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Magnetic Hoops

I take magnetic hoops for granted.  I invented them so long ago, I’d have to check the patent to verify the year.  I use them everyday for many embroidery tasks.  So it surprises me when I attend events and meet embroiderers who are not familiar with magnetic hoops.

They’ll ask if they work.  And the answer is, “Absolutely!”

They ask if they’ll harm their machine.  And the answer is, “No!”

They’ll ask what size should they buy.  And the answer is, “Every size available for your machine!”

So let’s dig a little deeper.  Magnetic hoops work like a dream because they do not cause fiber distortion. They have a flat metal bottom frame and a flat magnetic top.  The magnets are quite strong and firmly grip a quilt sandwich, a terry towel, a knit shirt and many other fabrics.  They do not replace a standard embroidery hoop, they complement it!

Magnetic hoops do not harm your machine as the magnetic force is shielded by the metal frame.  The magnetic force grips the fabric – not the machine.  The hoops have been thoroughly tested on all machines during the prototype stage.  There has never been an issue with a magnetic hoop interfering with the machine’s operating system.  Many years ago, we were told not to use magnetic pin cushions.  At that time, the computer in the machine was encased in a light plastic housing and magnets could interfere with the operating system. In you owned a cell phone in that era, it was housed in a tote bag with long coiled wire!

Today, the machine’s computer, although very powerful, is tiny. It’s highly insulated and the magnetic force can reach it.  Think about the power of your cellphone, the advancements in embroidery technology are very similar.

So what size should an embroiderer buy? I always ask, ” What size hoop do you stitch the majority of your embroidery projects in?”

Whatever the answer is, that’s the first magnetic hoop size they should purchase.

Now if someone is starting to quilt with their embroidery machine, then the answer is, the largest hoop that’s available for your machine!




  • Rachel Price

    I LOVE my magnetic hoops…Use them everyday!!!!! Wish they could go on sale, I need more.

    • eileenroche

      I wish we could put them on sale but then sewing machine retailers would no longer stock them. We are grateful for the support of the independent retailer so we don’t want to under sell them. But they are sold at a discount at all of our dime events. You can see the schedule here:

      Look for an event near you and take advantage of the special pricing.

      • Rachel P4icr

        I checked your schedule and there are no scheduled for near to Maine. I used to live in Okla and met you and Marie in Tulsa. I love your events and miss attending them. I can always put what I want on my Christmas list…lol.

        • eileenroche

          Thanks for your kind words, Rachel!

  • Ennis A Weeks

    Magnetic hoops are great!! Love them. But they are expensive.

  • Faye Smith

    I have 4 of your hoops, but my Dream Machine (Brother 8500)
    Has trouble with the larger hoop not wanting to let the lever stay down.

    • eileenroche

      Hi Faye, please contact our customer service department at [email protected] or call 888-739-0555. They will send you a new attachment and you won’t have that problem anymore. We have corrected the attachment – I want everyone who owns a Monster hoop, to use their Monster hoop!

      • Maria Pinon

        I also have had trouble with the Monster Hoop for my Bernina 880.
        Your Customer Service Dept. And my Dealer have been wonderful and have replaced it twice but it still does not hold the project properly and embroidery shifts. I feel terrible to go go back to Dealer or your Customer Service since they have been wonderful but I would love to be able to use my hoop. Is there something I could do to help it hold the project better or is there a stronger magnet?

  • Sandra Sanders

    I see on your website that you now make snap hoops for Janome 500E. It would be be nice if you could adapt them for the Janome 350E.

    • Maxi

      Did I see you have one for the Janome 11000?

      • eileenroche

        No Maxi, we do not have hoops for the Janome 11000.

  • Susan Milikas

    I just tried the monster hoop and I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to use, I bought the largest one for the Ellison and 2 weeks later bought the 5x 7 one.

  • Shirley Clark

    There are many people that still believe they will harm your machine no matter what you say. I had some when I owned a Janome, and I really did like them.

  • Lorie

    I can definitely see the advantages of the magnetic hoop. You say these hoops complement our regular hoops. When do you think it is an advantage to use the regular hoop and not the magnetic hoop? Thanks.

