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Getting Better Mileage from Your Designs

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to use a design and the best way to do that is to edit in Perfect Embroidery Pro, Inspirations’ digitizing program. Let’s take a look at a lace border design from Inspirations’ Timeless Lace Border collection, design #Lc7x2 4. BL1blog

Ungroup the design. BL2blog

Click on the small arrow under the Select tool and click on Lasso. Left mouse click around the scallop area, right mouse click to close the circle. BL3blog

Copy, paste and move the scallop away from the original design.  Go back to the original design and group it. BL4blog

Select the extra stitches and delete them. BL5blog

The edited scallop should look like this. Group the scallop. BL6blog

Now, let’s put the pieces together. Copy, paste and mirror image the original design. Rotate the unit 90 degrees. Move the scallop into the open end. BL8blog

Rotate and size the scallops to fill the space between the borders. BL9blog

Select the Shape tool and click on the horizontal satin bar to reveal the stitch nodes.  Slide the two black nodes back to reveal the blue squares.  Insert BL10BL11blog

Select and pull the blue nodes towards the original design.

Slide the black nodes in place and repeat on the opposite side. BL12blog

Change the color of the original designs and move them to color 2 as you’ll want the new bridge to stitch first. BL14blog

The addition of the scallop makes an elegant finish on a continuous border. BL15blog

This editing process is the first step in a wedding table runner that I’m working on for my daughter.  You’ll see more in upcoming blogs and DIME articles. I’d love to know what you need help on in your software.  Leave a comment in I’ll add it to my to-do list.




  • Jenny Simmons

    Can you please help me figure out how to “Edit” what I had “Grouped” together?
    I am not able to ungroup the design as was once before? I have to keep typing the poem up every-time I want to change the name on the stitch out

    • eileenroche

      Jenny, select the design, right mouse click and choose Ungroup from the drop down menu. There are also Group and Ungroup icons on the top tool bar but I can’t load an image here into comments to show you.

      Oh, I just realized you mentioned a poem – so that’s a little different. Again, click on the Select tool, select the poem, right mouse click and select Breakup Text from the drop down menu.

  • Barb

    Wish you would use designs that we have in software…so that we can follow and do along with the instructions to learn how to use software…

    • eileenroche

      Great suggestion, Barb. I’ll keep that in mind for future posts.

  • bobbie

    i am interested in tje capability of doing this. what software do you use?
    I have amazing design edit and stitch, and digitize and stitch and personalize and stitch. and the baby lock unity.

  • marcia

    I went to a class in tulsa ok yesterday given by ashley, i very much enjoyed it, ashly was very knowledgeable and personal. Thanks

    • eileenroche

      Ashley is an awesome instructor – very knowledgeable and passionate about machine embroidery!

  • Theresa Cobb

    I would love to know more about cross stitch on the embroidery machine. Is it possible to convert a design to cross stitch? How does one begin to create a cross stitch design? Are there any specific guidelines? Thanks.

  • Mark Daniel

    I recently bought my first embroidery machine with the PE basic software.Sooo expensive and learned that I have to digitize my images before I’ll be able to embroider them.I tried stitch era but It’s difficult.I sat for hours behind the computer figuring it out but without result.Can anyone tell me what Software I can buy to digitize my images?

  • Debbie

    I just read this tip because it was linked to today’s tip, and I’m so glad I did. I have a customer that I was working on editing a design for and I kept seeing a shadow of the old design and it went back to it after I thought I was finished editing. I guess the moving of the black nodes out of the way and then back in place must be the step I was missing. Thanks so much. I will practice on some designs and see if this was “the missing link”.
    I enjoy your blog so much and read it each week. The quick lessons often provide me with just enough information to add to my brain without overloading it.

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