

  • Lynn Wentworth

    My 2 new grandsons. Oh. This would be a life-saver

  • penny

    I would love to have the hoop guard. I am a nervous wreck when stitching a onesie. I’ve turned away so many requests because it just makes me almost sick to my stomach worrying that I will catch part of it when stitching.
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this awesome product.

  • Vikki Aytes

    I would love to have this… My I am making a variety of outfits for my 9 month old granddaughter and this would be so much help… I am tired of sewing front and back together lol Thanks

  • judith chandler

    I have 2 short sleeve onsies and 2 long sleeved oncies; I would finally get them done!

  • 2ne

    I would like to embroidery on clothes for decorating 🙂
    It would be great to try out this.

  • Nancy

    I have recently discovered that doing charity quilts for sick kids is very fulfilling – so I think I would randomly add a onesie into the package when I return a completed quilt…completely random and totally anonymous…how wonderful

  • Sharon Arden

    I would use it on all the little things I’m making for my new granddaughter….

  • Anna

    Hi there, my first project would be a t-shirt, I have so many great designs I want to try for spring! Thanks a bunch for the offer.

  • Janel

    Oh man this would be so helpful for working with sweatshirts!! Love this product!

  • Miriam

    I would make onsies for my baby grandchildren.

  • barbara ann

    Can’t think of anything else but lot and lots of onesies!

  • Susan Saultz

    I embroider alot on sweat shirt sleeves for my granddaughter and as gifts and this would really help on keeping the material away from the sewing area instead of using my hands such a good idea

  • carol mccoy

    Does this work on the hoops that are not metal, like the Singer Furtura?

  • Nancy

    I would sew a crewneck sweatshirt. I need this so much. I believe this could put the joy back into going in my sewing room.

  • Debra

    Onesies for me,I have several to do for gifts next week!

  • Keri

    Sewing for my grand babies!

  • Terri

    Children’s t-shirts

  • Liz Edwards

    My daughter has a onsie business, so I would give it to her to use on onsies

  • Kay Dennis

    I am making monthly onesies for my new grandson and I would definitely use the hoop guard on one of those first thing. Thanks.

  • Rosemary

    Onesies for all the new babies in the family.

  • Judy Hejza

    We do allot of embroidery for two non-profits, Building Peaceful Families and MS Walk. Tshirts, hats, key fobs…you name it and in all sizes; I had found onesies and toddler shirts to be a real struggle. This guard would be Awesome to use!!

  • Leanna Chideste

    Would love to win and be able to make my grandson a design on his shirt without standing an hour holding the fabric back by hand like I had to do a couple of weeks ago when I made him a birthday shirt…was so afraid part of the shirt was going to fall over onto the design and ruin it!

  • Catherine

    Our daughter’s nickname for our grandson is “Doodlebug”. I embroidered him a shirt that says “Doodlebug” and has a firefly buzzing by. He’s growing and is ready for the next size! I need to get busy, how easy it would be with the Hoop Guard!

  • Monica

    WOW!!! <3 it!!!

  • Beth Shepherd

    Getting a new granddaughter in a few days, need it to do onesies. Also have 6 other grands from 8 mos to 7 years.

  • Bernice Keller

    I would definitely use it for doll clothes for my granddaughter’s American Girl dolls.

  • Kathy Stoessner

    I would use it to make sure I wasn’t stitching through the sleeve or back of the sweatshirt.

  • Kristy polacek

    Brave enough to walk away from my single needle

  • Sylvia Kidwell

    Yes, the Hoop Guard would be wonderful, just finished a 3 Toddler T-shirt last night, for my grandson! It’s so hard, with a 4″X4″ hoop to keep the shirt out of the way!
    Three Cheers, for you inovative “Hoop Guard” design!!!

  • Cheryl

    I do a lot of tiny shirts and onesies for babies and toddlers born with special needs, ie: Down’s, SB, autism, etc. I do them as donations to the families – I don’t sell them. This would make it a lot easier to stitch them out quicker!

  • cynthia

    Onesie and little t shirts for the grandbabies.

  • Liz Smith

    I would be using the hoop guard on tshirts for my Granddaughter

  • Susie

    I love to do the onsies and smaller size tshirts for little children. I tried some clips I found at Harbor Tools when I was there with my husband, but they just got in the way. This Hoop Guard surely looks like it will do the trick – thanks so much for inventing it 🙂

  • Sheila Preville

    I would stitch a T-shirt.

