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Professional Patches

You can create professional-quality embroidered patches and emblems! There are several quality materials available.

So, what is the best fabric for making your own embroidered patches? What colors does the fabric come in? Listen in as Deborah Jones shares about the best fabric and colors!

The Poly Patch Twill is a smooth 100% polyester.  It is permanently adhered to a stable nonwoven backing which is the key for long-lasting washable and dry-cleanable patches.   There are 3 bundles of colors – Brights, Athletic, and Uniform with 8 sheets in each bundle sized 9” x 24” each.

You can also purchase Poly Patch Twill Fabric Sheets.  The individual sheet size is 13.5″ x 36″. If you find you are using a few colors of the bundles, then just purchase the individual sheets next time.

The next important material for professional patches is the Exquisite Poly Patch Twill Companion Thread. Exquisite Polyester 40 wt. thread is an affordable, high-quality polyester embroidery thread that provides the same brilliant sheen as rayon and is colorfast to withstand fading from ultraviolet light and industrial laundering.  The thread comes in 3 bundles of colors – Brights, Athletic, and Uniform, which matches the Poly Patch Twill.

Another item that isn’t maybe necessary, but certainly very helpful is the Spray Tent.  It is a great place to use for spraying adhesive spray on your patches or projects.  The spray tent pops open when removed from its bag. We recommend placing your items face-down on a layer of paper to avoid excess accumulation of spray adhesive in your tent. After spraying, allow any excess adhesive to dry before storing.

You will find more in-depth information on how to Make Your Own Patches. In this blog, you will find the how-to’s for making professional quality patches. Including what type of designs to use for your patches and the cutting method depending on the equipment you have. Lastly, is how to make your patch iron on.

Also, you can watch Facebook Live from May 27, 2021, where Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones talk about how to make professional quality embroidered patches.  Watch here.  Also, check out Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from August 19, 2021. Enjoy!

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