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Nancy Zieman’s Quick Column Quilts Blog Tour

Quick_Column_Quilts_Book_Cover I always say yes to Nancy Zieman because every time I do, I learn something. So when Nancy asked me to join the Quick Column Quilt blog tour, I jumped at the chance. But quilting, hmmm, I admit I paused for a second and then thought, oh what the heck, do it! Here are my top ten tips for getting the job done.

  1. Select the quilt pattern. Thousands of quilt patterns exist so pare it down by going to a trusted source like anything designed by Nancy Zieman. Her Quick Column Quilts is a collection of very doable – and inspired – quilts. The Carefree Column Quilt jumped right at me and I’m glad it did – it was quick and easy. NZQB2
  2. Decide on fabrics. Use everything in your power to make the right fabric selection. Pay close attention to the quilt you’re duplicating making note of the light, medium and dark fabrics.  Look at other quilts for pleasing combinations or go to your quilt shop and seek their advice. Audition as many fabrics as you want; photograph the combinations, edit your choices and finally select the winning combination.  Once selected, stick with your fabric choices. Don’t sway off course; second guessing can be a huge time guzzler.
  3. Get organized.  Print or copy the instructions. As you complete each step, cross it off the how-to instructions. You’ll know right where to pick up after a break in sewing.  NZQB4
  4. Label everything. Even if you think you know how all the pieces go together, label them anyway. Life gets in the way and distractions are inevitable.
  5. Designate an area or box in your sewing room where you can store the materials for the duration of the quilt-making process. NZQB5
  6. Break apart the tasks into manageable time increments. Review the instructions and estimate how long each task will take: cutting, designing, piecing the columns, adding the sashing and so on. Make notations on the pattern to use as a guideline.  These are just guestimates as problems do occur and tasks often take longer than we think they will – at least that’s my problem!  But having an idea of the time involved will help you stay on the project because it’s easy to tackle simple steps once they are broken down.
  7. Group similar tasks together. Cut all the fabrics in one session, piece as much as possible at one time and then move to the ironing board. I cut all the fabrics and stacked then according to size with a label on top of the stack.
  8. Document the process. Once the fabrics were cut, I followed Nancy’s instructions for arranging the blocks on the design wall.  I took several photos of the designing progress as I auditioned the fabric pieces.  I reviewed the different versions on my computer and decided on my favorite. After rearranging the fabrics according to the photo, I labeled the top piece of each column.  I used the photo as a reference guide when a block or two floated out of position. NZQB3
  9. Focus during piecing.  To piece a column, I removed the pieces one at a time, starting at the bottom of the column and placing the next block on top of the stack. Once I moved to the machine, I methodically pieced that row, from the top down and then pressed the seams. Once the pieced column was returned to the design wall, I progressed to the second column.
  10. Enjoy it! Racing through the quilt making process takes all the joy out of it. Savor the fabrics as you handle them, strive for perfect ¼” seams and concentrate on how you’ll use the quilt or who will receive it. Name your quilt – after all, it’s your baby now! My quilt goes by the name of Sun Kissed.  Sunkissed

You’ll notice my quilt isn’t quilted just yet. Oh but it will be!  I have the most ingenious plan and tool for quilting Sunkissed on my embroidery machine. You’ll learn more in a future post. And be sure to visit Nancy’s blog where she will be giving away 15 grand prizes!

Blog tour stops – check out all the stops on the Quick Quilts blog tour!

09/04/14         Nancy Zieman

09/05/14         Quilt Taffy and Simple Simon & Co.

09/06/14         Diary of a Quilter  and Stitchin Jenny

09/07/14         A Woman a Day  and Craizee Corner                

09/08/14         Jina Barney DesignzLilac Lane Patterns, and Totally Stitchin’ 

09/09/14         Esch House Quilts and The Cottage Mama

09/10/14         Designs in Machine Embroidery and Pat Sloan

09/12/14         Happy Valley PrimitivesDoohikey Designs, and Quilt in a Day

09/13/14         Quilt Dad and Just Arting Around

09/14/14         Lazy Girl Designs and  Marie-Madeline Studio

09/15/14         Always Expect Moore  and Polka Dot Chair

09/16/14         Amy Lou Who Sews and Riley Blake Designs

09/17/14         Indygo Junction and Amy’s Creative Side

Here’s your assignment this week:
Visit any or all of the stops on the blog tour listed above. Comment below about your favorite quilt or technique you saw on the tour. One comment will be selected to receive a copy of Nancy’s book Quick Column Quilts – good luck!


