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Keep Your Hand Out of the Hoop

Well it’s taken me 20+ years but I finally did it. I stitched on my finger. If you’ve been to any of my classes, I always caution students to keep their fingers out of the hoop. I encourage them to use the eraser end of a pencil, a chopstick, a dowel, anything other than their fingers.

And I usually take my own advice except when I’m in a hurry. And that’s when I don’t take my own advice. Recently, I was stitching a t-shirt when I noticed a portion of the garment was about to flop into the design area. And without thinking, I quickly reached into the hoop to retrieve the fabric. I must have I blinked at the same time. Then I yelped! And yanked my hand back. It hurt really bad, so bad that I was afraid to look at it.  My husband ran into the room (he was outside at the grill when it happened and heard me yelp) and we stared at each other. I told him I stitched on my finger. He asked if the needle was still in there. I didn’t have the nerve to look so he did. And it wasn’t in sight. We went back to the machine and were greeted with this safety message: Finger2BL

By then I was okay, it still hurt and was bleeding but everything was under control.  Upon closer inspection of the machine, I saw the needle was still in one piece in the machine but bent.  Really bent.   Look at the image below.Finger1BL

Wow – did I yank my finger away or what?  I was lucky the machine stopped and didn’t stitch my finger to the stabilizer, garment or foot.   Here’s my souvenir:FingerBL

Many thoughts ran through my head. I could hear myself telling my students to get their hand out of the hoop. I thought of my sister, Marie, who suffered a similar injury years ago that had to be treated surgically. And I was so thankful for the folks who designed my Brother Entrepreneur 10-needle and put that safety feature into the machine. Without that safety feature, my injury would have been so much worse.   Thank you Brother for looking out for all of us embroiderers!

Here’s your assignment this week:

So come on, tell me, have you ever stitched on your finger? You don’t need to share the gory details; just a yes or no and you’ll be entered to win a $20 gift card to !

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  • Jacque Lindsey

    Yep stitched thru my finger on my single needle machine – thru the nail and out the side. It smarted and I cried and said a few choice words to myself and at myself for being so stupid and knowing better.

    • Julie Christoffel

      Yes, got lucky went through my pointer finger without hitting the nail. Never did it again, learned my lesson.

    • Thelma Brunk

      Yes oh yes. Husband had been in the room and we were discussing something, he was leaving and I started the machine and woops!!!!l I screamed, STOP, I just sewed my finger. The needle went through the pointer finger, fleshy part, near the nail, but not throught it. The needle went all the way through and I was attached to the machine. Bleeding like mad, I said, I have to back up the stitch and get the needle out. Hand turned it out and now I have a stitch in my finer. We cut the thread and gently pulled the thread out. Cleaned up everything and changed the needle and things were fine.

  • Sharon


  • Cindy Amend

    Never. I can’t imagine the pain!

  • Ruth Gregg

    I was only 10 years old, on a treadle machine. Stitched right through my finger, and boy did it hurt! But I never told anyone, cause I knew my mom wouldn’tlet me use the machine any more if I did. Never have done it since! Once is enough.

  • marie zinno

    You know I did, on the multi-needle machine! I have the x-ray to prove it. I will never do it again.

  • Kelly Wyatt

    I have not stitched my finger with my embroidery machine but I have with my regular sewing machine. The needle went through my nail and the wheel locked, my husband wasn’t home and it took over ten minutes for me to get the needle out. I had to remain calm because my then 2 year old was watching. I have been careful ever since.

  • Sue Brockus

    Yes. Part of the needle broke off in my finger and required surgery to remove. Have to have my machine adjusted as well because the auto threaded became out of alignment when I jerked my hand away.

  • Karina

    Yes! Nail right through my thumb.

  • Cynthia Wentworth

    Yes, last week in fact. Needle went through the nail of my pointer finger and out the back. Fortunately, my finger was at an angle so it didn’t hit bone. I was not embroidering. I had moved my machine back into the table to do some regular sewing to complete my project. I had to hit the needle up to free my finger. My finger is still sore.

  • Helen Bishop

    Oh yes! With my Brother PR620. Once done never forgotten! I use a chop stick now.

  • Belinda Germain

    No, came close a few times, I now hit the stop button first or use a chopstick.
    Hope you are better! Makes my stomach churn just thinking how much it would hurt!