    • eileenroche

      I use a standard hoop for slippery fabrics such as satin and some silks. Also very dense designs with intricate outlines are best stitched in a standard hoop.

  • Maga

    I have not been able to find them in Europe. Do you have an re-seller here?

  • Lin

    Hi Eileen
    Do your hoops fit the husquarvana Viking machines please and is there any where in the UK where I coild get them

  • Sandy

    I purchased the magnetic hoop and when the monster hoop came out I purchased the top part of the hoop to go on the magnetic hoop. I had issues with it not holding correctly. It would allow the fabric to move slightly. I sent photos to customer support and communicated with them, but this issue was never resolved. So I have been disappointed in the efficiency of the monster hoop.

  • Ruth Gole

    I have 2 of your hoops and love them, especially if I am doing an edge to edge pattern on my domestic machine. So easy to move from space to space!!

  • Sue Thole

    Are there any magnetic hoops available yet for the Bernina Artista 180? I have been waiting and hoping that they will.

  • Cathy

    Is there any Magna hoops available for the Pfaff 2170 yet? The attachment points are on the wrong side for my old Pfaff. Have you developed any work arounds/adapter for those of us that are still using older embroidery machines? I have wanted the Magna hoop since you first started selling them…sigh.

  • Lynne Goldbach

    I love the Magnetic hoop. I always had issues tightening the other brands. It makes it so simple to to hoop your item. I have many of them, but would like to get the smaller ones. But, I also believe they should go on sale. You state to buy at a DIME event. I can’t because we no one in our area of Alaska that carries them any longer. If we travel, and there is a sewing event then I might luck out. Thus, you should reduce price for all of us that can’t go to event.

    I’d love to go to event because I also love the embroidery software that you sell.

  • Evangeline

    Unfortunately you do not make any magnetic hoops for my machine.

  • BSD

    Are these hoops available for PE770 Brother machines?

  • Linda

    How do you get them to hold your fabric? Every time I try to use mine the fabric slips and I have puckers around the embroidery.

  • Iris

    Do your Magnetic hoops fit Janome machines ?

  • Barbara

    Hi Eileen, I wish I could be as thrilled with the Snap Hoop Monster magnetic hoop as some of the people that left replies. I researched this hoop before investing in it and saw it at some workshops and felt it was just want I wanted to be able to quilt my quilts on the embroidery machine. I bought the 8 x 12 LM7 for my Babylock Destiny machine but was very disappointed in that it did not hold the quilt sandwich tight and the quilt would move within the hoop with every move of the embroidery arm. I had talked to your customer service department and they were so kind as to even replace the green top part of the hoop but that did not make any difference. I am still unable to use it. I set my machine on my 4 x 8 foot cutting table and I have an apparatus above my table with clamps so I can hold the weight of the quilt up off from the embroider arm. So my problem is not due to the quilt dragging on the embroidery arm. Should I have bought a smaller hoop? Is it just that this big size doesn’t hold tight due to the size of it? Just wondering if you yourself have any suggestions on how to make this work? That was a lot of money to spend to not be able to use it. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks

  • Linnie Middleton

    Is there a magnetic for the Janome 12000

  • Laurie Bird

    Would love to have one but they are not compatible with Janome machines

  • Jacquie Reinauer

    I have the 9.5 x 14 Hoop that I bought to quilt on my destiny II. but every time I use it the top hoop slides out of alignment with the bottom hoop. The quilt also slides within the hoops. Is there anyway to keep this from happening? I had such high hopes for this hoop. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you

    • ET

      I have the same problem. I have watched video after video. I am very disappointed with the Snap Hoop Monster. I have tried doing terry bath towels with disastrous results.
      Is it the smaller size magnetic hoops everyone loves?

  • Sandra Nettles

    I have a Praff Creative Icon which my Viking hoops won’t fit. Can your magnetic hoops fit? Could you email me an answer?

  • kathy ridgley

    Do you have a video on the use of these hoops?

  • Bev Blankus

    I am trying to figure out how to use the magnetic hoops.Help!

  • Sandy Stein

    I, too, have had issues with the monster hoop. I corresponded with your office and sent photos, but the issues were never resolved. So disappointed!