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Have you been itching to ramp up your machine embroidery skills? A two-day Stitching Sisters event may be just the thing you need to breathe new life into your hobby.  My Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno, and I travel the country to teach team embroidery classes which feature hands-on projects that cover tons of techniques – everything from terrycloth to continuous machine embroidery.  Take a look at what you can expect.


We kickoff the event with a behind the scenes look at Designs followed by our Hooping Clinic. Marie and I hoop over 30 items in standard machine embroidery hoops, Magna-Hoops, Snap-Hoop and border hoops. We discuss why you select each hoop and what to do when you don’t have the ideal hoop. Attendees find this information priceless. One recent attendee in Puyallup, WA said, “I could walk out of here after this lecture and feel I got every penny worth of admission.” Here’s what some other attendees have had to say:



Eileen and Marie,
Thanks so much for coming to KC! LOVED the event and all your stories/energy. WOW! It was awesome to have 2 days to get to study under you and learn so much. LOVE the Stipple products and techniques. Looking forward to seeing you again! – Judy Brennan
Eileen and Marie, we had so much fun in Atlanta. The information you gave and taught us was immeasurable. You two are definitely gifted in your talent and love for the embroidery industry.
Best blessings in everything you do.  Signed had fun in Atlanta – Jackie Wallace
Hey Everyone! I’d highly recommend going to the Sewing Sisters Event if you get the chance. I live in Oregon and I went to PuyallupWA with my friend from LongviewWA. We had a great time! I personally never won anything but I did receive a wealth of knowledge and inspiration not to mention all the fun ladies I met and new friendships made. The projects we did were great and we got the CD-rom to go home to make more. I’m really looking forward to the next event! Thanks Eileen and Marie!! It was great meeting you! – Jane



Marie and I cover tons of embroidery challenges during our two-day, hands-on, team-sewing events: what to do when your fabric pops out of the hoop, stitching on terrycloth, vinyl, sheers, quilting with an embroidery machine, stitching multiples (and getting them to match!) are just a few of the 50 techniques we cover.  You’ll use all of Designs in Machine Embroidery products – everything from Magna-Hoop Jumbo to Snap-Hoop to placement kits. You’ll have access to several hooping stations so you can test different methods of hooping.  Once at the machine, you’ll navigate in the hoop like a pro.


You’ll learn three ways to do continuous hooping and find out what methods works best for your machine and your project.  You’ll meet PAL and PAL2– and see how these helpful little tools can make hooping square a breeze. Treat yourself to two-days of embroidery fun and education – you’ll go home with a smile on your face and some new-found knowledge that you’ll be inspired to put into immediate action.

New-found friends in Santa Rosa, CA

New-found friends in Santa Rosa, CA


Why don’t you join us?  We’ll be hitting the road and landing in a town near you!  February 8-9th finds us in beautiful San Marcos, CA at There’s still room – click here for more information.


We are so excited to head to Timeless Treasures in Crofton, MD on April 12-13.  This will be the first Stitching Sisters event in Maryland, so if you’re Mid-Atlantic region, this event is for you. Click here to visit their website or call 410-451-0400.


After Maryland, we head back to the West Coast and teach two events for Moore’s Sewing. April 30-May 1 finds us in Pomona, CA and May 3-4 is in Huntington Beach. You just won’t believe how much fun you can have at a sewing event until you’ve been to one at Moore’s.  Join us in Pomona or Huntington Beach.  Visit Moore’s website here.


Marie and I hope to see you at a Stitching Sister event this year. Don’t wait any longer; come with a friend or by yourself.  Everyone is a sister at a Stitching Sisters event. Click here for summer and fall events in 2013. And, check out our new Stitching Sisters photo gallery!

Here’s your assignment this week:

Great things come in pairs. Shoes, diamond earrings, Stitching Sisters! Comment below on why you’d like to attend a Stitching Sisters event or if you have, what you liked most about it. We’ll award one lucky winner with two $20.13 gift certificates, one for you and one for your own stitching sister to spend on the Designs in Machine Embroidery website. Good luck!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Tell us your embroidery resolution for 2013. One lucky winner will win a $25 gift certificate to spend on the Designs in Machine Embroidery website!

And the winner is… “2013 I plan to create my own embroidery designs, organize my sewing/embroidery room, organize and catalog ALL my embroidery designs, and last but not least open up a shop on Etsy” – Angie G.

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  • Violet

    I would love to attend a Stitching Sisters event because I have a lot of your products – snap hoop, magna hoop, PAL 2, and related software. I’d love to see live demos and be able to ask questions. I love how these products make my embroidery projects much easier to carry out. Thanks!!

