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Mulit-Needle Monday: Your First Little Black Dress

I want to share an adorable and simple to make baby onesie that I created this week. It is a purchased black cotton baby onesie in the 6-12months size embroidered with the text “My Little Black Dress” in white thread at the center chest with a black tulle tutu added at the waistline. This was a special request from one of my loyal customers.

The elegant text was created in my Perfect Embroidery Pro software. The font selected was Diana-VS and it measures 6.62″ x 2.41″. The onesie will have to be embroidered in a 5″ x 7″ hoop in order to fit the wide text.

Cut fusible polymesh cut-away larger than the 5″ x 7″ frame. Turn the onesie wrong side out and adhere the fusible mesh to the center front.   Turn the onsie right side out and place it on flat surface. Use the Center Chest (3-6, 6-9, 9-12 month) template from the Children’s Perfect Placement Kit. Center the template on the onesie, aligning the template’s bold curved line on  the onesie neckline. Slide a target sticker in the hole with the crosshair’s arrow pointing to the top of the garment. Remove the template and keep the target sticker in place until hooped and aligned with the correct needle.blackdress1BLblack dress2BL

Insert the magnetic bottom frame of 5×7 Multi-Needle Monster Snap Hoop into the leg opening of the onesie.  Add the top metal frame and make sure the target sticker is centered in the hoop. Slide the hoop onto the machine, threading the machine throat through the onesie neck opening. Make sure no excess fabric is caught underneath the hoop. Feel free to smooth and tug the fabric because it is stabilized with the polymesh cut-away.   The stabilizer prevents stretching of the fabric.

Notice how the fabric is taut and centered?black dress hoopBL

Double check the orientation of the text on your screen. Line up the target sticker with the needle bar and remove the target sticker. Add a piece of water soluble stabilizer to the top of the fabric and hold in place with the basting file or tape.

Embroider the design and remove the hoop from the machine when complete. Trim thread tails and re-iron the wrong side of the fabric to release the excess stabilizer, trim ½” around the embroidery design.

The black tutu was simply made from bridal tulle which is sold on 6 inch wide rolls at most fabric stores in many colors. Measure the waist of the onesie while placed on a table, double that measurement and add 12 inches to make a soft skirt , make two layers. black dress10BLYou could make a removable tutu by sewing the tulle on a narrow band of elastic. I opted for the permanent skirt and used a long basting stitch 4.0 to attach the 2 layers. Sew the basting stitch 1″ from edge.blackdress11BL Pull the bobbin thread at one end gather the tulle to make soft folds. Hold in place with a pin and stitch the short ends of tulle together to form the dress12BL

Pin the tutu to the center waist of the onesie, sew the skirt by gently holding the top of the tulle. Do not over stretch the onesie. blacl dress13BL

Learn more on starting a “Machine Embroidery Business” on my Craftsy class.




  • Brenda Sadler

    I really like this, but cannot find the black onsies.

  • Claudine Denn

    I too would like to know where to get the black onsies. I am having twin great daughters and this would be so cute for them

  • Alice Cornelson

    What a meat idea! I love it! What momma would not want their precious little girl to have one. I wish I had heard of this when my two granddaughters were still tiny. Thank you for sharing!

  • Elizabeth

    This is so very cute! We are expecting twin Grandbabbies in August, boy and girl, was thinking maybe a bow tie onsie for the boy to go with his sisters dress, have you made one?

    • marie zinno

      I have seen adorable bowtie embroidery designs that can be stitched at the neckline.. and pearls for little girls.

  • Cherry

    Colored onesies that are not embroidered or decorated in some way are sometimes hard to find. Use some RIT DYE and get the colors you want. You can do one or a few of them at a time in a small bucket or bowl!

    • marie zinno

      great suggestion!

  • Sharon R

    What a sweet idea!

  • Paola Dumeer

    hello ladies! I really enjoy multi-needle Mondays and am hoping I may suggest a post? I would like to be able to quilt-in-the-hoop and haven’t been able to figure out how to bring the bobbin thread to the top and leave a long enough tail so then I could go back an bury my tails. Any advise?

    • eileenroche

      Great question! Marie and I are both traveling this week (not together – she’s on a fabulous trip to Italy and I’m. headed to fabulous Quilt Market in Salt Lake City). We’ll look into that next week.