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Embroidery Tips & Techniques Hooping Lettering & Monograms

Need an embroidery miracle? Then you need friends in high places!

Where do you turn when you need a solution to an embroidery dilemma? It started innocently enough with “Honey, can you embroider my name and phone number on this strap?” I naively responded, “Oh sure, I’ll bet it’ll be an easy thing to do.” Then he hands over the ‘harmless’ strap. From afar, it looked like camo canvas maybe camo neoprene. But once in my hand, my knees began to tremble when I gripped the…RUBBER backing! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rubber? Really? Are you kidding me? Dang, I wish I hadn’t shared that joke about the lady who informed her husband that no, she won’t stitch a logo on his golf shirt because her machine can’t do menswear. I still chuckle at that line. But my sweet husband knows the truth behind that – it’s a joke he’s heard me tell in Stitching Sister events. He knows all of my machines ‘can do menswear.’

So off I trotted to the office with the noose, I mean strap, over my shoulder. I figured I’d start my research there – pour through all our technical journals, embroidery books and commercial magazines to look for a solution. My search led to nothing, not a clue on how to hoop or stabilize rubber-backed neoprene. So I did what I normally do when approached with a stumbling block. I climb around it. Avoid it. Make a path around it – like the elephant in the room. And mull it over for a few days. But not this time because in walked the most knowledgeable person in the embroidery industry. Deborah Jones.

She was here on official business – really big important stuff like what would we have for lunch. At the end of our visit, I remembered the noose – strap (gee, I keep staying that!) and asked for her advice. Without a trace of confusion or a moment of hesitation, she said, “Oh hoop it with wax paper. You’ll need something to lubricate the needle and thread as it exits the rubber.”

I looked at her like she handed me the Hope diamond. She looked at me like she sometimes does, “Oh you silly Yankee.” (Doesn’t matter how long you live in Texas, you’re always a Yankee if you imported yourself.) Then she left. I was perplexed, okay scared, so I worried for a few more days. And then I bought wax paper. I haven’t purchased wax paper in years and didn’t spot it the new fancy grocery near the office. I asked a salesperson where I would find it and she wasn’t quite sure what it was! After a minute she muttered something about packed lunches at grandma’s house when she was a little girl and then sent me to aisle 23. Anyway, I bought it.

The noose, I mean strap, is thick so holding it in a hoop was not an option. Sticking it down on hooped wax paper in a standard hoop would likely result in the noose, strap, popping off the wax paper. So I hooped tear-away stabilizer and two layers of wax paper (Why two? I don’t know, I bought a whole roll, so I figured I’d get my money’s worth) in Snap Hoop on a 10-needle machine. Snap Hoop is flat and will help keep the strap on the wax paper. I sprayed the back of the strap with temporary adhesive and pressed it onto the wax paper. Then taped it for extra security.

As you remember Deborah told me to ‘use wax paper.’ She didn’t tell me anything about hooping, adding stabilizer or adhesive. I was on my own there, I just tried to apply common sense (something most Yankees are not known for in Texas) and tame the challenge and well, git her done as they say here.

It worked! An embroidery miracle, thanks to Deborah Jones.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola has 6 beautiful projects just for you! Inside you’ll find:

  • Tea Party Luggage Tags
  • Glamour Girl Makeup Case
  • Petite Purse
  • Vintage Apron
  • Time for Tea Pillow
  • Time for Tea Quilt

Leave us a comment below about the last thing you made for you and only you. One random comment will be selected to win their very own copy of All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola! Thanks for reading and good luck.

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

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And the winner is… Shelly – “I checked out the site and was excited to see the projects and designs that are there! I would love to win and be a part of all the things offered there. I love to learn from the experienced people and find so much joy and purpose in creating things for my family and friends. My embroidery work is my best friend now at this time in my life and I love to share it with all I know.”




  • Krista

    I’ve been so busy making stuff for everyone else, the last thing I made just for me, was a spider hand towel for my bathrooom.

  • Jacque

    A “HOGS” t-shirt and “Arkansas Girls love the HOGS” sweatshirt jacket. It was a test project on a t-shirt and sweatshirt jacket I had and I absolutely loved it when it was done. I have worn it out. I am ready for sweatshirt jackets and long sleeve t’s to come out so I can make me a new one!

    • Crystal

      Go Hogs, Girl!!!!

