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I spent a fun-filled weekend in Louisville last year and learned there’s something for everybody in that town – sports fans, foodies and embroiderers! I’m very excited about going back to Louisville and this time I’m taking my Stitching Sister with me. We’re going to have a blast with the Smocking Shop team for two full days of stitching, sharing and camaraderie. The Smocking Shop told me the other day that they want to keep the event small and intimate. To make sure every student feels pampered they are limiting the enrollment and only a few spots remain. Click here to learn more. I hope you’ll join us. We’ll be teaching our favorite techniques and we’re getting an early start on holiday stitching. We’ve uncovered the best techniques for embroidering tricky holiday projects like stockings, faux fur and more. After a weekend with the Stitching Sisters, you’ll be ready to tackle any holiday project.

Here are my top 10 reasons to visit Louisville.

10. Rub shoulders with Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Bobby Flay or David Letterman at world-famous Graeter’s Ice Cream.  I can’t wait to stand in line at Graeter’s and see the flavor of the day!

9. Enjoy the official drink of the Kentucky Derby – a mint julep.

8. Pay homage to the NCAA men’s basketball champions – the University of Louisville Cardinals.

7. Get an engraved Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

6. Take a carriage ride through the quant old section of downtown Louisville.

5. Get your photo taken with the world’s largest baseball bat.

4. Tour the hallowed grounds of Churchill Downs.

3. Hone your skills for upcoming holiday stitching.

2. Shop at the Smocking Shop.

1. Spend two fun days with the Stitching Sisters.


Here’s your assignment this week:

Leave a comment below and tell us how you currently store your hoops. One comment will be chosen at random to receive Perfect Placement Software for Wearables by Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman – now available at a lower price of only $39.99! Thank you for sharing and good luck.

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola has 6 beautiful projects just for you! Inside you’ll find:

  • Tea Party Luggage Tags
  • Glamour Girl Makeup Case
  • Petite Purse
  • Vintage Apron
  • Time for Tea Pillow
  • Time for Tea Quilt

Leave us a comment below about the last thing you made for you and only you. One random comment will be selected to win their very own copy of All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola! Thanks for reading and good luck.

And the winner is… Michelle H – “It’s been so long I cannot remember the last thing I made myself, I think it was a T shirt with embroidery on the front”




  • Kathy Costello

    I usually store them in the case that my embroidery arm came in. Right now, one is on my cutting table, awaiting me to get back to the quilt blocks I’m embroidering.

    • EllenB

      I store my hoops on hooks on my den/sewing room wall. This way I don’t forget which ones i have. Unfortunately if I store things neatly away, I tend to forget them.

    • susan

      I know this is not the place to do this but I am looking for help on how to leave a comment & for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Can u help me. I get the blog thru my email & it always say’s to leave a comment & I can’t. what am I doing wrong…….. Thanks for any help

      • Mary Haggenmaker

        It seems to me that if you got this far you should be able to scroll all the way to the bottom where you see a place to put your name and email. After you do that you can type in the big box like the ones you used here.

    • susan

      I made a Hoop hanger that hanges on the back of a door, much like a shoe hanger. It is the width & length of the door w/pockets w/embroidered names on the front of each pocket & u insert the hoop in the pocket. example: Do it all quilt, 5/7, Endless, Mid size, Mini spring.

    • Charlotte Lipe

      I have pegboard across one side of my sewing room and store each one separately on two pegs each. Easy to see and pull down when needed.

  • Wendy Scott

    I just moved so they are currently laying on the table and some are in a cardboard box. I need to go get my pegboard down from my daughter’s house.


    I use hooks on the wall behind my machine

  • Carol Seavitt

    The hoops for my embroidery machine are hanging on hooks attached to a black framed bulletin board. So convenient! PS — Love the Louisville pics. I remember the Derby in my younger days:)

  • Ellie Bolesta

    I store them on a artist canvas that i covered with fabric, put little hooks on it and hung it on the wall over my machine. Then when I feel like reorganizing my sewing room I can just rehang it on another wall, and it looks like wall art.

  • Kim M Harrington

    My hoops are stored on a pegboard in my sewing room. I must admit though that occasionally they are under a pile in the same room 😮

  • Molly

    My Hoops are to the left of me sitting on a designated shelf and already hooped for my next project. I purchased the Designers Handbags and Designer Necklines and can’t stop making them. I’m addicted. Favorite of them all is my Snap hoop, it sure gets a work out.

