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Where Oh Where Did My Design Go?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve fallen in love with a design, any design like a luscious rose, pretty lace or a furry kitten. You stitch it once and then forget about it until you remember just how beautiful it stitched. And how elegant it would look on your current project. But you struggle to locate it on your computer. Its name is not a noun, more likely it’s a five-digit number with a letter or two thrown in. And since it’s been ages since you bought it, you don’t even remember the company who sold it to you.

I’m sure you’ve felt as frustrated as me when searching for embroidery designs. The list of designs is not helpful as I don’t really want to open each design to see what it is.

Now that I use Inspirations Perfect Stitch Viewer, all of my designs appear as small images of the embroidery designs. Eureka! That makes life so much easier.

Perfect Stitch Viewer is a helpful tool for keeping easily identifying embroidery designs in Windows Explorer (the folder system on your computer). My good friend and colleague Katherine Artines created a helpful tutorial on YouTube about Perfect Stitch Viewer. Katherine taught computer skills in her previous career so she brings solid expertise when she talks about storing and locating designs. Every time I watch one of Katherine’s videos on best practices in Windows Explorer, I learn how to work more efficiently. And she doesn’t disappoint this time either. Click here to watch out how she gets the most out of Perfect Stitch Viewer.




  • LisaKnight

    This is a wonderful explanation of the use and necessity of this program. The tutorial takes you through all the ins and outs of this program. Thank you for highlighting it.