  • Donna Fecteau


  • Lester Ann Jensen

    In 60 plus years of sewing, I have never sewed my finger. (Knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder and say a prayer for safety!). My sister who has sewed for probably 30 some years did sew hers and said it hurt like H – E – double toothpicks. My granddaughter (17 years old at the time) sewed right through her finger. She couldn’t get the needle out of the machine or her finger and had to wait for her mother’s boss (mom had gone to the post office from work and was unavailable.) to come, help her remove the needle from the machine and take her to emergency to have the needle removed from her finger. Thinking about it still makes me shudder. If I wasn’t careful before, these two stories make me way more cautious. Happy sewing friends, and keep those fingers away from moving needles!

  • Barbara Stickle

    Yes. Also cut into a finger with a rotary cutter. Always in a hurry.

  • Karen

    Not so far! I just purchased the 10 needle Brother and will start using it very very soon and I will take your advice though. Keep the fingers away! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Carol

    Yes! It happened at least 40 years ago, but I haven’t done it since, and obviously I’ve been sewing a long time.

  • Shanon Davis

    Yep. Through the pad of my finger. Then not thinking, I hit the needle up button and did it again! Hopefully lesson learned.

  • Gail

    Thankfully, no. Gives me the willies just considering how much it hurts. Hope your feeling better soon.

  • Sue D

    yes. Had to pull out the needle–still threaded!

  • Erich Campbell

    On but not through, many a time. I’ve felt the old presser foot hit the fingernail on our old multi-head multi needles and managed to yank my finger back every time. (Famous last words, right?)

  • Jill Girton

    I have not, but, years ago, when my daughter was just learning to walk, she put a very large needle right through her foot- always know where your needles are, and check the floor periodically!!

  • Carolyn Ford

    I taught jr. high sewing for over 20 years. I had two students stitch their finger, one in my first year of teaching and another 18 years later. But the worst injury in a sewing class was the young lady who accidentally swallowed a pin (even after many warnings to not put pins in the mouth!) No one would every believe sewing could be dangerous! Sorry for your mishap!

  • Kristal

    No, but I have come close.

  • Alice

    When I was about 10 yr old on an old white machine. And yes I have come close a few times since.

  • Dennis Kyne

    No, but I have only been sewing and embroidering for just about 1 1/2. Knock on wood.

  • Valerie Gwara

    I impaled my thumb nail sewing trim onto a karate uniform. Had to roll the needle up and pry my thumb off.

  • Dottie

    Sure did. When I was a lot younger, stitched my pointer finger through the middle of my nail. Fingernail had a dot/dent for years after. Ouch? Oh yes!

  • sharon Blaylock

    Yes, twice. Hopefully not any more.

  • Karen Poole

    No, never have, sounds too painful!

  • Judy Klep

    Yes, twice on my single needle machine. You would think I would learn. Hurt a bunch but no permanent damage.

  • Teresa Holton

    Yes, stitched through my nail about 4 weeks ago – off to ER to have minor surgery to remove the part of the needle that broke off and was embedded in my finger. The dr. used the embroidery thread that was still threaded through the broken needle to pull the needle piece back out. Impressed with the strength of the thread! Been there done that!! Don’t want to do it again!

  • Jean Templemeyer

    YES!! The needle went straight through my nail bed to the other side. My daughter was still home and helped me get the needle out of the machine. Then she took one of my clamps(I work in the operating room) and pulled the needle out.The thread was stil in the eye and was stuck in my finger.She pulled the thread out.The thread hurt more than the needle did.I use chop sticks now!

  • Carolyn

    Yes! About 6 months ago on my BabyLock 10 needle. Needle went thru twice before the machine stopped and needle bent. And, yes, I was doing something I knew was stupid!! My finger is still numb. Just a “friendly” reminder.

  • Pam J.

    No, but I bet I’ve come close!

  • Gayle Guthrie

    No but I have a friend whose mother use to make all the kids clothes. She was blind but that didn’t stop her. However one day her machine stopped and she called him in to help her and come to find out she had stitched between the paws of their cat.

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Yes, I stitched my finger trying to get a piece of a shirt from going under the hoop. It was a single needle machine, about 4 years ago. The needle went through several times before I could get it stopped, and just in the last month a lump of scar has come up and out and is still sore. Sure have learned my lesson, I am a lot more careful, and no longer think it cannot happen to me.