  • Louise

    I’m always making things for everyone else, but a few days ago I made myself a lumbar cushion for my sewing chair – in a house full of boys, there’s no danger of them stealing my pink and purple cushion!

    • Mary Thiessen

      This is something I need. Where did you find the pattern or directions.

    • gma pamela

      Me, too!!

    • Kathie Pryel

      Just found this site and would like to have the directions for the lumbar cushion.

  • Louise

    I’m very excited that I will be meeting Deborah at the Echidna convention in a few weeks – at least now I can cross the all important ‘how do I embroider rubber?’ question off my list!

    • Barbara Lewis

      This is the first time I have met your website!! I am a new embroiderer with a Janome Embrodery machine. I would love to win your free embroiderey patterns!! I need help from the masters…. you girls!!!

  • dawn

    I made a backpack out of an antique hand crossstiched Doily. Added embroidered monogram. Just made it yesterday and turned out adorable!

  • Nancy D.

    The last thing I made for myself was the everything bag which I made reversible so I could use with multiple outfits. I added some gold metallic embroidery on an added pocket. Otherwise I’m making many hospital gowns for a regional charity.

  • Lisa Knight

    I made myself 2 pairs of shorts that I love. I have not sewn a garment in a long time. I also made the dress I wore to my daughters wedding this spring. More sewing for me is on the books. Finding time and energy is difficult sometimes.

  • Marilyn Weiss

    The last thing I made for me and only me is today’s lunch. I honestly can’t remember the last thing I made or embroidered for myself. Once all of the responses are in, I’m sure I won’t be alone in this.

  • Corlia du Preez

    About a month ago, a gorgeous denim bag with embroidery and some hand stitching with a lot of “bling” on it as it was done in crazy patch style.

  • Cheryl

    Like some of the other comments, it has been awhile since I took the time to make myself something! What I have started on is a new bag with lots of embroidery.

  • Connie W.

    The last thing I remember making for myself was a set of placemats that I made up a pattern for. They were the shape of a teacup and I really liked how they turned out but it happened to be my sister-in-law’s birthday that week and I ended up giving them to her as a gift. I thought I would just make myself another set, but I think we all know how that goes…. that was 5 months ago and it hasn’t happened yet!

  • Donna

    It’s been awhile since I made anything just for me. I believe it was embroidering flowers on my favorite white blouse to cover up the rust spots that appeared after I washed it.

  • Linda Machado

    I too don’t remember specifically the last thing made just for me other then the mug rugs. Sewing for grandchildren has taken my time but now that I retired I want to play for me! I took Eileen’s T-shirt class on Craftsy and I am so anxious to try that but I just broke my left wrist. Had a fight with the garden hose and the hose won!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    The last thing I made for me was at the Stitching Sisters event in Maryland. I have a couple of things lined up for when I get done with an order for my alma mater I am presently working on. I have a zipper purse lined up to go and then I have some bath towels and kitchen towels that I need to get ready for upcoming craft fairs.

  • Donna N.

    Years ago I made an ITH key ring/card holder and only because I was testing a design.

  • Greta Kanegae

    I ordinarily don’t make many things for myself, and I’m not a girly girl so don’t have any frou frou things. I wear a lot of plain t shirts, purchased plain so I could embellish them at some point in time. In the past mont, I have embellished 2 shirts for myself. The first one wasnt plain, it was brown, and had muted red, white and blue swirls and stars printed on it. I used a free design I got from Julia’s Needle Design which was the Pledge of Allegiance along with stars and a flag. The second was a plain white t that I put a 9×4 inch seahorse in aqua and deep aqua, design was from the Tula series at Urban Threads. Both turned out beautifully and got many complements on both, including “you didn’t make that, did you?” yesI did, thank you very much! Lol

  • Paula Roney

    I really have to think about that one to answer!!! The only things I’ve ever embroidered “just for me” are my sewing machine covers about 5 years ago. I made matching quilted covers for all of my machines from a king size quilted white spread and added various sewing related embroidery designs and crystals along with my monogram. I loved making them and don’t know why I never take time to make things for myself. Everything I make ends up as a gift for someone. I think I need this book so I can pamper me a bit!

  • Linda

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I made something for myself !! But I did just finish 6 newborn bibs for a good friend

  • Jo of So TX

    Not any different from the rest, I come last. However, I do remember making angel earrings from Sonia Showalter because I just wore them again. Gotta make more earrings, luv them and always get lots of compliments on them.

