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Monograms for Today’s Marriages

Often, the best ideas come in the MIDDLE of an embroidery project!  Don’t you hate that? I don’t mind that occurrence during a quilting or sewing project because changing direction midstream is often manageable on those types of projects.  Just release a seam or two and you’ve got a whole new look. But embroidery? That’s a different story. Once it’s stitched, it’s pretty time-consuming to remove it.

Last week, I was stitching twelve napkins in preparation for an upcoming videotaping.  I decided to make them for my home (that would be a first – I have plenty of blanks but barely any pretty embroidered linens in my house!).  But what to put on them? A monogram of course. Whose monogram?  Well, that’s where it got complicated.

Traditionally, a bride takes her husband’s surname. Today, tradition is often broken for a variety of reasons.  I’m guilty of breaking tradition. My sweet (of just 15 months) husband’s last name is Kutsopias.  At the time of our wedding, my last name was Roche – the surname of my first husband and my children.

I opted to keep my surname as is. It was a decision that I didn’t make quickly. After all, I’m a fairly traditional person (or we wouldn’t have married in the first place!) but I felt it was the right decision for me. So what to do about a monogram?  I shelved the decision yet again and started the project with gorgeous embroidery designs from Great Notions, Home Décor Scroll Embroidery Pack (112439).

I had to get these napkins done so I stitched six with Pete’s initial, K.

And then as I was trimming and removing stabilizer, I thought about setting the table with these napkins, all with the letter K. Hmm. I could just see my kids’ faces when they picked up the napkin at their place setting.  I know, I’m ridiculous, for heaven’s sake, they’re adults! But…I went back to my software and experimented with a few options.  But there’s too many letters to incorporate and many solutions imply that he’s taking my surname as a middle name. Ugh. So I threw tradition to the wind and mirror- imaged my initial. I know it’s not completely original but I think it might work for us.

I tweaked the designs in editing software by omitting some segments. Next, I copied the R into the K file and mirrored the R.  It was a quick way around digitizing a custom monogram.

It’s a fresh approach and endearing because the letters – R and K are fairly symmetrical.  I’m not planning on adding first initials, I think the two linked letters will suffice. It’s modern and elegant and now I have a monogram that’s a true reflection of our new lifestyle, standing as one. What do you think?  I’m open to suggestions since I anticipate this to be an ongoing journey – just like a marriage!

I also experimented with color combinations for this set. Bold, I know!  Since so much of my embroidery has to be seen on camera, I go for high contrast. Once I’m really thrilled with the set monogram, I’ll use softer colors to stitch a set of linen napkins but these will suffice for now.

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  • Ashley R

    I would love to win the Sulky membership so I can experiment more with color and designs. I love to try and create pieces you wouldn’t think of. Such as embroidering on wood and mixing my embroidery with the books I bind by hand.

  • Cassandra Hammond

    Would love to win a gold membership. The membership will enhance new skills for me.

  • Sharon S

    Although I am pretty good at seeing something and duplicating it, I struggle with original ideas, so I am always trying to improve in that aspect. Winning the Sulky membership would help me work with colors and come up with my own ideas.

  • Chris

    A Sulky club membership would be great to grow and learn with new techniques. I would love being able to pick the designs or projects that I want, while still having the confidence that they are high quality.

  • Cecilia

    This would be great to have a variety of designs to work with. I’m fairly new to machine embroidery and don’t ave many designs. Thank you.

  • Marilyn Weiss

    Because it would be just plain fun to win. And who can’t use a little more fun in their lives?

  • Angela Brady

    What a terrific opportunity to try lots of great new things. I feel limited by not enough of my own thread colors to make dssigns really pop. I sew enjoy this Blog and appreciate your work. I would love to win a Sulky Membership. Unlimited Possibilities.

  • Janet Sumrall

    I am fairly new to the wonderful world of machine embroidery and would love to win the Sulky Club membership, lso I could learn from the best about embroidery and using the fabulous Sulky stabilizers.

  • Lisa Knight

    I love the idea and gives even more options as there are so many marriage combinations not to mention those that share there lives together but are not married for whatever reason.

  • Vickie R

    I would like to win the Sulky Embroidery Club because I am new to the Embroidery world. As of right now I have a few patterns to embroidery and and only 10 spools of Sulky thread. Talking to a few friends that embroidery and use other threads, I have decided to only use Sulky so am trying to buy what I can on a limited budget. So it would be nice to be able to add to my stash.

  • Beverly Pugh

    I have only had my machine for a few months and would lobe to win this membership so I can learn the correct and best way from the leaders in machine embroidery.