  • Melody Hofmann

    Had my embroidery machine for 4 days and managed to sew through my right index finger. That needle is a blur and wicked fast!

  • Joyce iverson

    Yes, but last one was weird, as I was being very careful and holding something down with thumb and forefinger and didn’t realize the third finger was up in the air and the needle caught it and went under the nail. Stopped and pulled it out but seemed like a piece was still there, but didn’t really hurt, and 2 weeks later I noticed it had worked up under the nail, used my tweezers and pulled the rest out. Live out in the country, so kind of a do-it-yourselfer!

  • Linda Croslin

    Yes! I went to smooth the fabric down, thinking I would be faster than the needle. The machine stopped but half the needle was missing! It was stuck in my thumb.

    I was surprised it didn’t hurt but I needed to get it out. My 26 year old son and his 24 year old best friend were in a panic, lol and thought I needed to go to the ER (it wasn’t even bleeding!!). I calmly took a pair of pliers and pulled the needle out without a single tear.

    While I have learned my lesson, I am not faster than the needle, I still laugh at my two big boys running around in a panic!!!

  • Heidi Halvorson

    yup, but only once and it was 30 plus years ago when I was sewing at a factory making ….wait for it, 8 track tape boxes!!!. Needle was in down position through my finger. Flywheel on this machine was just far enough away that I could not reach it with my left hand to crank it out. Had to call the supervisor to do it. All was good until the needle came out and the blood shot up several inches. I guess I turned a bit white cause he said, Heidi, I think you can have the rest of the day off, Go Home!!!! works for me, I was gone! Oh and I was supposed to go to the Dr. but didn’t!

  • Peggy


  • Kelly Sas

    No and after reading all the posts from those who have, I’m going to be very, very careful. I’ve been sewing forever but only machine embroidering for one year.

  • Donna

    Yes right through the middle of the nail on the first finger. I also broke a hand sewing needle and got it in my toe and had to go to the doctor to have it removed. This was when I was a teenager.

  • Judith Clauss

    Fortunately, no, but have had a number of close calls in my nearly 50 years of sewing.

  • Barbara Pointer

    Thank God I have not yet stitched thru my finger but I do think of it when I quickly stick a finger inside my hoop. My granddaughter did years ago when I was teaching her to piece a quilt. She had to go to the ER to get the needle removed.

  • Sherry Key

    Yes. The needle broke off in my finger. Couldn’t see where it went in from the nail. Had to break the skin on bottom side and was able to attach a pair of hemostats to needle and pull it out myself.

  • Nancy Eidsmoe

    I have not. But I have stapled my finger, with an industrial sign putting up type. I had to go to the ER to have it pulled out, and splinted. Right into the dang bone!

  • Gayle

    Ah, yes! When I bought my first sewing machine 50 plus years ago, a friend jokingly reminded me not to stitch my finger. Took me 15 years but I did!


    when I 1st started sewing at 15 I ran the needle though my thumb. It broke off in my thumb. My Dad pulled it out with pliers and off to the hospital I went .I am 66 and never forgot the pain but kept on sewing.

  • Tanya sullivent

    I did this a year ago, but the needle broke off in the bone of my finger and had to be surgically removed.

  • Sue Y

    Yes – unfortunately!

  • juditZ

    Yes I sure did. Similar situation but I was teaching someone to sew. Just finished saying but be sure to not do this: and as I said it I did it.
    needle went into my finger at the tip with the thread and needle sticking through my finger. Surprisingly no pain. At the emergency room they kept calling the different nurses and aid to show them my finger with a needle and thread hanging partway in and through finger so that you could see the thread on both sides of my finger.
    Fortunately after x-ray did not go through the bone, in fact as it did,the bone deflected into the fleshy part.
    Needless to say I am much more careful since then.

  • Norma Cardwell

    Yes, I did sew my finger on my Mother’s Singer treadle sewing machine when I was about 8 years old. I didn’t complain too much because I didn’t want to be told that I was too young to sew. (IT REALLY DID HURT A LOT. IT WAS SORE FOR A VERY LONG TIME.)
    I did learn to backstitch on that machine, even though there was not an ‘app” for it. I figured that if I slightly lifted the presser foot, i could force a backstitch. Sixty five years later, I’m still sewing, still loving it.