  • Ginger Lewis

    The last thing I made for myself was a maxi dress with a cutout tie back closure. It’s perfect for the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in the northeast. I started embroidery on a linen dress for myself but my machine had a glitch and broke down in the middle of the embroidery, so that project is a UFO at the moment.

  • kbo

    Before I packed for a summer trip to the East Coast, I machine embroidered a hoodie with a image on the front and word statement on the side of the back. I wanted to know which hoodie was mine. Very happy with results and received many compliments on the designs.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Great work on the noose! And thanks for sharing your journey:) Designer Handbag times 3 were my gifts to me. I started on one and then just kept going. They are addicting!

  • Dina Salsbery

    The last thing I made for me was a tank top. I’ve had the fabric & pattern for a couple years & recently started finishing projects in the closet. It felt good finishing it & it looks great! Yeah Me!

  • Colleen Bell

    First, I am so glad that you posted about your experience. It is so refreshing to hear that you don’t know it all. You did a fantastic job!!! It looks gorgeous. By the way, hope the phone number is on the other side and that you just did not show it for privacy sake 🙂

    It just dawned on me that in all the years that I have had my embroidery machine, I have never made anything for myself and I am currently in the process of making a handbag and book bag from your wonderful “Designer Handbags.” It is so creative and I can’t praise you enough for how clever you both were in designing this. The designs are actually quite simple, but it took incredible hours to get it just right. Thank you for all your hard work. I convinced my husband that with the expensive handbags on the market that it was to his benefit to approve this purchase and he loved that idea. It is a wonderful product and I can’t wait to finish it, but like everything else, family is here for the week and we are enjoying life (OK the beach too).

  • Nancy N

    I made three machine covers for a new sewing room out of one jelly roll so they would be different but similar. With the left overs I made a dog bed for visiting friends!

    • GrandmaSue10

      You make your friends sleep in a dog bed?!?!?

      • Rita

        Hee hee!!

  • Dani

    I made myself a set of pillow shams about 2 years ago and I really like the way they turned out. I usually embroider gifts for everyone else.

  • Susan J

    The last item I made for myself??? Can you make items just for yourself? What a concept! I will have to try that after I finish the quilt for my husband. Seriously, I think I embroidered s denim shirt way back when in the dark ages of machine embroidery.

  • lawana whaley

    great tutorial…I do a lot with outdoor/recreational type materials and this will help me greatly… now, the last thing I sewed for me…. trying to remember and I honestly can’t remember the last time I did something for just me…. but if I had a copy of this book it would push me into doing just that… thanks for the chance at a copy

  • kathy

    I embroidered on a purse. It was a women’s face and it fit perfect on the flap. But I rarely make anything just for me. I need more time in a day to get it all done. I have so many ideas and are always looking for more.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    The last thing I made for me was a Tshirt Using Neckline transformations with the peekaboo opening and embroidery around it. I will be making more shirts with different necklines and embroidery.

  • Beth

    A pair of exercise shorts. The kids don’t want anything “mom” made. However, they are willing to let me mend and hem when necessary!

  • Kathy

    Well I really can’t remember the last thing I embroidered for myself.Most of the time I’m always doing for others. Well I quess if I win this book, I will have an excuse HA,HA,HA.
    Love your website and all the blogs, and information you give us.Please keep it coming, I always smile when i think about doing embroidery, just don’t have enough time.

  • Barbara

    The last thing I made just for me was a simple embellishment — ironing on crystal transfers all over a denim jacket. I can’t wait for our Houston summer to end so I can wear it!

  • Kathy e.

    It’s been a few months ago, but the last thing I made for myself was a pair of potholders. I embroidered words like “family”, “thankful”, “believe” on them. I do ALL of the cooking and baking in the house, but my dear husband does use one each morning under his hot oatmeal bowl. Why is it we rarely sew for ourselves?

  • Celeste B

    The last thing I made for myself was a top, pants and skirt from fabric I bought while at the last ASG conference. I just finished a cowboy quilt from a kit I bought many years ago but I think it will wind up being used more by our new grandson than by me.

  • Linda

    I monogrammed an insulated lunch bag that I use for carrying my lunch to work everyday. I made several as gifts, and decided that my continuing to carry a plastic grocery bag was cruel and unusual punishment.

