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Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits with Confidence Blog Tour

Blog-HeaderYeah! Another blog tour – combining a few of my favorite things – knits, anything designed by Nancy Zieman and gorgeous embroidery!  So what did I get when I put all those things together? A new favorite garment – my Newport Pullover Tunic, pattern designed by Nancy Zieman.  It’s the perfect canvas for embroidery – the cowl necks drapes softly over the shoulders displaying feminine embroidery designs and framing the face. The nifty little asymmetrical panel hits below the hip (that’s right– BELOW the hip! – thanks, Nancy!) and adds a playful touch to the garment.  It’s soooo comfortable to wear, you’ll want one too. There’s a good chance you could win the goods to make one of your own.

Here’s how I created my tunic. I selected a comfy lightweight knit in one of my fabric colors – a deep slate that pairs well with brights, black or grays. And then I set off on planning the embroidery in Perfect Placement Software – which includes a delicious assortment of fashion embroidery designs.

The Newport Pullover

Embroidery Products
Perfect Placement Software by Designs in Machine Embroidery available at your local sewing machine dealer or

Nancy Zieman’s Newport Pullover available at, view 2
Knit fabric per pattern requirements
Floriani Wet ‘n Gone Tacky

Step 1 – At the Computer
Open a new file in Perfect Placement Software. Select Embellishments, Eileen, Earthtones, EileenB.


Select Embellishments, Earthtones, EileenC.  Rotate and move EileenC to the left of the original design and resize it to 1.70” x .98”.Cowl2.

Select Embellishments, Earthtones, EileenA.  Connect EileenA to the left of EileenC.Cowl3

Copy, paste and mirror image EileenA. Move it to the far right. Go to Embellishments, Earthtones, EileenH and place EileenH on the end of EileenA.Cowl4


Save this file as CowlCenter and send it to your machine in the appropriate format.

You might find it helpful to send two smaller segments to your machine. This will be helpful to decorate the cowl once it’s pieced together. Send the EileenB and EileenC combo to the machine.Cowl6

Also send EileenA and EileenH to the machine.Cowl7

On lightweight jersey fabric shown in the sample, use an adhesive water soluble stabilizer such as Floriani Wet N Gone Tacky. Add a basting stitch to hold the fabric to the hooped stabilizer.  Stitch most of the designs on the flat fabric, starting in the center front and working towards the center back, one side at a time. At some point, the embroidery will be stitched across the center back seam. Do as much embroidery as possible before stitching the center back seam then add the embroidery across the seam.

But hey, don’t just take my word on how great Nancy’s pattern is, take a look at what these other blog tour participants did with one of Nancy’s patterns and view upcoming dates and links for the rest of the tour.

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Here’s your assignment this week:

We love Nancy and know you do too! Leave us a comment on the best thing you’ve learned from Nancy over the years and we’ll pick 4 random winners to receive items from the Nancy Zieman Sew Knits with Confidence blog tour. Up for grabs; one winner will get the Sew Knits with Confidence book + Newport Pullover pattern featured in this blog, our second winner gets the Monterey Knit Collection pattern, next up for grabs is a Santa Fe Dress & Top pattern and the last, but not least, winner will get a Cape Cod Jacket pattern – all by Nancy Zieman!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Tell me how you get your embroidery fix, is it a daily activity or one you squeeze in when you find a free afternoon? Just leave a comment and you could win one of two Gold Memberships to Daily Embroidery. That’s a $120 value each!

Daily Embroidery’s Gold Membership program offers unlimited downloads to their massive and ever-growing design collection with two new designs added daily.

And the winners are…Leora B & Terrie Underwood! Congratulations!




  • Sandra Chavez

    I’ve learned so much from NZ that it’s hard to pick; but if I had to pick just one … creating a gather by zigzag stitching over a long length of the bobbin and top thread that have been anchored at the beginning (make sense?) so that you can pull the threads to make the danger without risking pulling those threads all the way out.

    • Carrie C.

      That’s a great one that I now teacher to beginner sewists!

  • Dell

    I bought several of Nancy’s serger books when I got my first serger. They saved me a lot of headaches and taught me so much about using a serger.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    The best question would be what haven’t I learned. Have watched her show for years and recorded so many of them. Then there is the inspiring! Wish my PBS station still had her on. I just found out that her show is on the web so now I can get it online..but I can’t record it. I will just hve to live with it the best way I can. Nancy has been an inspiration for so many of my projects.