  • Chris Lyon

    Considering what a klutz I am, it’s amazing, but I have never stitched my finger.

  • Elaine

    So many cautionary tales! I cannot even begin to imagine the pain. It hasn’t happened to me yet, and I am going to be very cautious from now on to see that it doesn’t happen!

  • Sharon R

    I have fortunately never sewn my finger with the sewing machine, but once, while manually sewing a button, my thimble slipped off the needle and the needle went into my palm, eye side first.

  • Lorena

    Thank goodness, no! I cringe when I hear about someone else doing it.

  • Carolyn Rollberg

    Yes…trip to the ER…

  • Lynda

    Yes I have stitched my finger.

    Hope your finger heals soon

  • JoAnn Doolos

    Yes. Luckily I only stitched my fingernail.

  • Sandy Meyenberg

    Not yet, but I won’t say it will never happen. I’ve come close…..

  • Gail Beam

    Luckily, I have never stitched my finger, but I did loose a chunk out of my pointer finger when I closed it in our glass patio door and it required a number of stitches to close it up. I can’t imagine how much it hurt to stitch your finger!

    • Claudine Denn

      Yes. It many years ago on a regular old machine. It sure taught me a lesson

  • Judy

    Came close once. I bought a metal tool that has a hook on one end and a 2 prong on the other end. I also use chop sticks. Plus fight the erg to stick my hands in there.


    I did this to my middle finger on a machine with no safety feature. The needle jumped off the edge of my fabric and I had my finger right by it trying to keep the fabric from moving there. I pulled back right away, but the needle pierced my finger. I yanked straight back causing the needle to be pulled through the top of my finger, leaving the tip pretty much like hamburger. They could do nothing for it but wash it out, wrap it, and send me home. I had to do that daily for weeks. I’m much more careful about where I put my fingers now.

  • Chris House

    No thankfully. All the stories are valuable lessons. I will be more mindful while embroidering. Thanks for sharing.
    As I was serging a project this week, I was thinking how strange it would seem to pick up my phone and start texting at the same time. I wouldn’t want my finger to be cut off or the needles to move ‘off course’. Wonder why we think it’s OK to do that in our car?

  • Sharon

    Yes, twice.

  • Rita

    No, I haven’t but as as a young girl saw my mother do it a few times. Ouch

  • Janie Mason

    I have not stitched my finger so far. I try to be careful but have come very close several times to stitching right through my finger.

  • Amy

    Yes, it was painful but I was more worried about getting blood on the item I was embroidering. The needle broke but went straight through my finger. I had to pull the thread through.

  • Shirley Clark

    I can honestly say I’d never sewn my finger until a couple of months ago, and I caught the edge by my fingernail on the embroidery machine needle. I knew better, and I always use my tweezers to grab a thread or I stop the machine. It hurt as I yanked it, but at least it didn’t catch the nail! I’ve been using a sewing machine since I was in high school – at least 50 years! Yikes! I’m telling my age!

  • Bonnie Gray

    No, but have had close calls.I remember being at Stitching Sisters and you saying to use the eraser end of a pencil. I keep it next to the machine!

  • Kathy

    Yep! It was on my grandmother’s old Singer treadle machine. I was a kid and loved to see how fast I could get the needle to go. Oops – forgot I wan’t supposed to play with it unattended. 🙂

  • Nancy Carr

    I had the needle break in 3 sections. Top stayed in the machine – middle shot across the room and the point was in my finger and had to be surgically removed. The nurses had some interesting stories to tell about broken needles.

  • Carol jenks


  • Cathy Rider

    No, fortunately, but my mother broke her toe with a sewing machine. She was moving it in it’s case and the latch broke and dropped the machine on her toe. It looked painful.

  • Kathy

    Yes, twice. The first time it went in immediately beside my nail towards the end of my finger & went up & down 3 or 4 times before I could stop the machine. The thread was looped thru my finger. The second time years later I snatched my finger away and split the skin about 1/2 an inch down the underside of my finger. If only I could learn things the first time! Lol

  • Ruth Peterson

    Yes. It wasn’t pretty, & I had to remove it myself because I was up late embroidering, husband upstairs asleep!

  • k

    Nope…I’ve been close to stitching through my finger, but not … yet… dare I say!

  • Linda

    Yes I have but only once. I’m so careful now.

