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Multi-Needle Monday: Embroidering Multiple Towels

If you follow this blog I would assume many of you own the multi-needle embroidery machine because you have an embroidery business. Although some owners of a multi-needle machine use it primarily for the convenience of thread color changes and durability and do not have a commercial embroidery business. In either case, you will encounter embroidering towels at some point. We have covered proper hooping of towels in recent blogs but not simple logo placement on multiple towels.

One of my clients is a country club tennis team and they love the quality velour team towels (hand towel size) in a variety of colors. My most recent order was for 20 towels with the logo embroidered on the bottom portion of the towel.

Monogram or logo placement on towels with a woven border is actually easier because you have a straight reference point to align the design. Embroidering towels without a woven border are rather difficult because there is not a reference point to guide you. I will share with you my simple steps to embroidering towels with perfect design placement.

Step 1: Select the embroidery design and test stitch it on a similar weight towel. Check the design for stray fibers of terry cloth poking through the stitches. If this is the case, increase the density or add “under lay” foundation stitches.

Step 2: Use the Perfect Placement Kit- Hand Towel Without Border template and position the template on the hand towel at the bottom center mark.hand towel2bl Fold the towel in half lengthwise and place a target sticker at the bottom fold.hand towel3blhand towel5blInsert the target sticker in the center hole of the template. Remove the template and follow the same directions for the remaining towels, keep all target stickers in place until the cross hair on target sticker is properly placed under the needle.hand towel6blUsing the template minimizes the guess work of the actual placement of the logo and eliminates wasting time measuring the embroidery location for each towel.

Step 3: Hoop the hand towel in either a standard hoop or Monster Snap Hoop (my favorite) along with tear away stabilizer. Position the hoop on the machine and line up target sticker’s cross hair with the needle. Remove the target sticker and add a piece of water soluble stabilizer to the top of the towel. Use the basting file to hold the WSS in place. (You can create a basting file in software if your embroidery machine does not offer it on screen.). Embroider the towels; remove stabilizer and trim thread tails when embroidery is 7blhand towel8bl

*Machine embroidery business owners always purchase one or two extra sets of hoops per embroidery machine. Having multiple hoops speeds up the hooping process and total time devoted to set up.*


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  • Shirley Andrechuk

    Love your ideas each time. I have a 10 needle but having trouble learning it. Store that sold it to me gave up the franchise right after I took delivery. Would you ever consider tips on how to thread and start up? Thanks.

    • Sharon R

      Have you been to the manufacturer’s website or YouTube to view videos? I’ve had my Brother PR1000e for 4 months and use the videos all the time. I’m finally scheduled for the user classes next month. You might also find another dealer willing to waive their fee for users’ classes. Good luck!

  • Jan Neff

    I have a six needle machine that my daughter used in her business. She died of breast cancer and I’d like to learn to use the machine. Any suggestions on where I might get some instructions?

    • Sharon R

      I’m sorry for your loss. You should be able to find instructions on the manufacturer website, or YouTube. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube.

  • Carolyn

    I love multi-needle Mondays! I have a PR600 II and a Babylock Enterprise 10-needle. The capabilities of the newer machine are awesome, but having 2 machines double my output and shorten my turn-around time for orders. I have to wear earplugs when both are running!!

    • marie zinno

      Thank you Carolyn for pointing out how much time you can save by having multiple single head embroidery machines!
      If you have a business-any type of business- you know “Time is Money”.
      Maybe this is another blog subject for Multi-needle Monday.

  • Kyle Jack

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