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What’s New at DIME

ColorPlay Thread Kits are a beautiful collection of five threads, one is the Medley Variegated and the other four are solid coordinating Exquisite threads.  There are twelve beautiful, different collections of these thread kits.  Listen in as Eileen Roche shares how they got their names and some fabulous features of the threads.


ColorPlay Thread Kits are not a new item for DIME; however, what is new is the ColorPlay font seen in the photo above.  It is digitized specifically for the Medley variegated thread.  Isn’t that fun?  You might be asking, “Where is the new font?”  Well, it’s in Word Art in Stitches Embroidery Software.

So, Word Art in Stitches Software had a recent update, which features new fonts and new icons.  Let’s look at some of the new things.

There are several new fonts in the many different categories of text icons.  Look for the red color fonts, which are the new ones.  Here is an example of a new fun one called Taj Mahal.

Another fun one with running stitches is the Colorplay font.  Remember, it is digitized for using the Exquisite Medley Variegated Thread from the ColorPlay Thread Kits.  The sample is showcasing the Seattle color.

Other new fonts to look for are the Jumbo fonts – Jumbo Fairmont and Jumbo Ritz – and Mylar font, Mylar Serf.

Let’s look at some of the new features, like the Monogram Wizard.  It is a new icon (a wizard hat) to click on and then you just click on OPEN to bring up a catalog of Monogram templates.  Categories are 1 Letter, 2 Letter, 3 Letter, 4 Letter, and Name.  These categories allow you to work with a traditional monogram and/or your own personal monograms.  You can also change the size, color, and many other details.

Warp is another new icon featuring two different types of Perspective, Wave and Sphere.  Type in your word and while in text mode change to the selection of your choice by either clicking on the Warp icon or on the drop-down arrow for the other options.

Here are examples of the Sphere and Wave.  So much fun!

Another great feature is Text on Path, which isn’t new, but there is now an icon for it.  Type in your word or phrase and draw a shape or select a shape.  Hold CTRL and select both text and shape for the Text on Path icon to be accessible.  Select it and the word or phrase follows the path of the shape.

Also, there are new designs added to Monogram Designs, Text Designs, and Subway.

Word Art in Stitches is a fun, powerful lettering and editing software.  If you already own it, then open it and download the new update for the new features.  If you don’t own it, then consider it.

And don’t forget to use the ColorPlay Thread Kits to try out the new Colorplay font!

For additional information about the new features of Word Art in Stitches software, watch Eileen Roche on Facebook Live on February 24, 2022.  Enjoy!

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