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Wisconsin Quilt Expo 2017


In just a few short weeks, I’m heading to my favorite quilt show – Wisconsin Quilt Expo, in Madison, Wisconsin, Sept 7-9, 2017.  Why is WQE my favorite quilt show?  Well, first off, it was created by my dear friend, Nancy Zieman, so I know every detail has been covered.  Second, it’s in Wisconsin in early September.  Wisconsin literally sparkles in late summer.  Third, the food – oh my.  They don’t call it America’s Dairy Land for nothing!  Fourth – the people. I’ve never met a population that pitches in with such gusto and a smile.  If you don’t know what I mean, consider this: Green Bay Packer fans VOLUNTEER to shovel out the stadium on a snowy game day. In fact, they stand in line to do so!  Oh, I love Wisconsin.

I am honored to teach one of my favorite topics, Turn Your Embroidery Machine into a Longarm, at 1:00 every day. Tickets are on sale now and from what I hear – going fast!

I can’t wait to meet with fellow quilters especially those who want to get more out of their embroidery machines and finish those quilt tops they so lovingly created. I want to show them that it is possible to quilt an entire quilt – even a queen or king – on an embroidery machine. I’ve been doing this for years and along the way, I’ve made every mistake.  Now, I can confidently finish my quilts.  In my class, you’ll learn how to select designs for specific areas of the quilt, precisely place designs and handle all that bulk. To purchase a ticket to Turn Your Embroidery Machine into a Longarm, just click here.

We’ll discuss continuous line designs.

Custom designs (that fit perfectly into specific spaces.

And we’ll take a look at nesting designs.

I’ll share my secrets for perfect placement of all three types of quilting designs. To see what else is in store at Wisconsin Quilt Expo, visit

Any chance I’ll see you there?  I hope so!


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  • Nancy Godwin

    Is there any way to get the information on quilting with your embroidery machine if you can’t travel to Wisconsin?

    • eileenroche

      Hi Nancy, I’ve posted information below, in response to Sharon’s question.

  • Sharon

    I’m like Nancy, I can’t travel to Wisconsin but sure would like to know more about quilting with my embroidery machine.

  • eileenroche

    Here’s a link to my book: Quilt with an Embroidery Machine in 8 Easy Lessons:

    Nancy Zieman and I shared this topic on Sewing with Nancy recently. You can view the 2-part series here:

  • Marti Morgan

    Wish I could attend the class – but alas Tennessee is too far from Wisconsin. I enjoy quilting on my embroidery machine and love learning more and more about it.

  • Karen Sopjes

    I finished a quilt using a design from your book and my shorte.

  • Carolyn Lancet

    I’ll be there! Lucky me, my sister lives there so I can combine this trip with a visit. I’ve been quilting on my emb. machine and my shortE for a few years and highly recommend it. Eileen’s book is a great way to start, and it comes with several useful designs. Check out her video and Nancy’s show for tutorials.
    Can’t wait!

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