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  • Linda

    I rarely make things for myself. However, I just finished my dress for my son’s wedding. I teased that I would embroider a label for the back that said, “Size 4.” ( I haven’t seen a size 4 in a long time. LOL) I completed many projects for the shower and wedding. After the wedding it would be very nice to pamper myself with special project just for me.

  • Yolanda

    The last thing I made just for me was a “in the hoop” fully lined zippered pouch. It turned out really cute and I have my initial on it. I received many compliments at my local embroidery club.

  • Carol K E

    The last thing I made for myself was a patriotic table runner. Then I needed an unexpected gift, so I gave that away. My name and credentials are embroidered on my scrub jackets, so I guess I can/t give those away.

  • Gislene Siqueira

    Esse ano fiz varias camisas que eu adoro acho que umas 6, e como aqui no Brasil é inverno fiz dois pijamas e mais seis camisas de flanela e bordei duas toalhas com minhas iniciais e duas fronhas com minhas iniciais tambem. Ficou tudo muito lindo.

  • Benie Webre

    I attended a recent Martha Pullen show and took several projects just to learn serger techniques. I also completed an awesome purse in the hoop. Though these items might ultimately go to someone else, the process was for me.

  • trina coffey

    I just made a week ago a saying banner…with god all things are possible….first thing for me in a long time.

  • C.J.

    The last thing I made just for myself was adding some fagotting to and designs to pillowcases. I’d be embarrassed to say how long ago that was! lol
    I’d really like to know how long that wax paper will last you and the creative ideas people come up with to use it. 😉

  • le floch, anne

    I made a revised version of a crayon roll, to put all my Ipad’s stuff (cables, card reader, power supply etc….), made it in a flashy fabric so I spot it easily. Quickly made and SO useful!

  • Michelle H

    It’s been so long I cannot remember the last thing I made myself, I think it was a T shirt with embroidery on the front

    • Gail Beam

      I think the last thing I made for myself was an embroidered sweatshirt about 3 years ago. It was the second thing I had made for myself since I bought my D1 in 2002. Like everyone else, I usually make things for others.

  • Diane Cockman

    I did a purple tee shirt with HIA design of a hummingbird and flowers. Put crystals all around it. Everywhere I wear it, I get alot on compliments.

  • Diane Miller

    The last thing that I made for myself was a purse using a template by Nancy Zieman. I used fabric that was left over from a quilt that I made for y Grandbaby. I get so many compliments on it. Since then I have made three more purses for other people.

  • Wanda

    I made a quilted purse. It came out beautiful. Everybody wants one.

  • Debbie S

    The last thing I made for myself was kitten microwave oven mitts (the design came from The Purple Hat). I use them all the time.

  • Shirley Hemphill

    I made a Lady’s T-shirt, wear them everyday. I embroidered a beautiful 3 horse running design. 72,000 stitches on t shirt knit. I knew I was crazy so I searched the internet for any help I could find. I used two layers of Sulky Fusible tearaway, then I read an article about toppers, I didn’t have any so I used Sulky water soluble I had and just laid it on top when I was ready to start. Let out my breath and pushed the start button. I can’t believe how good it looks. I’ve only been embroidering for about 8 months so I’m learning every day.

  • tanya

    Wow; Duly noted, I can’t remember the last time I made something for only me! I believe it was a large monogram on my beach towel, and since it is pink in a home of 4 boys/men, it could have only been for “only me”.

    • Janine

      One day, I will make something just for me, or maybe not. I try and try and it has gotten difficult for me to follow directions. I love I T H because they are easier for me. I tend to make smaller bags because I like to make things for my grandkids but that doesnt always work out:(!

  • Kimberly

    The last thing I made for myself was a cover for my Kitchenaid mixer. I had funky fabric that didn’t really seem right for a dress, but it looks amazing as a cover:)

  • Bonnie Coalson

    I made monogramed towels for my bathroom. I have ideas but not the time.

  • judy

    I bought some T-Shirts on sale several months ago and just recently put some applique designs on them. I mostly sew for others.

  • Lorel Maple

    I do trial embroideries on kitchen towels before putting them on the ‘real thing’. I keep the towels and the friend gets a gift. My mom used to wrap our sandwiches in waxed paper like wrapping a gift box when we were in school. When they invented waxed paper sandwich bags, I’m sure she was thrilled. Good for you, going with your husband’s full name on the noose. The first thing I would have done was encourage a monogram.

  • Mary

    I haven’t made anything for myself in years unless you count the unfinished projects learned in an embroidery class, which was many years ago, too.