    • Violet

      One last point/question – will you bring Stitching Sisters to Florida?

      • eileenroche

        Hi Violet, Florida is not on our schedule this year. Ask your local dealer to contact us. We love Florida!

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Hi Eileen,
    I was surprised to see our picture on your blog, which was taken in Santa Rosa. My friends are Pat Sylva and Wynona Montoyo. It was my second seminar of yours and Marie’s, and we would love to go to another one if you ever get out here close enough to us. The third time would be the charm, wouldn’t it? I thought it might be too repetitive, but there were enough new things to certainly keep the interest going. One time with the two of you is nowhere enough! If you come, I promise to make you some more chocolates!

    • eileenroche

      Hi Peggy – we might just see you in September! Keep your fingers crossed!

      • Peggy Schroeder

        I forgot to tell you that we would be willing to go to Sacramento or Chico to attend another of your seminars. The first one I went to was in Sacramento, and it is not too bad a drive for us. Just get within a 100 mile radius, and we will be there with bells on, right in the front row!

  • Shelly Christensen

    Hi, I would love to attend one of your workshops and get your instruction first hand. I love the excitement of being in a group who wants to learn technics for something that they love doing already and I do love creating with machine embroidery. Also, it seems that I learn quicker and retain more when I go to hands on workshops, they make a bigger mental imprint in this womans old brain, lol. I love the video tutorias but I get distracted I think and it doesn’t sink as well. I am still learning to be more in tune with our modern ways of communication: blogs, twitter and such, for learning new ideas and sharing info but I prefer hands on workshops!! As I looked through your schedule the closest place to me is Portland and that is a full days drive away, so I probably won’t make it, 🙁

  • Linda

    I would love to attend a Stitching Sisters Event, because my stitching sister, Paula, had the opportunity to attend your event in PA last year. She still talks about the great time and all that she learned. In my book, she already knew alot about embroidering and sewing, but she claims that she learned a ton of information and tips. Someday, I’d love to attend one of your events with her. Hopefully, you will return to PA.

  • Penny

    I would love to attend so I could learn from the real pros!

  • Mary

    What a great opportunity to meet two Stitching Sister’s to personally help those of us who are trying to learn more about embroidering, placements, ideas and tips. I could use all the help you can give a novice.

  • Barbara

    Attending a Stitching Sisters event would be a dream come true! Learning how to embroider from the pros is my idea of a great adventure – and would help me learn to use all of my Designs toys.

  • Sue Winnie

    Margaret and I had a great time in mystic connecticut this past year. Thanks. From one set of sewing sisters to another.
    When are you coming to NY state?

  • Shirley

    I attended a Stitching Sisters event in Salem, OR a couple of years ago, and I really liked working with the the applique technique and stippling used in The Butterfly Quilt as well being able to buy, among other items, the CD to make the beautiful Scrumptious Sweats.

  • Marilyn Kirschen

    I would love to attend a Stitching Sisters event because I’ve been subscribing to Designs in Machine Embroidery for several years and enjoyed articles by both Eileen and Marie. I’m also curious to see several of the tools in action. Looking forward to it!

  • Carolyn Cohen

    I put the cart before the horse and bought equipment but didn’t plan out how I was going to learn how to use it! I NEED to go to your class to learn from the best and to not have my “centered” monograms end up 2″ to the left! I have thrown out 3 tshirts already.

  • Beth R

    I would love to attend to get fresh ideas on how to approach difficult projects and learn your hints and tricks for doing embroidery.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    I would love to go to one of your events! I live in central NJ and you don”t seem to come into our area.

  • maria elena

    Oh how I would love to go to your seminars. I met you way back at Martha Pullen in Texas, you were given samples of your new magazine. It was love at first reading nd have been a subscriber ever since. Pleaase Please come to Naples in Florida!!!

  • Molly

    In July 2012 I purchased a Elegante II. I’m a crafter from way back, but first time at machine embroiderying. I took some beginner classes, which I’m sure didn’t scratch the surface of what this wonderful Babylock can do. This class is just what I need to fill in those empty spots and allow me to take full advantage of such a wonderful machine. I cant wait until next month to attend this class. I even called a friend I met in the beginners classes and had her husband drag her out of bed (she has the flu) so I could tell her to sign up too.

  • Wanda White

    I would like to attend because I have never been to one or ever seen the products in person. I believe the “sisters” event would be awesome because two heads are always better than one!

  • Virginia

    I would love to attend one of your Stitchin Sisters classes. Living in Florida we do not get to see many of these types of seminars. I am self taught so watching who you do all of the wonderful projects just makes me wish to be able to see it in person.

