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Common Threads

I just returned from a Baby Lock retreat with quilters, sewists, embroiderers and fashionistas. Mix in some industry executives and you’ve got quite an interesting group. Common Threads is an invitation-only event with the intention of spreading the love of Baby Lock to its brand ambassadors and creating a community. It’s a time to share new ideas, charitable thoughts and product knowledge.  It’s a ‘coming home’ of a sort as it was the third gathering for many or the attendees.

At the end of the action-packed three day event, everyone shares their thoughts of what the three days meant to them.  Everyone shared their gratitude to Baby Lock for making the event happen. Some were grateful for the opportunity to ‘play’ without an agenda (translate – deadline). Many found new friends while others cemented long-established friendships.  Others were amazed at the willingness of many to share information and welcome newcomers. A few were even moved to tears. As shocking as that might sound in a business environment, I completely understood. The one thing all of us have in common is that much of our work is done in solitude without reassurance or encouragement. We push ourselves believing in our work and hope it flies.  The most refreshing comment of the wrap-up was, “There are no mean girls here.”

How true because for three days, we played!  It started on the top-of-the-line Destiny.DestinyBL

Evy Hawkins led us in a fun in-the-hoop purse with her signature applique.EvyBagBL

Lindsay Wilkes, walked us through Little Dresses for Africa after a rousing presentation from founder Rachel O’Neil, Look how charming these dresses are. We made 50 sweet dresses, ready to ship across the ocean.DressBL

Of course, you can’t get to know Baby Lock very well unless you take a spin on one of their sergers.  Sara Gallegos taught how to quilt, insert a zipper and piece a zipper pouch on the Baby Lock Ovation!  What fun!SergerBL

More to come on June 24!




  • Chris Simpson

    Thank you for the correct terminology for multiple needle workers. Somehow ‘sewers’ just doesn’t look right!

  • Paula Somers

    I am so glad to hear about your opportunity to network and sew. So many ideas and educators.

  • Susan Shamekh

    It sounds like a fun event! Baby Lock really needs to have a dealer in the Middle East. I live in Dubai. Any idea why they don’t sell here?

  • Alicia Key

    I wish there were dealer forums where new dealers could learn & share like you’ve described. Aren’t the Destiny and Dream Machine pretty much the same?Brother has a B2B event but not until August so if one becomes a dealer after August, there’s nothing to work with until the following August!

  • eileenroche

    Alicia, there is an annual convention for all sewing machine retailers (not brand specific) in Las Vegas. Go to to learn more.

  • Carolyn

    Wish I could have sneaked in! Sounds like a “just my style” event. Thank you for sharing.

  • Fran Rushing

    I just tried your link to, then I tried .com, and neither link works! Can you please repost if the link needs a corrected typo? Thanks! I am making some for a refugee camp in Ethiopia, our pastor is traveling there in January

    • eileenroche

      Hi Fran, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the link above but you can type into your browser and you’ll land on the home page. Wonderful cause…

  • Christine

    Am going to switch from a pc to a Mac. Any and all information you can give me re cost user friendly and or where to find your software will be much appriecated…. I have been using 6d. Prior. Thanks

  • Maureen

    How refreshing to hear of a company having an event for their dealers that they give back to the community. Makes me remember why I chose BabyLock when I could’ve gone with another brand.

  • Cecilia Wilson

    Events like that are so fun because you make things you would not normally do. And you get to learn instead of teach. Both are fun but it is nice to trade off.looking forward to the behind the scenes.

  • Ryan Jaxon

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