The winner of last week assignment:
After you’ve taken advantage of the great deal from leave a comment below about the three most used items in your sewing room. One blog reader will be selected to receive a $25 gift certificate for use on the DiME website. Thanks and good luck!
Gift-CardAnd the winner is Pamela B. – “Sewing machine, serger, iron, and tool box (it is full of essentials)”




  • Linda Seemann Korte

    I simply love sun kissed quilt! It looks so quick and easy to piece. I think I will make one from my hand dyed fabrics. It would be stunning I some of mt indigo gybed pieces! Ideas are brewing!

  • Nancy Zieman

    Hi Eileen,
    What a great version of the Carefree Column Quilt Design! The colors are so you. Thanks for being part of the blog tour, dear friend.

  • Judy Brekhus

    First time seeing a quilt like this. A great example of the new modern quilts. I really lovr the color combination, bright and cheerful. My mom just entered memory care and this just might be the perfect quilt for her.

  • Sue Duisenberg

    I love the colors in this quilt. I have a baby quilt to make by Oct 1. This would be a quick way to begin–maybe some baby fabric in parts…

  • craftygramma

    Wow. I LOVE your fabrics!Any chance you’ll tell me what line(s) they are? So, I am all caught up on this blog hop, and I love the Happy Go Lucky Chevrons pattern.I could really see it in these same fabrics if I could get (afford)them… we are an all girl household here (gramma, grandgirls – 2&5, dogs and cats) so pink and orange are so US! I even have pink and orange on my wishlist!!Thanks for this chance.
    PS- we get up early every saturday to watch NZ… just sayin…

  • Sandy K

    One of my favorites is Wind Chimes. The book is full of great quilts.

  • Vicki H

    My list to make now has the Happy-Go-Lucky Chevron quilt on it. Great book.

  • Melody Lutz

    Ok….lets do this one…in purple and blue with white!

  • Kate Hefright

    Carefree column… in red and green for Christmas! Love the organizing tips.

  • Julie in WA

    I have visited every stop on this tour, and my favorite tip is right here on your blog: #10!! Taking the time to enjoy the process of making a quilt harkens to the days when women hand-sewed their precious fabrics, thinking about the one-day wedding or the expected child…I like to match points, use accurate seam allowance, and pray for the quilt recipient. Nope, you won’t find me making a jelly roll race or quilt in a day!

  • Marie Peppler

    I loved you tip about labeling the parts and columns. What a great way to stay organized! I’d love to try it out on one of these quilts!

  • beth daniels

    I enjoyed the part about printing out the instructions. I can see the instructions a lot better that way. I also do my quilts in pieces, like cutting and sewing separately and then doing one column at a time.

  • Nancy

    Your 10 steps program is great. I learned the hard way to use most of these steps but if I were a beginner I would print this off and keep it nearby. I like your quilt and can’t wait to see the quilting. Also like Emilie’s little quilt as it shows such promise.

  • Lisa Marie

    I’ve been following the tour and have seen so many gorgeous quilts! Several bloggers have used the Windchimes pattern and had great results. Your quilt is a beauty! I really like the colors and fabrics you have used, and those tiny blocks extending into the borders are especially cute. A small change, but it really adds to the quilt!

  • Gill

    My favourite quilt is Floating Squares!!

  • jo williams

    I’m trying to get back into my sewing and quilting

  • Lori Morton

    LOVE the Happy Go Lucky Chevron quilt…definitely have this book on my Wish List already too!! & Your quilt is goin to b Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see all finished!! I Summery..but like the edge of Autumn! Gorgeous!

  • Judy G

    So far, I am really impressed with Jina Barney Designz’s “Happy Go Lucky Chevron Column Quilt”. Love her color choices. Looking forward to seeing the remaining quilts on the Blog Hop!

  • Nancy Drake

    I especially like your colors in your quilt Sun Kissed –they are so MY colors too. Would love to own the book.

  • Nancy

    I really like the wind chimes quilt. I could see that as a fun scrap quilt too!

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I like the colors in your sun-kissed quilt, but I have to say my favourite on the blog tour so far is the “London Chimes” version of Windchimes by Woman a Day. I like the mostly cool palette and the British themed prints.

  • Carol K E

    My daughter and I were privileged to hear and see Nancy demonstrate the creation of these quilts. I think my favorite is the Wind Chime quilt, but it was fascinating to see the live demonstration. Nancy was so gracious, and I was surprised at how excited my daughter was to have a photo taken with this lovely lady.

  • LeAnne L

    I really like the Wind Chimes quilt. Can’t wait to pick out my fabrics and make it.

  • Lori

    I really like the Carefree Columns quilt.

