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The Unintended Double-Run

Many beginning embroiderers come across a common problem when digitizing a single run element in a design. On screen, everything looks perfect and when viewed through the slow re-draw feature this problem is often overlooked – until you stitch the design. This occurrence is the unintended two-ply run stitch.

I’m not a fan of a two-ply run stitch. I prefer a single run or if additional emphasis is needed, I go to a bean stitch. So when I digitize the single run and it stitches as a two-ply, I’m not too happy. But it’s a simple fix and one that can be detected before you stitch by using the zoom tool and paying close attention during the slow re-draw.

The unintended two-ply occurs because the stop and start points do not meet. Let’s take a look. Here’s my design that a just finished digitizing, a letter pennant. 2ply1

The pennant outline stitched twice during testing. To find the problem, zoom in on the start and stop point. 2014-07-29_20-38-04

Ah! The points are not aligned. Select the Shape tool. 2ply2A

Left click on the red stop point to expose the stitch node and slide the stop point down the stitch line. 2ply9

Left click on the blue node and move it down to align with the start point.2ply3

Slide the red stop point (the red circle) on top of the green start point.2ply4

Go to slow redraw and check your work. Easy fix, wouldn’t you agree?

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  • Pat Snyder

    Great idea! And, for those not familiar with the Bean Stitch, here is a blog about it.

    This is such a great blog. I appreciate the information and ideas.


  • Vicky Isliefson

    Wow I hope this works on my older version software!

  • Karen Poole

    Wow, what am easy fix!! You explain it in such a great way!! I have digitizing software but haven’t used it to often because of this type of thing that I didn’t know what was wrong or how to fix it!!! Thanks!!

  • Paul

    A very simple fix to a very common problem, thanks for this one!

  • Lulie Felder

    I use PE-Design 7.0. Would I be able to
    correct this error as you did? And can I make
    a bean stitch with it?

  • Ann Eales

    Thank you. I have never resolved this problem before.

  • Deborah Jones

    Yes, backtracking to get to the prescribed exit point could cause a double run. If the points meet but you still have a double run, another thing to check is the stitch type. Two ply run stitch rather than Standard may be selected…