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Finish Those Quilt Tops LIVE

Happy Thursday Embroidery Friends!

Today we had our best LIVE yet! It was so much fun engaging with all of you and Eileen loved answering all of your questions. We also featured more of your #dimedoors for our #dimesewalong ! The creativity is inspiring. Check out the video below to see for yourself and get some questions you may have about magnetic hoops and quilting answered!

Need assistance applying your centering guides to your Monster frame? Download the cross-hair embroidery designs by CLICKING HERE.

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See you next Thursday at 1pm CST!




  • Cathy Ervin

    do you have a monster hoop for the Pfaff 2170 yet? I have been anxiously waiting for a very long time….

  • eileenroche

    Hi Cathy, Unfortunately, we do not have plans to make a Snap Hoop Monster for the Pfaff 2170. I know that is a magnificent machine but the position of the attachment (on the right and in the rear of the machine), makes it incompatible with our Pfaff hoops.

  • Ann Nora Conte

    Hi, I watched and was happy you addressed why the rulers are not already on the hoops. I struggled to get mine on correctly and for the future perhaps you can include the centering template instructions with the hoops.
    I searched your Blog for the template but was unable to find it. Would you post a link to it.
    The centering is so very important as I use the hoops to quilt my quilts and as you pointed out, lining them up can make all the difference in a beautiful and perfect placement of the design.
    Many thanks,
    Ann Nora

    • eileenroche

      Hello Ann Nora, If you scroll up on this page, you find the words ” CLICK HERE” located right above the video. Click on those capitalized words and it will take you to the downloadable zip file which contains an embroidery cross hair.

  • Diane Cockmakn

    Really enjoyed your pod cast. I didn’t get it live but watched it later. Thank you for all the information.

  • Laura Szydlowski

    I tried to find the Embroidery Toolshed free download but I couldn’t find it. Could you please help me with this dilemma ? Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter. I really enjoy your blog and have scheduled it in my appointments. I will be trying to watch all of previously recorded blogs.

  • nancy Wilson

    Lost my rulers for magnetic hoop.
    Can i purchase new rulers?

  • Rosemary Beneteau

    I bought a used monster hoop for my Dream machine, but it does not have the measuring tape around it. Can I purchase it separately?