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Multi-Needle Monday: Cylinder Hoop Attachment – Brother Entrepreneur

Multi-needle embroidery machine owners are a resourceful and thrifty group. I follow a few Facebook organizations and blogs and try to get a feel for what they are looking for. Most of the questions pertain to hooping and stabilizer challenges on multi-needle machines. Many are overwhelmed once the machine and all the necessary notions are purchased. I remember when I first started my embroidery business; I had no idea about the different accessories that were available to ease hooping.

Last year I taped an episode of It’s Sew Easy TV and I featured the cylinder hoop for the Brother Entrepreneur multi-needle embroidery machine. The series was titled fashion through history. My segment #813 focused on the 1970’s and I embroidered the bottom pant leg of denim jeans. The cylinder hoop can be a useful tool for stitching: upper sleeve on jackets, bottom edge of short sleeve shirts (coaches and corporate), children’s pant legs, narrow opening of bags (wine bags) and any other problematic blanks.

One of the best attributes of the cylinder hoop is the generous embroidery area size: 3 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide. There are three different components of the cylinder hoop: the mounting jig, the cylinder driver and cylinder hoop frame (all included with purchase from your authorized dealer). The hoop is curved and the use of stabilizer is very critical because of the “open window” frame. I suggest using fusible cut away stabilizer when stitching a fabric with stretch. The clips are necessary to hold the fabric in place and inserting the frame to the machine needs a steady hand so as not to push the fabric through the frame opening.

The embroidery machine will “read” the hoop which is helpful but consider if the design needs to be rotated.

Step 1: Loosen and remove the screws from back of machine attachment and remove the “A” or “B” arms, place the screws aside. Insert the cylinder driver on to machine where the arms were removed and tighten the bottom screws (included with the cylinder hoop) as well as inserting the screws from the arms that were removed. Attach the cylinder mounting jig to a table top or metal stand frame and tighten the bottom screw vice which is included with mounting jig. cylinder2BLcylinder3BL

Step 2: Mark the embroidery area on jacket sleeve with a target sticker; turn sleeve inside out and iron the fusible stabilizer to the inside of upper sleeve (or desired location for embroidery). Turn sleeve right side out with target sticker still in place. Insert the cylinder frame onto the mounting jig and slide the sleeve onto the frame.cylinder4BLcylinder5BL Use the included clips to tighten the fabric on the frame on both sides. Remove the frame from the jig carefully and transfer to the cylinder driver.cylinder6BL

Step 3: Embroider the design on upper sleeve area of jacket and remove frame from driver. Remove all clips and re-iron the fusible stabilizer from inside jacket sleeve. Carefully trim the excess stabilizer from inside jacket and clip thread tails if necessary.cylinder8BL

Visit It’s Sew Easy TV to view the segment:

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  • Sharon R

    My dealer discouraged me from getting the cylinder hoop attachment when I purchased my machine. They said that too many customers were complaining about difficulty of use and they would return them after just a few weeks. I may have to go back and insist they order the item, or just give my business to another shop.

    • M

      Why would you leave a store that gives you honest facts and information regarding the experiences of other customers?! I would love any store that is more interested in giving me good information and building a long-time relationship with me than making a quick profit on one tool. That is a definition of the best store and people you could have!

    • marie zinno

      Sharon, It is not the perfect hoop for everything (we know that does not exist) but it can be a nice alternative for a variety of items.
      Thanks for reading and replying.

  • Sue M

    Very pleased reading this article. Thanks heaps. I have just mastered the cylinder cap hoop and this one will work just the same but for sleeves etc. I didn’t realise that you could purchase one like this. The cap hoop works really well and after the first cap (learning) they were very quick and easy to do.

    • marie zinno

      Thanks Sue. I’m glad you are mastering the hat hoop (hats can be a challenge for sure).
      Thanks for reading.

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  • Rebecca

    I wasn’t aware this hoop even existed. I have a PR600II so I will have to see if there is one for my machine. Thank you for the information.