  • Sondee Belson

    My hoops are stored in a clear plastic box along with my washable marking pen.

  • Suzanne DeSantis

    My hoops are on the wall, my wonderful husband put up several hooks so I could hang my hoops up, they are within easy reach and I can get the one I need easy and fast

  • Virginia

    My hoops came in a large box and I store them in each box. I would love for you Eileen to come up with a holder like the stabilizer holder that hangs especially for the larger hoops.

  • Jule Joffrion

    Not really sure where my hoops are. I was sewing frantically for our granddaughter’s birthday……..and who knows where they are!

  • janice

    I’m ashamed to say they are on my kitchen table hung over a ruler that is standing up. Not a pretty picture.

  • Pat

    Some are in a slotted letter stand under my cutting table, some hang by my machine and one or two are always on the table waiting for something.

  • Cynthia Wentworth

    I store the two smaller hoops in a drawer in my sewing table. The larger hoop sits on top of plastic project drawers under the arm of my table. Right now my accu-quilt hoop is on my cutting table with my current project hooped. Two thirds through block six of twelve block design and my machine got sick and started spewing stitches where they don’t belong. Now I am impatiently waiting for my baby to get out of the hospital (sewing center) so I can finish the koi pond for my brothers 60th birthday.

  • Ginger Sheppard

    I store all the hoops that came with my Ellisimo in the hard case with the embroidery unit. The Snap hoops, I keep in their box standing upright on top of my double drawers of stabilizer close to my machine. I have thought about getting a peg board and hanging them on the wall. Just a thought, never happened yet!

  • Leora B

    I store my hoops right on the wall, (like a lot ladies I see do)
    I love push pins.. they are right there for me to grab and the best way I found not to lose them.

  • Sandy Shanahan

    I have a separate cabinet that I like to store my hoops in. This makes it easy for me to find them when I need them.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I hang them on a hoop near my machine. The less time I spend looking for materials and hoops is more time to embroidery and create.

  • Kris

    My hoops are hanging from command hooks on the sides of the Artbin supersatchel cubes that store all of my smaller supplies.

  • Cindy Amend

    I have a custom sewing center and I have a dedicated drawer for my hoops.

  • Linda

    My husband built me a pegboard wall for my hoops and my rulers so it’s really easy to see which size I need for the project I’m going to be working on.

  • Debbie Marshall

    I painted 2 peg racks and then decorated them with stickers. These hang on the wall one above the other. I put all of my hoops on here, stacked where necessary. It’s cute, and out of the way but handy.

  • Marilyn Weiss

    My hoops are stored on the large pegboard wall in my sewing room. It makes it so easy to grab what I need quickly. Anything that gets me to the stitching part faster is a good thing!

  • Chris

    I have shelves on one wall that don’t go quite all the way to the end. So in the corner in that empty space I have put some command hooks and hang my hoops there. I can put two hoops on a hook, and I still have more space to grow into for more hoops. 🙂

  • Tammy

    I have mine hanging on wall right by machine, that way they stay together and one is never lost

  • Connie

    My Snap Hoop is stored in the original box when not in use and the small hoop that came with my machine is stored in a drawer along with the sewing extras that came with the machine and the large hoop hangs on the back of my chair when I am not using it, ready for me to grab and hoop material. The spare hoop is stored in a basket located under my laptop and ready for me to grab when I am REALLY working and need to be hooping next project while current one is stitching out!

  • Susan Novak

    I have a Sterlite or Rubbermaid plastic file size container and can stand each hoop up in it and I put a piece of corrugated cardboard between each one. Then I labeled each ‘divider’ with the name and size along the top edge.

  • Enis

    Nothing fancy to hold my hoops. They are stored in a 3-draw plastic cabinet I bought at JoAnn Fabrics. It works just fine for me and is short enough to fit under my crafting table right next to my sewing machine table — keeping all my hoops close at hand.

  • Susan J

    The cases for both my embroidery units have nice molded sections that fit the hoops and velcro to hold them in place, so I store my hoops in the correct embroidery case and keep them with the correct unit. Not perfect, but it works for me as long as I have room for the embroidery unit cases.