  • Kitty

    Yes, just last week. Pulled part of my nail from the bed.

  • Carol Keeler

    Yes I did this with my embroidery machine several years ago!
    The needle broke in my finger. I was so thankful my husband was kind enough to remove it for me!
    It does take a while for it to heal!

  • Emmylou Dooly

    While I haven’t stitched my finger in my embroidery machine, I just recently cut the end off my finger in my serger mid-project.

  • Michelle H

    No thank goodness and I really don’t want to after reading these messages

  • Lynn

    No, I haven’t stitched my fingers but I have gotten close a few times. My late mother had it happen twice. My father had to release her from the sewing machine the second time.

  • Elaine

    Yes and it hurts!

  • Judy G

    In 55 years of machine sewing, 3 years of machine embroidery, never have sewed my finger.

  • Celeste B

    Yes I have sewn through it plus cut off the side of one finger twice with a rotary cutter. I teach sewing to kids and when I caution them about safety they kind of roll their eyes at me until I explain I have done it so just beware.

  • Nancy Baumgartner

    Over Memorial Day weekend, yes a needle went into my finger and broke off. On the X-ray it was plain as day where the needle was, but due to the holiday I had to wait a week before it was surgically removed. I have the needle pinned on my bulletin board in the sewing room to remind me to use chopsticks if a thread is in the way – I learned the hard way for sure.

  • Joanne Dillon

    No. And I heard you YELP! Now that hurt.

  • Sandi Cunningham

    If I did sew my fingers, I have blocked it from my memory. I have, however, gotten wounded by getting too close to the embroidery foot and have been mashed pretty badly by that. I don’t say “Man that smarts!” I say, “Girl that DUMBS!”

  • Carol


  • Susie

    Yep – stitched right through it – and howled to the moon. My needle looked similar to yours – and my project ended up with some of my dna in it.

  • Nancy Weber

    No I have never done that but it is a big fear I keep in the back of my mind. Have come close a few times!

  • Jeannette Covan

    Yes on my Brother 10 needle, like you was very glad it stopped.

  • Betty Burkart

    No, never have and don’t want to do that.

  • Vickie Glass


  • Joyce Lockyer

    I gave away an industrial straight stitch machine because I kept sewing my fingers. My husband passes out and has seizures at the sight of blood and could not help get the needle out of my finger the last time I sewed my finger. I had to turn the hand wheel to get the needle out of my finger including the nail, I gave the machine away!

  • De DIY Diva

    No, fortunately not. But my mother managed to get a crochet needle through her finger…

  • Karen

    Not with the machine. I do wedding dress alteration and more than once I have pinned a finger or thumb to the dress. I have my hand behind to make sure I don’t poke the bride to be. I will get the top few layers of skin and don’t know it until I try to take my hand from behind and it is stuck.

  • Judie

    Yes, I also have put my fingers in harms’ way. Luckily the damage was minimal BUT I think I learned my lesson…..

  • Lynn Davidson

    Yes. The eye of the needle broke off and had to be removed from my finger surgically. And I did this in the middle of an embroidery class! The store owner graciously took me to the doctors. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and there won’t be a repeat performance.

    • Diane Earl

      Yes, right through the nail. Never put my finger anywhere near the needle again. But I did stupidly try to cut a thread while embroidery was in progress. Needle hit the scissors, broke off and shot up into my face. Didn’t do any damage to my face but messed up the machine bad enough that it needed expensive repairs. Instead of repairing I traded in for a brand new machine, so in that case my stupidity paid off 🙂

  • Janet Kirby

    No, I have not done that! I hope I never will get my finger in the way!

  • Cy Swendsen

    Oh yes! After making Easter dresses for my girls and a shirt for my son, my hubs said “did you make something for yourself?” Well, he volunteered to watch the children, I did a speed run to the local fabric shop, found a pattern and fabric. I started sewing just after super. I think one of the children distracted me when they came to say goodnight and oops! I did finish the dress about midnight and wore it to Church the next morning.

  • Diane

    Yep….did it when in my High School Sewing class. The teacher almost fainted….I just pulled the needle out of my thumb and went on with my sewing….have not done it again. Learned my lesson well.

  • Tammy Hammond

    When I was a teen, I sewed my thumb….and the needle broke off into my thumb….luckily my dad had good first aid skills and was able to pull it out….no stitches needed. Since I am pretty careful….but have had one or two close calls!