  • Susan Winnie

    I’ve been asked to embroider names on uniforms for my coworkers. This would make sooo easy

  • Lillian Thorsteinson

    I would finally have the confidence to embroider a onsie…


    I have several pregnant friends and family members, so I would probably use it on a onesie. It’s so frustrating to keep those tiny collars out of the way!

  • Mary Lou Pegg

    onesies for sure…and t-shirts for my little grandgirlies 🙂

  • Missy Grove

    This would work great for my onsies I make for a pregnant ladies shelter I make thing for.

  • Tris

    I have been putting off doing another large cut work design on a vest T-shirt top for myself since the first one I did managed to get caught 5 times. I was using the largest hoop I had and it was a tight fit for the shirt, I must admit, but it took me 3 times longer than it should have since I had to keep unpicking when it got caught. Once I even had to remove the embroidery foot & cut it off the machine, it got so well caught up.
    I think 3 guards would be good in this case, one on each side & one on the front.
    Please can I win just one? My shirt & sanity will depend on it!
    Not to mention the other garments I have that really need nice big designs on them. I really hate to have to open up a side seam and it’s a nightmare when sleeves are involved too.

  • Lynette Chowning

    I embroider onesies and tiny t-shirts, this would be awesome!

  • Sherrie Schoening

    Definitely on all kids shirts under 4T and on diaper cover panties! Three month size is not fun!

  • Barbara Cummings

    I need one!!! I do a lot of sewing for my grandbaby…I’ve been using hair clips to hold back the fabric. I’ve already hurt my finger several times when it got too close to the presser foot.

  • Sandy Stephens

    I would LOVE to have one or two of these to work with my FF form my PR650! bet they would GREAT!! I do lots of baby items and it’s a pain to work with them!

  • Susie Hoffman

    I’m working on t-shirts for a local team with a large design on the back.Finished all the team members and decided to do one for the sponsor of the team. Of course the fabric fell under the needle and ruined the design and shirt. I would still like to do a shirt for him and this would work great!

  • Shannon Bainbridge

    This would be great for doing t-shirts for my little girl and for my friends’ little ones.

  • donna altieri

    i have a new granddaughter to make things for!

  • KimeranStevens

    Expecting a new great niece in August–onesies for her!

  • Aubrey

    I would stitch onesies without cutting the sides!

  • Susie Dillon

    I’d use it to make my great granddaughter some little t shirt tops. She lives almost 3,000 miles from me so i don’t get to see her, but I love making things for her and my 3 granddaughters.

  • Cathy

    We have 2 new great nieces, so onesies would be my first projects.

  • Lynda Treen

    Oh most definitely for my year old granddaughter, Danica. She loves little frilly jeans, so maybe on a leg I could finally do something. But if not, anything else for her. Love this idea.

  • Linda Young

    onies will be great to use this thanks for inventing

  • lindsey coleman

    My baby girl who is 9 months old!

  • Charlotte Silber

    My granddaughter has Amer. Girls dolls, I could do onesies for her with this hoop guard. Thank you.

  • Debbi Snapp

    I would sure be happy to not rip out the side seams of my grandkids shirts when embroidering on those. The Hoop Guard would sure be a lifesaver!

  • Vickie Phillips

    A onesie for our first grand grandson!!

  • Judy Jewell

    I would use the hoop guard on clothing for children with special needs.

  • Debbie freeman

    Great idea to avoid disaster!


    I just did a small pillow for a child’s bedroom and it was a little difficult, one of those that has the opening in the back and is rectangle size. This would be perfect for that! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of this” moments but glad you did!

  • Patty Kulas

    I have always wanted to try this and would use it to make cute clothes for little ones

  • Annette

    I would embroider a lot more onesies!

  • Jan W

    I have all but given up doing onesies. With a single needle machine it is not easy. And small shirts are not easier. I will get one either way, but free is always the best.

  • Amber

    Definitely would come in handy for my 3 month old daughter’s baby clothes!

  • Kathy

    I would love to use the hoop guard on a tee shirt. I know what you mean-as soon as you are not looking, part of the shirt never fails to fall into the stitching are. Ugg I hate that.