  • Debbie Myers

    The last thing I made for me…hmmm…a mini wall hanging for July 4th. I used a built-in stitch on my machine to embroider the fireworks streamers! I finished the top but haven’t put the backing or binding on. I usually end up giving away most of the things I make, even when they start out to be for me. I always intend to make another one for me, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  • Mary

    The last thing I made for me was a zippered bag to carry my iPad in. I had my iPad in just a regular tote bag and it came out of the bag on the airplane and got left under the seat. I did get my iPad back but now I have a zippered sleeve and a zippered tote to keep it in while flying. Embroidered roses on both pieces.

  • calla

    The last thing I made for ME is a long story, but funny….
    I’ve been making dew caps for hubbys Veterans motorcycle club. He just wanted simple black and red caps. Then he found fabric with POW emblems to make some with. THEN he wanted me to embroider the clubs initials on them too. Finally, he told his pals I could customize the caps just for them!! Just last night I made a comment on how “I rarely get to make anything just for me”. My hubby looked hurt and said “honey, you can make one for you too!” Bless his heart….

  • Carolyn Cohen

    It has been so long! Curtains, granddaughter
    dresses with monograms, table cloths don’t
    Count do they? I really can’t remember
    The last thing I made just for me!

  • Karen Rilstone

    Hmmmm, I guess the last thing I made for myself was workout towels. I used regular terry hand towels and designs from Kathy Giles. Here’s the link:

    My towels are definite conversation starters!


    PS: I have no association with Kathy other than loving the Tilda designs.

  • Pam

    The last item I did for myself was bobbin work butterfly that I put on a t-shirt. Love to wear it with my jeans here in Texas!

  • Lois Williams

    The last thing I made just for myself was a bedside pocket that fits between the mattress and boxspring to hold my books, tissues and the remote control for the TV.
    Really helps to find things in the dark

  • Diane S.

    The last thing I made for myself was a “Zippy” bag. It is a small zippered cosmetic/notions bag. I used the “Stitch and turn” technique for the first time and added decorative stitches. Fun.

  • Nancy Owens

    The last thing I made just for me was a patchwork tote. Perfect for carrying my scriptures to church on Sunday. I embroidered “I am a Child of God” in the center. Love it!

  • Kristine

    The last thing I made for myself was decorative pillow. All the lace was done on the embroidery machine, including insertion lace. It is all white, very feminine. The lace on the ends was done with an endless hoop. Also, did pin stitching. It is beautiful. Very pleased with the result. The starting point was a class at Village Sewing Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Jackie McDonald was the teacher, fabulous class.

  • Kate

    The last thing I made for myself was pillowcases. It was a class teaching a technique that I hadn’t done before and I never make for someone else at a class, that way if I mess up I’m the only one who knows.Well me and the teacher 😉

  • Dolly D.

    I love to sew, quilt and embroider but recently I have been crocheting scarves made from beautiful varigated yarns. The scarves are for me, but since I have made so many I have also given away many as gifts. This project is actually therapy, as it keeps my hands busy, because I have recently quit smoking. I really enjoy your magazine. The projects are so inspiring.

  • Suzanne deSantise

    The last thing that I made myself was a set of pillows for the couch in our living room, would love to win, always need new ideas!!

  • Suzanne deSantise

    The last thing that I made myself was towels for the bathroom , His n Hers, I just got married in May!! Would love to win, always need new ideas.

  • Sylvia K.

    Loved your story! So long to remember what I made for me – I think a passport/holder wallet thingy
    2 yrs ago!

  • Beth R

    I made a pair of tatted earrings to wear – that is, for ME to wear. And of course, I had to make sure I pointed them out to all my embroidery friends!

  • Cathy

    You are so funny! The last thing I did was embroidered bean bags for my son’s wedding, for the bean bag toss game. Very fun!!

  • Casie Williams

    I made a zippered coin purse done ITH with a matching notepad cover. Both are sewn in a lovely purple floral print and make me smile when I pull them out of my purse. The matching wallet is next . . . Someday. 😀

  • Linda Epting

    I have been so busy with embroidering for back to school that I do not remember the last thing I did for me.

  • Georgia Walsh

    My last gift to me was the Redhead Attitude jacket you featured in an old issue of your magazine. I used the As You Wish pattern and the Loralie ladies designs. What a fun project, crazy quilting and embellishing with no limits! I absolutely love all of the jackets done with that pattern! Keep all the neat ideas coming!