  • Gretchen

    Yes, first and only time 6 weeks ago… And I’ve been seeing for 35 years. 🙁

  • Nancy Stansbury

    Yes I have stitched my finger on my regular sewing machine, but not yet on my 10 needle. But I have been holding down my batting on my 10 needle as it is stitched around for Sewn Seeds. I am taking your advice, and will use something else from now on.

    Hope it heals quickly.

  • Brenda Melahn

    No … but I did put a high-powered staple through my finger while covering some dining room chairs. OUCH

  • Donna Morgan

    No, thankfully.

  • Doree Shandera

    Never through my finger, but have had some scratches. Always feel so stupid when it happens.

  • Royce Zook

    No! But did drive a carpet tack through my finger when working as a carpenter’s helper as a teen. Closest on a stitching machine was to have my finger struck by the needle clamp screw head on a single needle embroidery machine. There is no room for my hands near the needle of my ten needle – yet! I do use a plastic wand to assist when the machine is running and have struck it before.

  • Barbara Grant

    Not as yet, but I do think about it especially when doing machine embroidery. I had some near misses, like you when trying to move away garment areas from within the hoop. I like your tip about using something else besides fingers. Why did I never think of that?!

  • Barbara Grant

    I want to add, if I ever get a multi-needle ME machine, I’ll definitely look for this safety feature!

  • Saundra Romanus

    On my Embroidery Machine the bar hit my knuckle. It hurt but I thought all was OK. The next morning may whole finger was black and blue and my knuckle was HUGE! I have sewn my fingers many times on my regular sewing machine! It is amazing how much blood is involved!

  • karen

    yes, fortunately only once!!

  • venita abel

    Yes I did and it hurt like the dickens

  • Karen R.

    OMG no, I am always afraid of putting my fingers to smooth out the fabric while the machine is running. My sister-in-law bought my 6 needle and I stressed to her to be careful but she learned the hard way. Hope you are feeling better!

  • Janet Ross

    Yes. It resulted in an emergency room trip and 7 stitches. I’ve never done it again . . .

  • Pam

    No, thank goodness

  • Sue

    Yes on my Brother 6 needle. Broke of and had it surgically removed! Will not do that again I hope!

  • Robyn Lieberman

    Perhaps it was the endless array of bleep worthy explosives I belted out that will keep me less likely to get distracted enough again to sew through my finger and nail…
    said the woman who’s pointer was stitched back in place after assessing the true sharpness of a rotary cutter along side a nicked ruler 🙁

  • Kitt

    No needle in the fingers, but I have found a lot of straight pins on the floor with my bare feet. Put one of them right through the middle of my big toe and out through the nail. That hurt.
    After 40 plus years driving over the road in a big truck, I have had a lot of truck stop turkey in my time. Always elected to be home at christmas to see the grandkids open their presents. Could not have both holidays. So now I am home my kids do all the cooking and I go there. I have not done much cooking in a long time. If it wasn’t for the microwave, I’d probably starve. I don’t do restaurants either, had enough of that for years. I thank the lord for my kids, they all cook.

  • Kitt

    I would frame that needle if I was you, and put it right near the sewing machine so you never forget again.

  • Brigitte

    Did that ONE TIME, and once was quite enough. Went right through the nail but luckily missed the bone. Now I ALWAYS use a stiletto or other device, never my fingers.

  • Anna

    Yes, twice. I didn’t learn the first time that it happened while putting binding on a quilt. The second time was with my single needle embroidery machine. Needle went down beside the nail on my pointer finger and right back up. It hurt enough so that I have been very careful when embroidery machine is running.

  • Vicky Dexheimer

    No, I haven’t.
    Yes, my husband has! The needle broke & of course he would not go to the Dr. He thinks there is a piece still in there.

  • Vicki B.

    Oh yes! I was shoving a quilt through a sewing machine while quilting and sewed into my index finger. I used pliers to remove the broken needle and went to the Emergency room. 🙁

  • Debbie

    Yes, I have once and that is all I ever want it to be. It was in sewing class with the walking foot on my machine. Thank goodness the needle only went through the side of my finger and broke. I was bleeding and REALLLY embarrassed. It was a case of socializing more than paying attention to what my sewing machine was doing!!