  • Karen

    Nancy has been a constant teacher for most of my sewing years and I would be hard pressed to pick any one item. I keep referring back to her books and on line shows to ensure I remember and use her many great tips!

  • Karen Poole

    There are so MANY great things I have learned from Nancy over the years, but by far the one I have used the most is the tip on how to make a nice corner, such as a collar corner the corner of a pillow, etc. This tip has helped me SO much! What an easy technique that makes such a difference! Simply stitch your normal seam and then when the seams are stitched, go to the corner seam and fold one side over using the stitch line as the fold mark, fold over that seam and stitch down for just a few stitches. When you turn it right side out, the corner lays down so nicely with no additional bulk!! I received my Nancys Notions catalogue in the mail yesterday and found the knit book and patterns in the catalogue! I marked it as absolutly one set I want to get as soon as I can!

  • Pam M

    Nancy is just a LEGEND! More than the kazillion sewing tips I have learned from her over the years, I have to mention my little Clover/Nancy measuring tool that is just indispensable – it is always in my hand when I am sewing. Could not live without it so I guess my favourite Nancy sewing tip is how to use this tool.

  • Sharon

    Of the many things I’ve learned from Nancy, the trick about cutting the under collar in half and taping it’s front edges to the front edges of the upper collar, thus throwing the under collar on the bias, and eliminating a seam at the front of the collar is the one I use the most. It makes such a nice collar that lays perfectly every time, with virtually no bulk.

  • Laurie

    The one thing that I have used time and again is Nancy’s pivot and slide techniques for pattern alteration. Thanks Nancy!

    • Carrie C.

      The pivot and slide technique is a great one, too!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    Nancy Z. has been an inspiration for me for years and years. Between her TV shows and all the fascinating items in her catalogs she has kept me inspired it seems like forever. I was particularly fascinated with the ribbon embroidery episodes. The possibility of combining the ribbon embroidery with machine embroidery could end up being my next challenge.

  • Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns

    The best thing I have learned from Nancy is confidence, I went from a 70 hour a week Principal in an Engineering firm to a woman who was homebound but with a tad bit of type A left in her system. In 2 years of watching both on OPB and online every SWN episode I finally got the confidence to dive back into a passion…. Now that passion is sewing serging and embroidery….

  • Bonnie Gray

    I would have to say her method for turning a corner with bias binding. I learned that when I made her iPad cover from her templates. Love all her projects, a very talented lady.

  • Rosemary O'Koren

    I like how you placed the embroidery around the neckline. I wouldn’t have thought of it. You also broke down the steps for placing the embroidery on the neckline. I am more tempted to try it now. I also like the top better with the embroidery on it.

  • Ellen

    Where do I start? Gathering.. Learning new features on my serger.. Learning and building on my abilities to sew. Making brave decisions
    Love you Nancy and I am still learning

  • Brenda Howard

    I don’t think there is just one thing I have learned from Nancy. I grew up watching my mom sew but although I had knew all the basics I never had the patience to put it into practice until 2 years ago when I was sitting here bored after having to go on disability/retirement after a surgery left me an incomplete paraplegic. Now I am quilting and in 2 guilds and itching to learn garment construction since it is so difficult to find things that look good in a sitting position. I bought a serger a month ago and have benn devouring Nancy serger information to learn how to do some things.

    • Carrie C.

      Brenda, Kudos to you!

  • Carol

    I love NZ. Her sewing shows are wonderful and I always learn something when watching them. However Nancy’s book on serging has been the best and most used for me.

  • Jane

    Oh – I have learned so much – I guess I will state that I learned how to use variegated thread evenly when embellishing – I always wondered how to do that – and there it was on NK’s dvd – She is the best and always will be!!

  • Brenda J Wood

    Thanks for the help over the years, Nancy…I take notes from every show.
    Love how you give small tips that change how our finished product looks.
    Especially love how to re-cut sleeve patterns to make opening at wrist easy to finish. Brenda J Wood

  • susan

    have learned so much over the years. love the tv show. by far the greatest new method learned was the gathering over threads with a zigzag. wish i had known this when i was making heirloom dresses for my grandaughters.

  • Pamela Wall

    Serging or pattern fit……so hard to decide!

