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The Day the Elves Returned to Santa’s Workshop

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I knew this day would come—but I was certain it was in the very distant future.  With Thanksgiving this week, the inevitable couldn’t be avoided any longer.

Elfis and Elfira are needed at Santa’s Workshop!

But before I prepared them for their trip back via UPS, I decided to take the elves out for a field trip.

I secured the elves in my car, turned on some elf-friendly music (“Lollipop” by The Chordettes) and off we went on an adventure!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Just where we were going—they didn’t know.  But imagine their surprise when we arrived at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores!  Kind of a strange place to take elves, you might think.  We walked to the magazine stand…. and there it was!  Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine was prominently displayed on the shelf!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

The smiles on their little faces said it all.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Afterwards I promised the elves a treat at my favorite Starbucks.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I’m going to miss these little dolls!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery BlogBe sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery with Elfis and Elfira on the cover!  Click here to order online.

Elfis and Elfira are embroidered doll patterns available from Embroitique.


Here’s your assignment this week:Is there something special you made for someone and loved it so much wanted to keep it for yourself? Tell us what it was and one random comment will be chosen to win a $25 gift certificate to use on the DIME website. Good Luck!
The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question… If you won a $25 gift card to purchase anything from the Embroidery Library website, which designs would you purchase?  Post your comments and FOUR, that’s right, FOUR random names will be drawn and each will win a $25 shopping spree to redeem at Embroidery Library!  Oh my goodness – so many beautiful and creative designs to choose from!Embroidery LibraryThe random drawing winners are… Patty F, Ruth, Melody, and Judi C




  • Donna Fecteau

    I made a christmas countdown wall hanging a few years ago for a friend. I wanted to keep it so I made another one, which ended up at my daughter’s house, so I’ve made it twice but I still don’t have one!

  • Tari Jewett

    I made a baby dress for a friend. It was the first baby dress I’d made, and I loved it, but I didn’t have a baby….or even a girl! Had to give it to her.

  • Sherrie

    I made an embroidered Christmas wall hanging that took hours to make. It was for a family member but it was so cute I wished I had made it for myself. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Karen

    I made a Christmas bell pull wallhanging that was full of rich velvet fabric and emboidery designs along with crystals. I did give this as a gift, but after Christmas I made another one for myself, I still enjoy putting it out each year.

  • Belinda Germain

    I recently made embroidered pillow cases for a gift. They have a moose,bear and evergreens and they turned out so nice I am considering keeping them as I live in the Adirondack Mtns and they fit in nicely!

  • JudiC

    I made his & her ⛄️snowman toss pillows (using designs from Embroidery Library) for my sister & her husband. She liked them so much she asked for more for the summer season.

  • Connie Walsh

    Last year I made a casserole cover with embroidered applique vegetables on the top and a green bean print fabric on the bottom. It was supposed to be for my sister for Christmas but I never gave it to her. This summer when a group of our sewing friends got together, I took that casserole cover, along with some other projects, for our “show and tell”. When the hostess admired it, I said “I wish I could give it to you but I just like it too much”. My sister, who was there also, spoke up and said “I thought that was supposed to be a gift for me!”

  • Claudia O

    I made a really beautiful denim jacket that was embroidered with sunflowers, scarecrows and autumn leaves … my girlfriend LOVED it and so did I!!! LOL

  • Nancy Johnson

    I made a folded Christmas ornament for a friend and wanted to keep it for myself.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    Several years ago when I purchased my first embroidery machine I embroidered a free standing lace sleigh an several reindeer. I took me over a month. Everyone wanted one. Yah right! instead I embroidered free standing lace ornament covers for them.

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I made in-the-hoop sunglass pouches with attached key rings for some friends in France. They are from Anita Goodesign. I have not yet gotten around to making one for myself, so my own sunglasses go in my purse and get all scratched up!

  • Diana

    I made fleece hats, scarves and ear warmers. I made one that had angels on it and really thought about keeping it .. but sigh my youngest granddaughter took it !LOL

  • sandra cunningham

    I made myself get a subscription to DIME and I have never been sad about that! I love it…the only down side…waiting for it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Carolyn Havens

    I embroidered the design Too much fabric and so little time, then framed it for a gift to my step mom who loves to quilt.

  • Lynn Zukowski

    My quilting friend is also a volunteer quilting teacher at the local community college. I made her a boxy faux leather pouch embroidered with a pair of scissors, and her name to hold her rotary cutter ,scissors and small tools for taking to class.It was just the perfect size and shape. I get so excited to see someone’s face when they get a handmade present that they love and is functional as well. She loved it- and maybe one day I’ll get around to making one for myself!

  • Kristi D.

    I made a beautiful blue and yellow quilt for my nephew Chris and his soon to be wife Amy. Oh I so wanted to keep that quilt.

  • Carol Seavitt

    An 8 foot Christmas tree skirt I designed and made. It was awesome. Well, took lots of pictures.