  • Judy O'Dell

    Yes, and we need a design for a t-shirt for our sewn finger club!!

  • David Adams

    Nope, but I’ve been sacked by the needle mounting screw too many times to count.

  • Tricia

    Yes, and I did not learn a thing. Turned around and did it again.

  • Sara Redner

    Hit several times but not actually stitched. I guess I’m a slow learner because I broke a bunch of needles on scissors, thinking I could clip those jump stitches faster than the machine could come back to that spot. I’ve finally learned to stop the machine any time I need to touch something!

  • joanna

    yes! it wasnt during an embroidery but my thumb making a dress..

  • Pat O

    Yes! Many years ago as a teenager on a regular sewing machine. Very painful, lots of blood, and my lesson learned!

  • Sunny

    No BUT as a little girl my aunt told me about stitching right through her finger and having the needle fully embedded in it. She worked as a dressmaker in a large factory and what really embarrassed her was that she passed out and when she awoke at the hospital someone had removed her corset!!! I have lived in fear of a needle through my finger ever since–corset or not.

  • Stephanie M

    Yes, and I had been sewing for years when I did it. Have not done it again. I would have been ok if I had just lifted the needle straight up instead of yanking my finger away from the needle…

  • Fran in VA

    Yes, I hate to admite it but I have sewn a finger more than once.

  • CindyM in Oregon

    Nope. Not with a machine. Yes, by hand. Now that’s dumb!! and it still hurts when I do it and I continue to do it. I hate thimbles.

  • beth daniels

    yes. but the machine kept the needle, just a cut.

  • Cande Gordon

    Yes I did. Like you I stress to my students to keep their fingers out of the hoop and sewing area. Last year I was making a Christmas stocking with white embroidered snowflakes. I sewed my finger and while everyone was concerned about my injury I was yelling no, no, no…. I can’t get blood on my snowflakes

  • Phyllis Evans

    Yes, was home “sick” from school, ended up at the doctors office to fish out the broken needle. OUCH!

  • Karen Dellinger


  • Clem

    No, but just two days ago I was doing quilting with the embroidery feature. The quilt looked like it was going to “flop” in the way. I reached in and wham….the needle screw hit my finger nail. I had to cut it way back beyond the quick and then do some filing…..learned real fast… not do that again…that is what the stop button is for….duh to me!

  • Debbie


  • Chris

    Yes–THREE TIMES!!! And, all on my Babylock 10-needle!! You think I would learn!! The first time I was making a pillow for my Bible study teacher (at the last minute) and I believe He protected me because it was all the Names of God from the Old Testament. The second time it was so quick, I almost didn’t think it happened, but my finger did hurt for awhile. The 3rd time, the needle tip broke in my finger and required surgery, though I am grateful that it just missed the bone. I then taped my ER bracelet to the front of my machine and keep my fingers away from the moving needle.

  • Shirley

    No, just the fingernail.

  • Barbara Schaffer

    Not me, but many years ago when making custom slipcovers on commercial sewing machines I had to assist my fellow seamstress when the “walking foot” on her machine walked over her fingers and sewed 2 of them together. I’ve been very careful especially of machines with walking feet since that experience.

  • Bertie Lou

    Yes, just a couple of yrs ago, after over 50 yrs sewing, I was calibrating the buttonhole attachment on my new machine…….. it started automatically and my finger was in the way…

  • Judy Brehmer

    Not just once, but twice. I do remember the painful experiances and am very careful now.

  • Deanna


  • Eileen Keane

    I have a longarm and have been in business since 2000. Last year, I was trying to avoid flipping a flange on a quilt and didn’t move my finger fast enough. Thank goodness, I didn’t get blood on the quilt!

  • Kathy Winks

    Not yet! My motto has always been: It’s better to learn from someone else’s mistake. But I have come close a few times!

  • Virginia

    No, have been close.

  • lillian

    Not thru the finger but right thru the thumb nail. Left a nice hole.

  • Melissa

    Yes. But thank goodness my husband was there to stop the machine.

  • Pam K


  • Alice Wellen

    No, thank God I have not. Sounds like it is very painful.

  • nadine

    yes, went thru nail into finger -was horrible!