  • LeAnne L

    I made a new Kindle cover for myself. Of course, as soon as everyone sees it, they want one too. At least I got mine first! Oh, wait. Two things. I also made myself a quick tank top last weekend.

  • JudiC

    Right after Christmas, I made an ITH owl zippered case for my i-pad mini. i had to enlarge the design to fit over the slim protective case it has around it & my stylist too. It fits perfectly & I use it every day.

  • LindaH

    The last thing that I completed for myself was a nylon jacket with a square dance design on the back. Love it and have sold several others to members of our square dance club. Would love to win and have the opportunity to pamper myself a little more.

  • Linda C.

    I had a kidney transplant in Nov. and I promised myself that I would do some machine embroidery work for me when I recovered. I had table runners, napkins, and coasters that I put some lovely candle-wicking embroidery on – 16 pieces, in all. Now I have nice, new, matching pieces in many rooms of the house and it helped me heal at the same time. I’d had the pieces for years before a life-altering event made me realize that I needed to do things for myself now.

  • Betsy P

    The last thing I remember making for myself was a white tee with a cut work butterfly on the front shoulder and bobbin work around the neck line. It turned out stunning!!! I get lots of complements when I wear it. I wish I had more time to make things just for me, but that seldom happens. I sure would love to win!!!!

  • Kay

    Does making a pattern for yourself count?! Haha! I took a pattern drafting class about a month ago, but haven’t done anything with the patterns yet! As far as embroidery goes, I just finished piecing my Dakota Designs Nativity Window Scene Quilt together. I may keep it for myself or give it as a Christmas gift to my husband, so I can still enjoy it in our home!

  • Vicky Isliefson

    The last thin I made for myself was a tote bag to take to France. I made custom pockets for the items I would need to carry, incorporating ideas from several other patterns I have done. I did not use a purchased pattern, but measured a few old bags I have worn out, and made my own pattern.

  • Wanda Rohle

    I made a hand bag for myself from some wool I felted from a skirt I bought at a second hand store. To make sure it didn’t walk off with one of my adult daughters I embroidered my initial on the inner pocket. I got that idea from designs magazine. Every one loved the inside as we’ll as the outside. My girls have both requested one for themselves:)

  • Wanda Rohle

    I made a hand bag for myself from some wool I felted from a skirt I bought at a second hand store. To make sure it didn’t walk off with one of my adult daughters I embroidered my initial on the inner pocket. I got that idea from designs magazine. Every one loved the inside as we’ll as the outside. My girls have both requested one for themselves.

  • Donna G.

    I embroidered several shirts and tops for myself for a recent trip to Hawaii. While there I purchased fabric to make myself a blouse, so that’s the next thing I’ll be making for me.

  • gayle

    Oh!! my goodness I can,t remember, it has been so long. I will have to change that very soon.

  • Shirl R

    The last thing I made for myself was years ago, and that was a pouch which hangs on my wrought iron headboard to hold the TV and Cable Remote.

  • Leslie Perine

    Last year when my husband and I went to a Halloween party, I made myself a Little Red Riding Hood costume and he dressed up as the Big Bad Wolf. I was very proud when my creative costume was a real hit and I got so many complements on it. That was so much fun, I hope I can come up with another good costume this year. I love your magazine and spend hours reading and rereading the new and old issues.

  • usairdoll

    WoW! Sadly I can’t remember when I made something just for me. I did keep a zipperred pouch that had wonky corners that I was making for my sister. It was a new pattern, I figured out what I did wrong and made my sister a new one. I got a wonky pouch by default, does that count? hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  • Cathy Martin

    I made a small embroidered purse and am now working on an embroidered shoulder bag. I am actually keeping these!

  • Tamra Botkin

    I believe most women are “givers”. We do for others before we do for ourselves. I’m usually making “hug” projects for my family. I so enjoy creating surprises for them. Lately I have been trying to make scarves for myself because I have a tracheostomy and I don’t like being seen without it covered up. Matching a scarf to what I’m wearing is a task at times. I have to plan ahead to match. Thanks.

  • Laurene Shewan

    I did a “cross body” bag, with zippers, all in the hoop using double sided quilted fabric. Of course, it was done in a class at Schiller’s with Melissa.

    Noticed you didn’t put his phone number on the noose! Smart move.

