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Facebook Live Rebroadcast: December Door Reveal!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We had a great live yesterday! Watch the rebroadcast below!


Download the FREE December door project when you CLICK HERE.

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  • Virginia (Ginger) Frazier

    When I click the December door link the October door comes up.

  • Sharon

    The October door keeps coming up for the December door.

  • Linda Vance

    Sorry, but I can’t get to the December door.. October comes up I click on December. Help please

  • Joy Teague

    I cannot get the December door to come up. The October door keeps coming up. Any help
    would be appreciated.

  • Mary

    Will this be corrected anytime soon. Click to download the December Door and October comes up. How do we get the December Door. Thank you …………………………..Please

  • Mary Moore

    I also get the October Door when I click to download the December Door. Please correct this.
    Thank you.

  • Deborah L Fleming

    I missed getting the December 2020 Door! How do I get it to complete my year?

  • Brenda

    I can’t get the december door to come up??? I need it to complete my year.

    • Deborah L Fleming

      Thanks for the reply. I still can’t get the December Door. The “link” takes me to a “No Peeking” page with no design to be had.
      I had been a subscriber to your magazine with time/money left when you stopped publishing. I did not complain.. Can’t you help me with this?! I just want the December 2020 Door!

  • Charlotte J Guile

    Hi, I missed out on getting the Doors for Oct. ,Nov. and Dec. I was sick with Covid at the time. Is there anyway I can get those Doors. Please and Thank you.

    Charlotte Guile 1 941 889-9356

  • Eulonda Gries

    my computer had a problem and I lost April and September doors. Is there anyway I can get these? I would be happy to purchase them to make my set complete.