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Embroidery Tips & Techniques

Latest Sewing Trends

What are the latest sewing trends and techniques?  Margaret Moorehead, from Virtual Sewing Guild, shares the trends for the 3 basic categories of sewing.  They are Garments, Quilts, and All the other things, like, Home Dec, Gifts, Bags, etc.

Let’s discuss each of them individually.  First, there is Garments.  People will always sew garments.  Right now, the trend is active wear or casual knits.  Loose fitting tops and pants, instead of leggings.  Also, adding machine embroidery to garments.

The second category is Quilts.  There is always going to be a top, middle and back; however, it is the different fabrics creating new looks that is new and exciting.  Some quilters like to piece only, while others make the whole quilt, including quilting with a longarm or embroidery machine.

Lastly, is the Catch All category, including home dec, gifts, bags, smaller wall hangings, and little pillows.  This is the category Margaret focuses on the most at Virtual Sewing Guild.  The projects feature the latest trends and techniques.



Now, let’s look at a few techniques featured on the quilts above.  On the upper left hand corner is a technique using fussy cutting with dimensional flowers and a tassel.  The second block on the left side features fabric weaving showcasing decorative stitches and accented with a dimensional butterfly stitched on organza and wash away.  The 3rd block on the left, utilizes twin needle stitching and lace border and flowers.  The last block on the left is the fabric weaving and decorative stitches with dimensional flowers and butterfly.

On the upper right hand corner is a Faux Crazy Patch block using different fabrics that are fused on and stitched down with decorative stitches.  The rose in the middle uses an embroidery decoupage technique.  Stitch the embroidery design on organza and Exquisite No Show Cutaway stabilizer.  Trim the excess organza and stabilizer and glue onto project.

The second block on right side features curved twin needle stitching and lace accents.  The 3rd block on the right, features fabric weaving in two different looks.  Lastly, is piped prairie points and embroidery.




The quilts in the above photos use the same techniques for each block.  Each quilt looks different due to the color choice and how each person making the quilt chose to use their creativity.  Remember, classes whether in person or virtually, are a way to help us learn to use our creative skills and make it ours.  Also, to introduce us to the latest trends in sewing, embroidery and quilting.  For the latest virtual events at DIME, go here.