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Behind the Scenes of Volume 88 Sept/Oct 2014

Behind the Scenes of the September/October 2014 issue

What an exciting day we had lined up: Beautiful projects, a beautiful model and of course—Denise was on hand with her miniatures….

Designs Editor, Eileen Roche and Steve Woods review the photos to be sure we have the right shot.

We loved this twin set from Nancy Zieman. So elegant!

Steve and Sam prepare the set for the next scene.

While it may not be a real living room, the pillow is a real project you can make! Be sure to check the Sept/Oct issue for the step-by-step instructions by Kerrin Brookes.

Here’s a garment makeover by Eileen or so she claims….

It appears she has a team of miniature men responsible for the garment makeover. So that’s how she gets so much work done!

Fred the lumberjack clears away the excess brush for the pretty flower embroidery to take center stage. I can’t wait for you to see the garment on the model. It not only looks fabulous but it really is easy to stitch. (Even if you don’t have a team of miniature men!)

Here’s Pierre taking a photo of a new Be the Difference clutch by Marie Zinno. Don’t you love the patterns in this scene?


Hans takes a moment to pose for the camera.  He certainly finds interesting places for his photo shoots. Can you guess where he’s hanging out?  Be sure to look for Katherine Artines’ project in the Sept/Oct 2014 issue to find out! When you read the story behind Katherine’s project you’ll see why Hans chose this spot for his photo.  Everyone needs friends to offer support, strength and hope!

Stylist, Andrea Huffman carefully sets up the next scene featuring a Be the Difference Tote, Sweatshirt and Blanket.

After we photographed Diane Kron’s charming quilt, the lumberjacks were called in again to clear away some overgrown weeping willow branches. I could sure use some lumberjacks in my backyard!

Perspective is an amazing thing – especially when it comes to photography!

Here’s an even more behind the scenes look….
Denise Holguin gets very involved in her miniatures photo shoot. You might even say she lives in her own little world….

Stanley was hired to photograph this fun compact set by Embroidery Garden. It features a mirror and carrying case.

He spent some time explaining his “vision” for the scene to the models.

Estelle was directed to sit on top of a Parisian perfume bottle. (Sure hope she doesn’t fall down!)

Miranda took center stage on the quilted carrying case. She does love the camera!

Have you noticed all the teal colored projects in this issue? September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – and teal is the color chosen to spread awareness. Like many of our readers, we know people that have been affected by ovarian cancer. To show our support we chose to make the entire issue teal colored. Not only do we want to help spread awareness but we want to offer hope, celebrate life and help find a cure. For more information visit the Be the Difference Foundation website.

The September/October issue will be available September 1st.  Be sure to pick up your copy from your local dealer or visit the Designs in Machine Embroidery website to order a subscription.

Here’s your assignment this week:
Support the Be the Difference Foundation. Please visit their website or like their Facebook page. Your support is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment below about your favorite item in your house that is TEAL! Four comments will be chosen to receive a $25 gift certificate to use at towards a design CD. Good luck!
The winner of last week assignment:
What’s your favorite method for mending a mistake like this? Throw it out? Use a seam ripper? Peggy’s Stitch Eraser? One comment will be chosen to win a $25 gift card to use on the DIME website!Gift-CardAnd the winner is J Coxsey – “Like others have said, for a design like this, I would leave it in the hoop, carefully pick out the stitches and then find the place in the design to be restitched and stitch! If it’s too dense to fix, rather than toss it in the bin, I save it and use it in some sort of mixed media or fabric collage if possible. You could also use the embroidered design in an in-the-hoop applique design such as a crazy quilt. Great way to repurpose and turn a mistake into a happy accident!”

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  • Donna Fecteau

    My favorite TEAL item in my house is a cardigan. I love it!