  • Jean Lowenberger

    Ho hum, I am writing this at my laptop computer, we have snow blowing snow and ice on our roads at the moment…..yes I live in Canada, so I Know there is no hope of the Stitching Sisters even coming to my country!! Yes it would be lovely to attend one of your seminars, unfortunately the best I can do is subscribe to Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine.

  • Sherrie

    I attended one several years ago and learned a lot! Hope to attend the one in San Marcos in FEb. Can’t wait to learn a lot more.

  • kathleen rispler

    I would be very happy and inspired to be at a Stitching Sisters event. These types of events never come to small prairie cities in Canada, such as Regina, Saskatchewan. I have subscribed to Designs in Machine Embroidery for several years and use the articles as a class. I am also partial to the DZGNS wesite’s “FreeBees”. I thank you and the donating vendors for these. Eileen, yours is the only blog I read; time is my most precious possession and I’d rather be stitching than webbing! Hoping you pick me … !

  • Kathy Booth

    I’d love to be at an event near me…”up north” Michigan! I have a mega hoop that my husband bought me for Christmas to try borders and continuous design and don’t know how to do that. I’m sure your event would cover that,and I’d love to learn how!

  • Judy Wentz

    I would love to attend an event to learn more about embroidery and your products

  • Doree Shandera

    I have been to two Stitching Sisters events and I would be thrilled to go to more. I have learned so much and just had a lot of fun. There is laughter and smiles the entire two days. I couldn’t promote this with any more enthusiasm. Sign up right now if you have a chance, you won’t regret it.

  • Bonnie

    I attende Stitching Sisters in Mystic, CT. Loved everything you did. I learned more in those 2 days than I had in all the other classes I have taken in the past! Would live to go again. Would you be doing new things, different than what ou did in Mystic?

  • Susan DeWitt

    Would love to attend a Stitching Sisters event (in Atlanta area)as my daughter has finally decided she wants to learn and I am not as adept at embroidery with my machine. I now have the time to learn and two little granddaughters to spoil with pretty designs (3 and 4 years old)…. lucky me!!

  • Jill Turner

    I got to attend 1/2 of a Stitching Sisters event in Atlanta. I was so excited to attend. On the afternoon of the 1st day, I slipped and broke my foot so I didn’t get to attend the second day. I was so disappointed. I look forward to attending again if you come back to Atlanta. I learned so much the first day. Your products are so neat. I even had Santa bring me a PAL2 for Christmas. So much embroidery and so little time.

  • Kathy

    I would love to attend an event by the stitching sisters. I learn so much by attending classes like this. They inspire me to become a better sewer and to try something new.

  • Karen

    It would be great to be able to attend one of your events , but you are no where close to me. I have a magna hoop and have not had any work with it, what a waste of money maybe in a class I could learn how to use it.

  • Debra

    I would love to go to another of the Stitching Sisters workshops. I live in Alabama but drove over to the Atlanta area so that my Stitching Aunt could go with me. We loved the hands on classes and gained a lot of valuable information on hooping and stitching. They really get me “charged up” to come home and create. My aunt is very special to me and I would love to share this with her again soon. It is well worth every penny! You both are very entertaining as well and it makes the time fly by too quickly.

  • Sandra

    I live in “no man’s land” in West Texas. If the Sisters schedule a seminar in the Metroplex, I will be there.

  • Shelly Tiefenthaler

    I just received a Bernina 830 for Christmas and I am just getting my feet wet. I purchased your Craftsy class and love it. I just bought some material and plan on actually doing the project after I get a bit better with my machine. I would love to attend one of your classes in person! I live in Iowa…any chances you would be any where near here?

    • eileenroche

      Congratulations on your new machine! We don’t have any plans for Iowa at this time but every year takes us to new locations.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    At last you are coming in range. Hope I am able to make it even if I do have a Viking.

    • Mary Haggenmaker

      Omigosh I just figured out that Timeless Treasures IS a Viking dealer.

  • Sandy Roberts

    I’ve read the responses of others and echo them. I’ve bought several of your products and read the magazine religiously. I have a small, but well-organized studio thanks to my son’s help last week. I would like very much to have a small business and keep purchasing supplies towards that end. My biggest problem is confidence in myself, and in learning that nothing is perfect. I need to learn that others also make things with what are to them glaring flaws, but that something doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And I don’t have to point out every little flaw (most are so minute that if I put the item away for awhile and then get it out again I often have a tough time finding it myself). I think that exposure to others who have “been there and done that,” along with sharpening my skills, will encourage me to get busy and use the wonderful things available to me. The closest Stitching Sisters event to Indianapolis this year will be in Louisville, and I’d be delighted to make the trip!