  • Kimeran

    Always looking to learn about new techniques or things to do with my embroidery/ sewing machine. Love Sulky products. Threads and stabilizers were the first I ever used. Would love the gold membership.

  • Judy Wentz

    It’s always nice to have a way of getting more designs. I would love to win.

  • Sue

    I would love to win this for soooo many reasons – – – – #1 I LOVE Sulky Threads. #2I love to experiment and improve my skills and get creative. #3 I am retired and free things are great!! #4 I love to machine embroider #5 too many other reasons to list!!

  • Leslie

    I always love learning new ideas and designs I can use on my embroidery machine.

  • Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns

    First I am in the same position with the monogramming dilemma and I am going to give it a try with H and F…..
    Second I LOVE SULKY, 1. There products are of the utmost quality 2. I love how it is a family organization, the Drexlers are awesome I have learned tons from Joyce and her books and Eric is the Rembrandt of thread painting!!!! So pick me I have my BabyLock Ellisimo “Nancy” and I was able to take part of the twisted sister class in Bend and am ready to go!!! Thanks Eileen!

  • Martha

    How fun!! A special club for embroiders. I checked it out and there are dozens of fun projects to make. I love love the monograms that you have designed for the towels. Very sophisticated and modern.

  • Donna

    Sulky has great thread, so their designs must be awesome too.

  • Nancy H

    I am a visual learner – I must see something first, then I figure out how to make it ( or make it easier, better, prettier, faster, etc) Sulky has such beautiful colors, it is hard to make these prettier, but all the others could be possible

  • Nancy D.

    It looks like a great club — so many products and great embroidery designs. I am always up for new ideas. Would love to win. am going ahead and signing up for the free part now it looks so good.

  • Ronda

    I would love to win because I love Sulky products and can always trust them for superior results!

  • Judy Starasinic

    I bought my embroidery machine just two years ago. I am in a club but I had no idea of all the possibilities I just saw on the Sulky website. I NEED to learn about all of these other fun projects and products! Embroidery and quilting are how I find peace and sanity these busy days!

  • Vickie

    Winning would be great to help me get new ideas because I’m not very good at thinking of what to do on my own. It would also help me learn how to work with colors, etc.

  • Susan J

    I would love a Sulky Gold membership! It sounds like a wonderful way to improve my embroidery skills and what a great way to inspire me to try more embroidery projects! One of these days you will finally pick my name and I would love it to be this week!

  • Tammy P

    I am fairly new to the embroidery world and would love to learn more about it and have access to so many great products.

  • Sharon Brockhouse

    How fun! Learning something new is always fun.

  • Kristin Rohde

    I am just learning how to do machine embroidery (I purchased a machine this spring!) and am ready to learn and do more!

  • Tanja

    My DH just surprised me with my dream machine. The baby lock Ellisimo Gold.
    I would love the membership so I could learn everything about embroidery.

  • Cathy Van Daalwyk

    I would love this after all what is not fun about winning! And trying new things and learning new tips is exciting!

  • Julie

    Who wouldn’t want free stuff! Especially my favorite Sulky

  • Dina Salsbery

    I’d love to win this because I’m new to embroidery and looking to expand my stash of thread, designs & techniques. Attending your Stitching Sisters event in Kennewick, WA this summer helped. I just need to apply those techniques & practice more.

  • Deb Bremer

    I would locve to win a mebership with Sulky becuase they have such great dseigns and I llove thier thread. It would come in handy with the holiday season coming up and my ever growing list of projects I want to do.

  • Deb Bremer

    Maybe it would help me learn to spell too LOL!

  • kathy

    I would love to win a membership. I am always looking for new ideas to improve my creativity. My Bernina loves sulky thread too!

  • Marianne Solheim

    I would love to win the Sulky membership! I am in a “creative” slump and need new ideas and a different approach!

  • Lynn Stovall

    Contests are great! Furthermore, I just need help! My embroidery machine is just starring at me and daring me to come up with something. My six grandchildren come up with more ideas than I do. Getting it done is the hard part for me. I have been collecting thread and stabilizers to use, so maybe????? I will be fortunate enough to win the membership. Thanks.

  • Frances Powell

    I would love to win the Sulky membership!!! I use your stabilizers and thread. I did not realize that you had other products. It would be great to learn the other things that you have to offer that would allow me to be even more creative.