  • Janet Price

    Looks like a fun magazine. Is this for sale or published on line. I am new to machine embroidery so I have no clue. I would have picked out the stitches for the question above since I just did this this morning. I a m too cheap to throw things out. 🙂 -Janet

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Janet,
      We are so happy you have discovered machine embroidery!

      You mentioned you are new to machine embroidery. With that in mind, I went through our archives and found a blog post you might find helpful. “What’s on your bucket list.” This post explains some basic embroidery exercises you can practice.

      Once you advance, do a search on the same blog for “Bucket List”. You’ll find intermediate and advanced bucket list items you can conquer next!

      Yes, we publish a how-to machine embroidery magazine 6 times a year. The projects cover all skill levels– so there’s something for everyone. The editor, Eileen Roche, also shares tips on this blog on a weekly basis, we offer free designs on our website and free projects in our monthly email newsletter.

      Volume 88 Sept/Oct will be available for purchase on Sept 1st. Single copies can be made at our website or you can order a subscription.

      Designs Plus Newsletter:

      Free Designs!

      I encourage you to stop by our website and help yourself to inspiration and free designs!

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

      • trudy

        I think the only teal I have in my house is embroidery thread!

  • susanj

    I love teal, but I can’t think of even one teal item in my home…go figure. I do have teal fabric and teal thread. I will have to go out and buy a teal scarf for September as my grandmother died of ovarian cancer before I was born and my cousin is a 20-year survivor…you go girl!

  • Connie

    I have two teal throw pillows

  • debe

    I really like teal & have teal T-shirts, shirts & sweaters.

  • Glenda Marsh

    Teal. A color every woman looks good wearing!!

  • Gail Beam

    The teal embroidered and rhinestone fleur de lis on the back pockets of a pair of jeans and the stretchy rhinestone loaded T that I got to go with them.

  • Bonnie Gray

    I have a beautiful window of glass art that has a lot of teal in it, done by a wonderful glass artist, Robin Pierson of Reflections by Robin. She does amazing pieces very elegant.

  • Joanne Banko

    Teal is such a soothing color. Can’t wait to see the teal themed issue! My treasured teal item is a newly purchased piece of fabric. In fact, this fabric is on the cutting table right now, soon to be turned into custom sewn lingerie trimmed with machine embroidered lace.

  • Donna G.

    Although I love the color, I don’t have anything in my house that’s teal. Guess I’d better get busy!

  • Pam

    Looking forward to the Sept/Oct issue. And the issue of teal – love the twin set.

  • Judy G

    My favorite item in my house is the new dining room/family room addition with its TEAL painted walls completed last fall. Now our entire large family can sit together at one table when enjoying meals or board games at our numerous family get-togethers.

  • Barbara McKenzie

    I have a teal tank top that I love- it’s such a happy color!

  • Lindae

    Teal is one of my favorite colors. I have t shirts, sweaters and scarves.

  • Nancy Weber

    I have a lovely teal urn that sits on my mantel. Hugs.

  • Shea Marshall

    I have lots of teal in my house – my around-the-house flip flops are teal and lime green, my newly-embroidered key fob is teal and black, I just made a freestanding teal lace bookmark, I have a teal snakeskin clutch (handbag), a teal scarf, teal clothes, and the list goes on. Teal is one of my favorite colors and I can’t wait to receive this edition of the magazine!

  • judy

    The teal paint on the shelves in my new sewing/crafting room.

  • Sandy

    I just bought a piece of beautiful teal fabric that I am going to turn into an ITH purse.

  • R. Edwin

    Two teal living room chairs! My children were young when we bought, they loved them so much that they insisted that the chairs be part of their inheritance. 🙂

  • Susan

    Teal is my favorite color. My newest addition is my floral teal eye glasses.

  • Valerie Gwara

    probably 1/4 of my clothes (and yarns) are teal – My favorite color.
    (I just picked up some teal thread – just because it’s pretty!)

  • Paule-Marie

    I have several knit shirts in Teal. They are comfortable and get pulled from my closet on a regular basis.