  • Angie

    I have my hoops on commander kooks on my wall

  • marianne

    I store my hoops on a flat shelf. Would like a change to win! thanks for all that you do.

    I have seen pics of having hoops on the wall. I haven’t tried this.

  • Teresa Mitchell

    I store my hoops on the shelf below my machine. I have a wonderful Baby Lock 6-needle and the stand it sits on has a nice size shelf that I house all of my hoops on in size order. Makes if very convenient to get to them when needed.

  • Nadine

    hiding under a pile of fabric!!!

  • Clem

    USUALLY I hang them on a peg board. One side for one machine, the other side for the other machine. When not on the hooks they are under a pile of fabric of the project I am working on or the one I will be working on.
    I love your pictures. I took a horse and buggy ride like you did when I was up in Alaska. Loved it. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Clem

  • Renee Galloway

    I store my hoops in a casserole sized Longaberger basket.

  • Sue Winnie

    I have my hoops hanging on a hook off the rack that holds part of my stash. They’re close by but out of my way.

  • Barbara Leatherman

    I store mine in the case for the embroidery unit. Some are on my cutting table.

  • Linda

    I usually store my embroidery hoops in a drawer – the large ones are standing on end in my fabric cabinet between my plastic totes. i often think about hanging them up but have limited storage in my sewing studio!

  • Pati

    I purchased decorative hooks that match the décor in my new sewing studio. I’m so organized and blessed to have this fancy smancy room to create in. I’m much more organized and now that I can find my stuff I actually get more embroidery completed! Looking at an empty hoops means I better get busy and make something to sell. The studio wasn’t FREE!

  • Barbara McKenzie

    The walls of my rather small sewing room are covered with peg board. My hoops and many other supplies are stored on hooks on the wall, easily within reach but out of harm’s way.

  • Lynda Massey

    I store my hoops on command hooks inside my cabinet doors above my embroidery machine. Very handy for me to reach in a moments notice.

  • Barbara

    I’m ashamed — sometimes my hoops are in the case that came with the machine. Most of the time, they’re on the sewing machine cabinet, cutting table or ironing board. I’ve been looking for an elegant solution, and I’m LOVING everyone’s very clever approaches! Whether I win the Perfect Placement software or not, this week’s blog makes me feel like a winner — thank you for reading my mind!

  • della

    I have a bar mounted on the wall with sliding hooks. My hoops hang on these hooks within easy reach.

  • Alice Garcia

    My hoops are on Command Hooks down the side of a bookcase near my sewing cabinet. It was good to finally get them out of the tangle in the drawer!

  • Shirley

    I store my hoops on the sewing table in a hoop slotted rack so they are always easy to reach and can see all the sizes. One the Maganet hoop is stored on a hook under my sewing cabinet.
    I love all your blogs

  • Carol K E

    I have a pattern for a hoop storage wall hanging, but my hoops are stored in a designated drawer in the cutting table my husband and son crafted for me.

  • Darlene

    My hoops are stored on an over-the-door hanger that hangs over the side of the machine stand. Or hangs over the door. Or hangs on a wire grid wall when at vendor fairs, etc.

  • carol keeler

    My very large hoops and their placement guides are stored in their original boxes on an upper shelf by my machine and the average to smaller ones are in a drawer under my sewing table. The placement guides to those hoops are stored in a plastic expandable file in the same drawer! I love the idea of storing hoops on the wall but space limits me to impliment this idea!

  • Judy G

    Like so many of you, my hoops are hanging on hooks on the wall when not in use.

  • Linda Burwick

    How I wish I had a space to hang my hoops! Since I don’t, I keep them on top of one of my clear boxes of embroidery thread, stacked from large to small. I usually manage to have one laying on top of my machine waiting to be used.

  • Betty Pegram

    I store my hoops for one machine on pegboard behind the machine. I have a case for my embroidery unit and that holds the hoops for that machine. I keep my Magna-hoop in the orginal box under one of the machines. First time blogger.

    • eileenroche

      Welcome Betty!

  • Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns

    I am an on the wall by the machine girl

  • Terry Back

    My hoops are stored in a desk drawer. The larger hoops are slid upright between two tables.

  • gayle

    I usually store my hoops in a basket so I can grab the one I want easily.