  • Jennifer P

    Sulky designs are so professionally digitized and run the gamut from whimsical to sophisticated. I’d love to have the membership to make some great Christmas presents for relatives that also run the gamut from whimsical to sophisticated. It would be a match made in heaven!

  • Gail Beam

    Who wouldn’t love to win a Sulky membership! They have such neat designs and ideas to play with!

  • TJennene

    I simply love the way Sulky threads work in my embroidery machine & the designs are a plus. I love your accessories that make embrodiery go so smoothly. Would love to win so that I can play with different designs & various fabrics from my stash to give as gifts to my firefighters; they would love to get these gifts of embroidered towels, aprons, all around neat things with the membership I could win.

  • Beth R

    I would love a membership to stretch my skills and expand my practice in more techniques!

  • patei

    Eileen ~ I think your solutions was brilliant.

    winning the sulky club membership would be wonderful,
    my children got my embroidery machine for Christmas and
    I have been busy trying out all the machine loaded
    patterns using reg thread. I have sulky stabilizers but I
    live over 100 mi from any city with fabric stores, I have
    limited access to any supplies, so winning would be like Christmas
    again.thank you for the offer and chance to win.

  • Marcia

    The people at Sulky have so much fun creating designs and I would love to have a membership and have some fun too.

  • Mmmari

    I am a (very) newbie embroiderer and your blog is inspiring!! Oh, the creativity that’s here!!! I’d love to win the Sulky Club Membership to help me explore this fascinating area of needle arts.

  • Denise Latour

    I would love to win the Sulky Gold Membership. Since I am a school counselor, I find very little time during the school year to enjoy my hobbies. This membership would motivate me to take time for myself doing something I enjoy. A habit I preach to students, parents, and teachers but don’t practice. The old adage — do as I say not as I do. Help me model what I advocate!

  • Liz Fergus

    I have spoken with two ladies who are members of this club and they can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. Sulky does such wonderful things from providing marvelous products to excellent teaching. I have all my fingers crossed. Thank you!

  • Gloria

    Oh Lord! The challenges I would conquer! I would have all I need to move forward and complete fabulous projects.

  • Carol K E

    I like using Sulky products and have enjoyed classes offered at the dealership where I have purchased my machines. As a new retiree, I now have time to play and would like to learn to break the rules.

  • Joan S

    I am so glad you shared your napkin monogram idea! The not-so-traditional family is now the traditional. I love giving monogram items as gifts and I struggle with what initials to apply. This is perfect, it reflects and celebrates the past and the present, which I think is very important for today’s blended families!
    Now, about the Sulky Gold Membership: what’s not to love about Sulky? Embroidering without Sulky is like, changing a baby without using Wet Wipes, ewww! My projects turn out so much prettier and cleaner using Sulky products! Cannot live without it!!

  • Stella Penalver

    Wow!!! A Gold Membership to Sulky Club is what we all want but there will only be one winner. I would love to win the Gold Membership in Sulky Club because it would allow me to experience all the embroidery designs in the club. Embroidering for my grandchildren is my biggest pleasure. Thank you Sulky

  • Mary

    What a great opportunity to advance ones embroidery skills from the very skillful Sulky team and DME. Thank you.

  • Laurie

    I LOVE to embroider, and I would really LOVE to win a Gold Membership in the Sulky Club. I just took Embroidery Zen last month, and I was so impressed with the quality of the digitizing of the sample club designs that I saw stitched out. The Spoolie designs are adorable, and I have some sewing room projects in mind to make with the Spoolies. Thanks for a great blog and all of your creative ideas–the combined monogram was genius!

  • Kristine

    Would love a membership to this wonderful site. The embroidery designers are so talented. There are so many designs and projects to choose from. Am always looking for something new and innovative for two special grand nieces. I love to add embroidery to my quilts, gift packages (made from fabric), including tags, decorating purses and jackets. So many ideas from this site. Have used Sulky products for years due to their quality. This membership would be a DREAM!!

  • Debi Bielawski

    You ask why I want a membership in the Sulky Embroidery Club…there are too many reasons to list them all…including but not limited too:
    1, I need all the help I can get.
    2. I am on a very tight budget…so to afford to do this own my own is
    not possible.
    3. I have new machine ( almost 1 yr.) and I have used nothing but Sulky
    4. Finally. But not at all the last reason is I simply want too win this really bad.

  • Jean

    I would love to win a membership to the Sulky Club, as they offer so many wonderful ideas. I try to use my embroidery machine several times each week and love trying new ideas.

