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The Embroidery Rules Have Been Rewritten

For years, I’ve been making embroidered gifts for two special men in my life. I don’t want to ‘throw anyone under the bus’ so let’s just call them – the boys. The boys are always grateful and charming when accepting these items from the work of my hands.  It’s a lovely moment. I’m touched by their gratitude and they’re touched by my thoughtfulness.  And then….I never see the items again.  I mean, NEVER.  But that’s changed because now I’m using Inspirations newest software – Vintage Embroidery Software – and the boys love the results!  One jacket I created for one of the boys has become a wardrobe staple. I’ve seen him wear it at least once a week. Wow! I’m so impressed with the possibilities this software offers, it’s a real game-changer.

So what’s so different about it?  Well, it’s not traditional embroidery – the rules have been re-written to give the look of yesterday’s hand stitches coupled with today’s digital products and high performance threads.

This software was inspired by what you see in retail stores: big, bold stitches in matte threads on knits, denims, cotton and linen.  The long stitch length and thick threads result in low-stitch count designs making garments so comfortable.  There’s no need for heavy cut-away or fusible stabilizers; just lightweight water solubles or tear-away wash-aways give all the support that’s needed.  Vintage embroidery is fabric-friendly and embroiderer-friendly!  The designs are low stitch count (because the stitches are big and the polyester thread is chunky). And the boys love to wear it because it’s comfortable and mimics what their friends are paying big bucks for.

This t-shirt and hat combo stitched in under 20 minutes – including hooping!  Love that!This backpack stitched in under 8 minutes.  Vintage Embroidery Software takes gift-making to a whole new level.Up until, a home embroiderer couldn’t get this look on an embroidery machine without some serious digitizing skills.

The best part of Vintage Embroidery software is you don’t need digitizing skills. You get to select from over 1500 built-in designs and 18 fonts.  It’s so user-friendly, it even tells you what thread weight to use for each color so you can duplicate the look.   The software gives you tons of editing and conversion tools, it’s quite robust without being overwhelming.

Next week, I’ll show you more and share a link to Katherine Artines how-to video on YouTube.  For now, you can ask your location Inspirations dealer for more information. They received their shipment of the software last week!  And you can attend a Vintage Chic event to learn more about it from one of Inspirations expert embroidery educators.

Click here to find a dealer and here to find an event near you.  In the meantime, take a look at what the software can do to a tired, denim jacket.


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  • Gail Beam

    I love this vintage embroidery look!! Embroidery is a really hot item on jeans, jackets, and other wearable items this year.

  • Shawn Marie

    OMG, I have been waiting for embroidery to evolve to this exact thing! The only question, is it going to be affordable?

  • Sandra Cunningham

    What is different in the Vintage Embroidery software that up to now could not be duplicated in our traditional software?

    • Luella

      இதே à®®ின் அஞ்சல் எனக்குà®®் வந்தது… இந்த à®®ாதிà®°ி வீடு சென்னையில் இல்லவே இல்லை என்à®±ு அதை à®®01©ுப்பிà…¯à®µà®°ுக&#3à2®;கு தெளிவாக புà®°ிய வைத்தேன்.. à®®ேலுà®®், அதே à®®ின் அஞ்சலில் à®°ாஜாவின் பேà®°ை எடுத்துவிட்டு நமக்கு பிடிக்காத எந்த அரசியல் வாதியின் பெயரை போட்டு அனுப்பினால் கூட இந்த Forward-à®®ேனியா நோய் பிடித்தவர்கள் சற்à®±ுà®®் சலனம் இன்à®±ி அதை Forward-செய்வாà®°்கள் என்à®±ுà®®் எடுத்து கூà®±ினேன்…

  • maria elena blecha

    I love it, I think I might have to get that!!!!

  • Linda

    And what specialty threads will we need now?

  • Mil Peg

    How come the words here on your website look faded just lately. Some of the letters appears entirely light gray while other letters appear partially gray and black. Is makes it difficult to read.

  • Alice Cornelson

    I love this look and am excited about the software. Can’t wait to learn more about it from our local dealer. I am hoping there will be an event on it.

  • Serenity Clark

    We just hosted the very first event for the vintage software and it was a big hit with our customers! The one question that was asked that I wasn’t able to get an answer to was how to use it on the multi-needle. Since I know you have a multi-needle I am hoping you can give me some advice to pass along to my customers on needle type and tension. The machine manufacturer said we cannot use the 100 top stitch needle as the shank is too big and will damage the machine so that it will not hold regular needles anymore.

  • eileenroche

    Hi Serenity,

    Well…I have used a 100 top stitch needle on my 10-needle and had success switching back to a normal size needle. But if your manual tells you otherwise, go with the manufacturers instructions and use a 90 Topstitch needle. Schmetz makes a 90 Topstitch needle and we have tested that with the 15 wt. thread – no problems at all!

    • Serenity Clark

      Thank you!!

  • Fredrick Peterson

    Well, I should say thanks to you for this insight. I was having trouble with my work on embroidery, but Vintage Embroidery Software made digitizing very easy. Also, your work on T-shirt and cap is very good.

  • Guess embroidery is still up and has catch up with technology. I’ve heard embroidery machines, but not some much software wise. Goods news for all embroidery fanatics.

  • Grace Latin

    Thank you for a great explanation Dragons Embroidery Designs . I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it.

  • Warner Brown

    Very good. Nice information. I am new to embroidery, going to see pricing for this software.

  • Warner Brown

    This is the nice work about embroidery

  • Cool software. Finally, a new advancement came up in embroidery.