  • Martine

    The Quick Snap hoops for my EP-4 are in their own drawer, the frames that came with that machine in a second; my Husqvarna hoops in the third drawer and the hoops of my Brother 190D in a labeled clear plastic box next to the machine in a cabinet.
    But there might be something hiding under a pile of recent tests on my cutting (and hooping) table.

  • Vici Fallin

    I keep my hoops in a rigid white plastic box (Steralight?) from Dollar General. The hoops stand up in it as well as my manual for Florianai, PfaFF, AND YOUR BOOK Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons,and my Monster Snap Hoop, all with in easy reach under my machine table.The box is tall enough to keep them all standing up straight and ready to use. the Grand Dream Hoop and the Grand Endless hoops stay in their box standing up next to the box and the table legs.

  • Carol Coleman

    I have a free wall in a closet and in there I hoops put on and I hang my hoops on there.

  • Ann

    I have a cup hanger on my wall that I hang my hoops from.
    Now that I have bigger hoops I am going to come up with a
    better solution though.

  • April

    I have a place on wall with hooks but alas they are in piles here and there I go stitching with friends pack them and then they get piled until the next project

  • Carolyn Cohen

    Inside my koala embroidery machine cabinet

  • Georgieann

    Because we live in Florida (how I miss my basement!) my “sewing room” is a guest bedroom, storage unit and office that needs to be dismantled when the kids and grandkids visit…like next week! We finally moved out the bedroom furniture and installed a Murphy bed and cabinets with storage and drawers to store (hide) all my sewing and embroidery machines and supplies. My HOOPS and stabilizers are to the left of the built-in corner desk in a four drawer under counter unit. Some sewing stuff from the closet is still stashed in containers and stored in our bathroom whirpool tub(we never use it…came with the house). I also move my Horn sewing cabinet and Quattro machine into our bedroom and if I didn’t already have a variety of things stored under our bed, I’d use that space too. Then when everyone leaves, I put it all back until the next visit….but I love everyone one of them, so its worth it!

  • Linda Lee

    I have two wreath, over-the-door hangers and use them for hanging my hoops. I use two to balance them out so they are not hanging on an angle. I placed a towel under the hangers for the hoops to have a soft surface and as not to scratch my doors. Works great for me and they are easy to spot, choose and select.

  • Sharyne

    On hooks on the wall behind my machines.

  • Patty Curry

    So sad..I only own one hoop and it just lives on top of a big rubbermaid box full of fabric…

  • susan b

    I store my hoops on pegs on a peg board in my sewing closet. they are ready for easy access.

  • Nancy Weber

    I made a wall hanging with pockets to hold all my hoops. However when I traded up to the Designer Diamond machine that accommodates much larger hoops, I am now undecided as to how to store these large hoops as I have read that they should be stored flat to keep them from getting out of shape. So I am looking for a new idea!

  • Cande Gordon

    My dear husband bought Ikea cabinets and became an IKEA Hacker to customize my sewing room. My hoops are stored in a rubber coated sauce pan lid rack that we put into a cabinet so they are protected. The rack works great and they all stand up on their own allowing for easy access and size selection. He made a thread cabinet with glass doors from a bookcase and pegboard etc.


    I store my hoops AT MY FEET! The sewing table has plenty of room for my knees plus space to hang my hoops from “Command” stick- on hooks on the sides. They are always within reach.

  • Elaine

    My hoops are stored above my hooping station. I have a small window so I use my hoops and templates as the window treatment. I hung a black chain added “S” hooks. Window treatment for my sewing room and hoops are easily accessible for hooping.

  • calla

    I only have two so it’s not a big issue for me. I keep the large one attached to my machine and lay the smaller one on top. I made a faric cover for my machine so everything is neat and tidy. HOWEVER…..

    ***WHO saw the wall pockets made out of wooden embroidery hoops? A large one would be great to store your machine hoops!

  • Brenda Melahn

    I store them on a peg board thingy that looks like it might be designed to hold a bike(?). Not sure — but it looks pretty with all my thread, good scissors, and cutting mats.

  • Marsha Palmer

    I am a full time RVer, I have a cutting table/cabinet, I purchased from JoAnns. On each end of the cabinet, I have attached hooks about 5 inches apart to hang the hoops. It works great in my small space, I just reach the one I need quickly and easily. That way they do not get damaged, as they would piled on the table top!