  • Leona Christensen

    I was excited to learn about the Teal projects and the awareness for Ovarian cancer. Teal is a great color for all ages and for a fresh look in our homes and clothing. I can’t wait for my next issue to arrive. I really enjoy your blog.

  • Nancy Owens

    I love my teal blouses, I have 3 of them! Thanks for the chance to win. While our family have not been touched by ovarian cancer we have had our share, including a 14 year old granddaughter with bone cancer. She is 20 now and 4 years cancer free! All cancer research is critical.

  • JudiC

    I love teal, I have a teal sofa & curtains, but my favorite teal items are the window valances in our camper I just finished recovering with teal burlap, georgeous!

  • Anne Marie

    I have 2 teal jackets and several tshirts in different shades of teal. I love the bright color in your photo. I’ll have to go shopping!

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I have a couple of teal tops that I wear often. I will be embroidering something in teal to send to my sister who is 5 year Ovarian cancer free.

  • Cindy Carson

    My favorite teal item in my house is a pillow in my living room. It is puffy, comfortable, and makes me think of my mother, who loved teals, blues, and greens (just like me!).

  • Janet E

    I have several teal colored shirts that I love to wear, also the quilt that we usually use on our bed is red, gold and teal..

  • Sandra Haak

    I love teal and have several teal T shirts. At one time I owned a teal Ford Windstar. A close friend died of ovarian cancer so I definitely will focus on her this month. My favorite projects in the September issue were the prayer shawls and the charity bundle.

  • Susan Costa

    Early this spring I enrolled in a Hand Embroidery class at a local quilt store. The project was a Redwork Sampler. Thought it would be boring to have one just like the 6other students, so I picked Teal colored floss and did mine all in a varigated teal, bordered and backed it in a teal print, changed the title from Redwork Sampler to: Embroidery: Do What You Love…Love What You Do. It’s hanging in my sewing room and I love it.

  • Julienne Burns

    I have a teal binder that contains pages and pages of embroidery design printouts and instructions. The only teal item in the entire house, attic, and basement!

  • Leanda Mayer

    My daughter chose teal as the colour for her bridesmaids and asked me to make the dresses. Although it was my favourite colour, I thought that being immersed in it might change my mind. It didn’t!!! and now I have left over teal fabric that is ear marked for cushions (I have the perfect designs that I can’t wait to use.) Please don’t laugh, but I am going to have the nicest teal nightwear ever!!!!!

  • Vicky

    The tea cup that I bought when I visited Windsor Castle is TEAL with a large Lion and Unicorn medallion and a gold rim.

  • carol

    I really do like the color teal but the only teal I own would be thread and a very few small pieces of fabric for patch work projects.
    Your sweaters sure are neat!!!!

  • karen

    my seam ripper is tael and I couldn’t live without it

  • Heidi

    teal things in my house, Pic of my sister in law, who’s name is Teal…oh and thread, yarn, fabric, paint, crayons, paper, crafting treasures

  • Pat Dearing

    My favorite teal colored object in my house is a pillow case. This pillowcase was on a pillow that kept my sister comfortable in her final hours. I haven’t washed it since she passed away on 2-16-13. This pillow gives me comfort when I think about her everyday. I hold it in my arms and envision that I’m hugging her.

  • carla

    My favorite teal item I have is the bridesmaid dress from my brothers wedding a number of years ago. Some day I will up cycle it into a beautiful blouse .

  • Carolyn

    Teal is one of the main colors in my house!!! It stems from a Rooster pattern from Italy that I collect. Ovarian Cancer Research is dear to my heart as I lost all 4 of my maternal aunts to Ovarian Cancer. All 4 died within 1 year of their diagnosis. My mom was a Breast Cancer survivor. I donate profits from Ovarian & Breast Cancer embroidery sales to Research. Just got my Sept/Oct magazine today, can’t wait to start these great ideas!!

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