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Multi-Needle Monday: How Many People Can You Fit in Your Sewing Room?

I don’t get a lot of company at my house but when I do, I love it. Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting my sister, her three daughters and two grandchildren. We wound up in my sewing room! Tons of room to spread out all over the house, but here we were huddled around the multi-needle machine.

My sister, Mary Pat Palombo, granddaughter Bella, daughter Christin, grandson Atticus, daughters Regina and Kim.

My sister, Mary Pat Palombo, granddaughter Bella, daughter Christin, grandson Atticus, daughters Regina and Kim.

Let me give you a little background. A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about my niece Kim’s baby shower. I shared an image of the all of the beautiful handmade gifts she received.


Well…Kim had a boy, Atticus, a beautiful red-haired Irish lad and recently made the trip to Texas to visit her sister, Christin. Just so happens, I live about 30 minutes from Christin so when family comes to the Lone Star State, I usually get to see them too.

Why did we wind up in my sewing room? It seems Atticus has a ‘lovie’ that he adores. Mom Kim wanted to make sure his lovie could be returned if he ever misplaced (dropped, threw, stashed or hid) it. Kim’s a pretty smart girl! She asked if I could embroider is name and her phone number on the binding of the lovie. I jumped at the chance because I remember my Stitching Sister Marie Zinno telling me how easy it is to do. That’s all I need, a few words from Marie saying, “Go on, you can do it!”

But she’s right; it’s super easy with a flat hoop and a built-in scanner. I hooped the lovie with tear-away stabilizer, keeping the binding within the sewing field. Since the hoop is flat, I pulled on the lovie to make sure it was taut in the frame. Kim2

I used the built-in text to write his name and her phone number. Added a basting box around the text then scanned the hoop. Notice the head of the puppy extends above the frame. I forced it down when it got close to the needle bar during the scanning process. I didn’t have to worry about the puppy’s head during stitching as the binding is positioned at the back of the hoop – the needle bar never traveled near the head.


I moved the text to fit within the binding and selected a thread to match for security reasons. I figured if someone found the lovie, they would call with the intent to put a smile on a baby’s face, not harm the mom. But let’s not make the bad guy’s job easier by using dark brown thread! Kim4

What fun in the sewing room! Tell me, do you like having company in your sewing room?




  • Carolyn Rollberg

    Yes, I too love having guests in my sewing room. Love it when the grandchildren come to sew, embroider and use my knitting machine!

  • pateiwah

    my grands come over and are learning the different skills as they want them, beading is right now, crochet was last yr but seems it
    burned out,the christmas tree was full of single crochet. recently my only grand daughter [just turned 6] said she wanted to learn beading, so I made her a kit of size 8/0 and wonder of wonders her
    brothers are stepping in and doing some tutoring, she also loves her jeans skirts,made from her brothers out grown jeans. my living room has become my sewing room. I have some mobility issues and it makes it easier for all. a girl friend of my grandson [11] wants to sew, so she is learning via her doll, we have done slopers.she found and bought a used sewing machine with her own money,earned doing other crafts. she is so eager to learn it’s wonderful to see. her next project will be a broomstick skirt. she has made a purse. both will do well for school. all are talking about costumes.
    question ~ at what age should a child start to use an embroidery machine with adult supervision.

    • Kristi D.

      Start them as soon as they show an interest. They will learn so much faster and enjoy it so much more if they have an interest. My grandkids love to sit and watch it sew. 4 and 14 years old. The 14 year old loves to use the software and do designs.

  • Peggy

    I would also suggest purchasing a second, identical lovie, just in case!

  • Claudia Hermansen

    I recently had to sell my 6 needle (Boo Hoo) but now have a ‘traveling’ machine that does almost as large a field as my PR600. I love having people in my sewing room. I get lots of suggestions on how to ‘organize it’ (which it desperately needs! I love demonstrating machine embroidery and my booth at oursummer Home community’s monthly craft fair is the most popular because I am demonstrating the magic that my machine can do. I pride myself in being able to create a custom embroidery gift that cannot be bought at a store! I have encouraged many to start with a small machine and as they also become ‘addicted’, advise them on larger ‘stay at home’ machines.

  • Charlotte Silber

    Yes, I love having company in my sewing. We pool ideas for what I can do next for them. Since I am the only embroider and sewer in my circle of four daughters and four grandchildren, and my friends. I love it.

  • Gail Beam

    I would love to have company in my sewing room. They would have to move and shift some stuff around though, as it is a pretty packed space! lol

  • Carole Baker

    I love opening my sewing room to my friends. We have a group that meets the first Friday of the month. There are 11 of us. Everyone brings their machines and we work on various projects together. If everyone shows up, it is a little crowded and when everyone leaves, the floor is covered in thread and fabric pieces. It’s the best day of the month (and sometimes we meet more than once). The things we have taught each other…. I am grateful for the friendship and fun.

  • Susie Mackenberg

    My friends and the kids know that the happiest and most comfy place in my home is the sewing room and that is where we always go! My tiny dog joins in too and is allowed on the sewing table to join in! It’s a good thing the walls can’t talk, ’cause they sure do hear a lot. I save hand sewing and un-sewing for times when I’m chatting with drop-ins and often have the visitors working too. Never any complaints and always good coffee available and great times in my sewing room.

  • Joyce Hardiman

    I have only had the pleasure once and it was y sister. We had the best time and plan to do it more. We live on opposite sides of the US so doesn’t happen often enough.

  • Valerie Gwara

    maybe 2 if they hold their breath….

  • L. Ann Stanley

    Yes, I love having company in my sewing room, it gives me the opportunity to teach the art of sewing and especially embroidery.
    Love it when my granddaughter wants to hit the start button, and pick out the thread color for her projects. I can fit four people in my sewing room. I really have a good ole time.

  • Judy G

    I often have company in my sewing room. Many times I have had one grandchild or another on my lap while I sew. They like to push the buttons for cutting the thread, lifting the pressure foot, and especially the “GO” button. Even adult children will wander in while I sew or run the embroidery feature, just to see what is going on.

  • Aprille Sweatt

    Since I am usually IN my sewing room, that is where I usually have visitors. Young children LOVE watching embroidery taking place on their own items! I am SO GLAD that you recognize and addressed security issues. I receive numerous requests to embroider children’s names on clothing and other items. I always suggest initials and monograms instead and explain the reasons why this is better. I usually hide their names inside on embroidered ribbon, etc. for identification purposes. I really like your idea of the same-color thread!

  • Frances Powell

    Yes. My daughter and granddaughters are with me in my sewing room almost everyday. It is nice to have someone to visit with while my projects are stitching out. It seems as though I have several friends who are really interested in what goes on in my sewing room and love having them over so they can see for themselves.

  • sew n vac

    Thanks for sharing