  • Colleen Bell

    Nancy’s tips are wonderful for sure, but her greatest inspiration to me came recently when I learned of her own meager beginnings of starting Nancy’s Notions to fulfill a local need that she began in her home. I have now begun my own small home business.

  • Margo

    The best tip I learned is something that someone else already mentioned. Gather up stitches by zigzagging over your long thread tails! It works very well, and is so much faster and easier than basting long lines. Nancy’s tips are great!

  • Toni Leli

    I just started sewing this year, so I’m recently learning with Nancy. I’ve watched all of her YouTube videos and visit her blog daily. When she takes you step by-step, it’s easy to follow. I’ve just purchased one of her bag templates (California Bags) and will begin on it today. Thanks for a chance to win these incredible prizes!

  • Marilyn

    I had to double check to make sure you didn’t say “what is the best sewing tip you’ve learned.” Besides the many sewing tips she has demonstrated, Nancy has shown us how to be systematic in working through new processes, how to find experts who can help with a new technique, how to calmly organize projects, how to understand and embrace new ideas in sewing and quilting and how to maintain enthusiasm over many, many years. And, of course, how to reach out to share our gifts with those who are in need.

  • Frances

    I’ve probably forgotten more than I remember learning from Nancy — it’s that much! But the first technique that comes to mind is her method of stitching corners so they turn perfectly. And her pivot & slide pattern alterations. Can’t go wrong with anything from Nancy!

  • Nona

    I have watched Nancy Z. for years. She always shows and explains technical sewing techniques in an understanding way. What I appreciate most about her shows is attention to detail; that when used in sewing garments can make a big difference in the outcome.

  • Vicki Heim

    I’ve learned that if I have a sewing problem, I can find the answeer on Nancy’s website. She has the answers to almost anything you can think of and I’ve had plenty. Love both Nancy and Eileen for all of your helpful hints and notions. Thanks

  • Rosalee

    I have watched and learned so many things from Nancy over the years, love her patterns, fabrics, tips, techniques, etc. I love her magic for corners, gathering, serger tips, all the wonderful guests, and especially the Sewing Knits with Confidence, both shows! Thank you!!

  • Andie

    Nancy Zieman’s serger books helped me realize that the serger is good for more than just finishing the raw edges of fabrics.

  • Elizabeth Dicrescenzo

    The main thing I have learned from Nancy is that anything is possible to make. I have become a more confident sewer from watching her show and reading her books. She breaks everything down into small, doable steps. My favorite book is Pattern Making with Confidence.

  • Jean Lowenberger

    Nancy is and should be an inspiration to all of us. Her serger books helped me, her getting started in embroidery books helped me. There are many things, and if there is anything you want to try, go to Nancy’s website or magazine and she will show you how.

  • [email protected] Underhill

    My mother was a tailoress who could make anything from a man’s suit to a smocked baby dress. All this on a Singer straight stitch treadle machine. Needless to say, ungrateful child that I was, I just wanted something bought from a shop, and took no interest in sewing. Now I regret that and wish she was still here to enjoy the wonderful machines and equipment we have. Now I learn from wonderful Nancy. Everything from her wrapped collar technique to techniques for my serger. Thanks for answering all those questions I should have asked years go.

  • Jennifer Boger

    I’ve learned so much from watching Nancy! She has made me a more confident crafter. I learn something new every time I watch her. My DVR is set to record her show every time it is on. I think my favorite thing I’ve learned was making the “windows” in garments. This can make a garment absolutely stunning! I used this technique when making an outfit for the Renaissance faire. Thank you so much Nancy for all your crafty wisdom! Please keep it coming!

  • Carrie C.

    I’ve learned a lot over the years from Nancy, but the best thing I’ve learned from Nancy is how to insert an invisible zipper. Her instructions made it sew easy, that I immediately tried it and of course it worked!

  • Vicki L in MN

    Nancy helped me stop fearing my serger! I have so many episodes DVR’d that I want to SAVE that my husband is going to buy me some of the DVDs just to clear space on the DVR. =D

  • Nancy Owens

    My mother taught me how to sew, and Nancy helped me refine and get away from the homemade look to hand made with pride.
    I have learned so much from her both on tv and at EXPO’s such fun to actually sit at her feet!

