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Converting Designs in Perfect Embroidery Pro

Inspiration’s Perfect Embroidery Pro has a unique feature – batch conversion. This handy feature quickly converts one, two, several or dozens of machine embroidery designs from one embroidery format to another. It all happens in the blink of eye – which lets you get to the fun part of embroidery – the actual stitching!

No more, Save AS, Save As, Save As over and over again!

If the video doesn’t appear on your screen, click here.






  • Bobbieann

    Wow, for sure, that is fast & easy.

  • Ed Newbold

    Clarification: You state PEP will batch convert “from one embroidery format to another”; However, how can you convert an existing, say, PES design into C2S format, as the PES design doesn’t have any designing info in it; only stitching info? Thanks for your input.

    • eileenroche

      Hi Ed, PEP will automatically convert a PES design to a condensed C2S format. When you do that, you will have many of the advanced editing features found in an original C2S although probably not all of the features. For instance, you’ll be able to change the width of satin, density of a fill and the like. You may not be able to change certain fancy fills. I suggest always keeping your original file, making changes in the converted C2S file and testing those changes in the new (and renamed) PES file. You’ll be amazed at how much flexibility you will have.

  • Mark Daniel

    i’m Glad to read! Great. I never stop learning either. There are often several ways to achieve the same outcome, and it is good to see other peoples methods.

  • Claire

    Nice post…keep up the awesome work…

  • Bruce

    I have been looking for this, converting one to another is very helpful. Thanks for sharing the video.


  • Kathleen De Verville

    Something else new to learn, very helpful, thank you.

  • Wow! Great method. Learned a new thing today. Thankyou so much for sharing it.