  • Joyce Hardiman

    definitely a onsie and other shirts

  • Sue Jackson

    I would embroider cast covers for my friends OI (osteogenisis Imperfecta) kids and all their friends.

  • Martha Breen

    I have a brand new grandson that I make onesies for. I just made a St. Patrick’s day onesie and I babysat it for the whole stitching time. My shoulders all scrunched up and I even slowed the machine down so I could keep a closer eye on it. This sounds like a wonderful invention and hopefully you make your first million with this idea!

  • Kay Seidel

    I think I would embroider the onesie and then add a shirt to the onesie with some complimenting embroidery.

  • Darla

    Monogram on a baby dress for my granddaughter!
    Thanks for coming up with better ideas to help us embroider!!

  • Donna Russo

    Jared Grandma made this onzie for you in a new Hoop Guard. Do you like it ?

  • Bonnie Griffith

    I would use it to do lots of onesies for my new grandson! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these, they look so great.

  • Vicki Becker

    Any t-shirt – would make it so much easier.

  • Richelle

    My assignment for this week is shoulder details on t shirts. This would be perfect to keep the rest of the shirt away!

  • Kathy Sellner

    this looks wonderful, I would really lkie to try this.

  • Miriam Landers

    I would use it for all types of clothing for infants or little ones.

  • Sue

    My first projet would be matching onesies for my twin grandsons:)

  • Frances colon

    I make onesies for almost all the babies born in the family, for the girls , I usually add a little skirt. It really is a headache trying to keep the material out of the sewing area and because of this I usually opt for larger onesies, instead of using the new born size. The hoop guard will definitely make this so much easier. This could also be used on sleeves, pants legs, bags. Great invention!

  • Leora b

    this looks like it would be wonderful for those small projects, to keep the material out of the way..
    I will be a grandma in a few months and would like to dress up a few onesie for the little one.

  • Carol Seavitt

    What a great invention. I believe this May work for a continuous design around the top if a t shirt. Awesome!

  • Lola Polasek

    I would use it with magahoop to do onesies for great grand daughter.

  • Cheryl

    Have several size 2 sweatshirts to embroider. I’ve already ruined one, maybe with this tool would prevent me from ruining the others.

  • Brenda Sutton

    Onsies would be so much easier with this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Beth R

    I would try it out on a t-shirt.

  • Valerie Jennings

    Probably baby clothes. New Great niece due any time now.

  • Nancy M

    I would do some onesies for my new grandson.

  • Cindy

    I need to do some shirts for my 2 yr old grandson. This would definitely help!

  • Mitzi

    Sleeve designs, pants…..where opening the seam isn’t practical

  • Marilyn schmidt

    I have always avoided onesies for the reasons many listed here. I have a great embroidery machine, but would love to be more confident about making small things, especially baby items.

  • Frances Powell

    I have a new grandbaby coming in July. I would make lots of baby things for him.

  • Sue Carr

    I have avoided embroidery on small items such as the onsies and small t shirts and dresses for my grand daughter. I had the problem with a small onsie getting caught in my needle and it took me a long time to get the mess straightened out. I ruined the onsie, and severely damaged my ability to embroider small items. I have just refused and have let the onsies I purchased sit at the bottom of a box. I am afraid to try this even. I would love to be able to do these items, but my fear is probably too great. This does look possible. good luck to the other readers. Sue

  • Susie Barnett

    My Niece and her Husband are in the process of adopting a Baby after 5 years of fertility issues! So I need to get busy making onesies for our new sweet addition! What a brilliant idea!

  • Linda Turner

    I have one little grand daughter and twins on the way! That hoop guard would be great to hold back part of that onesie or little t-shirt. I am very impressed with your pictures and the explanation! I have used clear tape, duck tape, masking tape…you name it, but I think this hoop guard is the answer!
    Thanks for coming up with another solution!

  • Bernadette Webre

    This would be great for embroidering shirts for my grandchildren.

  • shirley simmons

    I would like to have the hoop guard to use when embroidering
    on diaper covers.I could also use it for my onesies.

  • Esther

    i would use it to stitch knit hats.

  • kara elliott

    I would use it on onesies and shirts!