  • Carol Lewis

    I would love to win a membership to the Sulky Club, it would help me with my donations of quilts to the Battered Women’s Home here in town. We help a lot of women from all over the United States and I try to have a quilt for each of them and their children so the will have something to call their own. Everybody needs something of theirs.

  • Kath H

    Being a Gold Member would be an expressive way to show my style in many projects.

  • Kristi D.

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!! I would love to win a Gold Membership as it would enhance my knowledge about embroidery. So much to learn so little time.

  • Joanie Z

    I would LOVE to win the Gold membership in the Sulky Embroidery Club. I need to expand beyond the basics and this would be the ultimate way to learn. I love Sulky products, especially their threads and stabilizers. Thank you for your continued support and fantastic ideas for embroiderers, you are such a wonderful inspiration. Congrats on your marriage.

  • Judy G

    Winning would be like Christmas in July!

  • Kathy

    I’d love to win Sulky Embroidery Club to improve my skills; to learn more techniques and get great ideas for my embroidery projects.

  • kathy l

    I am a retired Grandma that has just now found the wonderful art of machine embroidery. B ought a used machine off craigslist, what fun I am having wit it. Loving all the wonderful ideas for gifts that I can make for my grandchildren, family members and friends. I would love to expand my level of knowledge and I believe being part of the Embroidery club would give me that opportunity.

  • Linda W

    I’m a member of the Sulky Embroidery Club–have their free “A La Carte” membership. I’d LOVE to have the Gold Membership–so much more fun! Their Spoolie design is great–outfitted for sewing and holidays!

  • Dianne DePascale

    Love reading your Blogs Eileen. So informative and I learn about so many new products, websites I didn’t know existed. Who knew there was a Sulky Embroidery Club? Guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Your Monogram idea is perfection. As a retired Bridal seamstress, I am with you, new traditions are needed and I do hope I win the Sulky Embroidery Club so I can now perfect my new embroidery hobby. Such an exciting venture as I enter into retirement. Thank you.

  • Cathy Thomas

    I teach machine embroidery to a group of ladies every month and have been doing it for almost 3 years. It becomes difficult to come up with a different project every month, so I would love to have an avenue to learn more embroidery techniques and also about utilizing different types of threads so that I could pass it along to others in my class.

  • Carole Baker

    I am all about EMBROIDERY and would love to win the Sulky membership. I’m always looking for new designs!

  • Laurene Shewan

    SULKY – S for excellent STABILIZERS and threads – ones I can always count on; U is for their UNIQUE designs; L is for being LUCKY enough to have these products at our fingertips; K is for their KINDNESS and generosity offering this membership; and Y is because YOU can do it all with SULKY. I’d love to see the ZEN seminar near us!

  • Valerie Brown

    I’d love to win the Sulky Embroidery Club Gold membership. I’ve had my embroidery machine since February and am learning so much. Having great designs to stitch would really improve my skills. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • Jana Spencer

    My stabilizer box is full of unmarked rolls of stabilizers from four different manufacturers. I would love to become educated about stabilizers, in particular, and become loyal to one brand so that I can remove the guesswork and do what I love to do — embroider gifts for friends and family!

  • Yolanda Bravery

    I would love to win the Sulky Embroidery Club membership. All the embroidery I have done are just motifs and would love to gain the confidence to experiment more and think more imaginatively.

  • Darlene Gerber

    The idea of combining your last name initials was inspired! It also gave me a great idea for a wedding gift!! I’m new to embroidery, but I could probably do monogramed napkins! What stablizer did you use?

  • Kim Fisher

    The membership would be a great way to try our new designs and techniques.

  • Barbara Jones

    I would love the membership for the Spoolies alone! They’re worth the membership on their own.

    PS I love the monogram idea — my son and his girlfriend have the same first initial, and that’s what I’m doing for now, but they need something a little more “grownup.” Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Patty Sack

    I would love to win this as I am a Sulky Certified Teacher! I love their designs and products! Besides, who wouldn’t want to win!

  • Lorel Maple

    Sulky does more than thread and stabilizers? Really? I can’t wait to check it out! I’ll be retired in 5 months and would LOVE to join a new club! Eileen – kudos on the creative monogram! My girlfriends husband refuses to use cloth napkins (too fancy)so I “monogrammed” a special napkin just for him. “PN” stands for paper napkin! I’m all about fun!

  • Linda Seemann-Korte

    Hi! Eileen,
    I love your solution to the modern marriage dilemma!
    I am in the same position and look forward to playing around with the initials of our last name to see what I can come up with! Thanks a bunch!