  • Ellie Huth

    I embellished a straw hat for myself by embroidering a sunflower design on it and even though I was nervous about how it would turn out, I must admit I was pleased with the results. I think the best thing about doing this project was it gave me confidence to keep on trying new things! This opportunity to win these new designs is excellent! Thank you!

  • Kathy Hoover

    The last thing I made for me was my made-over jean jacket that I decorated with many slot machine embroidery designs. I put the designs on the front, back and sleeves and then added sequins and crystals and sewed sparkly trim on the bottom of the jacket and sleeves. Wow, did it sparkle and now I wear it every time we go to the casino, hoping it will bring me good luck!

  • Cindy V.

    I just joined the YMCA a few months ago and needed a nice big tote bag to carry all the things I needed for there, so I found a plain one in my closet and added some Red Hat Ladies designs and my monogram. I have gotten so many complements on that bag. One of my favorite things is to repurpose items.

  • Doreen

    Hmm…. I suppose you aren’t talking the omelet I made yesterday morning. Wow, the last thing I made for myself was a Skrappy Sak bag and that is faded and set aside. I guess I should do something else for myself.

  • Martha

    The last thing I made just for myself was a cross body bag with a matching wallet. I am loving it!

  • Gayle Bailey

    I just recently started to feel better after having surgery and some serious health issues over the last year and a half. I told my friends I needed to start sewing again, easing into it with some smaller projects, so I decided my kindle, (which has been my best friend throughout my sickness), needed a beautiful cover. I used bright cheerful fabrics and decorated it with my monogram and some bling. Love it!

  • Laura Palmer

    The one thing I recently made myself was an adorable stuffed bear. A special friend of mine, digitized a pattern to make a bear in the largest hoop on my embroidery machine. I was so excited, rushed out to find the perfect fabric and made the first bear of the production for ME!!! It is purple (my favorite color) with white polka dots and extremely soft. I loved stuffing it and watching it come to life and form its own little personality. Finished it with a deeper purple ribbon around its neck. I love it!! It doesn’t matter how old we are…we all love a soft teddy bear to hug! 🙂

  • Donna Jenkins

    I embroidered a sweat shirt just the other day, summer seems to be over

  • Maxine Mac Neill

    I made myself the most beautiful bag from your book Machine Embroidered Quilting & Applique – My Favorite Bag.The compliments have been so rewarding. One of the most fun projects I have attempted with no stress involved whatsoever.

  • Jill

    I do embroider things for me to wear. It’s self advertising. When someone compliments me or comments on the piece, I let them know I can make one for them. (of course for the right price) The last item I made for me was ITH flowers with bling to embellish a denim jacket to wear to an embroidery retreat.

  • Jill T.

    I took a class & made a thread/scrap catcher for my sewing room, it is so useful!
    Thank you for the info to embroider rubber straps, I can’t wait to try it! I love your magazine and all the great info you have given me over the years!
    I would love to win the beautiful designs!

  • Cheryl Lindemann

    I made myself a “hand” embroider glass case with a zipper that was entirely hand sewn. I love it.

  • debe

    After making pajamas & sleeping sacks for my grandsons, I made myself a nightgown 2 weeks ago as mine were well past retirement!

  • Barb Miller

    The last thing I made for myself was a cooling necklace, filled with moisture retaining crystals.

    • Kathy

      would love to have those instrutions and pattern. My grandkids use them all the time, can’t keep enough around

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  • Dena Ware

    The last thing I made for just me was a kitchen towel to hang on my oven door that says I love my horse with a horse head

  • Jim Laedtke

    Help! We’re struggling to find someone who can embroider a team logo (about 4×4″) and monogram on the outer pocket of a carry-on suitcase. It’s an American Tourister iLite Supreme 21″ upright and we’re doing them for a send-off gift for 20 girls on a college dance team. The pocket zips from the bottom left corner all the way up and around to the bottom right corner for good access…but the tricky part is that there’s a thin piece of cardboard inside that outer pocket to help make it sturdy.

    Anyone have ideas on who we can contact for help? We haven’t been able to find a local embroidery shop who can handle it. Thanks!

  • gma pamela

    I can’t remember, but I have a new apron cut out and hope to wear it on Christmas!