    The most important book I have of hers (and I have most of them) is 10, 20,30 minutes to sew. This book came out a time of my life when I had almost given up all sewing except mending! And I was sad, between teenage to 6 yr old children, working full time I never found any time to sew, it just sat there. Her book showed me how I could take just a few minutes at a time and accomplish something, plus in my life, any time sewing makes the day a good one! On top of all the wonderful instruction she has shared with me she has also introduced me to her favorite specialists, Like Eileen!

  • Linda

    Over the years I’ve learned so many tips and techniques from Nancy that I couldn’t choose just one. In addition to the tips and techniques, I’ve learned to have the confidence to try new things, and to hold on to a sense of humor, when things don’t go quite as I want them to. I frequently refer to her books and shows that I’ve taped over the years. Yes, I saved a vcr recorder just to watch my Sewing With Nancy tapes!

  • LindaC in AZ

    What I learned from Nancy is how to make sewing patterns fit me. Of course, I also learned how to speed tailor a jacket, how to turn a fine collar, how to use many of my presser feet. I could go on. What I didn’t know was that you had a blog. So now I’m adding your blog to my blog list to read.

  • Donna F

    I cam’t remember what I knew before I started watching Nancy! I think she taught the importance of straight of the grain in clothing construction. My clothing projects have been much more successful since I learned that. I used to watch and then call my mom and say “guess what I learned from Nancy today.” My mom thought I had a friend named Nancy and really, I guess I did/do.

  • Shayla Sharp

    I had a lousy sewing teacher who’d point out your mistakes to the class and make fun of them. And my mom pretty much drilled into me the fear of messing up the fabric. I could sew, but I didn’t really enjoy it. First Shannon Gifford got me enjoying the process of sewing again and then Nancy taught me not to be afraid of messing up and to have more confidence in my skills!

  • Angie M

    I’m actually fairly new to Nancy and Embroidery! But I am trying my hardest to catch up with it all. My favourite so far is the Embroidery in 6 Lessons series and I’ve watched it over and over. Everything is explained so well. I would love to win the goodies to practice with and enjoy! Thanks!

  • Sharon Krulitz

    I have so many of Nancy Zieman’s books and have learned so much from her. Still enjoy watching her on PBS. And the new Newport pullover is so stunning, nice for our older figures :(. and perfect for embroidery. Love it.

  • Carole

    I’ve learned many things from Nancy but the one I’ve been using a lot recently has been the corner trick, where you stitch to the very end of a seam and fold it over, then sew it down as you sew the next seam to get perfect sharp corners on collars, pillowcases etc.

  • Benie Webre

    I like Nancy’s 10-20-30 minutes to sew concept. Even though I prefer to work in larger blocks of time, it’s surprising how much I can get accomplished in planned shorter periods.

  • Patty Sack

    I just keep learning every time I watch her. I record everything she does. My favorite thing has been anything to do with knits as they are my favorite to sew and wear.

  • Leora B

    Thank you Eileen… this is so awsome !!

  • Savannagal

    I’m pretty much a beginner sewer, so almost everything I see or watch is new to me. I love Nancy’s show and watch every episode. I also follow her blog. I’ve learned so much. One thing that sticks in my mind is the way she added elastic to a waistband. It was a great tip.

  • Leora B

    I rely on Nancy web site alot, when I cant rember how to do something I just go online and search for some of her tutuials, and tips..

  • Kathy Engelmeyer

    The one thing that I use over and over is Nancy’s way she does the corners on shirts. You always get a very sharp corner, with hardly any work. I have so enjoyed watching Nancy and love her catalog, makes such great reading.

  • Christine Gibbons

    What a wonderful give away. I have enjoyed this blog hop. I sure hope I win one of these great pattens

  • Carol Seavitt

    Nancy has taught me that even in sewing there are opportunities to use our skills for charities. Wonderful!

  • Kim H

    I think the better question would be, what haven’t I learned from Nancy? I have watched her since the beginning and have learned so much over the years from Nancy. And aside from the sewing tips, her business success is an encouragement to women everywhere!

  • Becky

    I tell people all the time that Nancy taught me to sew, correctly that is. I’ve been watching her for over 25 years. I would have to say the tip I use all the time, without question, is wrapped corners. Thank goodness, it’s something I learned early on in my sewing and it has made a world of difference in the finished look of everything I do. Thanks Nancy.

  • Cathi

    Wow, tough assignment! I learned most of my machine sewing techniques from Nancy after I learned a bit of hand sewing from my Grandmother. So, I would have to say…I learned to sew from Nancy!