  • Sandy D

    I made pillow with an embroidered Fleur de lis on it, for a friend. She ordered two more for family members. So I have made a total of three and I still don’t own one myself.

  • Gail Beam

    I embroidered tablecloths and napkins for my sisters. They turned out great! Too much work to make them for myself! lol

  • Linda Epting

    I made teddy bears out of my deceased son’s blue jeans. I would have loved to keep them

  • maria elena blecha

    Two years ago I made my grandaugther a redwork, red and white quilt. All the blocks were embroidery, it was sooo pretty, I have started one for myself but won’t finish for this year.

  • Jackie Peters

    I spent 2 full days and much stress doing a paper pieced Christmas tree wall hanging for my daughters new house. After all the time and stress it came out so well that I hated to give it to her. I guess I will have to start another after the first of the year.

  • Nancy Walters

    I made a four foot tall Santa of cloth and felt. He was so cute I had a hard time parting with him but after much thought (and standing on my hearth for a few weeks) gave him to my mom at Christmas for her Santa collection.

  • Renee

    I made a large purse/bag for my niece. It really turned out well and thought about keeping it!

  • ann s

    I actually made a photo pieced applique for my daughter. It was my grandchildren,twin girls. I meant to give it to her but it looked so good on my wall. I’ll just keep it for a little while. She’ll get them at some point.

  • Debra

    Premie dresses for my sisters baby.

  • Judy Troyer

    I made a dress for a 3 year old little girl who is in a children’s home and a stuffed doll to match it. I also purchased tights and shoes to go with her dress and made a bag for her to carry her doll. I did some embroidery designs on the dress it is white and purple with kittens on it in the border print on the skirt.

  • Dottie W

    On eyes I made about 20 frees standing lace ornament covers for my coworkers. I kept one for myself but really wanted to keep them all for my tree

  • Maureen Angers

    I embroidered a religious saying to give to my father-in-law before he went on a trip, I even went and bought a pretty frame to put it in, then I took a picture of it and I was stunned how nice it was. I immediately went and made another one but when I went back to buy the same frame, no luck. Needless to say I kept the nicer of the two, but Dad does like the one I gave him.

  • Donna G.

    I made a quilt for my daughter that had lots of small pieces and embroidered embellishments. I (briefly) thought of keeping it but I knew she’d love it!

  • Kristal

    Yes, I JUST did this :). I made a personalized Christmas gift with for my in-laws. Good thing we have the same last name!!

  • Sherry Poole

    I made sweatshirts for both of my sisters for Christmas… we all sew – so it is hard to make anything for them… I embroidered animals with sewing themes and wanted to keep one for me… Never have finished mine.. 3 winters ago…

  • Susan G Malone

    This week, I monogrammed a sweater and a long sleeved t with bright colors. They turned out so pretty that I now think I need one for myself.

  • shelia holmes

    I made Elfira and Elfis for my niece and I loved them so much I wanted to keep them but I gave them to her and she loved them more than me. So it was so worthy it to see how much she loved them.

    • Denise Holguin

      How wonderful! I too want to make a pair of elves. I’m so glad you made them and your niece loves them!


  • Doreen

    I made in the hoop gingerbread men & women. They were so cute I wanted to keep them for myself.

  • Linda W

    The two elves I made for my granddaughters turned out so cute! It’s hard to part with them. Guess I’ll have to make one (or a pair) for myself!

  • Deborah Jones

    I made a crib size quilt out of batiks for a guild challenge. I incorporated machine embroidery in the quilt. It was stunning. However the judges didn’t think so. I did not win anything. It was so hard to part with. But I did. I donated it as a raffle prize for a women’s shelter. it earned 200 dollars for their cause and I was happy. I know my little quilt is blessing somebody.

  • Kathy

    I have made several things throughout the year that I have wanted to keep. I always end up giving it away thinking that I will always make one later for me, but time is never enough to complete one for me.

  • Karen W

    Last year, I prepared some projects to keep me busy during my husband’s post-cancer-surgery the 1st week in December, which was anticipated to be 2-3 weeks. I knew they’d need to be things I could work on by hand, sitting by his bedside, because, as much as I wanted to, my heavy embroidery machine wasn’t going on this 4-hr trip out of town! I used my Go-Baby Accuquilt die cutter, to cut shapes from the 2 Heather Feather dies, which reassembled could make a Xmas Tree wallhanging (see Cherry Blossoms “Feathered Christmas”). Well, the wallhanging progressed, as the nurses “ooh’d & aah’d” & I embellished the die pcs w/ beads & antique sequins, hand-quilted some snowflakes in the background, & bound it w/ 2 flanges under the binding (showing 3 colors). It was truly a labor of love, but as it neared completion, I knew it would go to my son & daughter-in-law, who love traditional Xmas colors, so I made a tiny label for them. That has led to the next project, which I’d offered to make for my husband’s surgeon: an “All Season Tree”. I used the Sarah Vedeler designs to embellish the die pieces, starting w/ icy colors on top, changing to spring, summer & ending w/ dark autumn colors on the bottom. I’ve decided to place a blue bird on top (for happiness). This has taken me a while to complete, but now it’s ready to be assembled & quilted & it’s so pretty I can hardly bear to let it go! My quilt group members have been my audience during this process & so encouraging — they say I paint w/ threads! I’ve loved it so much I guess I’ll be making another one for us! I’ve had several requests for Xmas ones, and I’ve lined them all up (“Take a Number!”). We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so we’ll see how long it takes to get them all done!! ;>)

  • Kathe pollard

    I made the bionic bag for holding sewing notions for my sister and really loved it. But it was for my wonderful and thoughtful sister so off I sent it. I know she will be quite pleased.

