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Holiday Linen Update 2


It sounds like the blog favorite font of last week’s picks is font C. I agree it’s a beautiful font – very fluid, traditional and yet, warm and inviting. Let me show what I’ve done with it. The font, Cursive is a built-in font in Floriani Total Control Pro digitizing software. If you don’t have this software, I’m sure you can accomplish the same results in your lettering or digitizing program.

Click on the Text tool and type Merry into the dialog box. Select the Cursive font from the pull down menu. Place 1.00 in the Height box. Click on Apply.


The word appears on the screen.


Pull on the green circle at the center top.


Then push on the green circle at the center bottom.


Merry will now be arched. I know there is a way to do this automatically in the software but I feel like I have more control over the finished effect doing it in this 2-step method.

Reduce the spacing between the letters by selecting the blue diamond (just left of the letter) on the portion of the word you want to move. Notice how all of the letters to the right of the e are selected and moving to the left.


You can move individual letters by selecting the black diamond in the center of the letter.

Now, let’s dress it up a bit. Go to File, Merge and select a holiday design from your design library. I’m using the bell design from Stipple! Jingle Bells. If you’re using the bell design, delete the first color, the stipple stitches.


Now, add Christmas by selecting the Text tool and typing Christmas in the dialog box. This time, pull down the green circle at the bottom center and pull the green circle at the center top to arc the word.


Let’s add a little sparkle with embroidered stars. These small designs – or symbols as Floriani calls them – are like sprinkles. Drop a four or five around the bell to fill the space. Change the thread color of the text to red to preview your design in actual colors.


Hoop a linen or cotton towel with tear-away stabilizer and stitch the design adding applique fabrics if your design calls for it. Make two, three or a dozen – they are great gifts and take just 15 minutes to stitch.


Here’s your assignment this week:

Thanks for the help with my holiday linen update! Leave a question below that you’d like me to answer. I’ll answer one random question and award an open flat stocking you can personalize this holiday season. Good luck!

The winner of last week’s assignment:

Leave a comment below about which font is your favorite from above, choose A, B, C, or D and if you have a favorite color scheme. One comment will be chosen to receive a $25 coupon code to use at Hoop Sisters!


The winner is Rory D, with the suggestion”Boy, they’re all great but my favorite is “C”. It’s cheery and would look great in country colors of dark green and a deep red or burgundy..”




  • When will “Sewing with Nancy” broadcast the Handbags 2 Designer Knockoffs? It was advertised in the latest issue of your magazine that it was to be broadcast on November 24th. It was not on her show last Saturday up here in Michigan.
    Gail Maloney

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I have two of the open flat stockings and need to know what stabilizer you are using and are you using a topper or net to keep the deigns and names from sinking in. Thanks for all of your great advise.

  • judy

    Wonderful tutorial. great work

  • judy

    What is a flat stocking. They are cute

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I would need to get at least 13 more for the young grandkids and great grandkids. Where should I go to get them. If I don’t win I would still like to know your recommendation. I guess that would be after you pick the winner,possibly in an email.

  • Cindy Amend

    I love this tutorial! I need to stabilize a purse for a monogram. What type of stabilizer would be suggested for a 10,000 stitch count monogram and design on an upholstery type fabric?

  • Beth R

    I normally can use polyester thread without any problems, but one certain brand causes issues for me – the thread shreds or breaks, designs do not stitch out properly, and it just generally causes me big, big headaches. I’ve tried different size needles, embroidery and universal needles, different stabilizers but still no success with this thread. It is a good quality thread, so I am stumped. What other steps would you take to try and use it successfully? Thanks!

    • Pat

      When I have trouble with my thread breaking I first check to see if it’s coming off the spool easily and not “hanging up” on something. If I am using a horizontal holder, I make sure the spool is not too big and therefore dragging on the bottom. Next I move the thread to a “cone holder” and move it several inches from the machine. This sometimes solves the problem. If none of this seems to work, then I put the thread in the refrigerator (not in a plastic bag – just on the shelf) and leave it there for a few days. I think it must have dried out and putting it in the fridge seems to renew it’s moisture. Usually the cone holder and the fridge solve most of my thread problems.

  • Susan Burns

    Thanks for the great blog this week and last. What stabilizer do you suggest for making embroidered designs to be used as Christmas ornaments for gift give aways?

  • Karin

    Your towels turned out great! Where/how did you learn so much about your Floriani software? Do you just point & click to experiment, do you follow a workbook, or do you figure out what you want to do & search out info on how to do it?

  • marianne

    thanks for the inspiration. love the idea’s

  • marianne

    thanks for the inspiration. love the idea.

  • Donna G.

    How cute! Where do you get your ideas and inspirations?

  • Laurie

    Eileen. Really glad to have been able to join you and Marie. For your class last month at Jackmans.. It was such a great weekend. And learning to make the stocking was a real treat!

  • Valerie Brown

    What stabilizer would you use on prequilted fabric? I’ll have appliqué as well as fully stitched designs to support.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Eliza

    I just purchased Floriani’s software. Where do you suggest I go on the web to learn how to make great-looking monograms with their software?

    • Georgieann

      You can go to Floriani Today website accessible from your software. Loads of videos and tutorials….After three years of looking I purchased Floriani because of the free upgrades and very good education and technical support. I’m not sorry.

  • Barbara

    I love your work! My question is:

    How do you create such perfect samples? They’re always so meticulously completed — and the directions are easy to follow (although not necessarily to execute 😉 Thanks for keeping me inspired, even when I don’t have time to sew.

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  • Shirley Clark

    My question is what stabilizer do you use when doing a monogram on a woven fabric?
    I’ve tried all kinds, but they always seem to pucker. I also starch the heck out of the fabric, and I can get a decent result if I use a spray on stabilizer which make the fabric very stiff.


  • Pam

    What is an easy and best way to remove mistakes? Would love a tutorial on that!

  • Patty Fiske

    Stabailizer for tshirts and designs with a large stitch count?

  • Donna F

    You always seem to put just the right amount of embroidery and embellishments on your items. Do you have a formula you follow? I know that groups of three are pleasing to the eye when setting up a display of items, is there something similar when adding trims, etc?

  • Cheap Digitizing

    That’s great.
    How wonderful! Where did you get your inspirations?

  • paper folders

    You created some decent points there. I looked online for the problem and located most people will go together with together with your web page.

  • Kathy Furci

    I have a Brother LE1400 Embroidery Machine which I recently purchased and use Floriani thread with a king spool stand. The thread on some of my spools shred and get caught in the machine. I have put in new needles, took out and replaced the bobbin, watched the thread come off the spool but it seems to catch somewhere in the machine. I heard that Florini is a good thread, but I am at my wits end and thinking of using a different brand. I just like the shine and have so many spools. Any others having the same problem.