  • Sue Fisher

    I can visualize this for so many projects. But of course onesies would be so much easier. Possibly doll clothes, backpacks, embroidered t shirts. Anything you need 3 hands for!!!

  • Daretta

    My first onsie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marsha Bruce

    I think it would be an awesome help for reverse applique on T-shirts to onesies.

  • Donna N.

    Onesies for my soon to arrive new granddaughter.

  • eileen f bulger

    My granson’s t shirts. It would be a great help.

  • Heidi

    we have a new granddaughter due in July so I would do baby things!!!

  • Barb Miller

    I wanted to embroider a t-shirt for my granddaughter. She was in 18 month size, I couldn’t get it under my hoop on my sewing machine. That could have been handy. I am looking for a used PR600 series machine. Hope I find one soon!

  • Tammy W.

    A pair of jeans if possible for me.

  • Beverly

    Not sure but would love to win one to try it out!

  • Cindy Holton

    I’m learning on my new machine and would love to learn how to embroidery on onesies. This would be a way to learn from the beginning.

  • Wendy

    I made my baby Granddaughter a baby onsie embroidered tutu last week. So wish I had known about this hoop guard product. Once I can find one I will definitely purchase it.

  • Antoinette

    Not only would I embroider several onesies for my great granddaughter, I’d also be able to embroider t-shirts for my my twin 4-month old grandsons. Sounds to me this tool is just what I need. Oh what a joy that would be!

  • Lynn Hodges

    got to have one these are a life saver…

  • Dani Haynes

    I would embroider a t-shirt for my granddaughter that just turned 5. I wanted to make her one with a princess crown with the number 5 under it, but I am new to this and at Thanksgiving I made her a turkey one with ribbons and caught part of the t-shirt in it and made a mess. I have been gun shy since then.

  • Casie Williams

    A sweatshirt. I always have to babysit them closely!

  • Sandy Lyons

    I have a new Grandson, I can’t wait to start doing onesies, shirts and other things for little Noah.

  • Barbara

    I’d have to use it on those awkward blanks that seem to have a life of their own — right under the embroidery needle!

  • Erma Buckley

    Anything that pools around the hoop.

  • WyoDi

    Im new to machine embroidery and I want to try an infant t shirt!

  • Kristi D.

    I would do a tee shirt, as I always have trouble with these. What a wonderful tool.

  • Robin welsh

    I would definitely do some onesies for my new grandbaby who is 4 months old. Also have many friends with babies and grandbabies who would benefit!

  • Lynette Oliver

    I would embroider my very first baby onesie!!!!

  • Linda Ladd

    I have two baby girls due in August. I would love to try this!!

  • Rosalie Sharps

    I would do a onsie for one of the girls at work that just had a baby…got a really nice “announcement” to stitch name, birthdate, etc on…need to make for shower coming up very soon!

  • Cynthia S

    Definately a baby onesie!

  • Madeline Lester

    I have lots of little grandchildren and do lots
    Of onsies, t-shirts, and bloomers. Oh what a
    BLESSING the HOP GUARD would be. MUST
    Have one !!!!

  • KathyA

    Love notes on my husband’s Haines.

  • Rita

    Looks like it will work on most things with extra bulky fabric,

  • Clarice Dean

    So many things….however, I’m working with Tshirts right now. This would work great.

  • Donna G.

    Sweatshirts and polo shirts!

  • Jane Thomas

    I would use this on my first quilt. Nice invention!

  • Evelyn McGavin

    Lots of things for my new grandbaby that is due in September!!

  • Jan L

    I do a lot of embroidery on t-shirts for my two grand girls ages 1 and 3. And, yes, I have turn my back long enough to see an unwanted part of the shirt flop into the embroidery field. Great invention!

  • beverly

    I have 2 new baby grandsons I could make some very cute stuff

  • Wanda

    A onsie for sure! This would be so helpful…

  • Jackie Ames

    I would love to have a guard like that. It would make it so much easier to sew on onesies, and smaller tops for our little folks.

  • Becky3580

    A floppy summer hat or a shower curtain. Sounds like it would be useful with everything. What a great idea.

  • judy wentz

    I have a new grandson, so a Onsie would be great to try it on.

  • Sue

    I have two very small nieces that I would like to embroidery some t-shirts for them for the summer.