  • Nancy

    on those removeable hooks on the wall so I can always add more!!

  • Kim Fisher

    I have a pegboard on the wall behind my sewing machines. I have all of my hoops hanging on there.

  • margaret fredericks

    they drift; but hopefully they find tgheir way back to a nice basket full of stabilizers and cd’s

  • JudiC

    I keep my hoops in a cabinet in the divided suitcase insert that came with my Bernina, it has a padded spot for every size. Love, love, love Graeters ice cream! Enjoy

  • Benie Webre

    I’ve got a lower shelf in my Koala Treasure Chest where all of them fit really well.

  • Theresa Lindal

    I store my hoops on a pegboard above my misc. table that is always full of stuff. It brings to mind I wanted some upholstery done on a car seat, took it to this shop and it was full of furniture, I mean full. I asked him if he was working on all this and he said no, he JUST!! had room for his machine. he did a beautiful job on the seat so I always think of him when I look at my mess. I guess it goes with crafting.

  • CY

    Currently my hoops are being stored on the pegs of my thread rack.
    But….I have recently purchased a Koala Quilt Pro Plus IV with the optional embroidery hoop storage, so soon they will be stored in style in my beautiful new Koala cabinet!

  • Barb Miller

    I hang my hoop on a hook next to my work table.

  • Laurie Dacus

    I have a converted tool box that is 6ft high. It has 3″ drawers and I have my hoops organized in two of these drawers. The other drawers hold my threads, divided by type and colors, and room for bobbins, scissors, rotary cutters, and rulers in the other drawers. Keeps all dust free, and is easy to access.

  • Greta Kanegae

    I have the Koala embroidery cabinet for multiple needle machines, it has a vertical slot with hooks for hoops, I store all my regular hoops there. My fast frames I store flat on one of the shelves. Hat hoop goes into the drawer… plenty room for even MORE hoops, lol

  • Linda Epting

    I have pegboard on the back of closet doors where I hang my hoops

  • Connie W.

    I have 2 big hooks screwed into the cabinet beneath my big countertop workarea, where I hoop the project. All the hoops fit on these hooks and I can just reach down and grab the one I need.

  • Terry

    I have my hoops stored on 3M command hooks by my machine.

  • Gail Beam

    My hoops just lay on top of a bunch of sewing stuff on the couch behind my D1. Not a pretty site! lol

  • mad14kt

    My hoops are hung on my memo board across from my embroidery machine 🙂

  • debe

    I made a hoop holder from denim & embroidered redwork sewing designs on it. I now have to make another as I have larger hoops now with my new machine. They are stored by my machine as there is a small area where they can stand like in a bookshelf. Decorative hooks sounds like a great idea.

  • Dolly D.

    My hoops are hanging from a pegboard that I spray painted a bright green. The color makes my sewing room more cheerful!

  • Colleen Gnehm

    I downloaded a hoop chart from which allows me to record all my embroidery hoops, which I posted by my sewing area. I have have noted on this chart is the hoop is A, B, or C (etc.). So easy to just pull the hoop from the shelf that I need as it labeled corresponding to the chart.

  • Judy Gilmore

    I store my hoops in a hanger made especially for them. It has individual pockets for each size hoop. (The major ones that you use most.) It hangs on the wall over my cutting table. Very handy to reach for them and hoop a project on the table. I need to make a second one for my specialty hoops. Right now they reside on a shelf under the cutting table.

  • Barb S

    I store my hoops in the case they came in w the machine. I am hoping to get some of Eileen’s hoops that snap on and off for easier continuous embroidery.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I have been re-doing my sewing room that is in a room over my garage(2car), so it is pretty good size but I have the roof slope that starts about 4.5 feet up from the floor. I have installed some peg board and hooks on the straight part. The hoops that I use all the time are on some of these hooks right behind and to one side of my machine. The ones that I don’t use quite as often are beside my machine on top of 2 double drawer plastic storage units along with the part of my machine that is used if and when I do regular sewing. I just use that piece to keep needles and misc tools in.

  • Dana Finan

    My hoops are: ummmmmm, well ~creatively thinking here….out of sight!!! Yah, that’s it…totally out of sight & completely lost in my sewing room. I hope to find them in my case they came in….which would be seeeeeeewwwww nice! Thanks for a chance to win your placement software!