  • belinda briggs

    She gave a tip about using a piece of interfacing at the start of stitching to prevent the fabric being pushed underneath the needle

  • Birdie Cade

    I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Nancy is not to get stressed out when things don’t go quite right with your project. Between home economics in school & 4-H, I used to worry about everything I sewed. Life is too short & we learn so much from our little mishaps!

  • Paula Roney

    Gosh – Nancy is my queen of sewing! I’ve learned so many things from watching her show and reading her books. She presents everything in a manner that allows even beginners to get good results. Nancy taught me several different ways to install zippers that eliminated my zipper phobia. She’s the greatest.

  • Natalie

    I’m with those who ask ‘what HAVEN’T I learned?’But the technique for attaching neckline facings to zipper openings totally by machine (from her 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew)was a revelation. Really made a difference in the dresses I sewed for my girls, eliminating a problem I’d struggled with forEVer! Very nice work on the embroidered cowl, Eileen! Even though I don’t own an embroidery machine, I always enjoyed your segments on Nancy’s shows.

  • Vicki B.

    I am a recent convert to sewing and have watched several of her shows. She definitely is great at spelling things out for you and I love that about her!

  • Donna N.

    I have learned most of my techniques from her. The first useful bit of information is that you can break a project into time periods to make it more manageable, ie. 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew.

  • knithappy

    All of the blogs so far have been really inspiring, but I love this top with the embroidery. Very, very nice. Thank you.

    Nancy has always kept sewing progressive. She is always demonstrating the newest products and machines and techniques. While the old ways work just fine, she makes time to show and explain all the latest stuff and keeps sewing moving forward. She doesn’t seem to get squeamish about trying new things. I just love that. Thanks, knithappy

  • Jane Scott

    Nancy’s purse and tote construction tips are the best and the embroidery from Designer Handbags are the best!

  • Judy Nolan

    To be honest, I still need to learn how to use my embroidery machine, but that is definitely on my to-do list! Meanwhile, I do enjoy hand stitching and then turning the finished pieces into bags or journals. The Newport tunic you did looked fabulous, and the drape of the fabric adds a lot to the beauty of this top.

  • Debbie Crosser

    Well, I’ve leaned a lot of good things from Nancy Zieman, but most recently I love what I learned from the DVD about fitting patterns with confidence. It really works :-).

  • Janice Beitz

    Reading through the previous posts I started to remember lots of great things I’ve learned from Nancy, but the technique I thought of that I learned and use all the time is the “Nancy’s folded corner” to make perfect corners on everything. Works great for serger corners too.

  • Karen

    Can’t wait to get home to get my embroidery fix. I know you feel sorry for me–I am writing from sunny Paris. Home soon to start a few more embroideries. These look great. Thanks, Karen

  • jbsews

    Just one!? I guess if it has to be one, it would be the gathering with the zig-zag. I had been sewing for a while before I saw her show. I hated gathers and would avoid them! Then I saw this and wow. And then we had a little girl….no avoiding now! Thanks. jb

  • Denise Z. G.

    This is a great tutorial! One of the most useful, of the innumerable things I’ve learned from Nancy Zieman are the easy tailoring techniques. Such a great help!

  • Tammie

    I will need to get this book!

  • Ginger

    I’ve watched Nancy since I was a child. I’ve learned so much from her it’s hard to pick one thing. I would have to say her alteration technique where you slash and spread the pattern is something I use often.

  • Dianne Ballinger

    I’ve been watching Nancy for years. I learned to sew as a child, but I didn’t learn to enjoy it until I started watching Sewing with Nancy. She makes even the most difficult tasks seem easier. Love the gathering by stitching over the bobbin thread.

  • Nancy Starr

    Nancy has been a “voice in my head” when hatching ideas for garment sewing for a long time. I have a number of her books, and like so many others, the tips and tricks have saved me tons of time and money. A recent tip I used is from her serger book, where it advised to use sewing weights instead of pins for swimsuit fabric to avoid runs in it. Sew good to know b4 I started the project!

  • Bee

    Wow, so many things I’ve learned from watching Nancy on TV.

  • Jenn B.

    I am fairly new to sewing and I was thrilled to discover Nancy’s show. All of her tips have been incredibly helpful but what I like the most about her is she makes sewing approachable and has given me confidence that I can indeed sew.