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  • Rebecca Grace

    The last thing I made just for me was a quilted sewing machine cover with a machine embroidered monogram to which I added hand sewn seed beads. And the CURRENT thing I’m making just for me is a custom monogram that I want to embroider on a boring, padded heavy nylon carrying case for my vintage Singer Featherweight. I’m just stumped a bit with how to handle hooping the darned thing. Just about to give up but I thought I’d at least check the trusty Internet for ideas first — and now I see that you were able to embroider through that rubber backed strap! So SURELY my little machine carrying bag is possible, too!

  • lisa

    I am trying to accomplish (2) major tasks. This is for a quilt,by the way. 1st thing I need to place the words of the pledge of allegiance strategically on the white strips that goes with the american flag. Next & definitely not least, I need to have 50 stars on the my blue fabric. I can send pictures so that you can visualize better. I have a Bernina 440qe, but am just having difficulties on where to start.

  • Donna Stellway

    The last thing I made for me is actually still in progress! I’m working on a really cool Beach Bag with a back pocket with Flip-Flops embroidered on it and a front divided pocket with 2 different Flip-Flop sayings on it! I can’t wait to get it finished tomorrow!

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  • Sherry Peaslee

    The last thibg I made for myself: It seems I’m always running someone to a doctors appointment these days. It takes me away from my sewing and embroidery projects so I learned how to do English paper piecing. The problem was all the supplies necessary were always at the bottom if my tote bag in a jumble. So I made myself a sew n go bag to carry my supplies neatly. The first time my daughter saw it she wanted it, commenting that I am always seeing for others, why should this item be any different..

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  • Joyce Dobbyn

    I don’t believe I have made anything for myself in several years. The last thing I made (without any embroidery btw) was a top that really didn’t fit very well. I guess maybe I should get busy and make something for myself :).

  • Christine Bankert

    I can’t remember ever embroidering something for me and only me. I always give everything away. I did bead a scissor keeper for myself once! 😉

  • custom tee

    Great post.

  • Betty Taylor

    I bought my machine a year ago and to date have not made anything for myself! I keep hoping I can do a purse in the hoop for myself…but someone always ends up needing something now! Someday soon I hope!

  • Debbie

    I have been testing designs on white hand towels. They will be for use in my private bathroom. Finally some pretties for me

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  • Cynthia Pryer

    I randomly ran across your post and will be revisiting your site. I have always been fascinated with embroidery designs (learning hand embroidering on denim jackets; now you know my age group) and I have recently purchased an Innovis 1400e by Brother. I am learning techniques but still am a little worried that I will make a mess of things. I have seen Sulky products being recommended and advertised and with the expense of embroidering winning this membership would help me to keep creating (infants and personalized items) and producing gifts for family and friends. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Julie Fitzpatrick

    I made an embroidered cover for my serger.

  • Agnes Scheuermann

    I thought and thought to remember something I made for myself, and finally saw above my embroidery machine a framed embroidered design that reads “May the work of my hands be pleasing in your sight O God”. This turns all my work into a prayer and gives me great joy and peace.

  • Dee Ann Rowlett

    Last thing I sewed for myself is to repair a pair of khakis and that was last month….

  • Cynthia Brown

    I just came up on this and was so surprised to see i can maybe be a winner if I leave a comment. Well, I am a newbie to this embroidering and have a lot to learn.Also I need to revamp my sewing room cause of a flood that took a lot of sewing and embroidering stuff. I have a lot to buy and it would be such a great help if I could be a winner to this free stabilizer, I have used it in the past a little and I was happy with all the results, so Please consider making me a winner to this wonderful prize. !!

  • Rita Davis

    Recently I made a glam bag for myself. It was the first time I made a purse of any type. I am so pleased with myself and can’t wait to make a different purse or tote bag for myself. I might make tote bags as Christmas gifts for my two daughter-in-laws.

  • Jean Hollis

    I love tote bags and made an embroidered bag for myself.

  • Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading.

  • Susan Hanslovan

    The last thing I did was embroider my ninth Grandaughers name on a batismal blanket I used for her mothers baptism. She framed it and put it in the babys room

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  • Joann mcclure

    I think that was great

  • Liz

    TOO FUNNY!!!! I live out in the country (in TEXAS) and I had to put between 00 to 800 leaves on a quilt border x’s 4. I wanted to use monopoly thread. What can I use for stabiler? I didn’t want anything stiff, I just wanted it to hold my stitches. Went online and found a site were the lady ran out of stiblier and use WaX Paper. WHAT! Ok. Mee I have wax paper & it worked great!

  • Debbie belger

    I made a small sew together bag for my sewing projects on the road.

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