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Multi-needle Monday: Visor Embroidery

As summer time approaches the request for hats and visors really start to multiply. In my embroidery business, I supply a number of local country club tennis teams with uniforms and accessories. Hats and visors are very popular. I struggle when embroidering visors and have had to make adjustments to the design and hooping technique.

Step 1: Use a heavy weight tear away stabilizer (2.5 oz). This stabilizer is also used for hat embroidery. Use spray adhesive if needed to hold in place. Cut the section of stabilizer large enough to extend to the upper area of the visor.visor1bl

Use small binder clips to tightly hold the stabilizer to the visor at the top edge.

Step 2: Use the large target ruler to mark the center of the visor, hold the ruler in place with painters tape or clips and position a target sticker in the hole.(Hats have a center stitched seam, but visors do not) Remove the ruler and keep the target sticker in place until the crosshair on the target sticker is lined up with the needle.


Tear away excess stabilizer carefully from back of visor after embroidery is complete.visor2bl

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  • Jacqueline Curtis

    I really appreciate the information on doing a visor. I was very leery about doing one. I have done the caps with no problem, but had backed away from the visors. Now I will give them a try.

  • Renee

    It would have been more helpful if the description were more clear. The pictures show the visor out of the hoop when marking the location of the logo, yet its number 2 on the order of things to do. Not clear on how to hoop the visor on the hat hoop. This is probably the poorest blog post in terms of assisting those who have not done visors before. Was looking forward to high caliber assistance…..

  • Amy

    I agree with the previous poster, this post is confusing. Step One shows the visor with completed embroidery. The whole posts only lists two steps? There isn’t a picture of the visor hooped. Terrific topic, please consider updating the post.

  • Paola Dumeer

    Hello Ladies, do you made any adjustments to the frame and/or mounting jig? I just stitched a visor that has a 2″ area for embroidery. My design was just under 2″ and it didn’t all fit. should I move the screws on the frame to low profile position #1 (currently set on 3rd stop) and do I need to do anything to the jig? thx so much

  • Radhapriya ji

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