  • Linda-Sue

    Oh yeah! And not that long ago either. On my 6-needle. Went through the side of my finger. Also, my best friend did the same thing on her machine only she wasn’t as lucky …. she had a piece of the needle stuck in her finger and had to have surgery to get it out. Not fun …. don’t recommend it either.

  • Pat

    No, thank goodness but my husband did once when he was helping me adjust the tension on my Singer Featherweight. I try to keep my fingers to myself but thanks for the additional warning.

  • Kathryn Barnhill

    Yes and sadly more than once. But, different areas- one finger- once thru the skin between my thumb and second finger

  • Linda Severs

    No, but my mother did and it’s the only time I ever saw her cry. 🙁 I hope you feel better soon!

  • Judy Goshy

    No, but yes. When I had fake nails, the needle on my Quattro 3 hit the nail. It broke the nail right off, went flying, just as a needle does. So, no finger, no blood, but sure did put the fear and caution in me.

  • Doreen Linehan

    Yes. I saw it happening and automatically pulled my finger away. Fortunately it was relatively close to the end of my finger but still tore it. Probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I didn’t move it.

  • Kati

    Twice!! The first time while sewing with my Viking Topaz, the second time learning to sew on a foot treadle machine! Both were at the edge of the finger and tore the skin when my hand jerked away, so I didn’t have to worry about a puncture wound, just blood on the garment!

  • Rebeca

    I have solar nails, but I have “caught” the tip a time or two; luckily not the “meat” of my finger – YEOUCH!!!!!

  • Shari Kersey


  • Brenda Rhodes

    My right hand was in a brace because I broke a bone and that is my dominate hand. I have a new Babylock Destiny and was sewing something, don’t even remember what. I didn’t realize the machine was going to put the foot down and it caught my finger and the needle went through the end of my pointer finger. I thought it missed the nail but found later it had broken the nail. I was not smart enough to lift the needle out but on reflex pulled my hand back, yep tore the end. I changed bandaids but never went to doctor just watched it. The end of that finger is still numb and that has probably been 6 weeks. Still sew and make sure fingers are out of way.

  • Lisa

    No haven’t sewn it but have gotten close enough to have the presser foot or screw hit my finger. It was sore and bruised. I can’t imagine how painful the needle would be.

  • Barbara

    No, but close!

  • Becky Sexton

    No but it’s been close before!

  • Colleen Schmidt

    Yes I have! I also have the needle to remind myself why I don’t place my hand inside the hoop. It didn’t hurt as bad as when my husband ask me to hold a piece of metal. The drill slipped and put a drill bit through my finger. Then had to put the drill in reverse to remove the bit. LOL I got him back building forms for sidewalk and he told me to hit the stake like I meant it with a sledge. I did, missing the stake and split fracture the end of his little finger. We are both shy about what to hold while the other is welding instruments that could cause pain.

  • Debora Nipper

    No I have not stitched my finger but I have grazed it. However I did hit my snippers when I tried to get that last bit of thread tail. It not only bent the needle, it also bent the little snippers beyond repair (these are the kind you squeeze).

  • Pamela Pope

    Yes indeed I have done it TWICE! The first time it just went through. Last year while embroidering again, my finger got in the way because I just had to snip that thread and the needle broke of under my nail. Had to have surgery and nail removal to get it out. Ugh! Now I learned my lesson and hopefully will not happen again.

  • [email protected]

    Yes, more than once, but not on my embroidery machine.

  • Patty

    Yes. And being a nurse, I will not share the gory details. Now instead of trying to reach inside my hoop to stop something from happening – I stop my machine.

  • Sue

    Never, ever did it with the sewing machine, but while holding a metal header for Venetian blinds that needed a hole drilled into it, my dad drilled right through my thumb. After I stopped the bleeding and bandaged it, we laughed like crazy! He’s passed away now and I’d give anything to do it again.

  • Judy

    I haven’t done that yet. I came close a few times and figured I better get something to use and not my fingers. We went to a Chinese Restaurant I brought home my chop sticks. I use a pencil sharper to make it more rounded. I also bought a tool to use. The thought of doing that just makes me cringe !!

  • Sarah

    Yes just now, stupid puff has been rolling off my hats all day.. I stopped the machine and went to pull the thread out so I could back it up and add the puff.. not thinking about that last cut after the stop… stuck my finger right under there!! Sitting here waiting for my ride to urgent care to get the needle out!!


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