  • joycej

    My sewing Machine came with a extra suitcase made for my hoops and the embroidery attachment. I just got the snap hoop it came in a nice box so that will be it’ home for now.

  • sue

    I store my hoops on individual ‘S’ hooks that hang from a rack next to my embroidery machine….. it makes reaching for them really easy!

  • Vicky

    My Brother Duetta came with a case that holds the embroidery unit and 4hoops. It slides under the sewing table along the wall. My magna hoop and cap attachment are in a drawer below the drawer that holds my stabilizers.


    My hoops usually just hang out whenever I put them down. I know they are expensive, but I just don’t have room for a rack… I do lay them carefully together though!

    • Julie

      Check out the 14×14 cube system Michael’s has and maybe that could help you stay organized. They are white and come in many different styles. I built an entire craft room with them.

  • Paula Roney

    My hoops hang on large hooks that are attached to the side of my storage cabinet. I use the easy release hooks that you can remove without leaving marks or holes. That way, when I re-arrange the furniture in my sewing room I can change where I hang my hooks if I need to. For me, it’s all about user friendly and the ability to grab what I need easily.

  • carol y

    I keep my hoops in a rubbermaid container. I would love to have a better system, but at least they are all together!

  • sharon

    I store them in a large plastic storage container without the lid. They all fit by size!

  • Shirley Ponder

    I store my hoops for one of my machines in a clear plastic storage box behind my machine but not where the embroidery arm would hit it. My hoops for my other machines are stored in a carry-on size piece of luggage as I seldom use this machine for embroidery.

  • Julie

    I purchased a white 14×14 cube, you assemble,from Michael’s. The box has 4 divided sections and is perfect. A slot for all 4 sizes. I even added a 3 drawer cube, you can stack, which I use to hold scraps of stabilizer, thread, bobbins, small tools for my machine and my many pairs of scissors.

  • Julie

    You can use a pigeon hole shoe holder to organize stabilizer, teflon pressing sheets and some ironing supplies. If you’re really tight on space put up a large ct. shoe pouch holder on the back of the door and use it to hold your supplies!

  • Laurene

    Is store the ones I don’t use much in their boxes on a shelf and the ones I use all the time are on top of the boxes on a shelf at the top of my sewing cabinet. I am in the process of having my sewing room enlarged and then I will be able to hang them on hooks on the wall by my machine.

  • Laurene

    I store the ones I don’t use much in their boxes on a shelf and the ones I use all the time are on top of the boxes on a shelf at the top of my sewing cabinet. I am in the process of having my sewing room enlarged and then I will be able to hang them on hooks on the wall by my machine.

  • Colleen

    My hoops are stored in the hard case with my embroidery unit.

  • andie

    Most of my hoops are stored inside of the case my embroidery unit came with. Since the Pfaff Grand Dream hoop doesn’t fit in the case, I’ve stored that one in its original box behind my sewing room door.

  • Jill Hicks

    I store my hoops in the drawer in a plastic eight drawer cabinet.

  • Trisha Thompson

    I turned a plate rack on its side, hung it on the wall and store all of my hoops there.
    love the pics of Louisville… Our daughter lives right outside Louisville in a small quaint town called LaGrange. Very artsy and a great compliment to Louisville. Since our precious grandchildren live there we have decided to move to Louisville. Good to know about the Sewing Sisters.

  • Bobbi White

    I have shelving and hooks from the container store attached to my PR1000 stand and to the walls over my work table. The hoops are always handy.

  • Chris

    HI, I have a large over the door hanger on the back of my sewing room door. Most of my hoops are over two hoops or more on that, usually one is on the sewing table where I hoop with a pile of blanks calling me to return, and I have the really small one that I hardly use on hooks on the side of my bookshelf, right near the Queen Quattro.

    Tried keeping them in the large arm storage case, but seemed lie it was always out in the middle of the flor – who has time to put things away when they are being creative 🙂

  • Martha Hann

    I store my hoops in a drawer of the Alex unit from IKEA. They fit perfectly and all my notions are in the unit stored under my sewing table my husband made for me. I can push the unit under the table to allow leg room or pull it out and have it at my side if necessary. Lots of flexibility and a world of organization in the Alex unit.

  • Betty

    I store my hoops on a hook in my sewing room, I can easily see which I need to use.