    I will make another but I can’t even imagine when that will happen, since days are only 24 hours.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  • karen

    I made bug jar quilts for my grandsons that were so cute I wanted to keep them just so I could look at them everyday

  • Kim H

    I just finished a quilt top for my granddaughter’s 16th birthday. It is a Paris themed, embroidered quilt. It has the Eiffel Tower, poodle, dress forms, and lots of cute designs. I’m a little sad now that I didn’t keep it for myself, but I’m delighted my granddaughter will have it forever and will always remember me!

  • Lori E

    I made an embroidered pillow with the Serenity Prayer on it for my mother. I love the prayer and it stitched out beautifully. I’d like to keep it for myself but will have to make one for me after the holidays.

  • debe

    Haha, most of the things I make for gifts I want for me. I don’t have monogrammed blankets, towels, it’s all gifts! I finally made myself 2 purses this summer as I refused to buy them. The last 2 gifts were travel flat-iron cases, mine isn’t made yet.

  • LeAnne L

    PJ Designs’ Tree-Mendous. Love that tree. I’ve got the green sparkle satin to make another. Just need to find time to do it. Hard to make something for myself when there are so many gifts still to make.

  • Terry Collins

    I made large (20 x 20) pillow covers as a Christmas gift for a friend two years ago. The covers were made from a gorgeous natural linen that I’d been hoarding for years. They were embroidered with cardinals from Embroidery Library. Understated and elegant, but perfect a a holiday decoration. My friend keeps them out all year. Why don’t I have any of these pillows? The cardinal is my favorite bird!

  • Diane Kowal

    Thank you for the chance to win stuff. I had made a quilt to give away for Heart Defect Research fund, and LOVED how it turned out.

  • Stephanie Lake

    It was a wool applique rooster BOM lap quilt kit and each rooster was completely different and fabulous. My mom is into roosters big time and I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for her. So each month (from January to Sept) I got my block and got to think of my mom and how much she was going to love the quilt when I gave it to her in December. That was my first experience with a BOM and appliqueing – especially with wool and I LOVED the experience and the excitement of getting my little package of pieces in the mail each month but haven’t been able to find another BOM that I liked or loved as much as the rooster quilt. Now yes I could try to recreate the rooster quilt for myself but then I would have to go out and find little scraps of wool to complete it but it still wouldn’t be the same. I do get to snuggle up with the quilt once a year when I make it over the mountain to my mom’s house. Yep it really was the one that got away but was very rewarding project.

  • AnnePichette

    I made a Christmas wall hanging for my mother it turned out so cute I wanted to keep it but I gave it to her and she loves it.

  • Diane Fogel

    I made a table runner for a friend that I liked so much I had to make another. It was all hand stitched and she loved hers. So I have the twin to her table runner.

  • Peggy Pineschi

    I made my sister a crochet afghan. It had a white base with blue crocheting woven into the strips. Inside of the strips were counted cross stitched roses. The pattern had the afghan in reds. I thought the whites and blues with yellow, pink and blue flowers turned out so nice. I ended up making me one as well. I still use this afghan and love it. My twin sister also loves hers. It sure was a win—win.

  • Cathy Dykes

    My mom was a seamstress and was so happy when I started sewing. A few months before she dies she asked me to make her a jacket. I made a beautiful fall colored fabric jacket that had embroidered butterflies on the back. After she passed away my sister snatched it. Every time she wears it I want it for me.LOL

  • Pam

    I made a small Christmas angel wallhanging for my mom. Turned out so cute! She has it hung in her entry and I love seeing it during the holidays.

  • debbie willhite

    I made a purse that was to be a sample in the store I work in,samples usually go y o the one who made them. I was happy as this purse turned out just right. I went on vacation and when I got back to work it was sold.I guess better luck next time.

  • Deanna

    I made my daughter a quilt out of many different horse fabrics. She loved it and so did I. Ill have to make myself one.

  • Trish

    I made my SIL a set of linen hand towels embroidered with gorgeous designs for each month of the year. Very elaborate. Each time I see one hanging in her guest bath I still want to take them back.

  • Jean Crisp

    Am very upset that I cannot make the elves without purchasing a kit most magazines give a printed pattern
    in their centre pages, the faces and various embroideries most of us will have in our collections.
    I would also like to say as a new purchaser of 6d software I am pleased you are doing some lessons
    on this.