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Say It with Style!

Say It with Style! Creating lettering is so much fun with just the right fonts. Where do we find those fonts? Designs in Machine Embroidery has a fabulous lettering software called, Word Art in Stitches. It showcases several hundred fonts, including decorative fonts, jumbo fonts, applique fonts, puffy font, micro fonts as well as others.

There are many features of the Word Art in Stitches to help with any of your lettering projects. You may be asking, what is kerning? This is a common question when talking and lettering software. So, listen in as Eileen Roche and Sue S. Brown, OML Embroidery, share about kerning and how to use it to adjust letters in Word Art in Stitches.

Let’s look at some of the fonts and features of the software. There are a couple of Jumbo fonts, Fairmont and Ritz, which have been digitized for larger projects. Fairmont stands about 7” tall and can be made larger. Ritz stands about 11” when used in a monogram, like DMC with the M being 11” tall.

Taj Mahal is a beautiful, decorated font with lots of custom editing features. You can change the colors or even change out the decorations inside the font. You may need to Break Apart the letters and/or ungroup the objects. The example below is showing the default colors.

Other fun fonts are Waffle Font, which uses variegated thread and one of Sue S. Brown’s favorites; Applique Fonts, which can showcase a variety of different fabrics and threads to match; and Puffy Fonts, which use the Puffy Foam. There are many more, but this is just a sampling.

Other features include the Monogram Wizard, just put in your information and the software will change the monogram. You can change to words instead of letters. The example below was under the Name category, the second design with names, and was changed to a saying.

Subway tiles are pre-determined squares with words and designs that can be changed to what you want. They are great to stitch out for new baby, grandma, grandpa, home, sports, etc. Below is an example of one for a grandma.

One more fun wizard is the Bubble Text. Select a shape, words, colors, and some other features.  The results are fabulous.  In the example, a sewing machine shape is selected, Word Art in Stitches are the words, and are going every which way and heart shape designs are included.  So much fun!

Last is Micro Fonts, which are digitized to be stitched in 3mm, 4mm & 6mm. You will not get the same fabulous results if you use any of the other fonts this small. These fonts are created to be stitched small. Be sure and use 60 wt. embroidery thread and 65/9 embroidery needle (type to match the fabric) for the best results.

For more examples and details in using Word Art in Stitches Software, watch Eileen Roche and her guest, Sue S. Brown, OML Embroidery, on Facebook Live from August 25, 2022. Enjoy!

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