  • Linda Seemann-Korte

    Winning an embroidery club membership would be absolutely awesome! I would have even more ideas and projects to share with the children in my sewing classes! Imagine how much they would enjoy it!

  • Beth

    I would enjoy the Zen class projects. The tractor project and the Paris luggage tag caught my attention. I have a great-niece who needs a tractor to play with. My daughter wants to re-decorate her room in a Paris theme. I love Sulky products and would enjoy more information about them.

  • Evelyn McGavin

    I love Sulky thread and it is always the first brand I grab when I start looking for colors to use with my embroidery projects. It is vibrant, strong, and always stitches beautifully. I would love to win the club membership so that I can expand my collection of Sulky products.

  • Janis Ruscio

    I would love to win a Sulky Club prize. I would love to learn more about embellishments and machine embroidery and all about sewing and fabrics and threads. My favorite hobby of all!!!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a prize!!!

  • carol keeler

    I always love to try new things in sewing and embroidering. I am sure this membership would open new doors into my growing circle of experiences. I also sew weekly with a group who makes quilts to donate to many hospitals for the children this could expand the ideas for us in this ministery. As I do many, many gifts for friends and family this would be great. Maybe I will also take time to do something for myself!

  • Kathy Kaminski

    Sulky has always been on of the leaders in new and exciting embroidery ideas. Ideas for fun, family and home are not the everyday run of the mill technique. I would love a membership to the Sulky Emb. Club. OOOHH! The excitement is mounting.

  • Michelle H

    i would love to win a membership in the Sulky embroidery club because Sulky has such great products and beautiful designs. And everyone needs more designs along with more time and more fabric! LOL

  • Betsey McGucken

    I need new, original ideas and designs like the gorgeous double monogram design featured this week. I’m always trying to learn the next ne thing in machine embroidery to improve my skills and stay current in design.

  • Fran Wiest

    As a newbie at ME I would love to expand my designs and I need to learn and practise. Love your blog!

  • Katie Harper

    I am a diehard Sulky fan and would love a membership. Right now I am working on crosshatching embroideried blocks for my ASG group using Sully’s Polylite #5010 variegated thread. I am totally enamored by the color combination in this thread. Everyone should try it for their quilts.

  • Vicki B.

    I only have a few projects under my belt so far. I’m looking to make Christmas gifts now and would love this membership!


    And just who would not want this membership? Well, I certainly would like to win this so I can use all my wonderful Sulky thread as I stitch out these designs.

  • Jean B

    What an absolute dream to have new designs and more creative ways to show off my embroidery. I have been a great fan of Sulky products for many years. I embroidery 4 days out of the week and could use more creative designs to help keep me going. I started embroidery when my mother was very ill and this gave me an opportunity to have an hour or so here and there to take me away from caring for her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I have not stopped since. I really love creating beautiful one of a kind items for friends and gifts.

  • Janet

    I just finished the Embroidery Zen 2 day class and it was FANTASTIC! I would to keep the Sulky ‘state’ rolling!!

  • Elaine

    I would love to win the Sulky Membership because I am a “diehard” Sulky fan. I use only Sulky threads, Sulky stabilizers and depend on information from Sulky to inspire me and to teach me the many new techniques! I could not sew/embroider without Sulky!

  • Enis

    Beautiful designs and great projects at discounted prices! Count me in! I would love a Sulky Gold Membership to keep me inspired.

  • Mary Hollands

    Sulky works so well in both my Janome 9000 and my Janome Horizon 12000 and I would love to experiment even more with Sulky threads that I haven’t tried yet and find out uses for them that I guess I haven’t even dreamed of by those who really know their stuff.

  • Berenice

    Clever girl, combining your initials like that… I like how it looks.

    Sulky Gold! I can only say, have you seen all the “stuff”!??

  • Bridget Cheatham

    I would love the Sulky Gold Membership! I’ve kind of been in a creative slump lately…some new designs and projects would surely get me back to my embroidery machine!

  • Mary Sue

    New designs and new thread choices what could be better to add to my embroidery “library”….

  • Vicky Isliefson

    I would like to win the Sulky membership so I can try a variety of design types and to have some designs on hand when I need to make a gift.

  • Yolanda

    I would be wonderful to win the Sulky membership! I am new to embroidery and I am learning every day. Plus I love Sulky variegated thread, it’s sooooo pretty!

  • Sandra Sanders

    Winning the Sulky membership would be like winning the lottery!

    The quilt shop where I purchased my embroidery machine used to have monthly “classes” where we would work on a project and learn a new technique at the same time.