  • Audre Gaer

    My free motion hoops are on a hook on the wall in back of my machine (covered with dust), my small hoops are in the drawer of my sewing cabinet, and my large hoops, which don’t fit in the drawer, are hanging from spindles of my thread racks.

  • Leslie Perine

    My hoops are on hooks right above my cutting table, where I hoop my embroidery projects. They just recently got a good cleaning!

  • Michelle Perkins

    I hang my hoops on “S” hooks that slide on an Ikea metal rod attached to the wall above my sewing machines. Easy to see which one to grab. I also hand my quilting rulers this same way.

  • Beth

    I have a plastic rolling container with drawers. Drawer two is “home” for my hoops!

  • Joan

    I currently store my hoops on a pegboard, by the cutting table. Although I have a sewing area that I have always dreamed of, it is in the basement and I would like to move upstairs so I don’t feel so remote. The only room I have to move into is the sun room… all windows and two sliding doors. No walls to store anything on. I was happy to see this post as it helped me in deciding to make the move. I like the idea to put the hoops on hooks. My sewing table is an old flat wooden door resting on an older office desk that has been split so the drawers are now 72 inches apart. I can put hooks on the sides of the drawer parts to keep the hoops handy and safe. Now I need ideas on where to store the many spools of thread. I tried putting them in drawers, but there are so many they don’t all fit in one drawer, so I found myself going nuts opening and closing drawers looking for the right colors. Now they are on 4 separate thead holders, can see them at one time, but what to do if I move to the room with no walls? HELP!!

  • Kathryn

    Store them!?! Mostly they (all two of them) sit wherever I last took them off. Until I clean up, when they go back into the case with the embroidery attachment. I need to be more organized!

  • Cheryl

    I have an old wood magazine rack, the kind that sits on the floor. It is open on the ends and has a divider in the middle. I set it up on a shelf behind my embroidery machine. I put my hoops in there along with the templates. They don’t get buried under fabric and are pretty easy to reach.

  • Carol Forst

    I store my hoops in a canvas bag , some inside a plastic bag like dividers. My clear plastic grids are in baggies there too.

  • Sheri

    I purchased a rolling wood tool cart with shallow drawers exclusively for machine embroidery. One drawer for hoops, one for stabilizers, one for thread, one for machine accessories and one for patterns and manuals. I can use the machine on its top or roll it over to my sewing table.

    I am new to machine embroidery and I am trying to learn everything I can. I love your blog as it is very informative!

  • maureen mcgraw

    My hoops hang on one of those metal ring with a hook to hang it up, belt hangers. NOt the best means but it works and takes up very little room in my oh so small house. Maureen

  • Shelly C

    I hang my large hoops on a hook on the side of my embroidery machine stand and the small ones I keep in a Rubbermaid container with my rulers. Usually the last hoop I use is sitting on my table waiting for me to come

  • donna altieri

    I just bought my first embroidery machine so i keep them in the case.

  • Ruth Thompson

    I keep them in a drawer in my sewing cabinet. Now, don’t think that I have lovely furniture or anything, it’s a plastic stack of drawers with wheels on the bottom. It works great to hold patterns and supplies, hoops and embroidery disks.

  • Peter Kutsopias

    Loved seeing the bat in this blog! Thanks for including it, Eileen. Going to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum has always been a goal. I played a lot of ball as a kid and owned several Mickey Mantle signed sluggers during those years. Getting MY name on a genuine Louisville Slugger was a dream come true. Pete

  • Paula l

    I was using a shopping bag hooked to my chair but after seeing these suggestions I think I’ve gotten some better ideas…..thank you all….

  • Char Z

    My hoops are stored inside the case they came in, all belted in, and ready to go at a moments notice. This case also holds my embroidery unit if I have to rush off to a class or workshop. Thanks Babylock for making this an easy decision for me!

  • carod with little effort.l griffith

    I hang my hoops on hooks placed in a peg board mounted on the wall in my sewing room. I can see and grab the one need easily.

  • Angie Bowling

    I store my larger ones below my work table. The small & medium sized ones are separated by size & they are stacked on vintage wool yarn spindles that are held upright on the table with double faced tape. Works great. And by the way, I live and work in the fabulous city of Louisville KY.

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  • Charlene Evans

    On hooks on the wall behind my machines.