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Multi-Needle Monday: On the Edge Monogrammed Pillowcase

The simple monogrammed pillowcase sounds like an easy task but when you think about the placement of the monogram you might re-consider. The monogram size should be generous; at least 2 ½ inches tall and is traditionally stitched directly on the band. Multi-needle machine owners have the advantage over single needle domestic machines because the bulk of the fabric can hang down and over the front of the hoop. There is no need to rip out a seam on the pillowcase and embroider the edge.

I choose to use the flat magnetic hoop (Monster Snap Hoop 5×7) to easily hoop the pillowcase and embroider as close to the edge as possible with all of the fabric contained inside the hoop. The embroidery machine “reads” this type of hoop and therefore you can adjust the design or monogram as needed to be perfectly placed within the hoop. Both components of the flat hoop have to be aligned and then easily attached to the machine arms.

You can use the standard 5×7 hoop but all of the fabric might not be contained inside the hoop when stitching on the edge for proper stability.

Use a soft tear away stabilizer in the hoop along with a target sticker to precisely mark where the monogram should be placed. The arrow on the target designates the proper orientation of the text. The pillowcase monogram should be easily read when the pillow is placed on the bed with the open end of the pillowcase displayed towards the outside of the bed.

Follow along with my step by step instructions.


Cut the stabilizer larger than the bottom frame of Monster Snap Hoop.

Locate the center on the band of the pillowcase by folding the pillowcase in half and marking it with a target sticker.


Position the top metal frame of the Monster Snap Hoop to contain the fabric underneath frame with the target sticker centered within the hoop. Rotate to enable the bulk of the fabric to hang towards the outside of the hoop.

pillowcase6BLpillowcase7BLThe finished pillowcases were part of a large back to college order for a customer. The lucky young woman apparently loves pink!.




  • Paulette Kellerher

    Looking at the pictures, is the monogram upside down? To display the pillowcase with the monogram readable, wouldn’t you have to embroider it in the opposite direction?

    • Donna

      She forgot to flip the design.

  • Gail Beam

    Thanks for the tutorial, especially, since I thought the monogram on a pillowcase went towards the opening of the pillow.

    • Paulette Kellerher

      Your right Gail, the monogram does go on the open end of the pillowcase. However my question was because if you look at the last picture with the monster hoop still attached, you can see the stabilizer coming out the opening, but the letters should be facing the opening, not facing you.

  • karen

    Sure would love to see a picture of the finished pillowcase!

    • Ellen Perry

      I agree

  • Shirley reitelbqch

    Can I use this frame on m 180 Bernina. I can use 5 x7. But I never maganic devices.

  • Aimee Aimee

    Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it

  • Aimee Aimee

    Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it
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