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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

The Scoop on In-The-Hoop

Let’s discuss the scoop on in-the-hoop embroidery projects.  What are in-the-hoop projects? And what are some tips and fabric options? We have invited Reen Wilcoxson, owner of Embroidery Garden, to share some of her expertise since she is the Queen of In-the-Hoop designs.

First, in-the-hoop projects are usually all stitched in the hoop. Occasionally, there might be some seams that needs to be closed, which can be fused with fusible web or stitched on the sewing machine. In-the-hoop projects can be bags, wallets, zippered pouches, sucker holders, decorative or shaped bags for different holidays or occasions, and more. Really, there are many different types of projects that can be stitched in the hoop.

A fabulous aid in helping with in-the-hoops projects are the Hoop ‘N Press Pads. Here is a description of the these helpful pads. Hoop ‘N Press Pads provide a double-sided pressing surface cut to fit standard embroidery hoops. The 100% wool topped mats grip fabric and protect the loft of embroidery designs.

The pads are available for a variety of embroidery standard hoops. Choose from different sizes and shapes for your embroidery machine.

Listen in as Ashley Jones and Reen Wilcoxson, owner of Embroidery Garden, share about a couple of tips using the Hoop ‘N Press Pads for in-the-hoop projects.

So, for professional-looking results on your in-the-hoop projects, don’t forget to press! Reen also shares that she fuses a lightweight interfacing on the main fabric pieces which adds stability to the project. You can also use batting or foam for a soft structured bag.

Another tip from Reen is to trim away stabilizer in the zipper area with the hoop on the Hoop ‘N Press Pad. Adding the support underneath the area to trim away makes it easier.

Different fabric options for the in-the-hoop projects vary according to the project. Choose from cotton, faux leather, cork, and more. Zippers by the yard are also great to add to your projects with zipper openings.

For other embroidery projects, use the Hoop ‘N Press Pads for support when unstitching with the Stitch Ripper. And when stitching applique designs, use the Hoop ‘N Press Pads for pressing support.

For additional information on in-the-hoop projects, then watch Ashley Jones and Reen Wilcoxson, owner of Embroidery Garden, on Facebook Live from September 1, 2022. Enjoy!