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Top 3 Embroidery Timesavers

Embroidery timesavers are welcome and encouraged in most everyone’s embroidery studio.  Most of us don’t have lots of time to embroider, so when we walk into our studio, we want to just stitch!  There are many things and products to help us save time, but we narrowed it down to the top 3.  So, let’s look at the Top 3 Embroidery Timesavers!


  1. Hand or Machine? This is either a hand ripper or an electric stitch ripper (machine).  The DIME Stitch Ripper is a great embroidery timesaver.  You still may want to use the hand ripper for those last few stitches but starting with the electric stitch ripper will save tons of time!  To learn more about the DIME Stitch Ripper, read Top 5 Embroidery Disasters and How to Fix Them!

  1. Copy Paper vs Target Paper – After the stitches are removed with the Stitch Ripper, then print the letters or design on DIME Print & Stick Target Paper to ensure the exact placement. The Print & Stick Target Paper is easy to use, translucent, and repositionable.  This is another great timesaver in the embroidery studio!  Watch as Eileen shares how to add lettering using the Target Paper.
  1. Text or Image – Using DIME Perfect Stitch Viewer on your computer to see the image instead of just the words of the design when viewing in Windows Explorer. Perfect Stitch Viewer runs in the background of your computer, so you don’t have to open the program.  Anytime you want to see your designs just open Microsoftä Windows Explorer and view the images!  What a great timesaver when wanting to use one of your many embroidery designs!

We hope you enjoyed these Top 3 Embroidery Timesavers!  Which timesaver will you incorporate in your embroidery studio next time?  Maybe you want to add all three timesavers!  Good for you for saving yourself more time to embroider!  Watch Eileen Roche as she discusses the Top 3 Embroidery Timesavers on Facebook Live from September 23, 2021.  Enjoy!


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  • Kathy Almquist

    I have Perfect Embroidery Professional –
    Do I need Perfect Stitch Viewer?