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Tips for Successful Retail Inspired T-Shirt

Turn a plain t-shirt into a retail inspired original t-shirt using chunky matte thread and specially digitized embroidery designs.  Eileen Roche’s Boho T-Shirts were inspired from looking through catalogs and websites.  The retail inspired t-shirts use one or two chunky matte threads and simple designs.



The collection of embroidery designs for Boho T-Shirts are simple, and feature an easy, multi-hooping technique.  There are several options for the 4 different designs, from short sleeve to long sleeve with a sleeve design, and 5×7 and 6×10 hooping options with complete step by step photos and instructions.  Also, included in the bundle is a package of topstitch needles and Vintage 15 wt. embroidery threads in your choice of color schemes – pastels, earth tones or brights.  Everything is included to make one or several of your own retail inspired original t-shirts.



Let’s talk about 5 tips for a successful project.

Tip #1 GO GIRLY!  Pick some fun colors to go with your t-shirt!  And think contrast as you want the thread colors to stand out!

Tip #2 GO HEFTY!  Use the Vintage 15 wt. embroidery thread with the specially digitized embroidery designs.  The designs were digitized for the chunkier thread.  Regular embroidery thread will not have the same look.

Tip #3 USE A BIG EYE!  Use a big needle.  Topstitch needles size 100/16 are made with a large eye to use with the thicker threads for making a better stitch and not breaking.

Tip #4 STAND TALL!  Use a thread stand with the 15 wt. embroidery thread.  The novelty thread is best to place on a vertical pin, so it feeds evenly into the machine.

Tip #5 SLOW DOWN!  Slow down the speed of your embroidery machine when embroidering with the chunky thread to about half the speed.



Finally, you can use your regular bobbin thread in the bottom.  So, following these tips are sure to make for a fun and successful project you are sure to enjoy and wear time and time again! Pick up the Boho T-Shirt Collection here.





  • LaDonna Speice

    Is it to late for the boho shirt necklines? I just saw the post today. If I can still get it for 49.99 I really want it. Bright threads please

  • Carol Green

    I loved all the TShirt transformations and had no trouble with any of the designs on my newer Janome S9. I was very excited to try the Boho designs and purchased the patterns and all the 15 wt thread colours. Imagine my dismay to find that I could not make it work on my machine, which previously had no trouble doing beautiful work with any pattern I selected.
    I repeatedly got a bird nest and the machine jammed up no matter what I tried. I tested bobbin tensions, thread tensions, different weights of stabilizer and fabric. I tried different designs, different topstitch needles and different bobbin threads one by one.. I did notice that the designs seemed to stitch out very quickly in spite of my having selected the lowest speed setting.
    Have you actually tried the boho designs on a Janome S9? Were you successful, and if so, what settings did you use? Perhaps there is a different version of the design with a slower speed. Can I exchange my purchase for that one? Right now, I am stuck with 36 spools of expensive unusable threads. Please HELP!!

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