  • Linda Seemann-Korte

    I love Nancy .Zieman’s trace and create bag templates. Combine them with your designs for a winning combination! Love it !

  • Lorel Maple

    Techniques aside, Nancy is as genuine in person as she is on-air. No matter what your field or endavor, this is a great lesson to keep in mind.

  • Kathy Zachry

    Nancy’s “pillowslip” method of turning out perfect corners has been one of my tried-and-true forever techniques. All her tips and techniques are simple, logical, and easy to replicate. Thank you, Nancy!

  • Maureen

    I don’t have an embroidery machine (but I want one!). But I think it would be lovely with some trim or some free motion. I’d love to try one of her patterns!

  • beth daniels

    I would love to have the book Sew Knits with Confidence. I have all of Nancy’s With Confidence books and I think they are fabulous and filled with very important information. I love sewing with my serger and my coverstitch machine. I find that working with knits is so much easier than working with cotton or cotton/polyester material.

  • Pamela Wynfield

    I’ve learned that Nancy always has a faster, easier, better way to do any technique, and I should find out how to do her technique. Also, I’ve learned that techniques are always changing due to new products, thus providing new ways to be creative.

  • Carla G

    I love all the tips for making handbags! And I look forward to learning about sewing clothing & knits for myself. 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  • Leslie C

    I have learned alot from Nancy – probably most used is installing a zipper. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any problems with zippers from the beginning!

  • Barb Ginn

    Well, I started taping Nancy’s show over 25 years ago. Every Saturday morning i would get the video tape recorder at the ready so I could go back later over all the details. In fact my husband was just trying to get rid of our videos and i saw that i still had them from so long ago. Some things just never go out of date. The thing i have learned just recently is putting the rubberized shelf lining under your bottom hoop when you are getting ready to embroider…… how simple and why didn’t i think of that.
    I live in Canada and as far as i can tell we don’t get Nancy any more. Is there any chance we might? I could PVR her now so easily and not have to get up to do it. Just love your shows Nancy!

    • eileenroche

      Barb, you can watch all of Nancy’s show online! Here’s the link:
      You can watch anytime – you don’t have wait until Saturday morning. Enjoy!

  • Tina

    I love Nancy’s books. They are very clearly written. I really liked pattern fitting with confidence. It makes a tedious yet important task much easier.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Mary Hintzman

    Asking us to give you a favorite thing we’ve learned from Nancy over the years is almost like asking which of our children is our favorite. But, having said that, Nancy’s book “Pattern Fitting With Confidence” has probably been most used by me over the years. I make a lot of my own garments because I’m hard to fit and find using her techniques to fit patterns to me have worked wonders. I also like her T-shirts book as I wear a lot of knit shirts.

  • Eva

    One of the best things I learned from Nancy is under stitching a collar flat before stitching the ends. This technique always gives professional results to my shirts!

  • Deon

    I’m new to watching Nancy’s show, and can’t believe how helpful it is. Her series “Sewing A to Z” had so many good, quick tips that it’s hard to pick just one. I was taking notes constantly, but then broke down and got the book, which has even more tips than shown on the show. But the one that comes to mind is using an anchor cloth for thin fabrics that get all bunched up when you start a seam, because it was relevant to the project I happened to be sewing at the time. I think that would be relevant with some knits, too. I would love to win this set!

  • Anna Stevenson

    Dear Nancy, I have watched your show for years and now it is not on. I have all your books and some cds. You gave me directions at one time on how to make a bag which was insulated for cold drinks. I have used that again and again. I am in my eightys now but I still sew and you are still my teacher . thanks again Anna

  • Wavernell Belcher

    Over the years I have purchased a lot of Nancy’s books and patterns. But the one thing I like and use often is the instructions where she would sew down a facing on a jacket for instance, and the off-set the seam when you sew around the neck. Its results in a nice crisp point and its not bulky. I don’t know if I explained it just right but it has help my sewing look very professional.

  • I am glad to know about Nancy, I am learning to sew and so this would be useful to me much. Thanks for this post and would like to keep visiting this site.

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  • BetsyMcGrail

    the first thing i saw Nancy demonstrate was how to sew a shirt type collar together,so that the collar points were sharp. amazing, and revoltationary!!!! thanks for ALL nancy has taught me,and is still teaching me.

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