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Easy Scalloped Borders

Katherine Artines is at it again with her recent Welding Wizardry video on YouTube.  She explores the difference between the Weld, Intersect and Trim shape tools in Inspirations Perfect Embroidery Pro. These helpful tools expand your drawing capabilities and streamline complicated processes.

Katherine’s video will show you how to add an enticing scallop border to the outside of a simple heart or better yet, to the inside of the same heart.

Scallops invoke a sweetness that is particularly inviting to many Valentine’s Day designs. They can elevate a plain, applique heart into a dainty love-filled message. Follow Katherine’s easy to duplicate steps to achieve the same results.

In this 50-minute video, you’ll learn how to use guidelines for accuracy plus Katherine shares her tips for precise positioning of objects – a real time saver!  Plus, she illustrates how to sharpen corners in just two clicks of the mouse.
As you watch the video, you’ll see why she has embraced the Navigator tool.  Often, we forget to use the new tools that have been added to our software.  Navigator was added as a new free feature in November, 2017. Navigator allows you to view areas of a design quickly by blending the Zoom and Pan tools into one window. You can access the Navigator on a tab at the bottom right of the screen, next to the Library and Color Sequence tabs.

Click here to watch and learn Katherine’s latest wizardry. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.