  • Terry Senko

    I made a bulk purchase of onesies and then chickened out of embroidering them because it seemed so difficult. It looks like Hoop Guard has solved my problem and taken away my excuse. Time to embroider my stash of onesies!

  • Ellen Perry

    Onies would be great since they are a tight fit
    Esp the newborn
    Ellen Perry

  • Gail Beam

    Definitely beach towels for my grandchildren. I get so tired holding up the towel while it is stitching to make sure that other parts of it do not get caught in the machine embroidering area.

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I think it would be great for tote bags.

  • debbie

    I would do a onesie for my new granddaughter for sure!

  • Pamela Beeth

    A tee shirt for me and a onesie for the grandson due any day now.

  • Joaniez

    That’s an awesome invention one needed for a long time.
    I would do onesies for my grandson and a new great great niece due April 11 th. Thank you

  • Jean

    I would stitch infant items such as onesies and tshirts for my for the 3 youngest of my 11 grandchildren.

  • Christine Ward

    Living in the tropics we use singlets a lot. This tool would be invaluable to hold back the flimsy material of rolled singlet during embroidery.

  • Chris

    I would embroider a shirt for my niece’s 1st birthday.

  • Kelly Wood

    I would just love to try this!! Not sure on what, but it looks like it can be very useful.

  • Susan Burns

    I would definately use it first on pre-made small totes and purses to spice them up with fabulous designs!

  • gayle

    I would do a T Shirt for my Grandson. A fabulous idea.

  • Mimi K

    I would finally break out my new machine, and stitch my great niece a ruffled onsie that says: Avi – Mimi’s Ninja above a stitched Ninja.. For her to wear leaving the hospital!

  • Marlene Church

    I would use it for small size t shirts for DGD and DGS and to embroider on American girl doll clothes that I make for DGD.

  • Janet Pasinski

    Onesies, t shirts, and all small items for embroidery

  • Lindae

    I would stitch t shirts for my young grandsons

  • Katherine

    Not only onesies but small sweatshirts for the toddlers in the family

  • Vonda

    That is fabulous, sure would make life easier when hopping these little onsies and other small items. I would use it on my 3 year old granddaughter’s doll clothes she ask me to put stuff on them especially Disney or cartoon designs she see’s on tv. Lol She picks out stuff she likes for them. Also for my doggy clothes too.

  • Deborah

    I have my first granddaughter arriving in July. I would be making onesies, panties, and leggings for our sweet little Sadie Elisabeth.

  • Becki F

    Mostly onesies

  • Laurene Shewan

    Tote Bags – the other sections, including the handles, always want to jump into the stitching field. It must be magnetic attraction!

  • Carol

    Getting a head start my self imposed quota of 9 family quilts for Christmas in addition to making veteran quilts, would love doing some embellishment on the veteran quilts – they are so deserving!

  • sandi cunningham

    The smaller the item the more problems I seem to have, so small T-shirt for my grandson! Thanks for the great idea. Can you use TWO on one project?

  • Klaziena

    Don’t ask often to have something….but I really do love this!! Seems grat to make onesy’s for our first grandson… And hopefully more to come…

  • Lola Gerhard

    I would embroider on t-shirts and baby clothing.

  • Sharon Sproles

    I’m making lots of knit tees and dresses for my 1-year-old granddaughter…the HoopGuard would be perfect for those projects!

  • June

    I love your idea of the hoop guard. Will it fit on Janome hoops? I have the 15000 machine.
    Thank you for your time.

  • June

    I love your idea of the hoop guard. Will it fit the Janome hoops? I have the 15000 machine.
    Thank you for your time

  • jennifer

    I made my nearly 2 year old a little purse that I forgot to embroider before I finished it. This would be perfect to do that!

  • Rosieq

    I can get a 2x caught as easily as a onesie…and, I would for sure try it on a colored tee for myself first. Seems my fall ins are on the sides corners, not from the top, I’m anxious to win one to see if it works!

  • Brenda Melahn

    First thing would be a beanie for my son’s new band — he’d love it. Then into the tee shirts for my granddaughters.

  • Patti

    I could definitely use one of these. My first project would be a onesie, followed quickly by backpacks. This would make a definite improvement in my sanity while embroidering!