  • Liz

    I too like Jina Barney Designz’s “Happy Go Lucky Chevron Column Quilt”.

  • Sarah

    My favorite quilt was the doll quilt sewn by little Emily!

  • Linda E in AZ

    This looks like a great quilt design for our guild to use up odd amounts of fabric! thanks for sharing

  • Sheila Stepp

    The Chevron quilt is spectacular. Love the fabrics!

  • Mary S

    The Carefree Column Quilt gets my vote. Love the colors.

  • Ilana

    I love your tips for staying organized during the quilt making process. Your quilt top looks great. I love the little extras in your border. I’ve really liked all of the quilts I’ve seen so far on the tour.

  • tina

    I like the your organizing tips! The chevron quilt by Stitchin Jenny is nice because it really pops with the black background. I also like the carefree Column Quilt because it looks so easy.

  • Donna Fecteau

    So far, I think I like yours the best. I love the pattern and the colors you chose. I think I would like to make this one and use up my scraps on the small sqaures and then tie them all together with the larger bands of color. I also like Nancy’s tumbler one and will probably try to make that one for my neice.

  • Rosemary Rivas

    Love the idea of columns rather than rows. What a refreshing change/variation. Within the last year I made two T-shirt quilts and had to think both horizontally and vertically to get everything I want to fit in a eye-pleasing design, so this is not a new concept to me, but might be for others.

  • patty

    Jina’s chevron quilt has been my favorite so far.

  • Patricia Johnston

    I love the colors in your Sun Kissed Quilt!It made me feel happy, just looking at it. I’d love the chance to make a similar quilt, but if I don’t win, I’d buy the book anyway.

  • Karen Thurn

    I just found this blog hop and went back to look at all the blogs. I just love A Woman A Day’s take on the Wind Chimes and her tutorial makes it look so easy. But I must say all the quilts have been beautiful. [email protected]

  • Angela Brady

    I like your post the most so far. I like the idea of taking a photo, using the design wall, stacking the blocks and sewing from the top down.

  • Donna G.

    Great quilt! I think all of the column quilts are cool, and my favorite is the one using tumbler blocks!

  • Elaine C.

    Taffy talk has a quilt that is so cute a beachy, love the seaside .
    This post was very well written. Step by step is always helpful. Love the
    colors, the pattern is great.

  • Kathie L

    I particularly like the Windchimes quilts.

  • Barbara Showell

    Carefree Columns has been my favorite so far, the beachy and the blues. All of them are nice. I’d really like the book.

  • Diana Knight

    Thanks for the great step by step advice, Eileen! I am preparing to teach some beginner quilters soon and really saw that your steps make it easier to manage and be successful AND fun! This Carefree Column quilt is perfect for them to work on!

  • Kathy Combs

    Love the step by step progress. Putting estimated time by each step will really help me!! My time is do limited for seeing these days. Keep up the great work ladies, I love looking at other’s work. One of the days, I may get time to see more. Until then I just look!

  • Sarah J.

    I loved the doll quilt– something I can see my own daughter doing! There are several projects in this book I’d love to put on my to-do list! And your post just convinced me I need a design wall for my sewing area- thanks!

  • Mom C

    I do like your fabric and color choices for your Sunkissed quilt and I appreciate your tips. So agree on them. I also like the Chevron. Actually, haven’t seen one I don’t want to make. Thanks.

  • Christine

    I enjoyed Rebecca’s quilt on A Woman A Day. Such beautiful colors!

  • Chris

    I really like the Tumblers Quilt but I think your tutorial is the best so far however I bet QuiltDad will do a really good job on the 13th. We’ll see.

  • Laura Lynch

    I LOVE your Sun Kissed quilt! My other fav is the Blue & White one …I can’t remember her name . . . but it was classic!

  • Carol

    This looks like a great book! It’s so fun to see everyone’s quilts.

  • beth daniels

    I like the blocks that were done with Riley Blake designs, also liked the quilt done by Sue Bouchard of Quilt In a Day website. I feel I could make these quilts in the book.

  • Robin in Kansas

    I really didn’t think I liked modern quilt designs until this blog tour. All these fun, colorful, punchy quilts have been a revelation! Your Sun Kissed makes me happy just looking at it. But the doll quilt Melissa Stramel at Lilac Lane made with her daughter Emilie has to be my absolute favorite because it made me realize how marvelous these simple but snappy designs would be as beginner lessons with my own grandkids.

  • Judi

    I love this one! I also learned a lot just from your post. Super simple and timely tips. Thanks!!

  • dominobet

    thanks you for sharing this awesome…keep writing

  • New bisnis

    i love this awesome really 🙂

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