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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Selecting Thread Colors

Selecting thread colors for your embroidery design is easy when you have a thread kit.  The Spring 24 Color Exquisite Thread Kit features an array of shades in several pastel thread colors.  There are purples, greens, pinks, oranges, yellows, and teals in lights, mediums, and darks.  Great colors to mix and match and choose from.

The freestanding dimensional flowers attached to the ‘Hello Spring’ sign are using the colors from this beautiful assortment (seen in the above photo).  Reen Wilcoxson, the owner of Embroidery Garden, made the sign and the freestanding flowers are from her Garden Flower Lace Collection by Reen Wilcoxson.

Each flower uses one of the colors from the Spring 24 Color Exquisite Thread Kit plus a yellow for the centers of the flowers and a green for the leaves.  Another fun option is to use three shades of a color family, for example, dark for the bottom flower petals, medium for the middle flower petals, and light for the top flower petals.  Also, allow the flower petals to dry with curved or curled edges giving them a more natural look.

Eileen Roche and Reen Wilcoxson discuss how to select thread colors for making these flowers as well as the flower Reen is wearing.  The flower Reen is wearing is also from her Garden Flower Lace Collection by Reen Wilcoxson.  Listen in to what they have to say.

Wasn’t that a great tip?!  And isn’t the flower Reen is wearing gorgeous?  What a great idea to use a light color for the body of the flower and a darker one for the edges.  And all from one thread kit!  It is so helpful having all the shades of several colors already in one thread kit!  Remember to check out the Spring 24 Color Exquisite Thread Kit and while you are on that page, look at the other 24 color thread kits available.  Simply choose from the drop-down arrow for a different color family kit.

This last week’s Facebook Live was on Tuesday, March 1 instead of Thursday.  So, if you missed it, you can watch Eileen and Reen on Facebook Live from March 1, 2022.  Eileen also shares a couple of tips for Word Art in Stitches Software, and Eileen asks Reen 20 questions to get to know her better.  Enjoy!




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