  • pat baker

    Love to try it on small things, like onesies and purses

  • Nancy Brennan

    WOW! really not sure, but more than likely a onesie….those are not fun to embroider at this point

  • Joyce Dobbyn

    I have new twin great-nephews who just got to come home from the NICU a week ago and another great-nephew due in a couple of months. I found a design the other day that says I graduated the NICU (or something like that) that I would love to put on onesies for them. I also have another great-nephew due in a couple of months that I’d love to make onesies for. It would sure get a lot of use from me:):)

  • Missy K

    I would try a onsie or a shirt sleeve. I have had problems with both.

  • Shirley Clark

    I might be more tempted to embroider a onesie with this. I quit trying those a long time ago, and the smaller tee shirts. I can see where this would be really handy and save a whole lot of pinning.

  • Patty Schrock

    Wow! I could come up with a huge list but the first thing that comes to mind is my newest granddaughter. She must need a onsie but also her brother and sister could use t-shirts declaring big brother and big sister!

  • Kim Fisher

    I would use it to stitch a t-shirt. I just did one and this would make it so much easier.

  • Bernice Keller

    This would be useful on so many things, but I would probably start with the t-shirts I want to do for the grandkids. Looks like it would make the process go so much more smoothly.

  • sue

    I have never tried a onesie just because it seems too difficult to get only one layer under the needle. This would be a great help.

  • Rosalyn

    This tool looks amazing. I would use it first on a bunch of T-shirts that I make. I have 4 grandchildren that have benefited from being in the NICU unit. We always have family teams that participate in the March of Dimes walk and I embroidery on T-shirts for everyone.

  • Eva Salo

    I would use it for onesies and small size t-shirts.

  • Jackie Peters

    I would love this tohelp me with all the little gifts I make for friends new grand children and my own grand children. I hate it when the material sneaks in the hoop while sewing.

  • Lynn Heinonen

    I’m soon to be a Grandmother so I would love to have a hoop guard to start sewing those baby clothes!

  • Ruth

    I would just LOVE to have one of these and the very first thing I would try is a onesie smaller than size 18 months since that seems to be the smallest I can get done with minimum problems.

  • Kathleen Duncan

    My daughter is a math geek- getting her doctorate in mathematics. I put the symbol for “pi” on the things I do for her. Although she is past the onesie stage, That hoop guard would come in quite handy for lots of other things!

  • deb e

    I would use on onesies and smaller t shirts. Most of the time I cut side seams to do embroidery then serge seam closed when done. This looks like it would save me lots of time.

  • judy Williamson

    I can see using this on all kinds of things. I would probably use it on oneies. It seems like everybody is having babies!!

  • Becky

    I have several baby showers to make gifts for so using Hoop Guard on onesies would be great!!

  • Michelle Rhodes

    I have a bunch of onesies to make for my niece’s baby shower, some t shirts, and a quilt. I so think it would be helpful to have at least two of these!

  • Bonnie Gray

    Definitely onesies, I have a friend that will have a new grranddaughter soon and I am planinng on making 12 onesies, one for each month for a photo record., so this would come in very handy!

  • Patricia hitr

    possibilities are endless, I would do the oneies for the girls I work with and donate to the hospital nursery.

  • HagridsMom

    Clothing for friends grandchildren – I have unstitched too many small items to even consider embroidering them again!!

  • Beth Price

    Ah, the tiny onesies and shirts for little ones!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I probably would not be able to use it in a onesie because the only small snap hoop that would fit my machine would be the 120×120. Other than that I do embroider on tees and sweatshirts so this is probably where it would come in handy.

  • Elaine Budner

    I would use it for outfits for my granddaughters Penelope and Eloise.

  • Susan J

    On a quilt sandwich.

  • Thelia Smith

    I became a Great Aunt 3x in the past year and a half. So I’ll be sewing/embroidering lots of bibs, onesies and t-shirts.

  • Cindy

    I’m going to become a grandma for the first time! I want to embroider everything small! Onesies, hats, sweaters, etc. but I’d start with a Onesie!

  • Wanda Swank

    I am a newbie to the world of embroidery. I have completed 3 onesies and did find it very difficult to keep the excess suit out of the way. I sat at the machine to ‘guard’ the material. I used clips and even clothespins to help keep the material out of the way. These methods worked, but not with complete confidence. After watching the video of the hoop guard, I feel that it would be a great addition to my beginning collection of embroidery items and would be a perfect solution for keeping the excess material from slipping under the needle.