  • Bill Cooper

    I have retired sooner than I wanted because of health reasons. I have been interested in embroidery for quite awhile. But, with a full time job and family, time was scarce. I have a machine and enough knowledge to be dangerous. My ultimate goal would be able to make my own “Tommy Bahama” shirts. In the beginning I will be happy personalizing items like backpacks, car covers and anything I can hoop. Please comeback to the San Francisco area.

  • Ginger

    I would like to go to one of the Stitching Sisters events, mainly to meet the two of you and the best person to teach me all the things I need to know about embroidery. I have a Baby Lock Ellisimo, updated to a Gold, and would like to know everything possible to learn about it and all of your designs. I have many of your products!

  • Linda Turner

    I read about the dates and places for Stitching Sisters Events in the January/February issue of Designs In Machine Embroidery Magazine. My two sisters live in Cache,Oklahoma. I have already asked if they would be willing to attend the workshop at Jackman’s in St.Louis in October (I live in Columbia,Missouri). They have older embroidery machines and they could use some real updates! My younger sister will retire from teaching elementary art this May and the other one is retirement age but can’t afford to quit working just yet! It would be fantastic if they got a gift certificate to entice them into attending! I know we would learn sew much!

  • Nell Stewart

    I also would love to attend one of your classes next time you are in the Atlanta area. I have many of your products and have been a machine embroiderer for several years; but there’s so much to learn and do; and I know you could help.

  • Cathy Dykes

    I would love to attend a stitching Sisters event because the appear very informative. I love attending seminars that I take away lots of ideas and feel as if the learning factor was way more than than the cost of the event. Also one of my new years resolutions is to attend my first sewing event.

  • Christine Jehle

    I live in the Rochester, NY area. We have some great shops, but only a few offer classes in embroidery and only if you purchased their machines! I would love a day of sit and embroider with a Stitching Sister to learn more about stablizers, and which one’s to use when! It is so important to produce a quality garment. I hope you come to our area soon!

  • Gerry Barrett

    I would love to go to one of your events! I feel you’re never too old to learn, even at 69! I love doing things for my grand kids, but would love to learn easier & quicker ways to do it!

  • Rinda

    I always like to learn new things, especially better ways of doing things I am already doing! Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you have learned!

  • Cy Swendsen

    I would love to be able to attend a Stitching Sisters event with my “stitching sister” a wonderful woman of 80 to my 57! She jumped into embroidery about 6 years ago (when she first saw my machine) with both feet and no looking back. She is amazing and inspiring as she shows no fear at learning new techniques.

    • Cy Swendsen

      Forgot to say that she is great fun to travel with!

  • Patty Gaugler

    I’d love to attend one because I’d like to meet you in person. I’ve seen you for years on Sewing with Nancy, and have several books (4?) and one of your cd’s with a video, and the magna hoop with video cd… It feels like I know you. I dream a lot, haven’t actually made many of the thousands of designs I own. In a workshop I’d really make it, really take it home. What would stop me? the cost, and I’m not available on Saturdays. I’d love meeting you, just the same.

  • Susan

    Can you please tell me when the next presentation is that is the closest to Florida? Thanks.

  • Susan

    Can you please tell me when and where your next workshop will be that’s closest to Florida? Thanks.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I am so excited! I will finally get to a Stitching Sisters event because you are finally coming to Maryland! I do plan to be there but I don’t have a sister. Hoping maybe a daughter will do. If not I guess it will be just me.

  • Mary Frances Horton

    Just traveled to attend an embroidery event in STL with MY sewing sister and spent the weekend sewing together- such fun! We saw that you will be there for a workshop, so we will be back- 2 sisters to see the 2 sisters!

  • Diane T

    I had to work last year when you were in the Atlanta Ga. area. Will you be back in the Atlanta area this year? A friend of mine did get to the event last year and said it was wonderful……

  • Carol Milleson

    Went to my very first seminar in Oklahoma City this week. Met my new BFF’s Marie and Eileen. If they are EVER within driving distance of Salina, KS again…I WILL BE THERE. So darn informative, and a couple of awesome women! Can’t wait to see them again and learn more.

  • Judy Troyer

    I belong to the Wichita American Sewing Guild and I am working on our Special Events trying to line up some programs and was wondering if you would be interested in coming to Wichita, Kansas to do one of your seminars. I really would like to talk with you if this is a possibility.

    Judy Troyer
    Special Events Coordinator

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  • Dee Machtolff

    I would so much like to attend one of your embroidery sessions. Are you come to the L.A. area anytime in the future? Hope so.