    The woman who led the classes no longer works there, and there are no more embroidery classes. I miss them.

  • Sarah McKinney

    It would be wonderful. I am just getting back to embroidery after dealing with my youngest daughters illness and recovery for the past four years. I need some new inspiration.

  • Judi H

    Would love to win this membership because I love sulky thread and can always use new ideas and inspiration for my embroidery projects.

  • Vicki L in MN

    I enjoy learning new (to me) ways to use my wonderful embroidery machine. The Sulky Embroidery Club would help me continue to grow as an embroiderer. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Nancy Z

    Wow! What a great opportunity! I was not aware of the Sulky Embroidery Club. Even if I don’t win, I want to join. I only use Sulky thread for my embroidery projects.

  • Diane S.

    I would like to win as I am very interested in increasing my use of machine embroidery. I don’t consider myself “artistic” so using beautiful products along with Eileen’s expertise is “a must” for me.

  • Desiree

    Pick me! I would love to win the Sulky membership because new designs are fun, fun, fun!

  • Audre Gaer

    Please pick me. I would love the Sulky Embroidery Club membership. They have some really cute designs of shoes and that would make great refrigerator magnets for my daughter. There are also some applique leaves that would look great in Fall colors on a table cloth for Thanksgiving. Just sayin!!

  • Barb Miller

    I went over to sulky embroidery club and took a look at their designs. Really cute. It is a points system and looks like a lot of fun.

  • Shelly

    I checked out the site and was excited to see the projects and designs that are there! I would love to win and be a part of all the things offered there. I love to learn from the experienced people and find so much joy and purpose in creating things for my family and friends. My embroidery work is my best friend now at this time in my life and I love to share it with all I know.

  • debe

    Ohhh, that would be a very nice prize! I like the spoolies they have digitized, just can’t justify the cost right now. I get their newsletter & dream.

  • Norma Jean McDarmont

    I would love a membership with Sulky. I live on a limited income and embroidery is something I can do for others. I had to cancel most of my on-line memberships due to limited income.
    Thank you,
    Norma Jean

  • Gwynn McKenzie

    Thank you for introducing the Sulky website to me. My imagination is running rampant. The creations I could make to sell at our annual church Christmas Bazaar to support our missions. The felt food for my grandchildren. The Violet for my desk at work – no windows, so no plants will grow! I would love to make some flower headbands for the little girls and big girls at church. Thanks for making this an assignment and giving us the chance to win a membership.

  • beth daniels

    I would love to win the gold membership to sulky embroidery club. I have seen some of their designs when I visited the site and the designs are all what I would embroider o garments, quilts and other accessories. I love to embroider designs that are made by Sulky and Joyce Drexler. She does wonderful digitizing of designs which I would be proud to wear and use every day.

  • (Laurine) Joan Elton

    Oh WOW! Who wouldn’t want to be a member of THAT club?!? I am in awe of the exciting projects and designs offered. Thanks for the chance to WIN this coveted prize.

  • Pam Rohlfs

    My creativity needs to be stretched. What a way to begin.

  • anna heh

    I am new to machine embroidery. Would love to learn more and make some of the beautiful embroidery I see on this site, Nancy Zieman and my babylock dealer. This membership I am sure would expand my knowledge. the added bonus would be very pretty things for family and friends especially my first grand daughter. Good luck to all. thank you Sulky for this membership offer.

  • Donna G.

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  • Becky M.

    Regarding the marriage monograms – I like to put the last initial as a solid one initial in the middle then put each of the couple’s first names in a circle that surrounds the initial. Looks nice.
    I would L – O – V – E to win a Sulky membership. I love their threads, especially to do free standing lace – just to mention one of many ideas. What a great combo Sulky and machine embroidery – you can’t have one without the other! What a great birthday gift this would be as my birthday is on the 26th. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Keep up the interesting reading and good work. Thanks for good info.

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    Thank you

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  • Karen W

    I missed this particular blog because we were on vacation, but am so glad I clicked thru. I enjoyed it very much & helps resolve an issue that’s come up more than once w/ monogrammed gifts. Like you, I have loads of blanks but no monogrammed/ embroidered napkins!! All my friends have them!! :>) I think these would also look nice with only corners (choose 2 or 4) instead of a full rectangle to box them in. Softer colors will be so elegant & slightly intertwined letters would also be really attractive. Intertwining scrollwork font or fairly intricate letters might also eliminate the need for the background scroll, which would work better w/ simple fonts. LOTS of ways to play with this! Thanks so much, Eileen!

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