  • Karen

    Shirts and jackets and than onesies and maybe even try socks. Would be great when I get to my next quilt.

  • Julie

    Towels and onesies and everything in between!

  • Ellen N

    I have two sweet baby girls to embellish a onesie for, Brooklyn born 3/11 and Maddy born 3/13!
    I am thrilled to have two little girls to sew for, my boys are fun and I do sew for them but, will have
    lots of fun with girly things! This looks like a lifesaver with onesies.

  • Terri Willner

    It would help keep towels in place and out of trouble!

  • Janet E

    I have 5 new nieces and nephews all born last year, in could really have some fun embroidering some of their outfits . Plus I am also a quilter. This guard is really aneat item!!!,

  • Diane Cockman

    I would do a shirt for my great granddaughter. She is 18 mos. They just had a new baby boy, so she is the BIG SISTER

  • Judy Elkins

    Can I print a paper template with 5 D software. If yes, please tell me how. I have a Designer SE Husqvarna with 5D Extra Software. I have seen Eileen use a paper template on TV. Looks a lot easier to get good positioning on the garment.

    Thank you for your help.
    Judy Elkins
    [email protected]

  • Mary Ann Genre

    I’d use the Hoop Guard on some t-shirts I am planning to embroider.

  • Lucy Sutton

    I would use it on a onesie! I would love to win!

  • Tammy Thomas

    A onesie for my grand daughter, who’s mommy is in labor right now!

  • Melynda Yates

    I would embroider one sites for my little one arriving in August. 🙂

    • Melynda Yates

      *one sites not one sites

  • Cindy Kenney

    I would try it on a onesie first.

  • dawn lafferty

    I would use it to embroider shirt sleeves and arms of jackets

  • dawn lafferty

    I would use it to do embroidery on shirt sleeves and jackets. And possible pant leg designs.

  • Jean Tanner

    I would use it to do embroidery on T/Shirts as I have never tried to do them yet.

  • Kim

    This is brilliant. I could use it on onesies, shirts, pants, jackets, bags, skirts, dresses, overalls and probably about a million other things. Great idea!!!

  • Teri

    So many things I would use this for, where to begin. Have a grandson I want to do shirts for, my sons friend had a baby in Jan & a friend is due in a week. I have ruined many things because of it getting stiched in the design. I am a beginner when it comes to embroidering & sometimes a little scared of trying things & this may help me overcome that fear

  • Leigh-Ann

    I would make some shirts for my son, he wears a little size, so they are a big pain to hold out of the way while I sew!

  • Pam

    Baby clothes, especially those onesies.

  • Teri Ralph

    I would start with embroidering on blank onesies for my very small eight month old granddaughter, then add embroidery to small and ex-small blank t-shirts for her older brothers. They are all small in size, and I have to babysit my machine every time I embroider on their clothes. I’ve broken needles, cracked my needle plate, and had to buy a new embroidery foot for my Brother machine! So, I would love to win the Hoop Guard! I have the 5″X7″ Snap Hoop, so getting a 4″X4″ would probably save extra money repairing and replacing parts of my machine also!! Thanks for the chance to enter this contest Eileen!

  • Judy Schmidt

    I would use this to put designs on a t-shirt for my 1 year old granddaughter. Also it may come in handy to embroidery on little dresses for her. I would use it to do onesie too.

  • Mary Jessie Lowe

    A onesie for my sister-in-law’s new grandson.. A little turtle to go with all the other turtle stuff we have made!

  • Doreen

    I’d probably start with some towels and then a onsie for my new grand-nephew,

  • Sue R

    I would totally do some onesies if I had one of these! Looks so much easier with it 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win

  • Tammiann

    Hopefully the first completed project without a problem or mistake 😉

  • Elaine Taylor

    I would embroidery onsies for my granddaughter that I do on her birthday each month. We take pictures each month to see how she changes.

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  • Ariana Watson

    This is really an awesome ideas, i would also like to embroider my kids onesies.

  • Sky Lynn

    OMGosh this would give me a free hand. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these for the onesies I make. Please add where we can purchase one as well. Thanks so much for this information.

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