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Cut and Store Stabilizer in Style

We would like to introduce our new StableCut Dispenser!

The StableCut Dispenser is a tidy way to control your most-used stabilizer rolls. This decorative storage container fits 3” x 12” rolls (or smaller) of Exquisite or other brand stabilizers. No more hassle moving items off the cutting mat to use a rotary cutter. The StableCut Dispenser has a sliding cutter built right in! Stores and cuts – what more could you ask for?

Just pop the roll in the box, feed the end of the roll through the cutting guide, and slide the cutter across the stabilizer. Sold in packs of two, it provides easy access and a timesaving cutting method for your most used stabilizers. We stash a roll of cutaway and roll of tearaway in ours but the StableCut Dispenser will work with any stabilizer you have.


See the StableCut Dispenser in-use:

You can buy the StableCut Dispenser on our website or at your local dealer.