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Stabilizer Tips from Deborah Jones and August Dime Door Revealed!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

Wow-what an awesome live we had today! Deborah Jones joined us to help us navigate through the confusing world of stabilizers! She makes it sound so easy! We also revealed the August Door! Watch the rebroadcast below to see our A-Door-able August Door!

Download the FREE August door project when you CLICK HERE.

Try out the Embroiderer’s Compass while it’s on sale now for a limited time only when you CLICK HERE. This product helps you navigate through the confusing world of stabilizers with the Embroiderer’s Compass. Use code “EMBCPSFS214” for free shipping up to $10 in the U.S.!


Happy Stitching !





  • Annette Canonica

    Love you new haircut! The August door is one of my favorites! Thank you for all you do for our community.