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Software Saturday – My Quilt Embellisher Labels


When you stumble across a family heirloom, don’t you find yourself yearning for some background behind the object?  Don’t you wish you knew the date it was created and by whom? And where?  I sure do.  So I think we should take that into consideration when we make quilts and include a label.

Of course, labels are as individual as signatures but here are my self-inflicted rules for quilt labels – with the emphasis on self-inflicted!  I think it’s important to document the title of the quilt, the recipient (if there is one), the quilt maker’s name and hometown, the date of completion and…how to care for the quilt.

Two more rules that I have are to make the label visually appealing and add it to the quilt before the quilting is complete. I’ll explain how I add it to the quilt in a future post but for now, I’ll concentrate on digitizng.

My Quilt Embellisher has 99 different labels to get you started.  Open a new file in My Quilt Embellisher, click on the Border icon and select a favorite – I like Border 74. label1

It has adornments at the top and bottom; an inner bean stitch outline and an outer satin stich outline.  Select the design, right mouse click and Ungroup. Now, delete adornments and the satin stitch outline. label3

Select the Text icon and click inside the frame.  Move the cursor to the Properties box and type the title of the quilt. Select a font from the drop down menu, I’ve selected Bauhas.  Click Apply. label4

Select the Text icon again and click inside the frame.  Move the cursor to the Properties box and type your name, click on Enter and then type your hometown on the second line. Click a different font from the drop down menu – Cursive in this sample. In the Line Spacing box, enter -5. Click Apply. The negative number automatically pulls the letters close together mimicking handwriting. label5

Just a little more information and we’ll be done. Select the text icon again, click inside the frame and move the cursor to the Properties box.  Type the date on the first line and the care instructions on the second line.  In the font drop down menu, select Arial 4mm.  Click Apply. label7

Select all of the elements, right mouse click and select Align, Horizontal Center. label8

Once you’re satisfied with the layout, reorder the color sequence. In the Sequence window, select the first color, the frame. label9

Move it to the last position. The label is ready to be stitched! label10

On Wednesday, I’ll share the next steps – applying to the quilt.

I love how easy it is to customize a label in My Quilt Embellisher.




  • Christine

    i like it a lot…how do we get the software???

    • eileenroche

      You can purchase My Quilt Embellisher from a sewing machine dealer. To find a dealer near you, copy and paste the link below. Enter your zip code in the locator box. If you don’t have a dealer close to you, ask your favorite dealer to carry the product! Here’s the link:

  • CathyK

    Looks wonderful! Where does one find this software? I’m a newbie to machine embroidery. I just bought a Babylock Unity and am anxious to learn all I can.

  • Theresa Lindal

    I have Floriani Total Control U and love it. I watched Utube Brad Martin and it was very easy to follow his video on embossing. I was able to digitize just like he showed on the video, it is fun to do. I did a really cute bathtub on a towel for my first test and it came out great. I had Digitizer for my Janome 10001 and I got a new machine Janome Horison 15000 and it doesn’t work on that but the digitizing program came with it and it is very easy to use being I already had learned some on the other program. I really love my new machine, just have to make the time to use it now.
    Would like to sell my Janome digitizing program.

    • Cherry Parker

      I have a Janome MC12000 and would love to know if the digitizing program you are talking about would work with my machine? let me know some details. Thanks1

  • Sharon Kae

    Thank you. Wonderful idea!

  • Mary Ann

    I made 4 quilts for my grandchildren last year and my son said Mom you have to sign those. So I went to my MQE program and made 4 different labels. It was so easy in MQE. Love the program. The young grandkids just love that Grandma’s name is on it and their name too.

    • Cherry Parker

      What program exactly are you refering to?

      • eileenroche

        Cherry, Mary Ann is referring to Inspiration’s My Block Piecer. Inspiration is the software division of Designs in Machine Embroidery. The software is available through sewing machine retails. You can find a dealer here:

  • Bruce

    This is cool idea! Thanks for sharing.


  • jenny

    Good share. thanks by