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Free Updates – June 2017!

If you own Inspirations’ Perfect Embroidery Pro, you enjoy free updates forever. Really.  Forever.  Many updates work in the background to keep your software compliant with the latest Windows updates. In addition, some PEP updates include new features.  This month, you’ll find three very handy new features.  When you log on to PEP on Monday, June 5, you’ll be prompted to update your software. It’s not mandatory but it is advisable.

Three of my favorite new features are Projection, Filter and Nap Blocker. Let’s take a look at each one.

Projection morphs a single running outline into unique rows of flowing stitches.  Digitize a curvy line, overlapping here and there to mimic half of a butterfly. 

Select the line.  In the Properties Box, click the arrow next to Standard in the Type field and select Projection.   

Wow – look at what Projection produces!  Beautiful! 

I copied, pasted and mirror imaged the wing.  Then I added antennae and a body. 

It’s easy to change the distance between the rows of stitching. In the Properties Box on the Run, change the Density to produce different results.  The image above was 4.0. A bit more open is 6.0.An exaggerated spacing of 12.0 results is wide open spaces between the rows.

Filter allows you to make quick changes to specific stitch types.  Open a design that includes a variety of stitch types (satin, steil, run, complex fill, etc).  The Owl is from Inspirations’ Elegant Wisdom Collection, design #98627301.  Select the design, right click and select View, Filter. 

A new window pops up with all stitch types.  Place a check mark in the Run box and click OK. 

Now only the run stitches are visible. 

You can make any change you want to these stitches. For now, let’s just change the color to black. 

Select all, right click, View, Show All. 

That was so easy!

What if you want to stitch this owl on terrycloth?  Those run stitches will seep into the texture and disappear.  The Nap Blocker feature adds a layer of stitches behind all other stitches to hold down the nap of textured fabrics.  Select the design, right click, Utility, Create Nap Blocker.

Now the design will sit on a field of stitches whose only job is to smooth the texture of the fabric. The software automatically puts the Nap Blocker segment as the first stitches of the design. Assign a new color to the Nap Blocker, then select a thread to match the fabric. the Nap Blocker stitches will be practically invisible. 

Next Saturday, we’ll delve into to the newly-updated Style feature and explore the Vintage settings in the new Filter feature.  In the meantime, enjoy Projection, Nap Blocker and Filter.







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  • Mary Ann

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful updates!! Those are fantastic new features. I love the nap blocker. I have embroidered towels and had to add that myself. How easy!! Your software is wonderful and the part that sold me was all the free for life updates. Awesome product!! Thank You

  • Kathleen De Verville

    I to love this idea, the nap blocker. This is great. Thank you so much.

  • Mark Waters

    It is interesting that this is not true. Today, August 2, 2017, I loaded up my Perfect Embroidery Pro, which I have been using since the breakup of Floriani & G7 Solutions back in 2014, and it said I needed to Activate the software. It was funny, because I had been using the software for the last 2+ years. When I went to register, the activation code was missing. I was told after sending off the activation request to support, that the serial number was retired and for a blackmail payment of $99, I could have access to the software and all my files once again. We were told when Floriani and G7 Solutions broke up, that we would still have the programs for life. Floriani has lived up to its side of the deal, still waiting for DIME to do the same.

    • Mark Waters

      I am very happy to report that DIME has reactivated our software for us. We received our emails this morning and had the program working again. DIME is a stand up company for taking care of the issue.

  • Peter Alfred

    I have a friend who once told me that she got free digitizing for embroidery. Is that possible? I understand there can be free stock designs but she meant custom embroidery digitizing.

  • catherine

    What happened to the free monthly designs